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what is going on hey that is not yours say you're sorry give your sister a hug it's all good right Nia put it on it's not broken where it wasn't like that it was like that yeah are you sure are you lying alright put it on that thing that she's putting on this was from Mia's work that she created this school year which if you guys didn't see that video check that video out she and I got into a little bit of an argument a fight because she wanted all of her stuff and I'm like no I'm keeping this for posterity I'll give it to you when you're older but I'll let you pick a few items out and she picked that okay I need to talk to you and your brother just talk to you and your brother actually here is great because I want to talk to you about this come here first of all actually I need to show you something come here come here leave that there man come here don't throw things like that look I don't know who put that there I saw that plus I see a book here I see that there and come here look at this the playroom is very messy if you want me to give you something today you're gonna need to clean this up right now hey no no no no no no not like that carefully gentle put this word belongs pick everything up don't put that in your mouth come on cut this sofa cushion on the sofa put the baby away but the dogs away you got to start cleaning up after yourselves okay you got to start cleaning up after yourselves okay that don't throw things like that me up hey it's the no.1 LaRocca it's gonna win the waka but doesn't go in your mouth that does not go in your mouth it's gonna when I woke up to say I'm a grande to be make it recollect on being know to get get to play a reco head pole Teleco head and reco here you are gonna clean come on and I go here go help a bro a what a pair o mighty SATA coho ferry what the law all right let's don't throw things Jesus let's go to Grandma's house let's go to Grandma's house my delicate Eileen oh yes your obsessive Granny's house my kick-ass la la vamos all right up first we have my tea who is gonna get this yes I've been holding on to it since Christmas and my wonderful godmother Rosita gave us two of these identical for both of the girls so maybe in a few months I'll give me a the other one single look my mom's watching what are you watching grandma oh my see in the sawhorse my dick my dick my dick Anila somos uno dos II she knows the name already Barbie spinning Mikey that's Barbie is that Barbie I believe it woman who told you don't want any minute to win at the Lord let me open it for her now thankfully that had they call frustration-free packaging so it was easy to open and this is actually really beautiful but why is Barbie's hand like that no you can't oh oh because it's supposed to go out her head my dad night that I got patience all right up next I'm gonna give the kids this and there's a strategic reason for that so both of my kids are now off from summer school and school so I wanted to give them gifts that they could share and gifts that will keep them entertained so they might you know finish this soon but then they'll still be able to use the markers for a while and hopefully my son doesn't lose his cool cuz you might think that this is for girls but it's not it's not close your eyes close your eyes and listen close your eyes I said close your eyes I am going to give you both something to share because you're off from school and because you need to learn to play well together so I have two gifts behind my back for both of you um no that's for both of you to draw no that's for the two of you I said leave that hair so the hair so the head so they okay because you've been behaving good and you have just helped clean and because I want you to behave even better I'm gonna give you two another gift that you also have to share because sharing is caring sharing is caring hold on what the kids don't know is that this final gift is awful hey I mean I was trying to save them there my wonderful sister bought this for Mia it's a 3d maker right and she bought one for my son too and I gave him his months ago and it's awful it's so difficult to use this is what it looks like hopefully hey hopefully this is this is better close your eyes this is a 3d toy maker and I'm not gonna give it to either of you right now because you are both looking through the window and you should not have you know that right I don't care if he did it you shouldn't do it if you behave well maybe later today or tomorrow I'll give it to you or maybe later today I don't know tomorrow no tomorrow you're not gonna get it today if you behave well maybe tomorrow or maybe the day after I'll give it to you okay you know you shouldn't have done that right right yes Mia okay all right you can go draw now and grab my bra here resting getting ready for Miami queen of Ross grandma calls them in because she's got some more gifts for them before she leaves for Miami we're gonna miss her I doubt we'll be able to get any video from her but she's still here for a bit more and I'm not going anywhere I love you mwah mwah mwah thank you thank you thank you for watching thank you for being a part of my friend that means you really are a part of my family and we think the world of you so if you enjoyed this video you know what to do hit the like button leave a comment below subscribe cherish your vacations all gonna care for me poke me on instagram get send up newsletter president's letter calm everything else blah blah blah blah blah marvel Wow oh my god you guys I get here and no don't do it in your hand – only on paper okay not on your hands not on the table not on the walls okay no give one to your brother and don't use them all today okay make it last I love bigger dad and guess what I get to do my own unboxing now lots of goodies for me maybe I'll share some actually I will good idea this video doesn't end look the first thing that I opened was from Ranveer he is a beauty guru that I follow on Instagram I I think you probably must have a YouTube as well and he launched his own line I think this is luminescent glow I think it's like a spritz let's see oh oh what a cool color Wow let's try it on right now [Applause] mmm smells good too oh I love it feels very refreshing and it is cruelty-free love that oh my god you guys a member of my fam send me a candle and my favorite brand oh my gosh D cheek thank you Whitney Mik there Whitney Mixon you're a superstar I love you eucalyptus hey hey hey simmer simmer no no no no no no no key today so thank you Whitney you guys I opened up another box from Whitney and she gave me masks I am gonna use these and I'm gonna use them in a video Whitney you're a superstar I love you I am in disbelief more from Whitney Mixon ah you guys are too good to me my mailing address for those of you who want it with this a light USB later cool cool what why is it a USB lighter I'll have to look at it if you want to mail me anything my mailing address is eight five zero six West Third Street number one zero one los angeles california 90024 that's eighty five zero six West Third Street number 101 LA nine zero zero four and don't worry it's not my home address my pill box my skin is looking much better after that Ramsey air spray and also another bug from Whitney I had no idea I was even gonna open these all on camera but I'm so glad I did Whitney Mixon sent yet another amazing mask you're a superstar you are just an a-plus you are light you are sunshine you are bright you are beautiful ah another box from Whitney Mixon and I'm gonna save this I'm gonna save this to give it to the road this unboxing gold will be seen another unboxing although you didn't see what it was I love you Whitney oh my god I feel undeserving this is so extraordinarily kind and generous I love you oh my god Whitney wouldn't even sent things for the kids look at this say thank you to my friend Whitney waiting okay wait there's more in there a candle Affleck's boots oh another mug oh my god you guys you guys Whitney even gave my mom something which I will give to her and another box of stuff holy moly oh my gosh for all the candles I am beside myself oh my god this is one of the biggest candles I've ever gotten Whitney blowing my mind and oh wow wow I can't wait to open that one Whitney Mixon Whitney Nixon I hope you don't mind me mentioning your name she wrote a lovely note saying I've really helped her you really made me feel so appreciated Wow oh oh maybe the other thing wasn't a candle Whitney even just got me a diffuser holy moly gracias Vicki I told the other Auto oh my god Wow another one wowzers Wow and something else for the kid another surprise for the human Oh for you and your sisters Whitney Mixon Whitney you are an angel you are an angel to me thank you and thank you watching right now I already said everything to do although follow me at that Perez Hilton on Instagram again I love you bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye for real nah you are loved

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  1. I LOVE YOU! If you enjoyed this video, get your own PERSONALIZED vid from me at http://Cameo.com/PerezHilton

  2. bhbhaaaa it's fun to see you parent i enjoy watching Bossy Daddy heck y ess!!! you school those children right u are such a good daddy!

  3. bhbhaaaaaa hilarious i luvvvit. yes Perez- you go!! order those kids around- it is GOOD FOR THEM u are a good dad on top of it all this is soooo good for the kids

  4. Hi Perez! Nice gifts! Enjoy that candles! Whitney rocks!!!! Kids adorable today! Glad to know Mama Perez is taking off to Miami! I know it makes her so happy😻

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  8. I remember when my 3 children were young. I used to do this thing when my kids were acting up I’d tell them we had a new rule! We had quite a few new rules way back then.🙂

  9. Seem to be pretty easy on Mario and laugh off when he does something to Mia however if this had been the reverse you would have yelled at her.

  10. Love ur videos ❤️ I thought I was bad with my kids toys but I donated to the church u should see what toys they don’t play with u should donate it

  11. Oh nooo. My girls would have been drawing on everything. Washable markers and tons of magic erasers were always in stock.

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