Q&A: Do You Sell or Donate? (Family Minimalism 2019)

well since we still have all these bangs of stuff from when Tom was finding out his wardrobe the question often comes up if we usually sell stuff or donate it so let's talk more about that coming up next well I am doing it from the middle mom along with my husband Tom and we actually just got back from a listing appointment so I think it went pretty pretty well so our Saturday is now heading into spring it's nice it's warming up here in Minnesota which is good because well it's good at not good because we had a record amount of snowfall in February which means that we have a record amount of flooding in April yeah so there's like standing water everywhere everywhere and the kids just they just want to get outside and play but it's almost to the point we have to be careful some places because of how much water and there is but it just it's so messy outside right now but it is what it is so we're gonna send them out in a few minutes but we did want to answer a question that comes up frequently and that is do sell your stuff for and do donate it when you're getting rid of stuff and so Tom sell stuff I don't even so usually my stuff isn't nice enough to sell like nobody wants my stuff I'm done with it but Tom has like I get all the secondhand stuff Tom doesn't have that luxury cuz he's tall and particular and he just like nature stuff like I guess so it's fine I thinks this isn't judgement I don't hate your copy I know Tom's nervous I have coffee on our new carpet I am yes but anyway so it's not bad if you have nice stuff to sell my stuff wasn't nice enough take anyway the point of the story is do we sell things or do we donate them okay Tom sells some things I said what I can but I can't donate yeah so for example you've had that really nice wall peacoat a winter jacket heavy I think we paid like a couple hundred dollars for it it's London Fog it's a nice brand I couldn't get rid of it for 40 bucks on eBay actually I sold it on eBay for 40 bucks and then they never paid for it so they like won the bid and then never actually paid for it and then I didn't realistic because I figured whatever yeah any of you had a couple Harley like garage style shirts yep and you were able to solve those yeah some motorcycle gear sold some of your tools you've been able to so I mean basically I mean I think for us it's kind of like a bit if you could get like 20 dollars or more we've at least tried to sell a lot of things and you know a lot of times it doesn't hurt to try and sell it and then if it doesn't go then um donate for me like so then like if you have like kids stuff then when we originally like simplified our house I was like should we have a garage sale and I don't do a garage sale here's what dawn did one day so dawn and Diana spent a day this is when we were in a town house they spent the day getting everything ready in the garage for a garage sale and they had everything marked and lined up it wasn't much okay okay so the morning of the garage sale dawn Tama calls me or text me and says yeah we decided to just say forget the ground still and donate it over there yeah it's a lot of work and so I don't win you I would have done it yeah that's why I will obey things I'm not gonna yeah yeah it's a lot of work I think if you have multiple families that you could go in on when it was it might be worth it or if that's your gig like or get really nice quality kids clothes most of ours are from garage sales or secondhand stores or like the Walmart anyway I think the thing too was that you couldn't bring your mind to letting yourself sit in our garage or a driveway for a day and happy to mark everything that makes it all just takes a lot of time and energy whenever I go gradually I mean that's still where I get the majority of our kids clothes so I like garage sales but inevitably like the women sitting out there just like oh my goodness this is so much more work and they're still like putting stuff out as we're getting there and stuff and so I mean don't kid yourself it so it's a lot of work but if you have nice stuff it could definitely be worth it if you live in an area where you get a lot traffic for me it wasn't but what has been really helpful there's a thrift store not far from us it's actually our church but I have gotten such nice things for the kids there it's been really helpful like boots and shoes and those kinds of things that I feel really good now when like bring all this stuff there I've got really good bringing stuff there because like this doors been such a benefit to us so I think if you can find a store that you feel good about donating to that makes it a lot easier as well I'm not gonna film a copy I just keep watching you shaking your balance I'm gonna under me sorry but we're gonna go probably warm up some chicken chili for lunch if you caught my chicken video we saw some extra chicken food so I think I'd be curious to know though if you have had any success like you're selling your clothes I know there sites like thredUP I haven't ever tried those I don't like the one time I brought clothes to like a secondhand store and then they look at them and they're like yeah we'll give you like 50 cents prints I just I'm just not fashionable enough but I would like to know if there's websites that you abused that you had good luck selling stuff or if you just use like craigslist and ebay definitely let us know what your experience has been I think with Craigslist to like don't just get tired of getting stood up and even it seems to be pretty good for clothing for men yeah except the coat it's like but let us know what tough market is spring yeah that's a winner that's the but let us know what what you do with your stuff I'd be really curious to know if you just end up donating it a lot of it – thank you so much for watching and a thumbs up is the best compliment you can give us we hope you subscribe so that we can keep in touch and if you need amends is it a to exile well peacoat let us know you cover the shipping we'll send it to here's the deal with the pea coat zipper and buttons at all so all the pea coats I found when I was looking for them only had buttons and I was like dude winds gonna blow right through that thing what it takes is so zipper and buttons so you can zip it and then you can button it if you want it to look nicer if you just want to sip it zip it what are you looking at well I know I think it's yeah it's a nice coat yes doesn't it looks like a sailboat on me now yeah isn't it you XL it's a to a is it a taller net uh where is that where is it that what bag is it get it now I can properly sell this thing for free all right London Fog peacock used for one season probably wore like five times made in China what to excel in town six – and it was plenty long enough right yes it was playing um if you want it message her oh but I'll put details below I'll keep the description updated if it otherwise it's going to wherever we're donating this time yeah but someone there might like it – oh actually you're gonna have to put a time limit – because nothing I knew forever I'm hanging out hang on for like 24 hours and then I was like it soon as doesn't think that he's like get it out of here now open up the back of the vehicle what is all this suspect here she's like oh that's gonna go to Goodwill and it's gonna go to this place of like old evidence go oh they have certain donation hours and it's not leave it outside their door they don't care just get rid of it no we do need it I know but just get rid of it alright if you want the coat Oh actually we're not gonna do the clothes if you want the coat this will also figure your man as well very nice that would fit with the colder spot on the box actually this is very nice so if you if you want the coat I'll throw in a couple other things as a nice little spray no surprise and there will be nice otherwise I won't give in the yeah so Tom likes nice clothes all right well thank you for watching and best wishes as your simplifying we hope it's going well and I mean for us Tom sold on it now I think would you ever go back and wait for him to get next out so I can clean out our garage get rid of everything I have so I'm a huge car guy right can we talk about McCarthy I'm a huge car guy we kind of did in the video on how we imported to travel I know people talk about how much they didn't like it yeah I'll stick this at the end if you if you're not into cars you can go now you're gonna know and I love this and so obviously by being a car guy then I have tons of tools I'm probably gonna slim down from a couple of jumbo toolboxes to one divider because right now I have three monkeys to life all right which I use them but now okay we're gonna hold you accountable whatever all right well thanks for those who stuck with that thank you we do appreciate your kind and encouraging those comments they do mean a lot to us so thank you everyone who leaves those as well so thank you for watching we hope you a really good day and we will look forward to visiting with you again don't forget about the coats they did miss it big guy anyway outtakes before me I know don't get another copy you

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  1. Minimalising from maximalist lifestyle, and by that I mean ‘life’ style, like, all my life 😭. Atm, I’m drowning😖😖. But I’m listening to every one of your YT thingys like I was listening to podcasts – while I work! Bingo!! I love you Dawn🥰 And Tom!! But you know, not in the same way🤣🤣. Ok back to ‘dunging out’ as we say in my part of the world (Northern Ireland) 🥴🥴 ps don’t stop what you’re doing, I need you😬😬

  2. You two are so cute. I love watching your videos. We have a gift and thrift store near us that I donate everything to. They support missions around the world. But I know a lot of people who sell everything. I have been downsizing through watching your videos. They have been so helpful. Someday we will be downsizing and I plan on being ready for that day. Thanks!!!

  3. I don’t tend to sell many clothes, occasionally an expensive item on eBay. I do sell other things though. My kids (8, 13 & 14) sell off their toys and games. They love making money for themselves.

  4. I donate everything these days whether it’s worth money or not. Partly because I’m lazy/want to get it out of my house quickly as possible and partly because I feel good giving to charity. We could do with the money as things are tight right now, but I feel like it’s my good deed and gives me instant satisfaction and motivation to keep going!

  5. I recommend selling on Facebook Marketplace =) I too have been stood up by Craigslist. What I like about Facebook Marketplace is that I can see if people have seen a message I sent in reply to a sale post via Facebook Messenger. I have been selling several of the items I wanted to declutter since we started our Minimalism Journey in December 2018. I have sold over 30+ items in the last 8 months, not many high-priced items, but selling a lot of little things for a few bucks has brought in a good amount of money (I've been keeping a list of the items I decluttered and sold and it actually tallied up to be over $1,000 so far and we're not quite done yet!). That has helped my husband & I to be able to replace furniture pieces that we have realized are the wrong scale for the size of our apartment or purchase new items we really like to replace the hand-me-downs we never really liked while still being on a tight budget since I am a Stay-at-Home Momma. It takes more effort, but if you're on a budget I recommend selling the items you want to declutter! =)

  6. You mentioned selling some tools in this video. I'd love to see a video about editing a tool collection. My husband and I are DIY-ers and enjoy doing home improvements together…like right now we are in the midst of a full master bath re-do. Anyway, I've seen enough of your videos to know you an Tom work a lot on your home, too. So how do you control tool clutter?

  7. Haha I feel like you are on the cusp of the new YouTube trend: online garage sales, in the style of those leggings sales 😂😜

  8. Haha I feel like you are on the cusp of the new YouTube trend: online garage sales, in the style of those leggings sales 😂😜

  9. We always give everything away. My hubby always wants to have garage sales but I don't want to do that. Give pleasure to someone else who can't afford to buy things from Macy's, etc.

  10. So funny, this is my 4th video I have watched by you. Before, I mentioned that we need to get a lot of stuff moved back to Iowa from Southern Illinois. I was trying to think of what to do. Anyway, my point to my message this time is: I thought it was very coincidental that I wrote you before and then I listened to this video and you stated you live in Minnesota. Most of my mom's family is from Minnesota—Willow Springs originally and over the years they live all over that state. My dad originally was from Williston, North Dakota.

  11. I separate them into CONSIGNMENT and DONATION. Our local consignment shop is on my recently travelled route and is where I get most of my kids clothing. Whatever doesn’t sell is donated by the store. So I always have a few dollars on account to get anything that is lacking from my kids’ wardrobe.

  12. I have been doing Facebook Marketplace. But to sell anything for less than $20 is a waste of time for me. I have sold a few things there. Then I had a lady who kept backing out of meets, so I just stopped for a while. I won’t do garage sales. Last time I had one some people actually stole stuff instead of buying it. LetGo was never a good source for me. I have some Thomas Kinkade wall art that I need to let go of because I no longer hang things on my walls. I just do not want to part with them for less than $20 each. I had been trying to deal with my garage over the weekend. Stressful, but necessary because I need to downsize from a three bedroom duplex to a two bedroom. Love watching your videos. They inspire me to declutter and live minimally! You guys are cute together!

  13. Do you guys have local buy and sell groups in your area on fb? That’s where most mums near me get rid of their things 🙂

  14. I be at do yard sales. Or even Ebay. It's work taking pic and listing😩 So the nice kids stuff I do box up and take to a resale shop that I get half of what they get for it. I just leave the money there and use it as credit when my kids need something. So I get rid of it, I don't have to mess with it and I get a little something out of it 👍

  15. We have a local consignment store for mostly kids clothes. Each item has to be on a hanger, and they don't take Walmart or Target brands. I take a lot of our kids clothes there, then I have a credit to spend on current clothes for them. I do not ever do a yardsale either. I donate to the local Salvation Army. I took the 12th and 13th load this week!!! Yay!

  16. I sell on Facebook "for sale" neighborhood pages and a local consignment store. If the item doesn't sell, I donate to Goodwill or PennyWise Resale store that benefits a Women's Center

  17. I just binge watched/listened to this playlist! I did so while purging cookbooks!! So enjoyed my time! Thank you for sharing!

  18. I just binge watched/listened to this playlist! I did so while purging cookbooks!! So enjoyed my time! Thank you for sharing!

  19. I sell when I can or need to. Ebay, garage sale or online. Then I donate and take the amount and deduct from my taxes. I'm fixing to retire soon and need the extra money to pay off bills. I am cutting back and getting rid of alot. Thanks for the video. I would have put the coat on ebay and just left it and it would sell. Thanks again.

  20. I love your channel! I have been debating about donate/selling. This helped a lot!

    You’re hubby is too funny!

  21. I sold more on eBay before, and and after paying eBay fees, going to mail things, I haven't recently. Now I have a few things I should put on there again. I think the $20 minimum is a good idea. "don't spill your coffee" lol…. after a busy day, I will sit down with a cup of coffee, and have been known to spill coffee on myself with dozing off….so I get that warning once in a while haha

  22. I have tried craigslist and offerup for selling things. It's usually only worth it – in my opinion – if I have things I could get a decent amount of money out of. Most stuff I send to goodwill as it's the only place close enough to us to donate and I don't have time to list and sell everything. Agree on garage sales – waste of time!!!

  23. I like to take my clothes to a consignment shop. Quick, one stop, and if they don't want to buy it, I donate it. So, I guess two stops…but minimal work. Like you, I buy inexpensive clothes and wear them out, so I usually don't have good luck selling. But I love selling my son's clothes at Once Upon a Child!

  24. Hi- I donate a lot, and also sell online for a living. Selling in "lots" is easier for people who aren't savvy in online selling. (just put all like sizes and styles together) I sell on Poshmark, eBay and Mercari. Each one has pros and cons. Before I was selling online, my rule was donate everything and only sell items that were worth a lot of money.

    Tom might have luck selling on Poshmark- the mens category is the fatest growing.

    Thanks for sharing.

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