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all right if this does not work I don't know what to say guys I really don't know what to say if this is not working for you guys I'm sorry for anyone who came to the stream earlier and it did not work can you guys hear me let me know if you can hear me in the chat let me know can you hear me in the chat let me just uh let me just check to make sure everything's good it works now it's working everything everything is working now guys you could thank you boy I be made for tell me what to do okay give me one second guys I gotta just um make sure everything's good you know I'm saying gotta make sure everything is good let me just refresh this real quick containers okay okay okay hey we work it we work it out here okay everything everything is working okay I bet now let's get this going you're going to the team oh yeah I want to show you guys are my rigs um hold up before I get into the thing because I don't want to like let me show you guys my rigs real quick so these are I'll show you the rigs here's the rigs I turn there all right so you guys see this right here this is soo chikage Moo now the reason why he's looking over in the corners cuz I'm looking in the corner of my computer but as you guys could see well let's go off my eyes but you can see my eyes move I don't know why I got a collaborate I got a calibrate it and then we got umm let me show you guys mother avatar bro that will conduct for everything is so loud BRR like low-key let me know if the music is too loud I'll be reading chat in a second guys I'm just trying to show you guys my rigs so we got my roblox rig right here I really wish we could uh we could use it but I don't think we could use it it's gonna lag on this PC I am getting a new PC guys so don't worry about that let me just uh let me just get this working for you guys oh I'm sorry your boy sucks the streaming give me a second at least the mic is working you can hear my boss and I gotta put this image away I feel like my PC is gonna start lagging boom and we got ourselves working let me check a8 a a I don't know why it's not calibrated properly also I have my camera like really high above my head right now on a big TV I should have a better monitor I'm gonna buy a new one the calibrations gonna be better for this so I apologize for that guys but yeah every time you guys see my eyes tripping out it's literally me trying to look left or right my other screen and it's just yeah yeah anyways let's just get into this and um see what's up with all the fans man alright let me just pull the chat up so I can read chat cuz I don't want to be ignoring y'all and uh some reason my pcs actually allowing me to run this rig right now without the lag so keep I don't know I think that's good I think that's good right ok ok let me just refresh this real quick chat is disabled where did my chat go hold up give me a second okay watch where is the actual watch page I never know where the Ox will watch pages I'm trying to find it give me a second I'm just doing something your channel my PC is being slow right now guys it's literally because I got the face rigged up just make sure it's all good here I'm just checking my stream making sure everything is good okay now I can start reading chat and actually talking to y'all I'm just close this down right here pop-out shot I don't want to ignore y'all know okay I will get you let's get this rolling done all right so shout out to let me see shout out to iron gaming my bad if the face camp starts messing up when I'm looking at chat just cuz I'm looking at a different screen so everyone here I'm guessing is wanting to level up what's up what's up everyone your boy is probably the most boring streamer out here I'm very fun and when I make videos but hey let's go to a hero raid should we do to here right no no no no no no no no let's do some PvP who want a PvP yeah let's do some PvP why the music stop why did the music stop like I do that no no there's anyone leveled tank a though guys my PC is lagging it's actually lagging bro it's actually like it I I'm scared I'm actually scared if my PC is lagging it it's not let me pull my music up okay there the music there the music I let's go to the red you know I need to start streaming more get back into the whole streaming everything cuz I don't know I'm just trash I don't even know how to stream nowadays well well this be go hard let me know if the music is too long too loud like please let me know if it's too loud you'll hold on hold on hold on hold out where is everyone let's try level these people up or should we do PvP I don't know PvP or this you're not I can't do be PvP bro I'm level 10k I'll literally kill everyone that's not even fair hi welcome on da da ba y'all subscribe make sure you guys subscribe I'm sorry that I'm not checking out who's subscribing right now guys it's kind of look I gotta get multiple screens and different stuff going for it to begin I gotta get to be good I feel so bad cuz I'm like not even like calling out people who are oh that's why we leg and hold up hold up hold up I know you guys see that you guys are like woah my screen was stressed weird there is this your first time streaming um no to be honest your boy actually was better at streaming before but I don't know I became a noob at streaming nowadays though that fact that face cam lit yeah my bad if the face face cams not moving at all whenever it's not moving on it's cuz I'm turning and looking at a different angle it can't cats it's already full um after this guys I will leave and I'll get next style new people in here I just want a screenshot I'll leave and join after this I mean everyone is not gonna be able to join but I'll try to get everyone to get into it so we got the hero rate in 9 seconds are you guys ready are you guys ready well kondeh forever from its role as role what kind of forever found subscribe to the channel if you guys are new I feel so bad because like the first stream that we did we had I don't even know probably 800 or more people watching and I have no sound I feel really bad do you know how many people unsubscribed from your boy because of that I'm sorry about it I'm really sorry about that guys I can't wait to get to do it to the higher rounds I gotta get to the higher ground sees these little rounds are born bro like I was watching mainstream and it takes so long to get to the higher cooler rounds I just it couldn't be me man it couldn't be me I kind of want to go back into a regular server though because like that will allow us to take pictures with fans you can also fight people come out really quickly the rain is just kind of holding us in here the whole time can I increase this I don't like my robots not looking clean and nice it is still looking good to you guys that lighting we're UT let me know in the chat and we Gucci I'm Louisville uh I'm desperate shout me out shout out to X emotion shout out to uh tachyon I'm really really slow at pronouncing stuff guys so I'm sorry if like I don't like shout you out shout out to Daniel Cartwright shout out to Han Tao how are you why are you ignoring me my bad hat oh I remember you actually on my videos a lot usually like here's the thing if you guys don't change your guy's picture like a lot if you guys keep it the same picture I usually remember you like it's pretty easy to remember when you got a pretty nice looking picture or something like that people who unsub I'm either a med look a la if people are on subbing it's just maybe they wasn't feeling it maybe this is not the right channel for them I mean we are the boku family bear oh I'm gonna start streaming I'm slowly slowly coming out of my cell you guys don't realize I don't like streaming I'm not in control of myself stuttering I actually do stutter a lot guys so it's uh it's just something I get self-conscious over so if you guys are alright with me you know stutter and do a lot then then we can keep getting these streams going hold up I'm just waiting for the better rounds guys my bad if it seems boring I'm literally just waiting for the battle rounds after this though we're gonna go into the regular server start pvping people I mean I should've did I originally but I'm scared I'm gonna kill people look at me bro level 10k magic salvage can i have a shout out shout out to Dowell and Qin shout out to you bro I really can't even see who is subscribing bro shout out to all the people that are subscribing bro I love you guys no homo like I just can't see it because on my second screen I have my OBS and OH did somebody's donate who donate it hold up hold up we got the father's protect me protect me somebody's donated I can't I can't do that to the man I have to go check who donated hold up let me go see the stream labs who donated I'm so failed bro I can't even check who just donated shout out to the person to just dream bill I love you and I'm sorry that I'm I can't even shout you out right now I'm trying to find a donation let me login to my stream logs to see that we're a streamer in the world where a streamer in the world now at least you guys can hear me though and you're not just looking at a screen and me trying to figure out all my stuff well you guys watch nothing donation donation donation done this and who donated I I'm pretty sure Oh donated to super Chinese and I love your vids out out – jayden tasks on now now I see your name now I finally see your name cuz my super Chinese actually working shoutout to you bro because I just made that donation thing today and you're the first one to get to test it that's pretty cool let's get back into the game hopefully am i dead thank you you guys are amazing but you want to dance with me here come dance with me bro what you know about that all right let me check the chat does he remember me Pro bro plays yeah I see you bro hold up let me let me scroll up a little bit shadow shadow 200g samurai 12 whoo shoutout to savage oh to eight I'm gonna keep it real guys when I see you guys say shout out it's more easier for me to say it so you know just do that shoutout to Danielle Rock ps4 actually you know what let me know in the chat right now what would you guys rather see would you guys rather see me fight these really low enemies that are just really boring or you guys want to see me dance with the fans and just reply and shout everyone out inside the chat let me know right now do you guys want me we're donating again though they didn't hold up I gotta check this but I gotta have three screens so I can see this man yo yeah why live yeah wallet bro I see you bro shout-out to end game for donating bro shut up – Jaden tasks on again for donating shoutout to mystical dust for donating you guys are live like honestly all you guys gotta do is drop a like on the stream that's all you gotta do to support me you guys donating you guys are MVPs just know who you are but yeah let me let me get those shadows bro I'm sorry let me get the salads people are just donating five please give me a shout-out fam shadow – fanfare rang shut up – um epic Bevis shoutout to good vibes shoutout to Danny Koons shout out the you uh 73 eighty eight seven you should change your name dude shadow – yo y'all wiling I'm not even looking at screen right now whatever let me let me see who this donated foodies don't eat in it how capping I'm trying to do shoutouts let me get them sad as well chatter – Jonny Zeng shout out to Karen containers shout out to hackster shout out to Peter Zayn son shout out to King ember 22 set up – Josiah Dixon shout out San Antonio whoa sorry I'm going a little too fast for myself Santa – Antonio Williams shout out to JJ plays shuttle to a dark ride why shout-out to mr. lava below zero shut up – King away I already did that shut up – Charmander plays twenty-four shout out – am I still dancing guys one of my stuff hey you guys stop my dancing hey let me dance bro I'm trying to I'm trying to shout out the homies but up alright so shout out to save shout out to shout out to miss path 27 2007 shout out to Maori South to slave fire wave 9 when it hits all wave 10 we'll start fighting again let me just try to get these shadows shout out to HD trippy shout out to Hector Perez shout out to flames plays shuttle – that's a sick name hold up Cass and Nagi I like that that's not a nice name shout out to uh cheerio possum the 58th oh this is hard guys I'm gonna keep it real this is really hard to do these shoutouts man who if I sought you out do me a favor please like the stream and if you do here subscribe man I appreciate it shout out to all of you ok so shout out to Draco shout out to yasiel ah Bo shot us the booth the game God shut up – zze comment shut up to the Reg shadow setup to take one I'll still shout at the yeah – gamer shuttle to a mystical dust the man with the donation you already know what's up appreciate that shuttles – yeah see away I already said that who else was I'm trying not to miss any one man is there's so many people talking ok mate Oh silently never-ending life jeez oh did they kill the boss I miss the boss alright man yeah you know what back to back to the shadows man I can only do so much sounds to isour WAP shout-out to Z on this old satyrs leggy Senator Marco Romeo I can't wait for my new PC sata2 ali ahmed shoutout to Javon king shut up the disk God he shout out to chunky funky shout at the Aiden shout out to UT legend shut up the rad roblox maybe I should just stop saying shout out because I feel like I'm about to pass out from saying shout out so much as if I just blew like 20 balloons okay so let me just start saying people's names shout out to bong was that kind of a bum deal oh no shout out to Daniel manga a manga loner Natsu dragon eel not so cool Peters salon Arella Eugene Vincent make sure you guys don't kill the boss Bell I'm really trying to get a piece of this boss okay let me get a piece of that boss well sugan oh you got a unique name man chatter set tree soup soup gum chat tree VJ DJ okay Hector okay okay okay I already taught you guys Scotty burnt or no Scouty bird shout-out to official Moses shuttle to Joss some Sam SAP new I'm really not trying to butcher your guys names right now man this is probably the most boring stream for you guys though because I'm just shouting people and we waiting for the bosses to come I don't want to do these little Hey look if I'm chilling here right here and these things can't kill me they not worthy they not worried if am you know I'm saying watch II dance they not worthy can't even kill me family this wow you're not worthy but you're not worthy fam I let me get back to the shoutouts shot us two extra Jill um man I don't even know how to your name shout at the fuse and two nice I like your thinking uh your what pitcher take Quan I'll stand Jersey Oh Felix MLG yo I feel so bad this is so hard I don't know how roll ball does this robot he does it nice man um venom gaming Zeze to youtube fiery Phoenix JK's Josh Josh Sapp new I got you before curling door silly oh okay we got 34 34 enemies um wait alright let me give yo Ella Serrano epic Beavis Bevis sorry about that trainer Jaden let me see who else we got Roxy game Mohammed Olli sorry if I said your name wrong dude bow bow dragon Nick Antonio Kevin see who else man we're gonna have to stop the shoutout soon guys could like this this is not gonna be the whole stream we can't do this the whole stream mystic lava oh the box the box hold up I'm sorry I'm sorry hold up man's need to get some action found gang Orca no no no no gang work over us I'm with you oh-oh-oh-oh fam come over here where is he come over here yo is my is my like I keep thinking like my webcam is like properly angled I'm not properly angled okay right now I keep like moving my stuff around and I'm always looking in the corner my bad about that go crazy on my head though yeah I let me go back to the people man I got a shout out the famous man I love you guys shoutout to Adrian Ralphie oh yeah to be honest I'm sorry I did this raid guys I really don't want to do this raid I want to help you guys level but I don't think this is the best way to level um whoa you see that look at this logo oh these are MPC's that's why okay I'm like what was going on there I shut out um if I didn't shout you out I'm sorry it's just there's so many people talking shut up to DBZ all I actually remember you you're my comments a lot better shout out to Demetrius shout out to Gavin shout out to Joseph um you guys mind if I don't say your full name like the full thinking I can probably get through this a lot faster if I did it that way shots diverse a shuttle – uh aha Goku YouTube I'm sorry dude I butchered your name shadow – I'm trying to join your game and won't let me please I'm gonna leave this game after and we'll try to find some more people because this only allows five people and that's not really fair in my opinion uh you know someone's like stop desi I feel like I might pass out from all the shadows shoutout to our mochi mochi lemon text Giovanni Jonas Elana Stefan and pin s oh wait no I know that Espinoza I like that name Espinoza then wild games are maison de Devon coercing me I'm K I know everyone's like listening to me just talk like no let me hear my name let me hear my name i truth is man I suck at this I truly suck at shadows well I'm trying my best right now hi his wave 18 listen they dig in harder but we actually got to start playing we can't just like because now they'll actually kill me if I'm I start slacking I don't have my keyboard and stuff set up properly like I'll how I normally do because I'm afraid it's gonna lag my PC I really don't want that if it likes my PC then wait is my in the stream lagging let me know in the try right now the stream lagging oh yeah music music music music did he just heal me Buddhist oh that's an actual person how do you have that as your picture how do you let's get about what a dancer we well we just want next wave is about to be cry cry is not an enemy hey step off my homies like that man step off my homies oh yeah guys I'm actually about like I'm not even playing I'm actually gonna pass out if I have to keep doing the shoutouts bro I'm really sorry I'm gonna pass out but I am slowly it's slowly starting to like streaming again because it's working this time you boy it a little slow with it but as long as you guys love me and I love you I think everything is gonna be okay man no homo I swear anyone who knows me off of streams or videos I'm more monotone I talk more like like this guys this is how I talk normally when I'm just chillin with my friends but when I'm in stream it's a little different I'm it's hard not to have a smile on your face when you just see so many people just talking to the chat not lady my lady oh no no no no no we about the bomb hold on hold on hold on hold up hold up what what what is it what stop come on oh it's a fee it's V let me do it I'm about to do it I'm gonna do it yeah that was fire that was fire we might actually be able to do this if I stop goofing around cuz we already know once once overhaul comes he can one-shot us shoutout to all the people who are subscribing to me right now I'm so I can't actually look at the side of the screen um I need to figure out how I'm gonna be able to split up the screens to be able to see who's subscribing and it just looks really small on my screen bro I don't know Oh yo yo I looked at the screen for too long well y'all can do it but we really just lost we really okay you know what is good we needed I was goofing off the whole time Bella died I got for real right now my bad I got my like hand on my chin so like it's not mapping properly I keep forgetting I have webcam too so I'm kind of like leaning in the corner when it really should be locked on my face I think I said and um you would kick from the game bro what are you talking about oh it's lower this music we just checked shot yeah I'm gonna shout out all the people that just subscribe real quick because I'm looking at it on screen let me just read join a server China – Joe Joe well II sang shout out to alpha brush a lot to meet meet all these people are people that subscribe by the way so if you guys want a definite shout-out subscribed and I'm Michelle Schuelke and it's much bigger to see on here shout out the ghost ate and shout out to the site gets to tea food Mackey once need k5 on the score l ZZ mithy Alex goal DJ man Kevin knew you I can never say Anna given uh I know how to I can't even say that word it's like tongue twister on me Oh someone donated oh remember me I was in Heroes online with you yeah ha until I for sure remember you 100% like I remember you you're always in my collars – bro how can I never remember you we just donated though wood is donated can I can I understood can I know who just donated shut up to me move for donating the dollar bra you give me the dollar yeah there's so many people who subscribe but I'm sorry though cuz I it's hard for me to read that well we back in the game and the people are waiting man and when we leg in it but soon 100% Wednesday guys will have a better PC I'm just wait actually not Wednesday Wednesday get my PC case and I was supposed to get my PC case in yesterday but when it came into mail turns out they gave me a cat bed instead yeah yeah they gave me a cat bed a cardboard one at that not even a nice luxury cat bed a cardboard cat bed so your boy had to hit up Amazon and be like hey where's my case man I just put money out to that I would like to build my PC so I got away for the case first case comes on Wednesday then after I'm gonna go to the computer store get the PC parts and one night and they're gonna build it up for me I should have my PC I think the latest Friday next week Friday left next week we'll get the streams poppin even more because as you guys can see there's a lot of lag my webcam is lagging it's not fully rendering yeah I'm basically running steam it's a steam game guys it's basically steam and roblox at the same time and I'm trying to run so you guys can understand why there's some kind of lag you know oh my god this is disgusting this is truly disgusting but y'all someone come PvP me well come get slapped I'm lagging like crazy come get slapped oh my god and then weird to see her boy does he would like really crappy quality like like dude we're actually liking shoutout to Jeremiah plays man I'm sorry guys my bad I can't really eat the chat okay well I mean I can see the chat I just can't be shouting out all the people and my PC is kind of lagging right now man I'm gonna kill the webcam because I don't wanna I don't want to have to kill the stream for you guys if I kill the stream for you guys then there's no stream so I'm killing the webcam for now I got it I got it give me one second guys we're just gonna close down steam because I can't have steam open at the same time I'm just gonna cause like if I'm battling I'm not trying to take an Ellen blame excuses man can I have some robux please now guys um I would love to give you guys robots but the problem is it's against TOS but if I get inside the robot star program I'm pretty sure I can give you guys robots like I'm in mains inside to star program and he's allowed to give away robots without robots getting mad at him no I think that's the best way for me to do this let me just give me a second guys this PC is literally lagging right now and I'm trying not to leg to the point where I actually have to shut the PC down this is like a really strong laptop that being set into laptop it's not that strong and task ooh that's the wrong thing we can't do that give me a second dude I can't wait for my new PC bro this is another reason why I don't like the stream because like I never know what kind of lag and when the experience never know my internet I also got my roommates watching Netflix right now so I don't know if that's having anything into consent me checked is make sure all this is closed yeah if I'm we're gonna leg we're gonna like 100% I don't think I could do this man we are lagging let me see if my mouse legs guys we can't do this it seems like it's doing it alright yeah it's liking it seems like it's doing alright oh you guys think I should do do you guys think I should battle people are you guys think I should just show with people in the stream they're going to turn to 8:00 p.m. believe me please can I join the raid well leg will get you something yeah man yeah honestly your guys support is the reason why I'm able to get a new PC this month and so I can enable like be able to stream cuz I know you guys want me to stream I want to help you guys level dude I'm gonna die the like is so bad well let's go for it let's see what we can do what can we do come over here bro the lag is so bad you want to come over here did he leg oh this is ugly bro the like is ugly from oh I can't even move left and right um let's see like did I miss you trying to turn left to right my mouse is not working my Razer synapse just literally lagging right now come over here bro come over here bro did I kill him he's not dying a heck yeah I Loki kind of killed the stream by I'm bringing on the face rigs guys it's kind of what happened I liked myself up and usually when this happens I got like restart my pc for it to fix and we can't do that desi notice me senpai shout-out to I am bacon man at you I the guy inside the chat yeah we can't do this row we we I can't ah I can't do this look at this I my hands are not even on the keyboard anymore and it's going crazy let me just type people I feel like typing to people I'm just getting mad your boys getting extremely angry this this is why you don't stream when you're desi because you get this Oh nope I've decided exit a whole bunch of stuff so hopefully this like calms down I don't think it's gonna calm down because there's so much stuff made me a better grinder you Microsoft Skype get out of here it's probably gonna be like I hate when desi streams you know a lot of people used to say that all the time they'd be like yo I don't like when desi streams but he's he makes really good videos and I'm like oh my bad it's always cuz I'm trying to have the coolest stuff on my computer and my PC just can't run it I'm trying to close on Steam right now guys it's just it's like it means sometime turn off other absent Google and real blogs hey I accidently you are limber you are oh no we started a fight I wish start a fight dude we're still in the fight why can't I kill you Judy's not even dying this guy's oh my god we're gonna have to exit this give me a second let me I keep saying give me a second but my PC is not giving me the seconds I need so we're gonna have to put this picture up real quick now gonna have to just take that pictures for now why fix this Oh sever is full why are you so leggy it's because I got steamed open guys and and I can't run my rigs this is why I said I didn't want to show you them because the big tough I'm trying to close this like like 100% of me is trying to close this and it's not closing it just keeps opening more stuff and because my computer is lagging it's opening it faster than I'm able to close it come on bro get off of the computer if my PC is literally able to crash at any second right now it can crash at any second because I put all the stuff open okay I feel like this might be the end of stream I can't do anything like when this happens to my mouth I literally can't do anything guys Mouse's moving here I'll show you what I'll show you what it looks like I'll literally show you what it looks like when my mouse is like oh my god it's going crazy yeah get the heck off my PC the the steam it won't close steam would not close build this is the reason my PC is lagging big river oh you know what it's probably legging cuz I'm inside the stream of the I'm in the stream VC oh my girl alright well let me just do some shout out shout out to out to Asura arrow YouTube shout out to biller Tong bulb I'll just shout you guys out while I'm fixing the sound to sincere birdshot of the TV on TV on twelve if I said your name properly shoutout to jacob spencer a shout out to ninja master shout out to VI Prien II one yes let me aunt Astro just get the heck off just close already and let my PC run fast but I don't even care to have my webcam up anymore just close all this stuff okay I don't think I'm going to stream ever again guys until the PC comes next week like for real shout out to spa spewpa V if you're if I said your name properly shout out to Ken M shut up to Devon shot at to chat is moving so fast shout out to it does that say Axio China to out standards are ranked Oh Gabrielle dela Cruz hey dude derp shark Jermaine Samuels ultra Vegeta dabbing noob just literally this is why I need my new PC man Dark Master primal Chen 90 Gabriel jamon do AAHA Munda you too probably crack mr. Naugle AB no Gullah yo I'm butch in butchering a zone Lee Chi man legendary sigh let's now say sorry Steve bro Lord or gaming my dude releasing between yeah okay so shinobi story is apparently coming out tomorrow guys that is the main game that you know me is gonna be playing I'm gonna be jumping on that like crazy so I hope you guys support me on that like I said today I was supposed to have my new PC new PCs not here so I figured I'd try to stream for you guys I hope you guys appreciate me trying to do this because my just wasn't gonna do it at all until like Wednesday next week and that's just the truth but um I kinda I kind of got to end the stream guys my pcs gonna cross it's actually gonna crash like here let me show you guys what's going on exit out of this let's show you guys exactly what is going on now don't worry I'm not gonna leave immediately I'm gonna shout you guys out and stuff before I leave but if you guys want to see more you know I'm saying cuz one state boy is actually getting a new PC you guys will never ever see it like ever again in your life from my channel after Wednesday I'm telling you 100% you'll never see like and I honestly feel like I can swear on my mother's life that they'll never be like but I'm not gonna do that because you're not supposed to swear on your mother's life okay but yeah yeah look at this oh oh wait oh it's actually a we're not gonna end a stream it's running fast it's not lagging anymore it's actually running okay so you see all the people right here shout out to all you guys not to all you guys started subscribing here big shout out to all you guys hopefully you guys see your name it's like if I don't shut your I'm really sorry but yeah drop a like on the stream right now if you guys want me to continue to stream if you guys want me to continue to stream drop a like on the video right now um yeah I think we're good to stream I think everything's good it's not lagging anymore I yeah we good see let me just open up again again I don't know why it took so long for it to stops stop lagging that's crazy Oh Hank nah bro you're doing the leg doll don't make me lie to my fans don't don't do it is it is it playing why they're not playing roblox window hello can we get the roblox window hold up it's not registering the window okay there it is no okay it is but like this squeeze this okay let me move this oh my god why did he go super small like that dude we are 2l blocks today bro I tell you bro we are the L blocks today straight up no no no no come on bro just work for me bro work for me bro let me let me just to what my fans bro don't do me like this I might have to exit it you know what OBS are not OBS Google Chrome let me know if you guys go through this Google Chrome it's not a too mystical travel too mystical man you say that bro what are my thoughts on boruto burritos crap Berto is literally crap guys I'm sorry but like the whole stone village ark was disrespect how you gonna disrespect stone village like that can't do that um yeah guys I'm really really trying there's just so much stuff going on on my screen lag between the lag and uh yes it's mainly the lag of my PC bro that's mainly what's making me go through all this crap stone guy stop getting up in the chat we just go into the game what's up who wants to find me fight me birthday yes yes yes we can actually do this okay stream still going on the most lame streamer the most lame extreme ever a mountain uh imagine mr. beast came my stream imagine to be crazy let's just do shoutouts bro before I leave the stream I'm not gonna leave right now but I am planning on wrapping up the stream guys so just so you know it's kind of weird like I don't really know what to do during a live stream you know I know I don't really know what to do essentially I said PvP helping people up in the raid and uh have I helped anyone in the rain no no III need to take some punishment but that that's called clickbait well I can't be clicked baiting my fans like that nah um yeah it's too bad I don't have overall cuz if I had overall right now I'd be able to go like one shot the NPC's and possibly level them up all right well mr. dance you know saying you look at the champ looking at the YouTube chat again um almost 80k are we almost at 80k guys Wow you're gonna actually get in the crappiest streamer to 80k Wow together amazing not a frilled oh my God look the quality of this channel you guys know I don't want bull crap quality on my channel I will make the best of the best quality right now we are enduring some pain because your boy hasn't like I've already said it so many times I feel like repeating myself but I haven't been on my youtube in about five days I've been busy having the rigs created having different stuff created paying bills different stuff getting PC cases I said to me as cat bad just different stuff that's going on Wednesday bro you will never see this stuff again um let me see there's anyone buying the merch anyone got immersed want to see some merge merge merge merge gang March March gang shout out to all the people who are buying the merch by the way because there's a lot of people now while in bro it was good what's good bro what's good my bacon from another what's going with what I don't feel like I'm laying right now why aren't people legging I don't have roblox for oh dude dude if I can give away them for free I totally would but like I don't know why you can't give away your search for free like just doesn't even make any sense I ain't liking I'm I like it it's a stream lagging guys let me know in the chat my look you know everyone keep wakandan keep work on doing man we are trying to get that 80k if we can push for 80k I'll so I'll keep the stream going until 80k I will I'll keep the street guard if we could go to 80 K right now man who did that you trying to get punched you want to get punched yeah bro watch one we're actually not lagging and the streams are so lit and then we got like the camera and then we got like that perfect perfect quality I'm just trying to kill them those oh my gosh what's my move see oh dude I don't have overall anymore big tough I miss overhaul um Jojo deal I'm not gonna lie Jojo looks weird to me guys I'm gonna wat stand man I gotta watch it hey actually yo can you guys um we're coming me some animation to chat please right now I really need some new enemies I've been slaying through all the animes I've been watching late recently um have you guys watched overlord that anime is pretty amazing I like it is pretty dope can you you need any mods for upcoming stream spell you know what I actually do need mods so when I get the proper computer and my computer is working the new PC comes in and whatnot guys I'm gonna create a mod squad we're gonna have the streams like popping I'm just reading a YouTube chat right now if you guys wondering so you guys want to say anything and you guys want me to say it see it say it but this is why I don't stream because I mess up my words okay big tub I can be a mod I see you okay anime bleach I've already watched bleats I think they actually got new episodes I still off the wats dr. stone now I actually did start up dr. stone last night amazing anime it actually started up way better than fire force or well it's not what it's called fire for us listen call it and that what is called fire force fire force was cool but I gotta say dr. stone seemed way cooler not to mention you know stung gang so if I ever had doctor my village stone dr. stone stayed up sword art online I've seen it I've seen all the sword art online baki anime it's it yeah now Pocky he's actually really cool Punky's really cool guys basically if you guys are wondering and you just come into the stream right now my stream is kind of lagging so we're just chillin and I'm just chillin with fans just answering questions talking to people in the chat I'm literally just reading chat right now for you guys like this is the content that you guys are getting I'm sorry a different server should I do a different server I feel bad because I did tell people I'd do different servers seven deadly sins yeah I watched seven deadly sins one of my top 10 favorite bond is my favorite dude from there then I'd have to say Mele Otis then King Kings pretty cool Gurren Lagann I gotta check that out fairy tale of watch that watch your lie in April mm-hmm shout out to uh Arthur Prince he he said he got the merge sprout shout out to you bro people deserve to meet you hold up what's he saying what's he will he say I think he said uh no go people deserve to meet you so sure should I guys you guys are in a stream right now drop a like on the video and the whole stream all together I think I'm gonna think I'm gonna switch server so people can join shout out to a lone winner 11 hmm shout out to yeah shout out to uh oh no a check can you change so people don't think its clickbait hey you know what we don't do clickbait here you are totally right I'm sorry I'm sorry I gotta change servers so people don't think it's clickbait ah be tough wait wait wait wait a second did I even say I switch servers in the title so it's not technically a clip it is it follow follow me to join follow you need to join also we gotta add the music back in but I was kind of a boring stream the heck the whole time I even I haven't even realized that there's been no music because then what kind of forever let me just say take care everyone type in very slow alright I will catch all of you guys later okay I'm very sorry if you guys are watching stream you guys know that man we had a great time man and I love you ah but I have to come cuz people are claiming clickbait and we don't do that so yeah catch all later and go to a new server amen honto man you gotta you gotta say man I support you man because oh you just made me leave a light server watch this server gonna be black how much you wanna bet is gonna be black but what's just gonna be black yeah isn't black oh man why honto why why did you make me go through this server yo don't cap hold up should I do private server private server let's do a private server I'm gonna get you guys a private server right now hold up private private I have so many private servers that people let me use but I'm into the private server right a private server I need to what how much I need 250 how can I get you guys your privacy right now okay yo hold up I just got to go to my group and give myself some roebucks cuz you guys have been buying a lot of merch we should be able to do that give it a second guys but I for the meanwhile you can look at my beautiful face you know and I y'all can just Wakonda forever see yourself on screen and ya become a part of the boku nation what did I call it does it desi nation I mean livestream title says help range come to join it Road I mean yeah okay it does say that dude it does say that look what they got me doing out here chill chill chill better hold up I'm trying to I'm trying to get us a private service so I can get all y'all in here bro cuz y'all deserve to get up in here distribute dude who was here for the original stream when there was no sound let me know in the chat right now who was here when that happened it was crazy it won't let me join don't worry guys I'm making up private server I'm making a private server give me a second boku you guys what you guys were inside the stream with the no sound that's crazy bro you guys are awesome you guys are honestly awesome MVPs alright let me create the server server name um configure French and loud invite how do I make it so anyone can join how do you do that invite you players no planet what VIP server link friends alone okay I got a lick we save that real quick all right guys get ready in the chat about the postal link get ready now I think how should we go about rotating it should we change it every 10 minutes 5 minutes and what shit are cause of the change should we beat someone in PvP what do you think we should do let me know in Shaa link in the channel I'm about to do it I'm about to do it let me just let me just load it in real quick and then I'm about to do it 10 minutes or 5 minutes 20 minutes it's in settings I get ready 3 2 1 let me know if that works if it doesn't work I don't know what to say it's not even working no yah yah yah yah yah okay I see people joining I see people joining okay okay we live yeah okay the link is working dezzy I can't join where I'm so sorry bro is it really full guys it's not working there's no way I got it I got it set so people can join bro that's crazy won't work it's not working oh hold on me how should I how should I try to share this for you guys configure configure let me read generate are you sure you guys are uh it's full okay yeah this one's for I'll generate a new link after you guys and then um we run about I just don't know what to do like I really don't know what to do so if we do PvP should be I'm not doing the raid I mean I want to do the raid to help people level but the rain is just do you guys want to watch the read be honest do you guys want to watch the raid I don't think y'all want to watch that bear none of that hold up let me get some screenshots because some people have never ever been in here with me so let me get hold up hold up show it to sleep chill chill I um we're not guys Guren I think his name was current girls girls come on girls come over here homie I got you give some space should I change the title of the huh this dream guys cuz I feel like we're literally just taking screenshots and shouting people out this dream we're not even helping anyone bro like we're literally being useless to you guys all that barriers where you are a girl's purse where is he oh here he is yeah let me put my SIF lock on bear hold up let the man get his skis I found um what level love are you y'all want the rain really yeah I really want the why do you guys want the radio because I feel like like if we reset in the server room one night there's a whole bunch of spots for you guys to join if we're going to the raid there's only five spots and then you guys got to watch me like do boring stuff does he check out my Jojo game it will make my year banana if you can go to my discord message Reaper a ruse on and tell him that I said for you to message him about me checking out that game he'll understand his thumb it's just hard to keep track when I'm like there's so many people talking why not um don't do red please dezzy I want to join in I've never been yes trade right you guys are going crazy for these raids bro don't raid think about this that's what I'm saying people don't want the raid guys they don't want to see the raid Bell Road to ATK hey guys we aren't like 200 almost 250 subs away from 80k can we do it can we do it hey I'm gonna run it up let's just run up some PvP spam the Wakanda forever man subscribe if you guys are new talking like I'm stupid over here PvP it is we're doing pvp pvp meet me guys come on guys MIT man let me just change the music yes yes keep here knows what kind of forever is okay now now we're at what yo oh my god we're less than 250 – we're less than 250 away y'all are going crazy with the subscribes brah I appreciate it you guys are loved you guys are loved if you guys ever feel like you're not loved know that Papa desi loves you okay let's read it up who trying to fight burnin love what is that family what up bro come on let's get I am a man hey run it up bro I don't even have my keyboard set so I have like the ultimate like the ultimate handicap you guys can kill me what come on bro what's going on why can't I fight there's something going on like oh there's people already bounding okay okay okay Lucy Barrow shout out to all the people subscribing right now um I should probably shout out to all the people subscribe them real quick let me just uh let me just show you guys the screen so you guys can see it yourself I shout out to shout out to uh Taylor Jones shout out to YouTube memes I don't know MBD Malcolm dude Wolfgang vote vote track sorry be summon 985 oak oh come damn that's just move oak clutch soft wama hop South Wawa oh my geez I'm sorry South one mom mud okay your name is Creek is that wait that's not Creek calf is it you guys see that right there in that tree crap Mary I just gotta to meet mop for donating oh wait wait wait this just updated holy crap shout out to uh lunar holiday donated tuna it's okay I'm a huge fan can i friend you now guys I can't friend people because it's not fair to everyone else it's literally not fair to everyone else roblox only allows two hundred shout out to all the people that are donated bro it does yeah just about you either old messages okay okay we basically just shouted everyone out that's been donating if you are not donating been subscribing if you guys are new and you guys want to see yourself get subscribed just subscribe show some love get me 280 pay you know what not even get me get us get the whole boku no bro blocks family to 80k bro and we're gonna be late Oh sup let's go let's go you ready you ready hold up I got it I got to do this I'm gonna we do this you ready you ready yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah I'm ready bro let's go yeah come on come and get this boy forget this I'm not even blocking a family okay maybe I'm my block come come come for it oh oh you got some punch come over here oh okay sixteen K that means don't get whoa you like that you like that who come over here fam come over here van yo he's certain yes sir with ya with ya yo you're Bob this but this oh no no no chill oh no no no I'm gonna die I'm literally about to die okay rip GG if I had a set up so my keyboard was set up I'm telling you I'm not gonna lose hold of Lucy shall I set up my keyboard in my leg it might like the stream it might like hold up not change it can I change my keyboard let me see let me type in chat see if it changed er er er cz oh wait oh oh we actually just got it we can fight I just um I just pressed a command on my keyboard and actually let me set it up without having to open up the program but we can do this again I'm sorry dude but you're actually gonna die like you're actually gonna go chill chill chill them get my collars family we get the collars don't let me get the garland let me get the it's gonna kill me bro all right time to die can I fly to the top he's like boy can you kick can you get me can you get me bro can you get me come on get this bro come and get his boy hey let me fly around come on let me fly let me fly yes yes yes yes worthy worthy worthy oh call over here fam I feel like I'm definitely experiencing some Cup Oh oh did we catch him let's go up in the air again back up into the air we go where is he where is he where is he where is he where they whoa y'all hold a hold of ho we gonna catch him again so I'm not reading chat right now guys uh I mean it this I'm trying to hit him with this oh you know what I noticed look at the timer didn't you increase the timer it wasn't fair fly the whole match no father they're getting angry at me because I'm flying yo come over here come over here pal take this fight me bro you runnin you don't want to run it from me now bro you ready for me father go over here come over here bro come over yeah oh dude I don't even think I'm hitting him dude am i hitting him guys am i hitting him dude come over here and fight me you scared why are you scared come over here you're scared bail you scared pound come over here come over here but I should've hit you that should eat you okay we got finished you off bro we're gonna finish you off right here come on come back here did I get up take it up dude how do you not tired come on okay finally finally okay you boy your boy the winner you know then you know it's nothing big nothing big hmm gggg tam now let me just check the sub count do some shout outs after each battle we're gonna do some shout outs we also gotta leave this server and uhm meet up with others you know be fair and all all right let me uh just pull down this window for you guys real quick wait no no no we don't want that we want this okay Sanna to gaming with jj7 – I'm new vvm gamer shut up – Cullen Liam settle – uh do it wait is this refreshed let me just refresh this real quick making sure I get everyone that subscribes well I have to yeah okay this is this is update of that thing shout out to our King GT shout out to our not worried if you guys don't already know when I'm looking at the screen but if you didn't already subscribe subscribe but if I'm on the screen you better be subscribing because this is the best chance for me to south-south your name you know I'm saying shadow to how I Hawaii roblox on up the team solid red set up the chameleon saber send us the chief craft no no no sorry grief grief craft SATA – I'm I know I already did shoutout to st. Andrews shoutout to blue blue dragon shout out to LA full of bits world shout out to my Urraca dima memes channel – were like Guardi the darnay that probably sounds way better than how I'm pronouncing it shout out to deep fried Oreos bro you make me hungry boy shot it – uh Dorothy stone what do you uh dr. Stone's wife are you part of town gay shout out to tan our rents shut up – who else not worn I think I got everyone right did I get everyone shadow to heart gift shop yo code and uh yeah I think we're I think we're pretty much P let me check this with this what is this I don't I don't know what that stuff is anyways oh yeah let's get back into this I wish I could see that the donations though I mean I can but like I'd be seeing a mad labor and we've been streaming for a minute but how long we've been streaming for do you guys know you guys know I don't even know let's just go back to the game um I kind of feel like we should do one more battle then switch leave server and we're gonna restart the server first-come first-serve let's just do it up though hey are you hitting me up fam let me okay okay wait why did he lose dude dude you could have just fought me why did you do that um you excited for shinobi story yo you know it it's coming out tomorrow it's literally dropping tomorrow man I gotta go do some testing later on today um it might even be going on right now as we speak but your boys actually with you guys instead of testing snow pea story Ayanna did this looking at my discord right now and there's a notification there's a notification for all games discord so I think we might be testing I'm not sure I could be wrong don't take my word for for the truth I could be just making you guys jealous but yeah it is it is coming out tomorrow though the boys are working they're working can I can I battle guys please can I battle I want I really want to let others into the interview come on let me battle and keep the makanda for evelin's going we're kind of forever my family ICU we are almost a hundred and fifty oh my god this is actually happening like you guys are actually making this work like you guys are doing this I love my fans oh you want to fight let's go oh what's that what's that Hadouken Oh what Oh GG oh my that's a big rip found I feel big tough oh man let me try to get my keep my mouse to work cuz my mouse is not set so I can block right now I'm trying to set it so a block this is hell on earth that's a good song by scar Lord hell on earth to get some I keep dying wait to me dude like if you're a lower hey hey I'm level tank hey don't slap me like that I just keep hearing what Conda forever bro it keeps me going what can't let me do the Wakanda how do I do the eggs I would do the eggs wait what kinda wait oh my god I'm so sorry guys I'm sorry what Cup babe what is that's not it what's plug yo what button is blocked come on mate totally dude I feel bad I'm murdering everyone I let's just battle this is battle well let me see shout out to afters battle shout out everyone that subscribed so if you guys are subscribing right now and I don't shut you guys out while you guys are subscribing I will I will shout you guys out in a couple minutes don't worry about that you know come over here oh you like that bomb on ahold of an order from you literally about the catchy BAM did you get it did you get it did you get it oh did you get it well you I'm not even blocking cuz I feel like if I block with this max HP barrel like it's just as rude okay you need to calm down calm down calm down charge I him okay you pushing me back okay get back you get back come over here you running into it Oh Oh Cho Cho Cho what's the block button dude what is the block button I don't even know what the block button is bro but we gotta kill this guy and everyone keep spamming the more kinda forever I love you all now we gotta kill you got ya did I get her think oh he's right there yo he's right there bro yeah we gonna catch him we gonna catch him with this we're gonna catch up with this bro we almost at 80k bro I will be doing the shout outs in the second guys don't worry I'm not lying to you guys come over here fam where is he where is he where is he where is he where is he where is he I'm actually about to snap him about the snap on him watch watch watch this all moves I'm not even about block but I'm gonna attack oh he actually can do this you can do this bro you can kill me you're gonna do this come on come on come and get me come and get me okay good gg gg that was nice let me try to get my blocking on point no cuz I want a block give me uh give me one second guys cuz I gotta do the shoutouts for all the people that recently subscribe give me one sec and then after this we'll go into a different server and my bad that is showing all this is cuz my keyboard keys are all switched up right now let me go to the chat yo yeah we need like a hundred and fifty more bro you guys are wild in let me let me refresh this we'll just put this monitor up alright okay let's get on with the shout out shout out to ogia Auggie is C it's C we sorry shout out to melly-mel shout out to I'm just here shout out to Justine gothos can't put a pose I think I said it right I don't even have subscribed shout out to you shout out to a PI see whoahhh shadow to generals genocide genocide is that one of your science a shout-out to LT Frazer shut up – hi hi sounds of legislation at the fee fees e1 game instead of to Gerard Dean a photo was the word where'd I go various Sanchez alright man I'm so bad at this started to whipping the sauce shout out to a meet yo hold up did I miss anyone let me make sure I didn't miss anyone yeah I know right dude refresh people are saying dude refresh oh okay we see we seen a lot of people shout out to uh Franco Koppel it keeps moving brah Franco Coppola tea set up the Kira Slayer shout out to Chico craft 402 shout out the fuse settle to invasion gaming shut up the rainout today bad did I really just say that did I really just say that man you better hope that you did not just throw me bail on my stream Oh for the dude who says I missed him shout out to xbox be gone I see you bro shut up to a noob adult subscribe shout out to ASAP killer fresh sounds – Stefan plays shut off the vest sport here let me pull this chat up for you guys you guys want to see each other you want to see yourselves yeah I'm gonna try to shout out all you guys but we're doing Auto shout outs because you guys can see yourself Auto Show well god that forever dude let me go check is that Creek is that Creek let me let me let me check I know it's not Creek but that's pretty cool his name's upside down and why not let me go back to on the game though guys and I'll do some shout outs on auto monitor we got a switch servers by the way guys cuz um you know it wouldn't be fair to people who we're almost at ATK you guys are so lit you guys are so lit just watch when the computer is actually proper the PC that I'm streaming from right now is the laptop so I apologize for the garbage quality look your boy is not gonna have garbage quality on here past Wednesday ah do you guys want me to make a video on my my build I I don't know I feel like that's flexing on y'all I don't want to do that to y'all but I mean I feel like some people want to see what I've been working on this new PC and whatnot um oh who donate who donated who donated hold on hold on let me let me uh um shout-out to not seven talk to you for downloading downloading did I really say that shoutout to you for a donating bro um I think he donated from the Philippines if I'm correct he donated 25 PHP from the foot thank you bro I appreciate that thank you so much you don't even have to donate bro like I just appreciate that wait did he just did he just donate again hold up chill chill but y'all don't have to donate but that's only if y'all really want to and make sure you guys have your parents um permission because if you donating on the channel and your parent gets mad at me I'm gonna be really sad and disappointed with you that you stole from your parents like that um but yeah uh oh no we gotta kill him I got a Swiss servers bro I got Oh big tough but your boys are savage what time is it it's almost 12 o'clock at night bro it's almost 12 o'clock good night switching servers see I don't even you know it still oh my Jesus quit let me just type switch and let me just do that damn my keyboard is messed up guys were we're not switching service or resetting the server shut down the server refresh sorry forward to no picture right now can I get a shutdown for the server please I still see a whole bunch of people inside of it in there shutting down shut down bro now let me show you guys what I'm seeing right now guys know what's up there's still people in the server how shut down is over wait am i shutting down the server and people are joining that fast is that's that's what's going on isn't it dude I'm so sorry alright well we're just going to join oh my god thank you let me let me check who just donated shoutout to a misspelled us brother you guys a little shout-out to you guys for the super chance for I really appreciate it not to mention I love hearing thank you he's got all my at the end like thank you alright we in the game how many songs do we have well we are like a hundred we need like a hundred but I think we need a hundred yo this is not alright crazy I can't even believe that you guys are here let me check real quick let me just check something real quick wow you guys are wild in you guys are so freakin loyal shoutout to endgame I better so many people that donated scepter not seven shadow to mystical does shout out to meet a Moop that's what I should have I should have that thing on the side let me pop this out how do I pop this chatter can I do that I don't know oh you guys need a link okay yeah yeah yeah I'll give you guys the link don't worry don't stop getting mad stuck in mad at me okay man calm down calm down no one's inside the server right now guys cuz I haven't given you guys links so calm yourselves okay I don't know why I'm talking like that look start with contouring forever and start with contouring I never get you the link configure we generate link we're gonna kill that leak let me make sure no one's inside this uh how did some people get in the old link worked that's kind of cheating fam uh this kind of cheat and praying all right let me push this in shock get ready three two one I'm posted in chat let's be posting chat get to it oh geez I just spanned myself whoa chill well whoa okay yeah I pray that everyone who is praying to get in gets in because we all know that not gonna get a picture with me bro Stalin gang up in the chat um let me leave this I've been a VC for like oh I've been yeah been Avicii says like 10 o'clock man and I probably is putting his leg on my stream probably can you guys join are you guys able to join there's people up in here people want to do the raid Oh guys you got to do the Conda subscribe bro subscribe let me just put some more music on cuz I know it's boring without the Wakonda oh wait let me go back to that other track we want plug oh this is a good one right here oh I like this one right here okay oh wait someone got emerged who got emerge I got all the merch shout out to I call this – and we got the the Wakanda forever bag man shoutout to everyone that's subscribing we are back in the new server we actually have a female here I think what is good Oh Liam yeah you let's go raid um should we here let me let me uh let me check the chat make sure that the stream wants to see a raid because we're not gonna do a raid if the the chat doesn't want to see it I gotta figure out ways to help you guys level because I don't think the raid is the way to go I don't think that's what people want to see on the stream let me open up this open up this chat let me know in the chat right now rain or no rain let me know raid or no raid we're getting a lot of no raids can't join if you guys can't join it means other people joined really fast and we're gonna have to wait another 10 minutes to try to get you in I'm sorry about that hopefully I can wish you luck to getting in rain at rest yes no rain a lot of people are not feeling the rain here let me show you guys what's popping so as you can see like everyone's saying raid raid raid if no red no red no read we flip a coin I'm gonna flip a coin where's the coin up geez where's the coin okay there's one eye so uh let me know the tie right now heads for raid or tails for raid which one which one should heads be raid or no raid I really let in the chat decide this one right now let me know radar no raid it's probably confusing cuz you guys are seeing like a chat that's like kind of delayed no raid uh I see heads equals raid heads know red heads red heads no raid I'm literally just getting back and forth alright so heads is raid no raid is tails we're gonna flip right now I don't even know oh this okay this is my last dono hold up dude hold up let me this is my last done' but i love you so much shoutout to are not seven you don't have to donate bro I really appreciate you bro I really appreciate you let me just PEGI real quick oh my this guy's awesome this guy's awesome I can't even I can't even tag you but shout out to you not seven you know who you are bro shouting you donating to me if you guys want to support me without donating all you guys got to do is just subscribe subscribe bro like the video like the stream we about the flip down I'm taking too long in this I have we flippin damn I dropped it all right so I'm a swear to god I'm a swear to God on the Holy Bible we actually got tails so it's no raid now read guys it sucks I swear I'm not lying to you guys no raid it was actually tails I'm not even playing make sure you guys are work hunting forever what kind of forever found and I just killed all my Wow okay we are less than 100 subs away let's get this on ATK let's get this 80k guys get it let's get the eighty game let's get the boku family to 80k bro that's what I'm talking about we can now walk away from a man with the Mertz look at the fresh merch now hold on hold on hold on hold on hold on hold on hold on let me let me see the merch let me see the merch oh look at that good cop you guys some fresh merch right there you see that right there shout out to this homey right here and he got the freshness mercis yo you know how many well I don't even want to say how many times people bought the merch there's hundreds of people who bought the merch but really what is donated what is donated shout out to uh let Anika oh oh man all right Peter etiquette brochure not to let etiquette rest I appreciate you for the dollar bro let me see you so close to yeah it's like oh we're so close right now we're so close to 80k I can't believe we're actually gonna be able to do this possibly Zurn the string give me one second guys I'm just reading stuff off in the chat because people are donating and I don't want to be rude and just ignore the people who are donating so let me just show you guys real quick let me see who donated whoa whoa whoa I just posed a shout-out to uh XC there let me just refresh this real quick uh shout out to Michael garrison wait let me get the people to the subs first the super chance let me go over here I mean I mean I mean wait wait wait give me one second guys I'm sorry your boy slow okay shout-out to uh Jaden shoutout to oh wait wait wait yeah yeah crazy shout-out to Atlantic arrest shout-out to uh yo not seven bro calm yourself bro shoutout to all these people that are donating brother y'all literally just got to drop a like on the video and you know subscribe if you guys are new because we are 8080 literally eighty subs away from 80 K can we do it can we do it Kenda boku no family get me and the whole squad up to 80k hmm we're gonna see if you guys can do it but let's get back into this I know I'm talking too much I'm a little tired guys so kinda just rambling you know how a beat what kinda forever alright oh wow you really is stick Wow Wow shout-out to the thick um the very thick boar or ox sure you know what I actually like me some oxtail brawl etude no mo let me get some oxtail families to wrap I'm eating alright we're going to PvP let's get that PvP though they want that dude dude we can't do the raid we got tailless pro what what would happen if I chose you know to do it you got tails man that's just mine to the fans we're doing it you say why he eat me because ox tails good bear if you ain't never tried oxtail that's subculture tongue right there if you ever have know y'all had some oxtail man it's all about the culture I'll give me a second I just got to change the music oh let me see this be good it is be good oh we've been streaming for an hour and a half eh okay okay we can work with this beat let me know if it's too loud let me know what the music is too loud for you guys in the chat all right let's do it fight me bro you'll it bro and I'm sorry I'm sorry because my uh yeah yeah bro yes yes yes you are live yes I'm sorry for the keyboard it makes me type like I'm stupid but it's literally just my keyboard key setup you're my inspiration dude that's cool the fact that I can be your inspiration and I'm just like a no-life I'm just Who am I bro I'm just I'm just a regular human like you guys I'm just a regular person it's just a whole bunch of people follow me I think that's yeah this listen the only difference between me and you guys's opens if people follow me I'm normal person simple where are throw though no no we try to battle can I get the battle what's happenin let me see what's happenin let me spectate going on up here what do you fight in let me see I wish to spectate was better still we're gonna we're gonna yeah guys will Conor forever we're literally so close to 80 K bro we can reach our goal today we can do it I didn't think we were gonna reach the goal today but we can just keep walking keep subscribing show some love to your homie and I will show you the love back I will be I will give you all the love I can give no homo I really don't want to sound what I say no homo you guys know what I mean I ain't got nothing against people who are of that sexuality it's just I don't want to offend people if they're not of that sexuality you know I'm saying if I say I love you and someone gets mad at me I don't want them to unsubscribe so yeah soda love bro we just waiting for this arm just did he just what it was good hey dick man here I see well dick man here a a and they done their Bama fan family nothing I see this is how you know I was doing good with um explosion explosion has a lot of AoE but you gotta know what's doing um I'm gonna be on that grind in snow be story bro yeah I'm telling you guys shinobi story is literally the next go to of my channel you guys who are watching me right now you guys are probably something me because of Bo control box but I'm telling you shinobi story's gonna be flooding my channel we're gonna still be doing the book in the roadblocks of course but welcome to roblox is gonna become second compared to shinobi story but I gotta show some love to the Carib Rose the Carol's are my brothers basically we're not actually real-life brothers but I consider them brothers and everyone who do that what kinda forever you and my brother as well you're my brother as well man did it end it hurry up oh my god yo because I just look I just typed I just tried to type in hurry into the chat and it almost said the F word because my my ace is set to F and my you and then my art is see it almost felt the effort that could have been so bad bro I'm sorry for that guys I'm really sorry for that we're gonna go back outside though because I don't know they taking a hella long ago can I fly around and watch them yo I can if we're coming back don't worry don't come back and come back ass these people just need to hurry up fam we went to a whole song a whole song passed and these guys still haven't even really um indeed then no he's hiding in the corner no look at him yes kill him Tom you got this bro you're not even watching to actually see he doesn't hit that far did he just get into the battle no he didn't my bad this is boring watching I'm just wait I'm literally waiting even if I went out there to go fight guys I can't even fight until they're done you're holed up I don't leave okay let me just chill here change the music let me check chat because I know you guys are bringing up in the chat and had to chat up sorry I bat back I actually left the chat in the middle of my other screen and I forgot about that okay people seventy more subs show show show yes we show enough well how many subs now we less than 70 70 K or 70 years we like 50 we like 50 well a we almost there this really happening now I really making a dream come true 80k 80k oh hold up let me just type that in the chat and then we're about to fight this man you ready fan are you oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh come get me come get me what kind a forever family come and join me we can get the 80 K I'm like running oh you want this don't underestimate your boy desi I'll chase you I will be relentless you don't want this you know what is who did I get out did I get him come on come on come on come on come on you are these dude he's got a lot of health ain't gonna lie I think this dude could actually fight me it doesn't seem like he's actually trying to fight me come on bro come on bro you gotta be dead with all those hits found the violin what what oh hell naw no we're not having a long battle like this father no no no that I died under this row he asks you wasting the time from ah die yeah well he's not dying he's not dying bro come on dude he's really making me work for this he got a sock busy that's what it is sock absorbs in this Opie that's really Opie bro that is crazy right ah dude it just went into the mass you hit me like five times no cap 66% I'm not super yo I'm not gonna lie there was I would feel like I was going in there and like what do you guys think I was going in there I feel like I was on point like all my hits with this boom boom boom right after the other man Wooster with some block button no dude I'm sorry do my roommates have been listening to me scream for like two hours and they're probably so bad man let me check out the chat real quick while we waiting for these people let me just go into the spectating thing that um we don't have to have no boring everyone come to the spectating menu so give you with our fight yeah front row seats boy alright let's check the chat desi new server oh you guys are right actually after this battle new server I don't have permission to join unsub why did you unsub white zetsu love I love you Berlin why why why is that soo why you gotta unsub bro I love you guys chill chill I'm bout to reset the server I'm boasting post another link chill chill thank you for tickets new server yeah yeah we gotta do new server bro yeah sorry about that but hey least we got we got the hangout well let me get a picture with you because you you mad thick man come come come dick man come get that picture with me hella dick he is thick are he crying you crying don't cry I'm sorry let me get that screenshot oh I can't even a block where I'm not gonna block against fans can unlike glitzy max level Dead Sea I can't join you guys give me a second I'm about to reset the server don't get angry give me a second I'm just trying to be courteous to everyone I'm trying to read everyone's everyone's stuff hold up I unsub too dizzy Wow why Moriah that's not nice oh we are almost at a decayed show some love for you homie look I'm gonna leave – I'm gonna leave the server right now so you guys can join okay you're not doing anything for you guys I'm gonna do that for you guys okay so you guys all have a chance see you all I keep forgetting I keep forgetting my keyboards messed up alright we're setting the server guys stop getting angry stop on7 Mansell up bro we're literally we're literally 30 away sub up sub you want to hear some Wakanda forever what kind of forever let me shut down the server real quick so that we can get everyone going up in here we want to make sure everyone has a chance everyone has a fair chance of getting in how there's no way I let me configure it let me configure I'm gonna regenerate the link kill that link I'm gonna save this then we're gonna to kill the link shut down server well kind of forever everyone will condemn forever Reese why you spamming my chat bro why dude do you want me to unsubscribe no I don't want you to unsubscribe clearly clearly epic bebés shell calm down guys you guys got a real the streams not even at the same time that I'm talking it's a little bit behind so if I'm talking you guys hear it like 30 seconds later so chill calm down crazy it making me you make me scared the stream chill or lets me just try to see this empty okay there it's empty now now we can join now you guys are happy why I be made don't wanna be one year um I mean he could but I'm just streaming we're gonna do that for a video for the next video let me just do dias I'm gonna post a link soon in a second guys keep doing the more Kondos forever as man it's the best way to get us to 82 K 80 82 K DK oh my god bro we're almost there Oh 25 for subs we're always there alright let me just make the link for you guys so you guys stop getting angry on me stop snapping on me you guys you guys are not being so nice to me man you being kind of mean alright you guys ready dori wait white zetsu says desi sorry I told you to unsub it's all good bro eyes man I mean I understand you got a little frustrated but here's link guys three two one right there and please don't get mad at me if you guys don't get it I'm really trying I wish I can get every single one of you guys in here I'm sorry if I can't get all of you in here I'm trying I'm leaving servers I'm resetting servers I'm doing everything for you guys we are almost at a DK can we please get like 20 more thugs get that 80k let's get that 80k desi I still can't join man I feel bad epic we need 80k subs yes i subbed I love you shout out to penguin penguin shadow before we go into the battle guys let me just um dude we're like I don't want to miss the moment I really don't want to miss the moment let me go over here a thick man's back I see you dick man is back let me let me just feel over here yeah I'm gonna have to end the stream soon guys gonna is getting late and I do have roommates and that's just like really mean to them um let me do some shout outs real quick we're gonna look at the chat let me just pull the chat over here just so you guys know what I'm reading and you guys can see it as I'm reading it because you guys could be looking at the chart right now but unless I say right now Debbie Oh oh that boy sweepy ain't a boy Sweet Pea 20 subs Oh 20 subs 20 subs but yeah I totally forgot what I was gonna say shout out to all these people you guys can get shouted out by reading your names on to this sorry I'm sorry about 20 more thumbs 20 more subs man just actually do I'm gonna stream every day if it's like this it's hella lit up in here man I'm gonna be stupid every day bro that's when I get a new PC bro every day I let me see what number we are oh oh we almost had this let me just do um shoutouts for these I'll be like one of the most talkative streamers now I turn into a talkative streamer shout out to uh Miguel a hold up let me just check out what's the sub can do did we hit it dude we need like seven more oh snap shadow – I'll try boo shuttle to Mali Wilson shuttle to simple's Zander Machias did I see your name a name butcher it Lewin or please shut up – all Haji did I see my problem I'll all man dude aha G da one I said a cynics shout-out to Jay Reza did we hit it I don't want to miss you bro deal we're gonna hit it no yeah yeah Charlie Brown people keep on serving the sub sub sub that's all I gotta say some shout out to Lauren uh I'm getting I'm getting sold so tongue twister right now shut up too typical fans shout at the rapid-fire shadow to RA or J Rosales Rosales or Rosales or ro sales we hit it we hit it yo I'm sleep we hit it we actually hit a TK Bell it's attitude everyone industry umbrella I appreciate it you shout out to all of you bro much love I don't even think hey dude this stream quality the stream quality of this whole stream is garbage 100% garbage I'm not gonna do this to you guys next time next time I stream hopefully it's when I got the new PVC but yeah guys we're not gonna reset the server until I battle someone we have to battle someone first okay no oh my god I'm sorry we ATK ATK what condom my brothers yo chill try to fight from I can't even type it in what kind of forever my brother's I we go we don't do this battle for him bro ATK battle ATK you want this Oh hold up guys I just want to go reach out right now so badly because I just hit ATK I really just want to acknowledge everyone alright let's go come over here boy no blocking oh dude I'm oh man GG that's a big tough found all that's a big tough big thick big thick ox right there let me get some oxtail fountain I get some oxtail but we actually hit 80 cable I wouldn't have been able to hit 80 K without you guys you guys wouldn't I wouldn't even be able to get to where I'm at right now without you guys so I appreciate everything bro you guys are the reason why I'm even here you guys are the reason why people call me desi a senpai or some part is it sweet pea just joining her sweepy sweepy I see you homie I see you sweetie my bad sweet pea I literally got a light set up my stream and whatnot so that I can see the chat and stuff properly am I bending my neck to reach but I appreciate everyone that showed up all my fans does showing up all my friends that showed up all the people that acknowledge that I hit ATK and help me reach ATK we basically did a thousand subs today guys catch yourselves on the back right now there's Pat yourselves on the back I got to get you guys a new coat for boku this man Angelo no we're not having that hate no Angelo I love you don't don't say I suck because I love you uh remove remove we ain't having that up in the shower Brown BB uh be nice in the chat guys be nice currently I'm standing on the plate I'm not making you guys wait we're waiting for people we're literally waiting for people to stop babbling music well kind of forever ba class what is this how do you join your server I have a link I'm not sure if this will work because it's pretty much full right now guys but yeah doesn't that ATK look nice guys I don't know why I feel special for a like your boy just leveled up your boy just got massive I just ate some of all my chair I need to go to sleep man I need to need to go to sleep where your boys hired hey hey who did that I was trying to battle and this B go hard I I why can't I keep my college I she's gonna kill me let's go can you come on fam I want to see you withstand one hit GG though you tried you tried what is that sound dude there's like something attacking my door what kind of forever I love hearing that I I say if we keep getting people who are doing uh-oh okay he struck whoa whoa whoa whoa you almost killed me bro I know yo GG to that dude he caught me off guard she do to you we're gonna do another match another match and then we'll switch servers bro we're literally trying to just get everyone the server with me allowed them to get a screenshot with me you know the deal you know the deal um for anyone know any of my homies you guys know who you are to youtuber homies if I ignored you in a chat and I didn't know you were in the stream my bad I apologize for that um let's get this battle going oh wait wait wait screenshot yeah yeah yeah sure oh man I can't even say sir let me say yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah bro you killed him calm down stop stop we start the leg I don't know why let me go find him where is he where is he where is he screenshots screenshots yeah I got you got you homie let me get a screenshot cuz I need two screenshots to wait hey hey yo this guy's this guy kind of looks cool we lit we lit oh look at that guy's colors guys colors lit well Mike I gotta stop trying to type I gotta stop typing let's go to the battle and then we'll switch service go find more people so that everyone can get in if you guys are enjoying the stream even though this is like really really bad quality and I'm really bad at streaming guys if you guys want to see me and proven and possibly keep trying to stream it drop a like on the the whole stream you know subscribe if you guys are new join the whole boku no roadblocks army and yeah go let me keep my dollars on that's the one thing that's really annoying we can't even keep our dollars man's gonna hit me with a sneak attack ready you ready ready fam boom oh he's scared lets me zoom out Oh what do you have what's his quirk you know what his quickness he's lagging he's like in you gotta be lagging found I'm hidden um what's his house uh oh he died hard enough right you definitely gonna survive time to torture you oh he got away he ran away from that so fast bro sorry for the lag guys like I said we're on a laptop right now we're not streaming on a new PC that's coming so you guys gotta bear with it and I'm just playing around I'm not even really trying do you want me to try do you want a boy does he to try come come oh dude that cool down is ugly oh no we're actually gonna end him right now like actually where is he like actually bro come over here trapping you in the corner I'm trapping you nope come back here come back over here nope I'm gonna fly in the air come on they fly in the air let me fly the air what kind of forever god this guy's strong yo no wonder I lost the maid when he had this dude how do you have you hope that I'm gonna give up I'm actually gonna give up I don't want to do this long fight this is not fun huh kill you stop stop I gotta catch him before you stop stop bill oh my gosh oh my gosh buddy he's not dying he's not killing me so he's not really scaring me but did I get you I'm I gotta not be hitting him like this I don't know man well I don't know I don't know what to say guys I can't kill someone with hardly big tough when you realize hardening is stupid Opie us bro we like it like crazy but we Utes come on come on come on no no no no no no no no come where is he worthy worthy worthy worthy I gotta kill him I almost got his old dude I almost yeah I'm gonna catch you from yo yo stop just let me kill you bro guys look how much time he's actually surviving give this man props give this man props Bella deserves props his black name is on point even with the relentless attacks that I'm giving them y'all get hit by that get hit by that no no no no come on come on is it dead dude you're not dead yet y'all wanna ball reach I'm too sick I'm really just trying to murder this guy right now man how does freaky are you not dead dad I can't about to give up I'm actually [Laughter] I'm about to give up though I can't do this I can't how do you defeat this just kill me just kill me bro I can't I give up everything if we can't kill him with that then there's no killing him let me see yourself let me see sauce yeah I thought I seen this how get really low at one point but not happening I'm a reset reset character let me just reset get this that was not bad you're really really bad Josiah Morgan calm down I will have to remove you from my chat don't go sing unsub in my in my chat barrel I would literally have to remove you from my chopper big tough because I'm actually removing you from the chat now that is a big big tough the fact that you just got yourself removed from my channel because of the big tough yeah this is a it's pretty crappy can this laptop the powerful laptop but still laptop alright GG to that guy he beat me fair and square there was no way I was beating him unless I like I think I gotta do my statue or something like that reset quickly we're gonna reset the match though hope we thought we thought it was a long battle like that was extremely long battle no let me just pop up this image right here guys we are a 80,000 subs thank you and we're gonna reset the server for you guys let me regenerate the link get this link save all right just kick everyone out of the server so we can get all new people to join and we can make all the fans happy because I guys I really don't want to make you guys unhappy I really just want you guys to be able to get a picture be able to talk to me be able to get a reply from me I'm not trying to ignore you guys there's just so much of you guys that it's really hard and I'm trying and that will kind of forever everyone look at this do you see how long this takes look at this that's a refresh let's see sit here every time waiting for this to refresh you guys see how many people add me to the surface all right we can join I'm gonna give you guys um the link I think we're gonna stop the stream out one oh wow you got Pat yourselves on the back bro you guys are dedicated everyone watching the stream right now you guys are so dedicated it's not even funny who would have thought I'd have how many people are watching stream right now let me go check we have four hundred and seventy five people watching currently and it's like one o'clock in the morning alright you are to live and then we got donations on top of that bro look it is y'all just oh my yeah too late bro all right let me share the link with y'all get this all poppin before y'all start getting angry I've the link is in three two one I'm spamming the link join the link um DBZ all I'm doing good man I'm actually doing good earlier I was doing pretty I was kind of I was getting a little bummed out because the stream messed up originally but it's not working it's working now so you know we all good shout out to the home eat I said destination VIP VIP Prien did I say your name properly chad is going by really fast join the server while you can if you guys are new and you're just joining subscribe you know I'm saying we restart the server every couple battles so you guys can get in if it's if it's um four guys please don't get mad at my chat and say Oh unsubscribe or anything like that I'm going to reset the server for you guys okay you guys gotta realize I got I'm trying I try my best for you guys like trust me I put my fans before my own health sometimes I'm telling you guys I seriously try to do the most for you guys so please just have some patience man that's all I ask have some patience okay um shout out to out a homies how do I screenshot um PR I can't even type in print screen if you listen to me on the if you're listening to me on the stream Press print screen and it should allow you to screenshot I who wants the screen can't even type screen I can't even type shots let me just type this hopefully they understand what I'm saying screenshots yes sure sure yes yes this is then I'll feel like changing my keyboard right now how do i screenshot you got a press out you got a press on print screen it's me Derek Derek from the stream shout out to you Derek I see you shout out to these homies hold up bro the man with the ogre I see you you got the birds where did you get that face mask from though hold up let him let him get this pic let him get his pic guys oh snap show chill chill chill chill chill chill chill chill chill so we get a picture with the merge so I mean if they are gonna pay money for the merch I may as well get a picture with them get up it no oh come on man I was trying to get busy come on come on y'all hold up the other guy got one outside going outside yeah yeah yeah yeah we are Oreo sandwich insert bra insert bra if we get it did we get it thank you thank you coil Thank You coil wait let me uh thank you coil thank you coil and I thank you all for ATK I really appreciate all this stop talking and actually get to the battles though because you know one lucky person are three lucky people who knows we'll get some people to battle give me one second I just want to shout some people out because I know you guys are subscribing and I haven't started you out real quick I know I keep kind of in-between stuff but you guys are actually being patient with me so I really appreciate this um shout out to the dude who said I have to merge desi I have the merge shout out to Lee and best forever cool shout out to you bro shout out to you Bill I see you uh honto can you stop ignoring on till I'm gonna keep it real do you see right now where it is do you see where I'm bringing it you see how I'm bringing it you see where it's going you see what's goin that is why I don't see the chat half of the time because it's on a different screen so I'm sorry hon – I'm not trying to ignore you I'm not trying to ignore any of you guys I'm really not trying to do that to you guys so my bad I'm just trying to shout you guys out bro I'm trying to please you guys okay SATA to UM j4 hey hold up did Joe Lee didn't you subscribe a half an hour ago mmm I'm pretty sure I seen you did Joe Lee the Jolly jolly I think I seen you were no shoutout to the epic brawler shoutout to j14 self the ice boys out of the cookies when you set out to Brenda Fernandes shout out to Mason Geary shout out to chew on something whatever I gotta breathe settle to two hands shout out to Emanuel Acosta drill pad real say right senator Allen one set out two or three YouTube gigs set out to Gerald MacGyver trying to let and it can rest because joy time boys forever okay alright let's get back to this let's get back to this I'm sorry for all the talking I'm very talkative today because I really don't know what to do I'm trying to compensate for the crappy quality of a stream I'm literally just trying to compensate for that now let's head over to the pvp get ourselves some pvp we're gonna be ending the stream soon around one o'clock I love you all no homo to ever I offended you with that desi I really need to test the process of a low-level overweight of a low-level overhaul versus a max level explosion okay okay we can do this up we're not dude let him fight let him fight guys like I said my keyboard has different keys right now he'll let him fight please understand what I just said let him fight let him fire I bet you that some people in the stream who obviously think I'm stupid and I can't type it's literally my ikki guys look my iki is my Zeki my Archie is my C key like there's my keys are switched around so I can use my movies better that's all that is hold up Mona meet them up here it's gotta change music what kinda forever my neighbor well my roommates probably hate me oh you know I think I just like the stream wait wait if I open this up this is gonna allow me to um it's gonna allow me to type in here I'll see you see that right there this is what allows me to change the keys on my keyboard this might leg the stream though I'm not sure hopefully it doesn't when this opens up I'll be able to type normally people just tired of not typing properly I gotta open up this for my keyboard to react properly all right let's get back to this a shout out to all the people let me get a screenshot y'all live from showing up here hey you a savage bro ain't a whole stream I hope you don't hate oh now we're not bothered I hope you know the whole stream just wants to assassinate everyone whole stream just watch us as they everyone but yo let me get that I made him jump off and he thought it was land yeah why don't you get off huh huh did it huh don't punch me not give me a sec better change the music and this music is like actually like messing with me let me get the new route next beats beats could these beats are really old they're like extremely also give me one second mp3 oh whatever I love that what kinda it's like my favorite thing that the subscriber thing when someone subscribes it's truly my favorite just goodies like what Khandava from brett next shredding give me a sec I'm just setting up music guys control a boom boom boom boom and we just got some updated music boom new updated music let me update uh my mouse here I'll show you guys what my stuff looks like it's like you guys don't know so essentially this is my keyboard in my mouth and my mouse I like to I like to switch my stuff up so I put my block is are you know I'm next to my thumb I put my one of my moves right here I put my keyboard and I honestly can change any key to however I want it's a little laggy though so hopefully hopefully it works out see I wasn't lying Zig cvq I really be cheating please don't get mad at me for that it's just my fingers are huge I need this I need this alright just get back into the game monitor monitor art everyone meet me we're actually about to get this popping and then we're gonna switch service so we can find more people the boys literally just rambling out here shout out to that dude who couldn't join you can't join because hold up hold up you can't join because it's like full we just dudes probably confused he's probably like why why are you flying the corner because I'm about to come back down come over did I get him did he get me hey now your boy is blocking cuz my mouse is fixed come on Oh gggg to him bro yeah let me try to do initials yeah legend yeah okay yo everyone let him fight everyone let him fight cuz I actually want to help him test our history cuz you know you guys help me test out my theories and my stuff when I'm trying to figure out stuff in the game no I may as well help you guys um where is he where's that dude come on bear where's the guy that's trying to test his own eight dog sure ah did said sucks why did I say that okay let me my keyboard the switch stuff I guess we shot everyone get those screenshots get y'all screenshots yeah about it dude he looks cool what do you guys rate this guy right here ninja or no ninja I say he a ninja huh look at him he you could tell he's like getting angry he like let me get my screen side wait why you try to kill me family I thought we were getting screwed but I thought we were getting a screenshot fam yeah no no we're not having that where is he where is he laughs aloud desi swearing bro what did I say it I swear I'm pretty sure I did swear guys what did I say ah screenshot Nate okay okay okay Nate okay Nate we can do that we can do that but let me just kill this guy real quick you ready for the fire you ready ap shot is he dead yeah just like that that was swag swag what kind of flavor but I gotta I gotta end this – yo it's like one o'clock in the morning bro man just screaming will contact forever roommates are probably like go to sleep why you screaming Wakanda forever throughout the house wait the streams lagging yeah stop getting mad yeah guys you gotta stop getting mad I'm trying to I'm literally trying to do everything I can to make sure you guys are good hey come at me bro ready take that ap shot oh okay you dodged it oh I see your power I see your Bower you ready freak oh dude okay okay okay we go oh yeah actually hit me oh damn okay okay famine coming back Sam you can't see oh I thought he was gonna come over here misguided come come Oh nope we're gonna run around us oh oh yeah B I got blood catch him real quick oh you see that's what you gotta do you got a shot someone and hit them that's the best way to do it Steve oh GG now we're flying you're a man with flying film dude we're actually like this is the last fight last fight then I gotta do it Nate I will I will oh oh gg gg amen that happens to me bro that's what happens for talking my mouth off man that's what's okay we're gonna swiss oblate new you know let me just let me switch this switch my keyboard so I can type properly I'm really tired of typing stupid okay we go to chat let everyone know we're gonna be we switch in C now we can tell you properly switching servers for new people to join hey bro you don't need to be need like that to me man why are you gonna let you dashing me apart like that found so hey hey that's not nice Cory okay that's not nice desi over I be main well we both we both equals fam in fact I be mein gott more subs to me so if anything he better you know I'm saying some up to the homie main that's like a really good friend in this main is like a mentor man it's a really good friend of mine make sure you guys go and subscribe to man Brown even – shout-out to homie bro he deserves subs y'all need to be subbing to him bro like you guys are something to me you guys are supporting me like with the most best support I don't you know that you know there's um there's YouTube channels out there with 1 million subscribers that don't even subscribe like the people who are subscribing to their Channel they're not even showing as much dedication as you guys are you guys show more dedication than people who have subs with a million like just actually take that in I only have 80k subs because you because of you guys keep stuttering oh my god because of you guys I only have 80k people with 1 million K subs or whatever 1 1 million don't even show the support like you I can't even stress this like dude it's it's stupid crazy let's fight no um actually no we're not fighting we're not fighting we asked for service sorry about that when it was new server guys wish you luck for getting into the server and now we're gonna have to refresh this we're gonna have to kill the server and I'm gonna give you guys a link let me just come fear they copy this not I regenerate that's going to kill the last link boom all right boots I wonder if someone is actually typing that in that's probably how some of you guys are getting and you guys are probably like typing that in and really quick shout outs to you for being not dedicated let me see did it reset nope see this one I'm saying I always gotta wait does he how to get to level 10000 I might actually make an updated version but I'm pretty sure I actually did make a video recently how'd level muse pop off pop off you've is your best friend this reset yet why why those taking so long are you always killing all might no I'm not killing all my to be honest all my is I can't even kill him at max level or maximum strength I'll put all my strength into my character and I can't even one shot him you got to be over level 10k to be able to one-shot them so we gotta wait for the new I gotta wait for the level cap to get increased again okay finally it's killed its killed okay we got the link we're joining the server get notice man I just said notice get notice because this guy said notice me family uh yeah I notice you bro why you notice him and not me Neji Israel are Israeli um sorry for ignoring you bro I'm just hardly looking at the chat hey well I can I can show you guys I'm trying to show you guys I don't know how could I show you guys you guys want to see what my second screen looks like okay this is the second screen that is why I'm hardly able to reply to you guys cuz I'm like you know you get what I'm saying it's really small and then when you guys sub it shows up right here and I can barely see and then we've got oh oh damn we got who got swearing in the chat sorry about that I'm wait I'm trying to man I just messed up I messed up all night man is sweating calm down man calm down BAM now I'm gonna can't be demonetized with the suit yeah yeah yeah hey actually varlan I we're about to put the chat the link to the chat or when uh I'm so tired of guys I'm sorry I'm messing up my words this is why I don't stream I never swore I'd never swore guys it was just people in the chat sorry sorry about that I was just trying to show you guys an example of what I had on my side screen so I'm sorry about that please don't be mad at me but here's the chat all right here's the link here is the link I'm so tired I'm saying every word like wrong nowadays dude guys mein is not bad with me and mein were adults though we we are allowed to swear like you know sure well guys I'm sorry about that I'm sorry about that it's always full why I'm sorry well I I don't know what to do I have wish let me get a server with 200 so I could just chill with my fans let me get a server like that and it's a wrap I'm with chillin and take screenshots with all the fans um what do you mean I'm too young I'm 24 25 in a couple days it is my birthday guys it's coming up soon you guys like whoa whoa whoa that's your age that's your eight by the way it means my age as well y'all gotta stop thinking he 45 years old bro I don't want my homey people think it he's 45 that's just weird anyways let's get into the battle can I fight him just once let him fight guys oh oh I'm sorry yeah yeah yo this fight true let it chill – please please please give some space guys give some space for him let him have the space to fight he just wants to master he wants to fight the master and it's only fitted and he fights me let's go I love you – that you love my videos thank you I try so hard to make you guys happy bro I really do like it I'm trying to figure out new ways I gotta make you guys happy and when I see someone say unsub in the chat it makes me sad but it really breaks my heart because how you goin subdue me bro when I really am putting my hardest out for you guys like I know you guys are giving me your time and you'll hunt Oh calm down family the man said a bad word big big whoop you didn't hear it from his lips he said it in chat big whoop I swear a lot you guys I swear so much I'm gonna keep it real but I don't swear in front of you guys because I got to be responsible I'm an atlatl swear bro you know you just shouldn't be doing it in front of younger people or minors you know simple just don't swear in front of minors you're good where'd he go did he kill himself wah-wah-wah-wah he'll die weird not have a day calm down fountain come on no no no no we're gonna trick him we're gonna trick him I want him to explode calm down calm down and you go oh you missed that one boy I thought he's gonna go over here oh oh oh you got soundbite you got a soundbite fan know that you know what let me try it for the air let me try for aerial shot come up here come up in the air come on air we're gonna have an air battle it's gonna be some Dragon Ball Z team right here Ziggler clumsy thing good okay come on here come on oh yeah it's cool actually hitting over there I take come I'm in TW desease video does he remember me cool me like I yeah sure dude I sure do you were inside uh I think two of the videos I made Jonathan you shout out to the person who brought the Wakanda forever gg gg is Yin you know your voice is tubby star you know big boys getting silly out here it tends to happen when it gets late at night you know um let's just try to be cheap it's trying to be cheap come come come you want to get hit by that dude he got hit by that always already dead oh dude GG hi man a man don't don't feel bad your boys literally just wrong that's all it is Dobby on the haters unsub just kidding I love you please change server now alloy CS wrong I will try to do that right now um should we we fought enough people no problem no problem man anytime you guys want to show me support man just drop a like on the stream subscribe if you guys knew it simple notification squad for life boy Mota me possibly barrel if you guys look if I see you guys in my stream being – yo Thanos I Loki kind of feel like making you a mod fam I see you in all yo he's the boy crypt of a crystal a south of the homie crypto Bell thank you thank you for the 80k Pam I appreciate that preciate that hold up let me let me mod the homie oh he already modded me uh dinos I'm gonna give you mod you gonna you got to moderate the chat bro you got to be responsible okay I'm gonna give you moderator cuz I trust you Thanos you got to snap anyone into uh snap them and snap them if they bad bro that's all I got to say bro what is that on your arm Oh become gold gauntlets these are either the gauntlets are for baka go I kind of want to show crypto my light they oughta hold on we show him let me let me just show him real quick where is um the rig the rig rig remake afraid give me one second I'm assessed show him this I really I just want to show him this rig this rig is amazing give me a sec big rig rig rig just type it up rig I am move face rig base rig face raked test 2 okay hmm just move okay here here here look at my screen right now guys check this out so let me go monitor and just click this open real quick I am very real not check this out I am move the second su– chikage and you will learn to fear me this is my webcam crypto that's my webcam literally making my eyes and stuff move look how thick this is very real now check this out I am moving its to swag Matt Matt's got the webcam this PC sucks no I'm getting a new PC on wet Wednesday when I get the new PC I'll put them on up we also got the roblox character you already know let me just show you guys that where is the rig the rig the rig the rig rig this is the other test look at this pretty cool look how cool this is this is like I can't wait to be able to use this on my streams bear he's gonna be lit let's get back to this could I be talking too much for y'all let me check let me check the chart let me check the chart I'm not under streaming like three minutes no guys so I'm basically just gonna call shout out people and yeah because it's one o'clock and shout out to my homie crypto ghost go subscribe to him guys you guys already know who crypto is man he's the old me I started the roblox with me stop getting up in the set um make sure that my window okay alright let me read up let me just read chat real quick um shout-out to oh there's a lot of people out there here let me just put you right here let me just put you up on screen so y'all can uh see yourself bang bang I'm gonna shot you guys on shout out to haunt oh I Love You desi forgive me about saying I be you gotta be dead rats are good I want to shout out shout out to our TJ's in Maui shot with two red eyes Hamilton se set up to Mustapha Santa to dragon it's not an i spicy i spicy okay it's not a two little fly me sorry if i'm skipping through your guys names guys I'm really just tired my armpits are sweating yeah I'm sweating because I don't normally stream bro this is like a law for me shoutout to Greg gaming setup to Drake plays shadow to the holy crypt oh I'm sorry I had to because the homie crypt oh shut up to the stream shout-out to dick Quincy Queen plays roblox shout-out to man I feel bad because like there's so many people sell it to Bischoff hey shout out to all of you guys if you guys are if you guys watch the majority of the stream let me know drop a like on the stream if you guys have watched the majority of the stream like you guys know who you are a pass yourselves on the back subscribe if you guys in there why wouldn't you subscribe to me I mean I'm pretty lit and I try to do my best shot you guys out and stuff so just subscribe to me get to to 100k no biggie no biggie hundred K hey thank you guys for 80k and I really appreciate this man I love you all no homo if I offend anyone who does not like me saying I love you but yeah we got to end the stream I appreciate all of you let me just check this real quick my stream labs let me refresh I am so bad at streaming guys I ramble on and on I'm so bad at streaming shut up – Tristan Harvey shop – Jackson McCray guys you want a shout-out start subscribing right now last minute shoutouts this is literally last minute shout outs in one minute I'm about to end of stream Sabbath – bricen plays robots shout out to Maxim forests outta to be Sadhguru Garang traveltura Han o 917 shut up Tim McGraw Miguel shut up – – on gaming shut up to my Dixie bag my Dixie bag shut up – who else shut up – t9 rust shut the blaze blaze and the Hedgehog shut up – did I say your name already here let me try this again start sobbing up you want them shoutouts but you boys literally about the anystream start something up man I think that I think that's it all right well you guys have been late let me get back to the game all right shout out to X is shout out to mr. meso and shout out to the Japanese lettering I'm sorry I don't know how to pronounce that but I love your name even though I don't know what it says uh oh yeah let me get back to this all right I'm gonna add the stream guys yeah say goodbye to you guys what everything you guys have been so awesome like you guys actually make me want to keep streaming because I I'm very shy at streaming man I'm very very shy very shy and you guys are giving me so much support that you guys make me break out of that sinus so I appreciate you guys thank you all for showing up to the stream um I can't say I will stream again within this week Wednesday I will get the new PC I'm waiting for the new PC that's why I haven't been uploading guys I'm Leslie just waiting for the new PC could the PC I'm currently dealing with is breaking it is breaking it's lagging everything I do is lagging and we can't have that we need to have good quality for you guys so shout-out to you guys subscribed if you guys are new you know I'm saying spam them likes on the video right now okay I'll catch you guys later man it's the end of this gym know I love you all peace out no family now how do I go and end the stream bear bear how do I end the stream you don't even know how to end your own stream I ended it earlier cheap options by the time they said laugh out loud guys I'm off to figure out how to end my stream give me a second I fully had it before stream how do you stop maybe I just stopped on here I peace out I love you all no I'm a

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  1. um sorry to anyone who waited in the stream that started at 3 am i legit came on to check my yt before bed and see i bunch of people waiting yt some how made a event at 3 am sorry bout that

  2. Dessi you shouldn't do uncommon spin when you spin for quirks. you should use common spin it might take longer but you save more money. I used 600k cash and I got 2 legendarys HHHC and all for one

  3. If you want a punishment how about witch trial you simply get hanged and nailed and then you get burned to death

  4. Hi dessi it’s me mystical dust I’m so sad I donated 2 times during stream hoping I could play with dessi but I had to go. 😭😭😭.like so he sees this

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