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hello long day I want to talk today about about what reconnecting means for putting the social media at the social back into social media I've been working in like online communities and like building online communities for years and years I've got 38 thousand followers on Twitter and I don't know why and I meet people there and it's interesting and I see so many people are ticketed to social media that I thought it's an interesting idea to take a look at what's going on now about a year ago there was a video that was going around the web that talked about the concept of social media and it was basically a spoken word video one of those rhyming ones that I got this is so artsy this is amazing and it was this poor man who basically lost his life by going on social media and it was called look up so it was all about like don't look down your phone look up look around you have real conversations have real conversations and had lots of good points in it has lots of very important points in it that for example depression is on the rise because people are just texting away rather than living and people don't communicate with each other and people break up over texting while they're sitting next to each other and these kind of things but it was a bit smarmy it came across as a bit like with a title that long words like look up a spoken word film for an online generation what does an online generation mean so will they be our next one that's offline again online again and if you don't like that kind of format what do you do of course you record another spoken word video that complains about it and says like look down it's not that bad look up it's okay like but look down on your phone like I get updates from my mom this is amazing my mom lives far away I could have called her as well but fair enough and that was even worse because I mean this kind of gesture really does there was part of the whole movie so I was just like oh god guys like stop fighting over social media don't argue about look down or look up I think it's about looking around us and being curious about things and being understanding what's going on there and that's what social media to me was always about I saw the Internet as a way to communicate with people that's how I started with it I was a radio consultant radio journalist and then I found the internet and I'm that cool I can talk to people in China and I don't need to fly there and I don't need to call them on the phone which might cost some money and I don't understand their language so to me social media is just the next evolution of avoiding communication and we've always done that you see like people have like their newspapers and it was set there and I'm gonna don't talk to me and now we got our phones in you're like hey I'm creative while I'm not talking to you and that's the big thing that's the main differentiator between it we always be all coordinates talking to each other we don't like to talk to each other when we don't know each other you see that outside here and the kind of asshole that goes up to people and starts conversations and I've got no altruistic I have no a teary emotive about it either I just want to start a conversation if we like each other great let's build a chicken farm and save well hunger do these kind of things if we don't like each other okay let's move on at least we covered that period where we're all sitting on the train reading the same ad again why not we got nothing to lose but with mobiles and with the mobile revolution and social media we all became these makers and we started doing things and how rude are we that we actually text and tweet to another all the time while we are in conversations well you go back to social to science fiction for the reason because the need of the many outweigh the needs of the few or the one the world needs to know how beautiful my sandwiches and your relationship problems are not that important the world follows me because I'm awesome on internet I need to share this I'm the only person that thinks about that video of that cat that's been helped seen six million times on YouTube I should send that to Twitter again as well because nobody has found it before me right and we get in love with that the the online life is our life the enhanced version physical world is grimy it's dirty physical Chris has problems like I mean like do I sweat like it's my shirt right physical Chris has all these issues and Internet Chris I don't have these problems I can Photoshop myself to be pretty okay it takes a lot of time but I would but the physical world lets you down these nodes are empty why do I have them that makes no sense but the physical world never did this to me and we get in love with the people that we are online and we start nurturing them and we start thinking we are these people and we do less and less interaction in real life because it takes too much time to get the outline the online version out there online Chris would never stand on stage with something red pointing down to his entertainment area after you forgotten to zip it up sorry about that online Chris is better than that stupid Chris in the real world is like that oh my god I got a make online Chris better right nobody needs offline Chris anyways and this faster speed of updates and just becoming somebody who puts things on the web makes us think we need to do more and more and more and more we need to get more exciting we need to be the person online that people follow and there are inspirational and everything we do and then when we're not creative we start putting things there that are not ours we retweet clever things we give quotes by people I know these clever quotes like the problem with online quotes is that you never know where they came from Franklin Roosevelt something like that and we get addicted to that why is online Chris when he's so much better than offline Chris not getting six thousand likes what did I do wrong what do I have to do to get more likes like this lady wondering why she's not being texted on a rotary phone okay and this leads to addiction an addiction comes in very formats in various formats and forms and many people are addicted to online updates and to basically talk to the world and get likes and get comments and get tweets and I'm so exciting I'm so amazing shame in real life nobody wants to know about me and we do more and more and it's the same addiction we had everywhere else we had them with gambling machines we had them with lotto lotteries we have them with everything because every single social media is built on addiction it's built on keeping you there and doing more updates and getting more points and you have to reach another level if you do more sharing it's like this this is experiments with rats that if they press a button a pellet comes out and if that happens every single time the rat stops after three times cool I'm gonna need food I get food but if you make the button that only randomly food appear stick the rat goes on and on and on and on and on that's what Facebook is that's what Twitter is that's what a lot of things are because it's so random you don't get like every like 404 none like and that's why people start things like internet argument fights when people go left and right and talk about the things and keep a conversation going after it's been finished after there was no problem any longer yeah but what if you do like this then it will break again right hi you're an idiot and it goes on and on that makes people also think they are much more than they are when you get more in love with that online personality of them then things like that happens modelling seductively with my grandpa's grave I'm not sure grandpa approves also seductively at a grave for you trying to do there this is illegal or at least it's too obvious I don't know what's going on there or really really bad ideas yes you will get lots of likes and you will get lots of comments when you put your unmentionables on the internet like sweater pillows or your dangly bits you also give the bad bad bad bad people off the internet blackmail material think about before you put anything that is you nudity or even like swimwear and stuff on a public forum sending it to each other to somebody you love when you trust go ahead go nuts but just forgetting a few likes on Facebook doing a half sexual picture of yourself a very bad idea if you need to do it at please be safe about it at least remove the metadata of the image because somebody like me with a slight technical knowledge can find in any image that you take with your iPhones where it's been taken which form was used and in 10-meter surrounding where you took that thing and at which time which is hard to tell that like oh no that wasn't me so make sure that at least you remove that data men if you think about putting your proudest moment to send them to women don't simple as that we're heading towards the future if we go on like the way we do right now that was very much nicely described in the in the movie her the movie her was basically showing that he fell in love with an interactive computer with a an artificial intelligence rather than real life because it's so much better because that person is made for me and responds to me and we do the same with our online identity and that's a sad sad thing on the other hand I love that movie because it was not a science fiction film with like explosions and robots kicking the out of each other it was just what we could become if we go on the way we go right now and I think the biggest problem at social media now is that quantity replaced quality all social media sites need to have a lot of wellokay need to have a lot of love traffic things have to move all the time 60 million users not enough we need 100 million users half of them spambots who cares numbers numbers numbers that thing has been sent around 6,000 times good make it 20,000 times if people like it cool we can show them ads and that wasn't always the case one of the sites that I spent a lot of time on the forums is called beta in England most inappropriate humor no holds barred but at design teams I'm super creative almost everything that was viral in the last 10 years came from that site and read it is another one that is a really good resource but yeah it's too big it's hard too hard to get around reddit and pizza had one thing that no social media site does back then and that is something called in the charming fashion the Glasscock search when I was was about that was one of the first viral pictures that came around when it was there it's this lady winning a golf trophy that looks slightly unfortunate hence the name and many many people started tweeting that posting that thing over and over again and the admins realized like we know we've seen it it's not shocking anymore it's not amazing anymore we've seen it so they changed the form to submit things on the website the form first of all tells you like please post anything funny interesting or stuff you've made but no porn and no shocked sites as simple as that moderators make sure that this stuff doesn't get through and then it has to test like if it's not safe for work if there's very bits in there then take this and if you made it tick this as well the things that have I made this get listed higher than the others we prepared they basically helped people to be creative and do their own stuff rather than just finding something funding and posting it there and once you posted something that was already known you get this error message and say like this was already posted and then shows you list of how many times was posted basically shaming into like okay I'm not as creative as I thought I was which is good and this is what I think social media lacks because people just sent the same crap over and over and over again like chain letters from nineteen ninety three things that I've read before like old videos things animated gifs from a music group from a from a TV series how great you're so creative you've showed something from anchorman which nobody has done before you so I think it's time for social media disobedience it's time for us to think about ourselves and think how other people are using social media and clean it up and not be a number not played a numbers game not postings to get more likes not postings to get more comments that say rather than a real human emotion and somebody really getting excited about your stuff post less posts better fight redundancy this is when you get a car in America a rental car you get these X G's two sets of keys on a ring that you can't open I don't know why but it seems to me all the time this is happening on the web as well oh you posted that that funny picture again grades it was only like two weeks ago I'm so stupid I forgot about it already thank you now do don't do the same things over and over again look at how many times someone something has been posted and maybe put a comment there instead of reposting it again and there's where memes come in I hate memes I hate them because it's not creative it's basically a picture that it depicts already some sort of message and you put some sunny from some funny word on top of it oh wow that's amazing that's like doing a painting by numbers picture and then trying to sell it to an arts dealer that's nothing in there it's just traffic traffic traffic ooh look I've meant something funny we already know it's funny before we post it another thing to do is to fight misinformation snobs calm is a very very old website where the first ones I looked I looked at 97 98 and it's just shows you if something is real or not real online and look at anything that you get on Facebook that sounds impressive go to snopes.com check it out if it's real and if it's not real just tell them like oh actually this is this and this and this be that person be that person that cleans it up and above all be surprising do something other people don't use grammar full sentences disagree with somebody and at the same time thank them for being creative use whatever talent you have and bring a bit of happiness into this world there you go you can tweet that play phone Jenga anybody knows that you go to lunch break you put all the phones on top of each other the first person to touch his phone has to pay the full bill you're forced to talk to each other instead and keep your eyes and minds open of course we can now clean up and say everything is awful and everything is like oh my god that's not creative you've got to do something else the stories behind the things are the things that are exciting this is penny Penelope pickles she's a Hoggett which is the so logical perfect term for female Hedgehog I just made that up but fair enough she has a website where there's lots of pictures of her and videos of her and this kind of conversation that she has with her mummy and I'd no idea what's going on there I cannot really most at a time but it's a very nice vibe I love hedgehogs so I just like cool I go there all the time but the conversation in the comments she gets is all in that language as well and I'm like that's a bit tiring that is so weird okay fair enough let's see what's going on there and I had a workshop in Toronto where Penelope pickles lives and I'm the kind of guy who just goes on Facebook and Pink's the lady and says like let's go for a coffee I want to meet Penelope I'm just like yeah okay okay I was shocked fair enough so I thought she comes she came for the coffee and we went to a coffee place and we had a coffee and then halfway through the conversation she got penny out and I was happy playing with the Hedgehog then we could kicked out of her cafe so we played with the Hedgehog outside and she told me the story of penny and I was amazed cuz her owner was suffering from depression herself she wasn't happy about her life she wasn't happy about having conversations with real people she was too tired for that she was not getting the satisfaction from social media that she got in the past she not got the affection from men that you didn't like she basically just didn't work for her so she said I gotta have something in my life that's cute and innocent and funny and she got herself a hedgehog and then she said now I'm gonna talk through that Hedgehog to the world just because I want to I don't want to be myself anymore online I just want to tell the stories of penny what I experienced with that Hedgehog every day and then the letters came in from people thanking her from the heart of giving them something to live for in the morning which sounds sad but this is the sadness that we have in social media that nobody talks about this is the darkness this is the depression these are the people that are suicidal and go online and share too much and they go to her and say this morning I felt really really down I opened my facebook I saw penny and I saw the conversation and I started my day and this is the beautiful story in the more obvious ones that you should have the power and you feel encouraged to actually find and I found that amazing little hog big hard and it was just beautiful to see that something that I thought was like very viral and very like oh she just wants to have likes change her life and change his life around her every single day just because it's cute its innocent and she puts a lot of effort into it so don't look up don't look down look sideways left and right look inside and outside look around you look silly look smart before you know it you can say look what I've done and that is social media what you've done what you are not what is amazing and viral and gets you lots of likes thank you very much

13 thoughts on “Put social back in social media | Christian Heilmann | TEDxLinz

  1. Social media could be such a great tool in modern society, but yeah, I think people just don't have that capability to use it any other way, the social norms are just ingrained so much.
    There is also, Social Media etiquette, people just don't understand how Social Media is how you make it, it's just used in ways by the general population, for validation and shallow interactions and minimal connections, at people's convenience, to look into people's lives and to compare yourself to others.

  2. Dang it's like everybody abandoned earth like no man's land and just went to a secluded area to type Buttons for a lifetime… I could see people in funeral caskets with an iPhone in their hand, and tomb stones saying iPhone March 2030-October 2030. Humanity is over.

  3. Build a chicken farm??? The chickens have something very important to lose! I think his examples need serious revision!

  4. If i wrote something, I stand behind it, if a boss or date doesn't like what i said, perfect – I haven't wasted my time with someone who wouldn't like me anyhow.  If you want to put the social back, censoring ourselves (except photos) is the exact opposite of what we want. He's blaming the medium, where the problem is the users tend to be youth, who tend not to be the deepest characters in our society Social media is crap because its supposed to be, its small talk. For real info and creativity we have all the other forums.

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