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  1. If the cbc's coverage isn't working for you have a look at what's really going on on George Webb's channel.

  2. CBC, again you had a cameraman at PPC's recent event in Gatineau, where they announced their veteran's policy. In the video of the event I just mentioned, you can CLEARLY see

    a camerman with CBC's logo tagged to his camera. I will link the video below, and you can see the cameraman for yourself at 9th to 10th minute of the video.


    I also suggest watching the full video to get more information about the PPC.

    I'll ask the question I've asked MANY times before- why isn't the footage your camerman got uploaded to the channel?1 We can clearly see him filming and I'm willing to assume one of the many reporters asking questions is one of YOURS too.
    This is the second time that I've seen a video of PPC's events that CBC was clearly present for, and yet we can't see the footage you guys recorded. This is simply unacceptable. How are Canadians supposed to know who they want to vote for if they don't know ALL candidates' policies? You're supposed to cover things fairly and you haven't been doing that.

    Even if you disagree with Bernier, spread this video around and tell others about what CBC is doing here. People need to know that the CBC we help fund is NOT doing their job properly. They're not serving Canadians the way they should be and they MUST be called out on it!

  3. Hey CBC…noticed you don't have Max's photo in your thumbnail….the PPC is an actual party and Max IS a leader….face that fact CBC….your bias is very transparent!!

  4. See, CBC? Look how many are here calling you out on your biases! Are you going to continue to ignore us? We have perfectly valid concerns, but you continue to ignore us. I wonder why…

    It definitely couldn't be Trudeau funding you guys- right? It definitely couldn't be your CLEAR left-wing bias- right?

  5. How much will each party increase or decrease the CBC budget in light of its bias towards whatever party gives them the most?

  6. Wrong on the very first question. They should include all 6 parties that attended the debates in their answers, big and small. The Peoples Party has a plan to balance the budget in 2 years, then drastically cut taxes for everyone.

  7. Didn't see Maxs pic in thumbnail either……Defund the Globalist Sellouts🙋👭👬🌞☔👳🌈💸💶💰😖🚽💩

  8. No Max in thumbnail. CBC is scared. The PPC is the fastest growing party in Canada. Already 40, 000 + members. I just joined officially today. We must end globalism before it consumes Canada

  9. Socialists spend spend spend ask Venezuela how that’s going. Only choice is Sheer. PC. Budget should be a balanced budget or you get out of office and resign, unless it’s a war.

  10. It's unfortunate that a "public service" would be so misleading to their audience. If CBC wants the freedom to be partisan, they should join the private market like everyone else.

  11. Kevin Page has no credibility, the first thing from his mouth "The only party that is committed to balance the budget is the CPC." Total BS, the CPC has NEVER achieved balanced budged, its raison d'etre,, but in fact it has added MORE to the Federal debt than the LPC. More than half of the Federal debt is by the CPC. Everyone knows that the CPC promises one thing and does the total opposite, and this is not taken into consideration by Page and the ISFD, these guys are Conservative shills.

  12. People's Party wasn't included! Shame on you CBC! You've got an obligation to give Equal coverage to All parties!! 👎

  13. All media is afraid to mention PPC. Canadians who are following the main street media make wake up on Tuesday morning and say "who are those guys, and why did we not hear more about them?"

  14. Nanos, Ipsos polls are nonsensical rubbish. Liberals bought the media and continue to do the work of the Globalist UN cabal.

  15. How about the billions of dollars the liberals are going to waste confiscating guns from legal owners? They alloted $250M to it, there's no way in hell it's going to be that cheap, New Zealand has already spent that much and they have 10x less than Canada.

  16. Lies by omission… your left leaning and very controlled with the stories you decide to highlight…why dont you admit your bias before it becomes to obvious

  17. They will balance the budget in 5 years.. with a 4-year mandate.
    At least Maxime Bernier said he would do it in 2 years. He could be lying, but it still makes more sense.

  18. Keep foreign cash out of local politics and Canada will have a government that works for it's citizens. Work with USA. Neighbors shouldn't be at each other's throats. End the silly open door policy for refugees.
    Elections are 1 man 1 vote…. you take in too many… they could outnumber and outvote you. Worse…. if there are terrorists disguised as refugees…. They could infiltrate your government.

  19. CBC why won't you mention the party that doesn't want to screw our country?
    Vote PPC for the future of Canada. Even other party for the destruction of it.

  20. What, do you reckon, is the goal the CBC in using the cheap headsets? More spending for useless purposes? Like floor tv?

  21. This election disappoints me. No party has released anything of substance, there was 1 all-Party English debate and it was one of the worst organized debates I've seen. So all we can do is guess really. This means that there's only 1 credible Party and that's the Liberals.

    Love em or hate em we've seen what they've been doing the last 4 years, we know where they intend those plans to lead, and the platform kinda lends weight to that with bits of it clearly not being seriously put out there.

    This is the last Federal election to take serious action on climate change, and again there's only 1 party who has real specifics and an attainable and balanced goal. Sure the Green's have the right idea but do they? Where's the environmental assessment on how much resources we'd need to extract to electrify all transportation in 20 years? And the NDP seemed to just pick the mid-points between Green and Liberal policy and say we'll get there somehow.

    Contrast that to the Ontario NDP's 2018 platform, which was completely detailed, totally costed, and drew a clear line from 2018 to something like 2026 and well… I don't know what really happened. Every party had years to prepare for this election and it feels like the Liberals just said well we'd already been planning so here you go (with the usual sky pie sprinkled in) and the others went "oh yeah there's an election in a few weeks better build that platform!"

  22. why are they so obsessed about giving Afghanistan taxpayer money. Canadians didnt caused that war or the negative ramifications from centuries of intervention.

  23. Liar! The PPC will balance the budget in 2 years, but nothing will change in Canada until we stop electing globalists. The PPC is the only anti-globalism party. Research the United Nations Agenda 2030 to see what our enemy has planned for us. Wake up, Canada!

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