Quuu – AppSumo Black Friday 2019

What’s up, y’all? Are you stoked on these Black Friday deals? We thought you would be. Well, if you’re in the market for high-quality
content suggestions to spruce up your social presence, then allow me to introduce you to
Quuu, the only place you’ll find content that has been hand-selected by a real, live
human for relevancy, interest value, and of course, quality. And it truly could not be easier to get started. First, you’ll connect your Quuu account
to either Buffer, SocialBee, Hootsuite, or HubSpot to schedule Quuu’s content suggestions
for your social media. Then, set up each social media profile with
relevant interest categories. Let’s see, I like… these. You have the option to let Quuu post for you
automatically, or you can be more hands on with your social media feeds by selecting
the manual option. Once you hit Save, Quuu handles the rest! You can check out all of the suggested articles,
and Quuu will let you know which category they’re pulled from—and of course, which
social media profile the content is going to. Quuu also features Pods, which act as a community
for your friends and colleagues to share each other’s content on social media. This way, content is more authentic and you
can boost its reach and engagement! Finally, Quuu lets you add RSS feeds to find
additional content from your favorite sites. Sumo-lings, if you’re looking for a content
curation tool that’s as easy as it is trustworthy so you’re always sharing interesting and
relevant content with your followers, then you better get your hands on Quuu—and fast! Because this deal, just like all of our Black
Friday deals, ends soon.

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