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Well hello! Welcome back to my channel
Jashana here to talk about some freaking books. So the last vote that
happened – Sorcery of Thorns by Margaret Rogerson won and if you watched my more
recent wrap-up, I didn’t necessarily love it I didn’t not like it though either. It
was a very middle-of-the-road book for me
so it’s a ya fantasy standalone… long story short there’s magic there’s a
magical library there’s a kick-ass main character heroine and she’s like cool
and whatever but she’s also very sheltered… she wants to be a protector in
the library essentially there’s magical books that can come to life as monsters
and you have to fight them. And I thought elements of it were done really well and
it was it was cute a lot of it I felt like, it was cute. So our main character
Elisabeth she meets this dude and I can’t remember his name…
Nathaniel? Yes, Nathaniel he was clearly trying very hard to not be charming but
he was very charming and then we have the demon Silas and he was precious even
though he was a literal demon and I liked all the characters and I thought
that their interactions were cute and whatever I just didn’t feel super
connected to any of them. And the climax of the conflict towards the end of the
book it was kind of fun and exciting but at the same time hella predictable so,
spoilers by the way– I’ll put a timestamp for down below when
I stop talking about spoilers–but yeah it we’re told time and time again how
Silas is a demon and he’s selfish and he’s never gonna do anything selfless
and blah blah blah so I was like okay obviously he’s gonna like sacrifice
himself like, clearly that’s what’s gonna happen… and that’s what fucking happened.
And it was just so apparent so early on how this was gonna play out
and it’s literally exactly how it played out so like when that happened I felt no
emotion about it when Silas sacrificed himself I was like “oh, yeah.” I was more or
less like through the action in the climax there I was just like waiting for
that part I was like okay I get it he’s gonna say okay can we get to that point
where he sacrifices himself already like let’s get on with it
there was no like, tension or build-up in the action for me so because of these
things just throughout the book like I said it was cute
I liked the characters well enough their interactions were adorable and whatever
and the plot was fine the plot was good but I just didn’t get connected and I
didn’t love anything about it until the literal last like page and a half. The
last page and a half it’s such a like– things are tied up and wrapped up and
you know Silas has sacrificed himself and Nathaniel and Elisabeth are together
and they’re adorable and oh my god and they’re moving on with their life
without Silas–but then at the very end you’re left with this like cliffhanger
sort of where Elisabeth basically figures out how to bring him back. She
thinks, she’s like let me try a different name because they’ve tried over
and over again to bring him back and they can’t so she’s like let me try to
use a different name and–which now would be his true name–so she tries that and
it leaves you off with like a flutter in the air indicating he’s probably coming
back but then that’s the end of the book! And that–and it just leaves you right
there with her like did he come back did he not like oh my god?!
And I really liked that I liked that ending cuz again like I said all the
main things in the book were tied up we weren’t left with any like huge
questions and that wasn’t even really a question cuz it’s like clearly he’s
comes back but then it that’s that’s all you get to the story. And I could see how
some people might not like that and it might make them mad but I thought it was
really cool and it me being like “oh my god!” Like that
actually got some emotion out of me and some like excitement whereas the rest of
the book didn’t really get much excitement out of me… but that ending
like I just I loved it enough that it kind of bumped up my rating slightly. On
my one to ten I gave it a six point eight which translates to three point
five Pusheenicorns. If there is going to be a continuation of this story I
would probably read it provided Silas is like a big character because I just
loved he was the one I felt like I was the most interested in. So I did the
random picker tool already and I have the three books that are the options for
the next round of voting. Number one is Onyx and Ivory by Mindee Arnett, this
book was published in May of 2018. We have a main character who tried to kill
a king… we have flightless dragons? Deadly
flightless dragons, who come out to hunt at night and our main character can
influence the minds of animals which is a magic that is apparently forbidden,
punishable by death or exile… this description is way too long I’m not
gonna read the whole thing but yeah then she comes across basically some mystery
there’s a darker menace stirring inside the kingdom… as there always is, right? A
potential civil war that is brewing and shit happens. And then number two is We
Set the Dark on Fire by Tehlor Kay Mejia. I think that would be “Taylor” but I could
be wrong, and I apologize if I am. This is also a young adult fantasy this I
believe his own voices Latina rep and there’s also LGBT rep in
this I’m not totally sure how much or you know, whatever, I’ve heard pretty good
things about this I’ve had it on my list for awhile I mean all these I’ve had on
for a while but this one was published this year I think yeah in February of
this year… we have a school for girls the Medio School for Girls… distinguished
young women are trained for two key roles in their society it says the
graduates will one day run a husband’s household or raise his children. I guess
not both? I don’t know. But then they get to live a life of comfort and luxury far
from the difficulties among the lower-class
we have a main character whose whole pedigree is a lie, her parents lied to
get her here apparently to rise above her station… she has a marriage fast
approaching, she’s asked to spy for a resistance group… says “will she cling to
the privilege her parents fought to win for her or give up everything she’s
strived for in pursuit of a free Medio and a chance at a forbidden love?” The
next one technically shouldn’t even be on my list because it’s now supposed to
be books published in the last year or two
so 2018 or 2019 this one was actually published… published… good God in 2017.
Forests of a Thousand Lanterns by Julie C Dao. A reimagining of the “evil queen”
legend, about one peasant girl’s quest to become empress and the darkness she must
unleash to achieve her destiny… eighteen year old… I’m probably gonna fuck this
right up but I think it’s “Jhee-Feng” would it be “Jhee-Feng?”
I believe that X-i is like a “Jhee” sound. At any rate… the stars say she is
destined for greatness she’s meant to be the Empress of Feng Lu
but only if she embraces the darkness within her. Apparently her magic is
sorcery fueled by eating the hearts of the recently killed so that’s aggressive.
And there we have it the voting will be up in the card so please vote it’ll be
open for at least a week from when the video goes up so whichever one you guys
vote for this will be the November / December, whenever I get to it as per
usual, in those two months. I’m pretty excited about all three of these so yeah
I don’t know we’ll see what you guys are the most interested in–what you think *I*
would like the most also please bear that in mind when you’re voting! As
always thank you so much for your time hope you guys have a wonderful day and I
will talk to you later! Bye bye

5 thoughts on “Pusheenicorn Pick || Sorcery of Thorns chat + new voting [CC]

  1. I just found Sorcery of Thorns very fun and full of life with the magic books and all. And Silas was precious. You are right ut was pretty predictable but ai didn't super care because I enjoyed the ride and the ending was gold.

    I have been meaning to read both Onyx and Ivory and We Set The Dark on The Fire for so long. I love love Forest of A Thousand Lanterns. I don't know if you would feel the same. It is evil queen retelling and I liked how that unfolded. A s you said it like the audiobook ☑

  2. Loved hearing more of your thoughts about Sorcery! I really enjoyed the ending and Silas was definitely my favorite character. I see what you mean about the reminders that he’s a demon but I thought it could’ve gone either way! Like he would’ve double crossed them and then been like duh yes I’m a demon lol.

  3. I think the cover of Sorcery is so stunning and the concept sounds cool but I definitely have heard mixed reviews so haven't been bothered to pick it up!

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