Question Period: Carbon tax, budget deficit, telecom sector — June 10, 2019

33 thoughts on “Question Period: Carbon tax, budget deficit, telecom sector — June 10, 2019

  1. Seeing tribalizing Bloq-heads in Parliament reminds me of that chilling time they were made Her Majesty’s Official Opposition.

    Reckon they haven’t gotten the memo from the ‘95 referendum, but to them, it hardly counts when “money and the ethnic vote” are thrown into the medley.

    Pluralistic individualism trounces homogeneous nationalism. North America ain’t a spot for militant collectivism.

  2. From 17:50 to 20:55 you can see the most elegant and best-dressed Parliamentarian in the world, Candice Bergen. She always says much the same at Question Periods as Opposition Party Leader of the House but she has wonderful looks, hair and dresses.
    Andrew Scheer's 'Attack Blondes', Lisa Raitt, Michelle Hempel and Candice Bergen, seem to do all the hard work on the floor of the Commons for him…. and it shows that the Conservatives are not a one-man leadership. By contrast Justin Trudeau has a colourless lot of supporting Ministers.

  3. Someone should metaphorically punch Shaun Chen in the face…I wonder if he gives two SH*TS about Marissa Chen.
    Towing the party line eh Shaun you scumbag!

  4. When truck drivers increase their transportation costs because of the Carbon Tax, it will create a domino effect in the market to raise prices on everything that is transported by truck!


  5. My God…..I pray the conservatives will wake up and realize there has to be huge changes to protect our environment, to insure our survival in this world. A carbon tax is great news

  6. Hooray !! Justine our PM says that carbon tax will fight forest fires and tornadoes
    well that's wonderful news indeed

  7. Trudeau government never had to deal with sending larger quantities of troops and military equip to Afghanistan and Iraq, and keep us afloat during the major housing crisis in the US that sunk a lot of other economies……

  8. I hate to say, but Singh is making a lot of good points. My only problem with it all is his economic approach to it all.

  9. The Carbon Tax Is a FRAUD. It's theft by means of Taxation. No one wants it, everyone knows it does nothing to curb carbon which isn't an issue, to begin with.
    It's time we took this country back and formed a new Government with a mandate of honesty and high moral values.

  10. If Any Party Has manipulated, Mislead, Lied to and continue to it is the LIBERAL PARTY. Canadians know it. It's as clear as day, they have done nothing but lie and steal, shut down our industries, and create debt for years to come.

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