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hi we're the path 5 for Netflix's square and we're here to help a hapless man do the perfect proposal home hi guys Jake here I'm about to propose to my girlfriend six years and I need your guys's help please walk me through this take Maya my first advice to you is you need to clean up your apartment a little bit I can see the reflection no girl likes a messy apartment no y'all look throw a change right now all of our first reaction of Jake is that she has a very little woman because yeah very handsome yeah so Jake kudos to being very good-looking hi this recession sort of Bobby I've been trying to find an exact location of where propose there's two places sentimental value one is a brewery that we usually walk to but I'm worried it could be filled with a lot of drunk people which could be a bad thing and the other is the last bookstore which is a bookstore downtown that my girlfriend loves very much because she's an avid reader but usually gets a little packed which one you think would be best so Jake my recommendation would be the last bookstore I actually live a block from there and I go in there all the time and it's a really cute romantic place it's the last book store could you imagine if you like put a romantic book like that says like her name and love poems to her and then inside was the ring so she opened it up like that one right I come up with these off the top of my head maybe this question is for Khurram oh I'm having a difficult time deciding what kind of rate to propose with my instincts are usually something more simple but that could be more me than my girlfriend the other is that she's kind of a badass so I have this sweet skull ring that I've been kind of thinking about yeah I really some help with this one all right so Jake I gotta tell you your instincts have already told you what to do when you brought up this goal ring you lit up you call your girlfriend a badass you know you the woman you're gonna spend the rest of your life with better than he does partner better pirate treasure though here's my advice to you ask up friends ready close I'm almost positive about how bad a she is she's not gonna want to miss school resources or how about she's married man dead trust and believes and he knows his woman if you believe this is gonna make your girl happy then you go with your gut because at the end of day it's coming from your heart so it's not about how much money you're spending on a ring we put too much on a ring and get the biggest diamond it's about what's coming from your heart and if your heart says she's gonna love a skull then honey get her skull hey honey I'm trying to decide exactly when to propose you to be before meal or after meal my girlfriend I'm both very much loved food like everyone else but I'm worried that I'm gonna be too worried to actually enjoy the meal what do I do I often put myself in stressful situations when I'm starving which is a really bad idea so don't be hungry but at the same time don't be in like pasta food coma post a big bowl of gnocchi cuz then she's just gonna be sleepy so have something light stick to veggies in some kind of like a nice meat or a grilled fish or something like that don't have don't have the burrito don't eat anything too stinky kids you gonna be kissing her after yeah you can have some sharp edges in it it's gonna destroy her trachea yeah and up in the emergency room buddy what a great fear that would be hey Jonathan hey cutie patootie I'm worried that if I grew myself a certain way to look nice that's going to kind of keep her off in terms of the proposal so what do you think would be best about this one of my biggest concerns is that she's gonna know it's coming so I was also kind of thinking about that I could also look incredibly disheveled like for the entire morning beforehand is that a good idea no you look so great the way you look now just do exactly what you're doing right now times you know my second always is tell me if they broke don't fix it yeah topless I mean at the end of the day when it comes to a proposal it's all about you and her connecting and if she loves the way you look every day you love the way she looks you know each other just connect and just tell her it's become your heart how much you love her hey Dan what do I wear for this my concern is that when it's 100 degrees in LA but I don't want to be sweating through my clothes because I sweat a lot unfortunately I want to look nice but I also want to look too nice because then she'll definitely suspect something is up so how do I play this what do I wear so it sounds are you gonna go to the bookstore and it's not somewhere super formal you look great in your simple t-shirt I wouldn't want to tip her off so I would wear pretty much what you're wearing right now wear a t-shirt where you the jeans that you like something that you feel comfortable in don't overdress of the new blazer six years you've probably taken enough time to decide that this is the right person beYOU you've gotten to know her really well and to know that a skull ring is something that she wouldn't probably realize that she is gonna say yes so I would say just go for it she's probably gonna say yeah just making sure it's the right location you're saying the right thing but she's probably gonna say yeah you've been in this long enough you got this Jake when we got into the bookstore I was reading a book and you were like hey come over here and look at this thing any like new books and pictures of us in it and any mastery and what did I say you said what I said yes I had a good inclination it was gonna be the simple ring Khurana wasn't not even close to convincing me to get the skull ring but I appreciated the kind words thank you the rest of you for talking me on that way I was trying to act like everything was normal so I ate something even though inside I didn't want to eat a single thing I can't get healthy I guess you looked very good on the day I don't think there's anything you can propose then there would be a huge turn thank you so much Brides Magazine and McCrea guys were really helping me out this proposal they're available to help us plan the wedding you

30 thoughts on “Queer Eye's Fab Five Help a Stranger Propose to His Girlfriend | Brides

  1. Aww. This was so sweet, but I'm kind of surprised by some of the answers. I think he should have been told to dress nicely, but not too fancy (like a button down shirt with some dark-wash jeans.) She looks so cute in her dress, and I think the pictures would have looked better if he had worn a nicer shirt. But as long as she was happy, that's all that matters. They look like such a sweet couple, and I hope they have a fantastic life together.

  2. I know Tan said to just wear what you would normally, but did you have to propose in shorts? Only you know what's about to happen, how is she still dressed so much nicer than you?
    "I don't think there's anything that you could have proposed in that would be a huge turn-off." That's low-key shade.

  3. Wth am I the only one that's more frustrated that Jake isn't proposing to me??! Sheesshh😍 Also, this is my new fave video. Freakin hilarious, agree w everyone's comment in here too..so much laughs hahah😂😂

  4. There are two types of women that get referred to as "badass". One is "woman in charge" type: boss of her company or division, top sales, heads the big symposium or whatever. The other is "bucks social norms" type: tattoos and motorcycles and chain link jewelry Etsy show or whatever.
    Those are two very different types of women who want very different rings!

  5. I love how when they were debating the skull ring, Antoni didn’t say anything and just sat there with a look of pain on his face lol

  6. I would absolutely love that ring, so I totally agree with Karamo. The guy knows her better than any of the fab 5

  7. I love Tan very much, but I have to disagree…. I think the skull ring is super cute and I would love to get that from my bf 🖤

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