QUT Bachelor of Human Services Student – Allirah Fisher

Hi, my name is Allirah Fisher and I’m an
impact maker. I had my daughter quite young at 18 years old, she really made me
realise that there’s a need in the world for change. This is for her. Being an
indigenous woman, I wanted to stop the cycle of the intergenerational trauma,
and going on to study a degree that makes change and I can better myself and
my family and my community. I will have a position of power in being able to
advocate for my people, and also just have that knowledge and understanding to
be able to empower communities. They’re the ones that have a say, and
they’re the ones that it’s only their voices that are heard. To
really challenge society it’s more than just me, it’s about challenging the
dominant discourses, and I guess I will challenge society by applying what I’ve
learned in my practice. I’m in definitely critical theory and critical thinking,
seeing other perspectives and truths, collective action, advocacy, I’m not just
doing this for me.

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