Puša Studios Winging it Live | Sunday Morning Coffee break

Sunday morning huh hmm interesting very very interesting I just said I
would come on for a second I like to say this week’s been kind of a bit of an
experiment I’m curious at times in the morning what they’re like because it’s
for us I mean here it’s what portal 11 in Latvia where my wife is from
originally it’d be like quarter to five so depending where you learned some
warning it’s an afternoon it’s midnight somewhere clinical so just bring down my
phone I just thought it come on for a minute
see if anybody’s around just to play around for a few minutes let’s see two
viewers dry start good morning how are you good to see you how are you doing
today like I say just keep on for a little bit
same as yesterday just to come and play around a bit I think you were in
yesterday for not weird I know you’re definitely last night I had did you
fondle caps good morning good to see you we were headed to – let’s all cool oh
that must be amazing it definitely I’m hoping we’re gonna see some great videos
from there Renaissance Festival in Oklahoma interesting no deaflink looking
forward to seeing the videos you are making videos right no but Indian just
double-checking Michael how’s it going good to see it orton
images yes good after this are just saying depends on the time of day good
to see her always good to have you yeah week it’s so weird like I see a name
like yours and as sad you know we just kind of sometimes follow up it’s so hard
in you in YouTube to stay connected sometimes and I mean I like your car now
you need a great way to kill time well oh oh okay yes now sorcery tries to I
know what you mean now yes I and I stupid truck I think you man watching
the chauffeur’s I another your your your pickup or something was broke down but
yes your Atzmon struck sorry with that you know or images yeah I mean I always
loved your work and stuff like that we’ve kept in touch and it’s amazing how
quickly you can fall apart I’m even going to look to just make sure that I
still the bell rung okay good it’s really sad alright that bugs me
sometimes you know cuz it’s hard you know there’s so much great content and
stuff like that before each other Sophia’s passion for cooking hello
welcome good to see you again what so take that’s right Tristar
there’s always a silver lining and that’s the way to do it
I remember when zhenya first came to Canada that spring there was a flood in
Calgary or somewhere no well the Alberta area down around the either I mean
general vicinity and it was people lost their homes and stuff like that and just
like she was so shocked to see the way people were handling it you know like
they’re on the news and like and then guys like well you lost your home you
lost her and she’s like yeah I know but we still have our family and I’m worried
about my neighbors I hope they’re all okay and stuff like that so yeah try
sorry exactly because the bells there they’re not set in stone anymore that’s
for sure fill up good morning good to see you Philip right some of the most
amazing comments on our live stream they and like I said time and time again the
live streams are all fine all all for a place together it’s you guys
in the guests that make it so much such a great experience the time difference doesn’t happen I’m
about on James Cox inverter extremes okay
yes it’s Tracy and they’re about to join the streams and have a chat with the
streamer and those yeah I get you I get to fold there sir hopefully we can have
you buy some time too if you get a chance love to have you on some time on
the live stream my dashboard app updated and it’s all weird now yeah that’s the
great part about updates isn’t it it’s always a learning curve they make sure
that there’s gonna be a lot more changes coming soon into it but they’re starting
because they don’t want people I know what it is they don’t want people going
to socialblade and stuff like that as much so they’re trying to give more into
it well that’s funny try stars try stars comment how is
everybody this morning like I said I just wanted to come on and it gives me a
chance and I was like you know Orton images being from the UK is a great
example of that you know in our time at night I know it’s not the best time for
a lot of people in Europe so especially eastern part of Europe so that’s always
nice just to kind of connect oh I take it you’re not a fan Orton good
morning Kathy our guest from last night that was
so amazing that was such an incredible stream then the numbers were amazing
from it thank you so much I mean it helps us all that’s helping you as well
and I open up through the job like I say we don’t push anything I’m not gonna be
a circus leader we just hmm just it’s a good byproduct of all of
it if every winter breeze happy and it’s a nice calm atmosphere like last night
again – it’s nighttime people chatting amongst themselves plus chatting on
what’s being said we had amazing conversation with Cathy and her husband
I was I I hate to admit it because I’ll say cuz exante’s not in the room right
now yeah it was kind of like a double date oh I can’t tell he’s any other all
here but it all the time we should be doing it all the time so you know I’m
still in the classics – I want to see one today pretty much I mean I go look
at it but I’ll stay in the classics and see where they’re at after that and then
because these things here always take weeks sometimes months for the dire note
all the crap it was a lot of fun it really was last night was probably the
pinnacle of where we wanted to take the live stream since we started no and it’s
been kind of a you got a deal with some people through the week so it was
rewarding to have that and I think the proof was in the pudding in the way that
people enjoyed it Susie good morning how are you today we tried to share your
video again last night but they kept resetting the chat resetting the
livestream so at the time when I tried to it had me on as a guest so really
Kathy wasn’t and Chris for hosting us there all the controls yeah I know I
need more coffee I asked my son to put on a pot for me because I forgot to so I
got this just keeping me going till the new one comes I mean lots of suggestions
the real-time views but in the classic mode is the best it’s been on the news
rubbish Lars detail yeah yeah like I say I’ll wait and see where it goes I’ll
give them the benefit of the doubt not even given the benefit of just know how
usually these first ones go it’s usually pretty crappy so and then see if it
still when they’re done playing with it there
you go bottle caps and Susie are in the house this morning time and the world’s
a little happier now and they do miss each other when one’s on not the other
they’re constantly asking for the other which is kind of little cute that’s good
to see I like that so we’re hot on this for
another week or so husband Kelly tongue huh oh well it’s good to enjoy the time
don’t worry there’ll be lots of time for YouTube and everything once he goes back
to work it’s good to get to enjoy that time
together oh you’re gonna watch The Avengers Kathy excellent that’s good
enjoy that’s a nice way to Oh what we’re gonna do today Examiners up early with Audrey this
morning is larger usually wake-up call is holding her mother’s eye open and
asking her if she’s awake but so was she just doing her own thing for a little
while I said I’d come on as that’s bottlecaps late to call it’s the man
show but ladies are always welcome I can’t play funny people Oh Bradford back
with Surrey I’d just you know and welcome so good to have you here it’s
been such a great support I get a good bowler EULA I have always had my ball in
your live streams I love them I was gonna go on last thing but literally I
was falling asleep at the computer but I always try to come in for a little while
Vanessa kitty so happy to have you here always good to have you here you know like I’d say it’s Monday so a
Sunday morning so it’s not gonna get it so I mean I don’t think we’re ever to
like in your face all crazy but oh and I will recognize it Orton as football okay
because it is football and I will give you that so appreciate the soccer that’s
very obliging of you and even a Montreal they kind of I mean even though we have
a foot American football team and soccer some still like the purists want to call
it football and then they’ll say American football or Canadian football
for our team so have a great one enjoy thanks for coming by I would love to
catch a game there sometime by the way I was in England two years ago but I
didn’t go to London or like the south side because I want to say that from
when my wife is with me but she’s always she she was raised in Latvia and she
learned started learning English at three in an international school and she
was taught British English so she’s always dreamt of getting to going to
London so I want to do that with her yeah when she first came here like it
was never firm is here I think she always called it we can ask the chemist
and stuff like that so yes Cathy Philip gives the most amazing comments and you
look at his comment again he put this morning underneath actually I want to
read it if you there if you guys don’t mind you’ll just obliged me for a second
I would really like to address what and this is not the first one he’s put but
it’s it really really really makes everything worth it my channel my
actress creator studio video thank you son just bare okay for a second I want
to bring it up here and pause it right away so we don’t get too much noise let me go down to his comment where are
we here okay yeah Sunday morning this is a lot of maneuvering so thank you for
bearing with me I love when your videos suggest it was something by Simon Cowell
I guess that name for exam is really catching on excellent show tonight
thanks to all who participated miss Kathy and family were awesome little
Jessie with her smile Chris was really the start of the show I think he did
great once he got going and he really started to enjoy himself he is very
funny and the relationship is very close and healthy zhenya and Andrew you have a
way of making all your guests so relaxed and comfortable about being on the
streams no pressure say or talk about anything you want letting people set
their own boundaries about what they want to share is so great
that’s the magic behind getting to know the people behind the channels or videos
they make as you guys say as and as you say and I agree I really enjoy watching
the content more now I know about the people thank you again for everything
and that really means a lot to us Oh Bradford you’re taking off I’ll I’m
gonna show you in your video today if you can still hear me I want to show the
figure the the stove things I know I’m not pic taking the right name for it but
I really wanted to see it those were so cool and if you haven’t checked out
Bradford’s channel please do yes it was a very nice comment and it
really does mean a lot I really truly truly appreciated it so I I wanted to
read that personally and and they do mean a lot Phillip it’s it’s a yeah I
don’t know what else to say about it I just can’t thank you enough
and yeah and pretty much every day you know most times we get a comment like
that from and it’s so guys we’re not getting rich off the stuff neither you
it’s no secret we all know what our numbers are it’s one quick looked social
blade if you’re not sure about somebody so I don’t believe in making I don’t
believe I’m trying to put on an act like something is huge when it’s not but that
doesn’t mean it’s not good there’s a very big difference between the two and
I am really happy where we’re at we’re bigger than we were months ago but we’re
also not gigantic I mean you look up social blade we’re down we’ve gone up
from social rank blade from 11.5 million in the list of 3.6 million well that’s
great in a way we’ve jumped 9 millions up on the list but at the same time –
we’re still multi millions from first so I I don’t want to act like the be all
end all here we’re all just like I was using an example with eggs India it’s
almost like in the the universe I mean it’s like thinking that Earth’s is the
only inhabitable place with end and we’re this tiny little speck knows
everything about our whole galaxy which is impossible you to Philip you guys are
all awesome I mean the channel is great and been doing great for the size that
it is and that’s because of you guys I mean you guys participation the guests
you know all make it amazing and I love that
and it is what it is no we’re not saying Oh tonight as PewDiePie or jacksepticeye
or Phil DeFranco sits with us close and personal but we all are big supportive
within each other and I believe our channel has really brought out the
nothing’s perfect but I really do believe a high capacity of our chat
group is return Watchers people who are in it and genuinely like and watch these
people and truly comment on what they see the them do in their channels and no
we’re not the biggest but quality wise because of you guys I think we have a
great great great a great level of quality that we can all be proud of you
know you take care of your self caffee it was so nice for you to drop in thank
you so much and thank you once again for last night you guys were truly amazing
we had such a great time Thank You Heather thank you for and
please thank Chris again and we laughed a lot but I really did appreciate and I
took pride in seeing him like getting more comfortable as time went on I mean
if there’s anything we’re doing into it that I want to feel we have a part of is
that we’re approachable enough to help people feel more at ease about talking
in front of a camera or webcam whatever you call it
– thank you so what do you guys got on your plate for today anybody want to
share what they’re doing today that is so true Phillip 100% 100% listen we’re
all small shows there’s no easy answers here
there’s everybody’s looking for like the quick fix and stuff like that there’s
quick ways to jump fast to do some but it’s still not gonna I know people
probably think I’m a broken record and if you’re gonna look to success
don’t hate on a big guy but pick the big guy that you admire so far I have a
waived on Peter McKenna and because he was that example of growing fast but I
mean it’s very simple what he did he spent seven years perfecting his art
traveling around the world filming magicians which is probably one of the
hardest things to film so he paid his dues he’s short for National Geographic
and stuff like that but it wasn’t like the biggest celebrity on the campus but
when he started his YouTube channel the first thing he did was stay true to his
call content and he did a couple of very well-designed videos talking about
things like eight things you always must have a photographer must always have in
his bag five tips to getting that amazing lighting and was a cup just a
couple of videos those ones do great because they’re the ones that really
make it into forums that follow photography videography those are the
type of videos that make it into reddit and get retweeted and news channels
sometimes even pick up and that was the secret to the whole thing I mean he’s
shared a thousand times and you look at his numbers where they happen and it
makes perfect sense you have helped me a lot and I thank you
for oh my god well Bradford you’ve helped us just as much I mean this is
such a there’s absolutely nothing here except us all getting together and we
all make something great or we make something really bad you know it just
it’s all based on you have a great guest in a horrible chat group you could have
a horrible interviewer and a great chat and a bad guess I mean that all those
combinations blah blah blah they all gotta work together and you
guys are just great you complement it I’m I don’t expect this to be as
creative as when I make cinematic videos and yes I’m missing that right now and I
am gonna be doing something about that but on the other hand when we turn off
our webcam at night when we’re done here the camera I should say I do believe
that we’ve done something good enough that we can be proud of what we
accomplished we don’t try to make a fake set and try to act you know put on suits
or put on green screens and have it look like a newsroom behind us I don’t want
to do any of that stuff I’m not interested into it I wanted to be real I
just want to feel like and like Kathy and her husband last night was such a
great example as he got more relaxed you forget the cameras there’s so much
that’s why sometimes I feel so bad we forget the chat because we get so caught
up in the conversation real Canadian lunker hunter oh good always great to
have you ah thank you so much Oh a Joe you got a solo man yeah that’s right how
you doing nice to see ya like I say this is just kind of in in champ to impromptu
hang out for a few minutes and I’m trying this too cuz it’s great to meet
up with some of you guys plus also some from Europe I’m realizing that follow us
it is hard for them like I say with my wife’s family right now it’s 11 a.m.
here and her family back in Latvia it’s 5:00 p.m. so our shows are kind of hard
to get to so glad the heaviest here a badger firm girl welcome yeah real life
exactly exactly I don’t want I don’t want there’s nothing wrong with thinking
big but there’s nothing looks worse than pretending big pretending big is the
five year old pretending he’s his dad going to work all these clothes four
times to a big farm which is cute but 44 years old it’s pretty hard for me to
pull off cute you take care of Suzy have a great day
Zegna pulls off the cute she gets she gets the cute points how are you doing
Joe good to see you a Wheaties box collection Bradford
that’s interesting if indeed you guys haven’t checked out Bradford yet there’s
another channel he’s so I love it I don’t know if he appreciates when I use
the term but you are eclectic I love it I don’t yeah we’re not getting the good
key in sunshine and I guess Quebec finally got his wish and separated we’re
getting some nice gray clouds so hopefully we’ll get it later on today
I’m hoping Oh since you’re here Joe there we go we’re gonna make Jake a Joe
a moderator we have to make badger girlfriend girl a moderator there you go
Bradford’s not one yet well that’s just there we go there see mods for everybody
those are that’s what’s my the other day on my rant about people and with our
channel and stuff like that just always remember though Tyrell runs the show
think of yourselves I think of it like a group marriage and she’s the head wife
so we all got a she’s we all got moderator but she gets to call the final
oh it didn’t go through I just see him there you go bad your home girl now
you’re all set real canadian lunker at his moderator there we go oh the Murray sends family vlogs I know
your channel I’m just worried about mispronouncing your name because I am
the worst of that stuff welcome good to have you guys why we do the moderator
thing is that was the whole point I there’s channels taking in stuff way
too seriously I’m and some do for a reason but I’ve been in this since the
90s I’ve watched it’s all come and go and people cracking the whip and
throwing threats and and trying to like it I always joked and become the
ladies-in-waiting and we’re not doing that here you guys are adults you know
how to please yourselves once or twice we just have to say if it’s a family
show I’m looking at you a joke but it’s not that we just think you know
something had to be retracted and we move on it’s not like old this happens
again you know you’ll not be part of the :
you’re not gonna get that here you’re you’re adults you guys were smart you
guys got your crap together and I don’t want to be that I got two kids I gotta
be a parent too I don’t have to be a parent to you guys you guys are more
than capable I am on yourselves and you guys are that’s another part of the
pride you guys are still in the end I mean so unbelievably respectful to guess
you’re respectful to each other and I love it I wouldn’t have it any other way
that really does make me proud it really does it cuz that’s once again if you
have good guests you have good show and oh you got snow last night Philip no
kind of wasn’t too far off here either I’m surprised we didn’t get some that’s
always fun so what’s everybody else up to today yeah
I know but once again we’re looking at you bottle caps yeah you should do more
videos on your collections I think that’s neat doodles good morning
hi oh my God he’s not a moderator we’ll fix that in a second there you go he’s
been back here Lots perfect spring cleaning oh that sounds like a lot of
fun I hope it goes well for you and it’s gotta be done it’s one of those things
nobody wants to do but it’s gotta be done and it’s better once it is done
you’re seeing lots of flakes this morning doodles oh 11 degrees and sunny
well it’s better than what’s here I can tell you that so you’re still rough you
balmy 11:00 you’re rubbing it in my face so yeah you do get bragging rights for
that wouldn’t oh my god wait a lol money phone so I can play oh my god I don’t know I’m still thinking I’m I
know I look like I got something on my mind when I’m here that’s why he’s
India’s better she keeps me from going into the other stuff too much I guess I
get a little more raw in this one so I’m thinking stuff over cuz I’m like should
I really get into it not family stuff or anything like that but stuff that’s
bugging me on here and that but I don’t want to be griping about all time either
I’m just I’ve seen another video this morning with a guy that we had a bit of
a few issues with the other day and I know exam you watched it and I seen
where she stopped it was right when he was talking about us and he didn’t say
it directly but we got it loud and clear and she probably watched it then didn’t
mention it because she didn’t want me to see it oh yeah she always does know I
understand that job listen I I don’t question that for a second we love when
you can listen I know I live streams are different I I don’t even I wasn’t even
that great with live streams to be perfectly honest but I am trying now bit
better you’re probably way better at them at me you were probably way better
with them than me the Nile River was so I I appreciate
when you can and I’m like I said things are gonna change I’m gonna start going I
gotta get some more cinematic stuff going cuz I love this but they’re too
different they don’t they don’t fill the void if you will yeah I know I figured
well oh crap oh crap oh sorry she’s bottle cap would be the first to
cheer me on there no I just want to give a piece of advice a guy that figured he
was doing when we never asked for any favors no specifically said we didn’t
want favors goes on Twitter and tries to make sound like we asked for somebody to
come on just to try and help us out cuz we need help with our watch time and
does it publicly on Twitter saying that we wanted it is full of shit a B you
have to ask yourself this I’ve always done this if somebody
is so good with advice on how to grow on YouTube why are they not big like have
you ever wondered about all these hop ones if they’re so good at it why are
they where they are but let me guess right it’s because they don’t care about
their own success and they just want everybody else did girl and there’s your odd person I don’t
know I’m not saying pee people don’t have engines but I don’t
like when somebody feeds me shit and tells me it’s ice cream and that’s
exactly what that was and you go look at their numbers and they have one channel
they’re bragging about it and brag about it because it was one hour and they got
like 11k views and you look at every other video and it drops by a couple of
K and then in five later that I think they’re down to under a thousand it’s
not bad Nonaka name with you I was making I am I’m gonna say something I
usually don’t do want to promise on the back I was making really really nice
content really great and I had to that went over first of all to the went over
more than what that number is but there were a lot shorter and I only had 42
subscribers so I don’t think I was making garbage I’ll never say that I
lied I am always a harsh critic of my work but I believe that I do good work
so that’s one thing already the person has told me this I’ve actually heard of
two videos or one video at least someone hired them what you oh it reset me so you see it cuz I
didn’t want to hear it and I don’t mind if somebody wants to go that’s great
that’s yeah sorry about that yeah this is happening with YouTube and it’s not
just me a bunch of streams last night that it was doing it last week for a
couple of days but ask yourself anytime you see somebody saying oh I’ll help and
we’re gonna grow e to the top I’m going to do that ask yourself well they’re so
good at it eh why they not doing it for themselves now I always bring a rob
Peter McKenna a while ago he did a video that actually got me back into it when
the ad pocalypse came back putting it in a sense and actually got me off my ass
and doing it again but guess what the guys got over a million he can tell you
he has done well and not that I got thirteen six you know I’m doing well I’m
Way better than 42 but I’m still a microcosm even him at one point eight or
one point nine there’s tons of channels even bigger than he is but just don’t
let people talk you into all this craziness all the time that they have
all the answers and stuff like that you know you know it’s such an insult to the
intelligence oh we should get away from live streams and do podcasts and that
because of their JJ I just made you modern narrator – oh sorry
KD DN I just seen you know my apologies thanks for coming hope you can drop by
yeah I don’t want to do this all the time but like this week I’m really
hitting my stress hold with all of this stuff and I’m I don’t want to be part of
all of it I don’t I don’t want to be a plant for me but why you used me as a
box one get somebody who’s a lot bigger than us you know hey I’m sure there’s a
channel with a hundred thousand subs if you’re so great with your advice that
would just like beg you would pay you to go on and tell them what to do it’s like
any self-help thing it always starts the one they want to help first themself and
I don’t knock anybody for that I don’t care I’m not moral police so you can
make a living off of doing what you’re doing excellent and I mean that I don’t
shame people for making money off but don’t come to me try and try
your poster boy for it because it’s not gonna happen we have a job puja studios
as I said time and time again is a registered company with the Quebec and
federal government it generates a revenue it pays for our children’s for
our children and us and that’s where all of our eggs are in this is not my eggs I
enjoy it I love it I love what we’re doing together I think our channel has
really turned into something special because I never plan to go this way at
all but it still doesn’t pay the bills if I had to pick tomorrow and they said
oh it’s our YouTube channel or your business it’s my business you know be a
dream land to say no the chance of making a huge and YouTube are slim this
is the same as a guy playing guitar and puts all these by coins and all his
coins into it for 20 years because he’s gonna be a rock star well if you’re
doing it cuz you you love what you’re doing great
if you’re doing it with the sole idea that you’re gonna get rich off of it
nine nine chances nine point nine nine percent chance of ten you’re gonna be
really wet down in it it’s just not it’s not dreamland it’s good to shoot to the
stars but you’ve got to be realistic too I got a family that expects me realistic
so with all that said you need six men cave yes exactly Coryell welcome by the
way hundred percent hundred percent
JJ exactly I mean who’s sitting here right now which one of us are living
solely off of her YouTube channel I mean I love you is all and you guys should be
a lot harder than when you are on and I would do anything to get you is up there
not that I can help you disclaimer I have nothing that I can offer you to
help you because I’m learning myself too and yeah seed bottle caps go for shit
saying exactly and enjoy that and if always ask yourself if somebody’s
sitting there preaching they got the answer why are you not doing yourself
look at a lot of professors that teach the subjects you never ask yourself I
mean I know school is rewarding and I know I mean an island some people
really do do it for the passion but you know what I mean there’s also the ones
I’m hey John empty haha that’s so Canadian I love it
oh my god Oh beauty you’re not a mod yet we’ll fix
that there you go I want to see nothing I
want to see nothing but blue people that’s my mission it’s off to Venezuela
tomorrow oh no problem JJ no I mean I’m just done
with all of this stuff I’m done with the grandstanding I’m done with all I don’t
hate anybody I wish even anybody who’s doing that even him I wish them all the
best but don’t come in and try and use me as your springboard I mean we’re a
small audience go get a big audience go you’re so good at it get a big channel
and then you’re gonna blow this fly off putting on a flat hat doesn’t exactly
make you uh you know see this is why exam is here this is why and I mean the
whole mic like if this was twitch or something like that yeah I can I write
friends he told me I should be doing a rant video the red Channel but that’s
here maybe twitch would be love might be something to look into
move the whole thing all like unli of the channel as it is and keep growing it
but then have something on the later night on twitch you get to really blow
off some steam test luck welcome good to have you here thank you for coming hope
you’re having a good day we drink a bit ages yes exactly Philip I don’t like
work but it pays the bills YouTube doesn’t exactly 100% and like I said I
can never say enough like I’m so proud they believe that this stream has been
growing the right way and stayed pretty consistent of course some guests will
you don’t know I just guess that the time of day is stuff like that and all
in all I think it’s doing really well and I take instead of doing these
one-time things that won’t be one-time things that we’re always featuring a new
guest helps the guest a walk because people are coming back and saying that
they’re getting the comments now that people are making more connected
comments to their work which I love and if you find a new person tomorrow say
you find miss Cathy for instance and you go and search well our video will come
back again at some point in that anon suggested videos and you never know some
of these three years down the road might find this guy or find Bradford or
Phillip or Coryell’s I mean all you guys that’s what I do think it helps you guys
at home so say it’s another watch down the road and it’s great for you guys if
somebody starts falling you later on that didn’t know you at the time can go
back and actually get to know more about you
so it’ll I I do believe that do I believe will generate us millions I’d
love it to and you never know one day but for now no but I’m still coverage we
still put your link in all the videos where you get an hour and a half relax
time to talk about you and like Phillip said we always let you set your own
boundaries oh thank you staff that’s so sweet I appreciate that I love having
you here and I really do we’re a nice sized group that I really
feel we got more intimate knowing you guys and knowing your channels and stuff
right and if I ever miss a video like please don’t ever be mad I’m not trying
to right but now that we are getting bigger plus the live streams and stuff
it’s getting harder if I ever do drop in on one of her videos you don’t have to
watch it I’ll go check the spam folder I wouldn’t get asked you to do that and
just say that you put up a new video and I’ll go watch it because I never want to
miss anything like that and I try my best
to linkings any and I like last Sunday we were like I said my syllable 14 hours
just trying to clean up like the last five days or so that was very nice you
say stuff you get a moderator to see lots of moderators thank you
that’s why I like something the morning I blow up a bit because and I don’t I
don’t want to do that on the mainstream it’s not the place I just it’s awful
when you don’t want to be involved in a mess and some of these are people or
groups or whatever I bring you into theirs I think I don’t want them I’m not
interested because the whole point is not to have any drum but at some point
you got to mention it because otherwise people then think they can keep doing it
and it’s not gonna go that way like people joining in our Channel
somebody apologizing was last night about it
I don’t care I would love to see us all find each other in there that’s great
that’s a that’s a byproduct of it no we’re not every two seconds telling you
to but go ahead and we’re not the best channel for that there’s other channels
do a lot better you know so if we complement that and it helps you connect
with people who do more of that that’s amazing I wonder ready to win in this if
everybody’s winning everybody’s enjoying let’s chat never reason join the chat
the guests are feeling more valued and they’re talking more and we’re feeling
like we’re doing something right and everybody’s winning it’s gonna be that
way but it’s a group effort I appreciate the other night when Saint
Otto said that you normally said that you know it like just you know every is
gonna be differently because I was pushed out I don’t want to be cookie
cutter and he said you know we were talking about doing it but I didn’t know
that at the time and they never accused us of it in any shape or form
we kind of stumbled into it and they said you know like we were told no but
you guys are doing it they’re gonna do it once in a while and that’s great hey
I want to bring a coverage you know this is what the hell do we own the rights to
hear nothing in this this is I think we do it our own way and if people like
that’s great and somebody else goes if you can get on four or five shows at
your interview excellent and it helps up your elevates your view scene and those
are all parts I believe that help grow in YouTube but it’s not quick it’s not
the secret anyway he says they got the secret to it and they’re gonna mentor
you and not thrones full of shit so they be doing it for themselves or they’d be
hired by very large companies to do so I mean everybody here who’s grown up in
the 80s and 90s remembers that what was it the bankrupt barber or whatever the
hell he was called and Tony Robbins and all that stuff they’re the ones who got
rich out of it I mean they did help some people though along the way there were
some people who got inspired by it and ran with it
that’s great but it’s not all just for you and they don’t care if they ever do
anything I’m of course they have a vested interest and we are creating more
badger says Frogger yes and that’s exactly it like if it wasn’t for the
apocalypse we wouldn’t be here right now myself I mean me and eggs Enya and I
when it happened I didn’t even care cuz by then I’d already been done with it
and said whatever cuz I wasn’t gonna put 40 30 40 hours into a video and have
nobody watch enough is enough but then I seen a peer MacKinnon video where he
said when he started he showed it and I mean it just click with me I needed that
boost and I mean even him I don’t own my life okay he gave a video guess what he
made money off of showing that video and good for him I don’t it doesn’t bother
me I wanted everybody has a right to do that but he didn’t say also to like
here’s what you gotta do and this is it and you gonna thank me and I’ll follow
me around like a lady-in-waiting you did a video he told the story it was
inspiring he did it that way he made money off of it I got back on
YouTube everybody wins there you go Vanessa monitor stylist –
well back you know give Kitty a kitty got a
wrench don’t worry she’s all set up you know like I said I’ve seen this from the
late 90s with mirc chats a lot I’ve seen that’s why we do I’ve just thrown up
mods it’s not that you guys don’t matter the whole point of it is they’re not
necessary if I was having a lot of trouble with mods I do the opposite and
just pull it all away you know I don’t want to have and you go
into some channels is a big dictatorship and that’s like oh I’m Tony other lost
look if the mods have to do that all the time eh you’ve picked either bad mods or
B you’re running a bad channel you’re attracted so much of the problems that
it’s gotta be dealt with that’s just my feeling and yeah I’m not sitting there
like Terrell’s been a mod since the beginning and then they’re not like oh
oh we got a band together we’re gonna try and get a way to do this more we’re
gonna and you got a cramp down on these guys and we’re gonna come up with a
strategic plan and trying to like no not doing that I don’t want to do that it’s
always happened and it’s always a colossal failure you think of any
platform since the days of billboard up billboards oh you know what I mean you
know in the in the early nineties that but anyways here nor there
every group is the same I mean we’ve gone through tons of these and nobody
thought it was the be-all end-all on every platform going that platforms have
come and gone this is Thomas Schmidt we have to give
you a wrench and there you go sir welcome to the big exclusive club I mean
you guys are amazing I love that you guys have made us and I can’t thank you
enough and I hope you guys benefit from it too and there’s no holding over each
other’s heads hey you do something tomorrow and you get a million subs I
don’t expect you to come and I’ll mention it great if and the same with me
like this that’s another thing too is with big you
to resist colors they’re getting tired of a tune I don’t blame them these big
youtubers like small ones saying that with like the big ones always a living
and dead have supported us and they made at the top no they don’t no they don’t
and even the ones who didn’t make race the same as the music business or some
guys have played for 20 years and got noticed and finally got a deal
and there’s other guys who got in as a boyband and had no talent in the years
sink and they’re huge but either way why the hell do they owe us anything they
don’t there’s no need for it and they don’t feel guilty they don’t care and
rightfully so I mean they do have some empathy and how great is it if tomorrow
they went to one of our channels and just by luck seen somebody didn’t really
liked it and all of a sudden we get in you know they tweet us and we got a
hundred thousand subs the next day well that’s great but even then they didn’t
have to do it for us that means they did it because they wanted to because they
like what you’re doing nobody owes anybody anything in here it’s good to
help each other out I’m not taking away from that at all but I mean like trying
to guilt you know or get mad at big channels is not gonna fix that same as
you’re a musician to my going to play and I don’t know sue st. Marie for 20
people at a drunk and Allegiant well yeah I can understand where you get kind
of pissed when you turn on TV and see a guy making millions for a moment but I
mean he didn’t screw you he was playing there before and even if he didn’t what
can you do about it Oh Tracey welcome good to see you yeah
your incognito coming under your personal one nice good to have you well
I’ve been on quite a rap that’s what we have when I all my beautiful wife she’s
she’s alright you know it’s been a big it’s been a big adjustment with the time
change for her physically that’s been it’s it’s training like I said she has
chronic fatigue syndrome she has fibromyalgia and the headaches migraines
sometime so you know it’s not always easy but she
is a trooper if there ever was one she is definitely a trooper fellow Cochrane
Blue Man Group blue people group is catching on exactly so how you doing
today Tracy wait a great time the other night with you guys as well we had a lot
of couples lately III thinking zinnias really into that I
wouldn’t be surprised she’s gonna want to make it up soon like a theme like
couples Saturday or stuff like that I was thinking at some point maybe bring
him back some of the couples and putting everybody on the panel together that’d
be interesting right that’s I and we’re about yeah YouTube is having a
lot of trouble with this stuff lately last week was bad and then it went away
and then last night even the other streams was watching was doing it all
the time and thank you so much for the best wishes stuff that’s that’s really
sweet of you mmm you know you just gotta roll with it
it’s I’d always I said it before I’ll say again it just was weird because I am
older than things and you know and then in time and especially the mill you
always secure for one’s gonna get sick on her so so many great channels in here
all the time you guys are at it saw it’s honoring to have you guys year sweet as
well yes Vanessa exactly exactly see I’m thinking out of the box cuz a
guy it’s almost guys they are they are a little way too much to discuss and then
bring up and then fight off rip up the cameras go off with each other in a boat
but yeah now what I do think it would be interesting Carol the crazy camper welcome let’s see here okay yes yes yes
yes yes no I wanted those yeah I was in the skybridge videos yes okay now yeah
welcome good to have you here simple streams have blocked out like
this since yesterday for me yep so great to have you here Carol thank you for
coming I it’s I think we just like it was just a couple of days ago right I
know I apologize I have a really bad memory
we were just home a little while go with everything that’s been going on lately
per se and then working here on the live streams every night not I’m mad
sometimes like my wife will watch a video and like it and then I’ll watch
one and we’ll find out that we you’ll like it for you now if my wife was here
maybe she’d say oh I never seen your channel before Nabil yeah yeah I have so
we got a bit of a gig on her face doing it that way but oh that’s okay the Murray sense not a
problem at all I’m preciate having you here and not nay everybody’s gonna eat
my friend so how are you doing today Carol oh thank you stuff we I mean we
just do the best we can it is giving the point sometimes where
it’s hard like you know somebody wants free video sometimes I gotta just like
tank and watch one and go by I am trying it takes sometimes so many hours and
that’s a weird feeling and because I don’t want to be the one that’s oh well
now there are over a thousand they don’t support I really really try with
everything I got and some days is not so bad so if you get a like a bit of a
break you can really make up for time then so then it’s a couple days late everybody loves JJ you guys got so many
great challenge AJ is one of them Hey oh we got both now we got Tracy here we got
Andrew from a tgh travels welcome it’s so good to have you here oh yes
definitely Carol you gotta get coffee like I say thanks to my wife who I never
drank coffee was a truck driver for those years and not never drank coffee
never touched it never did anything for me and every time
I tried it every couple of years I didn’t like it and then I kept adding
more sugar realizing only a couple of months ago it
was a sugar the whole tide that I didn’t like in coffee and once I got rid of the
sugar I wasn’t so bad and thanks to my very addictive
personality now I’m hooked on it and drink it constantly so yeah exactly
Philip it’s annoying it’s just they’re probably playing around with the
encoding and stuff like that probably and once again trying to make upgrades
it’ll be a year of downgrades in the meantime so
but I always say guys we’re lucky you know we take for granted that we get to
do this for free and hopefully it stays free because he movie Mille was freely
going to charge all that we’re doing here has to be stored on a computer
somewhere there’s servers running that cost a lot of money and I’m not trying
to stick up for you too I’m just saying there is the other side to it we could
not be connected today so I’m glad we can be I think it’s amazing it just
shows you the world we live in you know we we get to do this and how about I
usually don’t like doing the channel things I said ah but let’s try it
anybody woman let’s all just post where we’re from see wherever it’s just your
city or country whatever you feel like puddings all started off on trail I
should I’ll be back one second my daughter’s doing so much once we should
do oh well thank you for your patience so
far arrived I’d say I’ve helped 23 people this way since I started cool
bull JJ PA Wisconsin New York Oregon Oregon I love horror again Pittsburgh PA
sort of too frumpy a Windsor Locks Oh Windsor Locks Connecticut call New
Orleans I always remember your stuff from New
Orleans one up from PA here that’s cool stuff is from BRB I’m just kidding by
the way before anybody thinks I and I know yes oh oh or even the paid tourists
welcome welcome my I always did have a truck driver here there’s another one we
didn’t have morning DJ Graeme good to have you here Ellen’s oh my god I’m gonna just call
you al because I know I’ll mess it up if I try to say it I love your your earful
handle Ellen’s hydroton s supportive journey the poor ative I love it though
it stands out and I love stuff like that hmm
how you feelin today DJ III we were talking about you
last night because we’re saying Waldo but eggs any with fibromyalgia and
chronic fatigue syndrome said she’s in a treatment she’s in a pain clinic here in
Montreal whether it’s like a group of doctors finally she’s an extreme enough
case that they come in it’s a bit like a case study but she also has access then
to different types of medication you know doctors like a physiotherapist they
have groups and stuff like that well I am glad to hear that DJ and I mean that
from the bottom of my heart I don’t wish pain on my worst enemy and especially
not on you so I am really really happy to hear that cuz yeah pain like that it’s nobody
should have to suffer so I once again very very happy to hear it
it’s funny you can even just see it in your comments that you feel better that’s good so you’re ready to take on
the day today then now oh okay I see Ellen why are my apologies so and I will
call that and oh I think maybe my okay I’m just laying your page I think my
wife maybe you’re my wife have been in contact already once again like I say
she watched them travels I have some much annals I do and you know I think I
remember mentioning you I could be wrong but and he is here nor Lois thank you so
much for coming in if you haven’t had a chance me to write like I say guys
mingle amongst yourselves you know you get to know there’s lots of great
channels here I don’t push that I don’t like I said I can’t say I’m adamantly
don’t do that I don’t want to do that but please always the floor is free you
guys are adults you please yourselves well yeah actually DJ there
you go forgot oh I own something here where I’ve seen corn life ditch in
church I I should I hope it’s everything’s okay I shouldn’t say it
that way it just was the way it came but good morning sir good to have you here
it was so good to have you and Brooke last night we were just talking a while
ago that it’s gone so well with the couples that we’re thinking maybe trying
to get something set up and not too far future and have like you and Brooke and
Kathy and Chris and you know I’d like to have touring taste was if they could
make it you know some of the couples and bring them on and like you know they’d
be maybe four or five couples on and have like maybe a Saturday night with
that just to do something different oh you’re out oh you’re outside outside
of the church it’s so funny oh okay well I’m sorry to hear that
that cannot be very fun and I hope things are going I yeah that’s awful
that’s too bad like I said nobody shouldn’t have to
suffer in any kind of chronic illness or pain and so yeah our prayers and
thoughts and I hope things are at least manageable for you oh yeah yeah I think that would be fun Rick I
really do I I I’m not usually the one that’s something’s Indian and she’s
probably thought it already but I’m surprised it’s coming I but yeah I do
think it would be oh you twisted your knee yeah aside from
from all the praying or what I saw I know I should make a joke I’m sorry just that’s the first part of what me was
well not that I follow it too strictly or anything or nearly at all but being
Catholic cuz it’s just an hour of aesthetics in my opinion followed by
making cross signs because you’re every two seconds your other up and upper on
one knee III Joe I mean and religion is I don’t know I wish sometimes I see and
my wife is more spiritual than I am well I guess I’m spiritual I just don’t know
where it ties to me so yeah like there’s a great example like right like you know
and I appreciate like I can see his his passion into it and I wish I could feel
that but I mean everybody’s gonna have the Tundra’s right in like I mean like
I’ve never seen him I’ve seen him say like thank you to the Lord and mean it
and be true but not ramming it down somebody’s throat I’m very respectful of
other people who might not feel the same way
at the same time strong enough in your convictions to have a deep inside here
like I think that’s such an amazing I think he’s what you’re researching for
and sometimes is just to find it their own way they I was married before
divorced so when an ex Andy and I got married to because I’m a Catholic I
would end of apply for an annulment which takes about a year and of course
with the Catholic Church like anything else takes money and it was just it’s
not that I don’t I regret being Catholic or anything like that cuz my my dad’s
Catholic my mother’s Protestant but I was adopted my mother lost five children
like giving birth I like before birth like you know up to these but in the
later stages and they adopted me and they had my sister but I came from a
very small French town in eastern Quebec so I understood right away why I was
adopted as I got older my mother was 18 yeah it doesn’t take a genius to put
that one together and that one cause that she asked is that I’d be whoever
adopted me that I they had to agree to raise me Catholic so because otherwise I
probably would have been raised pause because my mother was way more involved
with the church than my father was and because I was just to make it easier
they also then baptize my sister Catholic as well but it was that’s a
long long long story and so when I was getting married I would I go to the
annulment and really honestly it was I just looked at and thought it’s not
worth my time or my money if I do well if I do it or not it doesn’t matter to
me what they thought of it if I was married again and we actually put the
opposite route in this time had a pagan wedding because we got married in
Iceland and we had a traditional Viking wedding with actual pagan ceremony which
is I don’t believe recognized in Canada but if you get married in country as
long as the religion is recognized in that country Canada will recognize it so
that’s how we were able to get past that and no it’s not devil
I don’t mean to knock image really I always believed religion is the same as
every religion is the same in its fundamental views and if somebody’s
falling at the fundamental key components of it it’s the greatest thing
in the world because it does the same message all across the board be nice to
people be nice to yourself and have them do the same really I know that sounds
like I’m simplifying it but that’s just my opinion and I mean baingan was the
same way I mean the Christians of the time said it was evil and I well of
course because they didn’t want people converting to it
pagan wedding is the same as any Native American wedding it’s all based on
elements of the earth it’s based on wind fire rains water I should say not rain
it’s celebrating the key elements and that we’re part of them you know it’s
politicians and there’s people that do like and everything else I krupp
something and turn it into something bad you know and that’s that’s always gonna
be the way wherever there’s a buck to be made in something and religion is not an
exception to that either it’s actually been at the forefront of a lot of it but
doesn’t mean that religion is bad it’s it’s the person who’s running with the
message can either be good or bad and you know most people are smart enough to
tell the difference and some people are going through our times no wives and
then cling to a bad message at the time that they usually wouldn’t and yeah you
know I believe I believe in being good to my family I believe in being good to
other people am i perfect no do I hold myself to a very rigorous set of
standards well it depends how you look at it for my kids I guess so them away
because I have to do certain things to make sure they grow up properly but I’m
not perfect and I don’t strive to be perfect and anybody is preaching
perfection to you is the most flawed person you’ll ever meet so that’s why I
would never take that very hard that’s why they say no good deed goes
unpunished exactly I mean in the end in the end where whatever is waiting for us
wherever we go or whatever happens or even honestly if nothing happens it
still made your time on this planet a lot more a lot more well used not just
for you but for other people and that’s the most amazing core of it and I admire
somebody who has the strength to believe and there’s something out there bigger
than themselves and I not Joe and say jealous of it but I I really do admire
that I think that’s amazing gift to be able to do that sorry Rick it took from
your mention of being in church and all that rent I do apologize but I think
it’s cuz I really do respect you and that’s why I like I I you kind of get me
thinking about all those things sometimes like I like about somebody’s
devotion to some Ana and how it marble I find it is when I see it in the pure
form just thought I’d mention them that’s it Carol hey everybody here
there’s a lot of specialty channels and what you’ll realize more we’re saying
that then I was saying Auto is how many gray areas there are like he’s a he’s
done mechanic videos and he was lucky he had that core to kind of get him started
pardon me but the more you go then you meet the guys – were into motorcycles
and the guys who are into mowers and they’re kind of you know they still
appreciate the mechanical side of everything so they kind of come in and
then you get the spectator side that just loves really old cars even though
they don’t know much about them and that’s another gray area and so on and
so forth and that can branch oh you could have guys who do a lot of artistic
work and I mean they can appreciate the beauty and you know a polished engine
with the nice painting schemes on cars there’s a whole nother group to come in
and it’s so on so forth then you just keep growing from us we’re not
especially channel so that’s been a little bit easier for us because we kind
of have something that appeals to everybody that wasn’t by design that’s
just because of the business that we do but stuff you were you to cool all of
you much respect love well much respect love to you guys as well and especially
to your stuff thank you so much not doing anything just being us I mean if
you like it well then I guess you like us so that’s I don’t think that is a
great compliment and thank you all for your mixers okay okay
yeah when I used to work for that music company we had a whole Pro division we
did Allen & Heath and I didn’t look after them personally we were such we
were a huge company we’re distributor once it came to Canada we also did
manufacturing and Alan East was a big one there I remember those boards some
of them God there were you know like the 50 channel the thing went across a whole
room yes yes I’m assuming I’m talking to
Andrew because I believe Tracy still a tree still here exactly 100% without a
doubt that’s what it is it’s the old snowflake thing you know coming to life
mmm we have a great mix just just in here right now if you’re to go to
everybody’s Channel and watch one video I mean it’s unbelievable you have hours
of viewing right there and then you know you find their supporters and you’re
looking down like looking at who subscribe to them and they’re like wow
that looks like a great channel I like what he wrote I loved I go up by handles
there’s certain handles that just pulled me in like that and I’m running over
just to see what they’re doing I can’t believe how many people are here for
Sunday I’m so impressed Oh Lewis Hamilton one excellent so that’s that’s
right that’s what you’re doing I’m watching bullets right you were watching
on TV the race well that’s great baby that’s nice yeah thank you everybody
that’s great to see everybody support it you guys are got each other’s backs good
for you guys you reap I need to check some videos out
it oh no problem mounts enjoy you guys realize what it’s like well 15 right now
in 17 that’s amazing on a Sunday morning lil Pusa
rich Davis rich Davis oh and I connected yet oh I’ll have to fix that I can’t
watch it right now with the live stream going but oh oh cool
yes that’s right it’s not amazing it always amazes me Nick Chris yes Nick
porcelain I remember your channel I remember your
show and guys it’s been a while since I watched your channel and I’m on the live
stream if you can go and watch and leave a comment on one of ours I’ll definitely
go check you out after and the same if you’re new please leave me a message
because I I feel bad when I got off a live stream and I got like you know six
seven more new subscribers and two comments
I do believe unless like I say I I’m not there to judge your channel I’m not
gonna go and critique it you have a right to make it your way the way you
want to do it who the hell am I to tell you to do it any different way if I like
it a lot I’ll be back a lot more for short but I’ll definitely support you
and unless you’re doing blatant in-your-face copyright or full of hate
speech I’m not you know okay oh hey DJ okay I will have the stream on
in the back room thank you oh well that’s so nice you thank you so much I
really do appreciate that and that’s really nice haven’t you and
I’m really once again glad you’re feeling better
nice to see my friend never should anybody live in pain no and sometimes
you know God willing there is a good night’s sleep that can fix that’s
sometimes and then the rape pills or the painters yes start watching start
with watching my video with a hole 35 seconds now you don’t have to I just
uploaded that one to see how to upload then all hell broke loose in my life I
want to start hey everybody’s gonna move at their own time my friend yeah you
like we’re sent along this is not our job see you already have a job someday
this might blow up and you’ll be the biggest person on YouTube but till then
things happen in life and I mean life comes first did you want me to bring you
on the channel all right down the rabbit hole it’s a great way to start it all
you’re gonna have that all on your head and be life it’s so funny you Edison
stitches oh my God Almighty I’m sure you do I don’t doubt that for a second hey
wabbit bottlecaps got something for everybody it’s a faux pas sometimes I
try and sub-channels and it doesn’t let me but I will promise you yeah that’s
the hard thing with live streams sometimes too because you get some new
ones and then then all of a sudden that puts the brakes on here for a little bit
just try to open them up in tabs and kind of go to one space somewhat a
little bit sometimes I’ll make it more friendlier for you it’s I mean what do
we say it’s too bad you tube sticks and snows and the stuff comes on one way it
shouldn’t care at all but on the other side – there they are trying to keep a
semi capped I guess so and I do believe that we were talking the other day I do
believe that the AI in Google no I’m not wearing tinfoil hat and think it’s gonna
take over the world or anything but I do believe it learns faster what the
engineers were expecting sometimes so it’s not like the cow is
running down the road but I do believe it gets out of the pen more than we like
to think it does and the engineers are playing a bit of catch-up to see what
it’s exactly Lord where it’s going well it’s great morning with you to stuff
this is unbelievable I really enjoy it with you guys
welcome back Ellen good to have you back hey maybe you could support curl the man
the man ma’am okay Carl the madmen let’s see yeah let’s see what we got let’s see
oh we got I’m here guys I can’t see is your chat at the moment what I do see
you taste is it because as a Karl the madman all
one word and like he has a big banner in the front with a hashtag be ready
Oh Joey exactly balance same here today like even though it’s great like I’m
getting the kids together in a little bit Senya as be up and we’re just gonna
get out of here for a while it’s been a lot of work the last couple weeks
building up the this going but now it’s starting to get more we have guest ahead
and it’s so amazing people want to be on and if you know anybody guys that wants
to be on you want to be on a channel you think of please get them like on Twitter
and messaging us I push the studio’s all one word you can find the link usually
in the description and yeah you know we’re always looking
I appreciate if you don’t help but a friend just like to get him some subs
but we won’t we’re not doing that here I I want everybody to get ahead and so but
really interesting channels and people that really want to kind of share a bit
about themselves and are comfortable doing that you know what is it I don’t
think you guys are doing that but there’s only gonna be somebody who
thinks that’s what I mean like you know like oh I got a buddy and he’s got 980 I
want to get him onto a thousand we won’t do that here because it just goes really
bad like we pushed Rick for a couple of days for one very simple reason we chose
him one of many because he’s helped people from the beginning and kind of
let his own channel numbers fall by the wayside in helping everybody and I just
did that for him because we talked about it because it was a terrible injustice
in my opinion in a way so and I mean I always support you guys and I’ll say you
know there’s a great channel check them on but yeah we really want guests who
want to come on and talk about what they’re doing yes raven bald cap said
actually I want both brave ones name is not here ya know cuz Raven was here
yesterday so you know you guys seen what our channels
like you get a feeling for it I think examines and talks with Raven already
I’m pretty sure I think that’s already been kind of ironed out because some
people like you know against it takes a week or two to get something going so
but yeah midnight Raven excellent so was
everything I did because I was just saying about getting people on the show
and I think you’ve already been talking with my wife on Twitter about coming on
as a guest right sinister part of the schedule here oh no she took a with her
oh okay sure I think she was doing changes to it last night and we’re gonna
start even bringing you guys are gonna be seeing in the next couple weeks we’re
starting to actually get oh Thank You Vanessa for coming so great to have you
and I really appreciate having you in here and see you again soon take care
Oh midnight at the Oasis okay cuz I thought you maybe talk to both you okay
well like I say that’s why I usually don’t do this on the show but because I
know there’s a two years and I believe you guys are about to do a collab so
right with both Ravens here Philip ninety-nine oh I can’t believe this no
this is amazing so cool blows me away my friends and
probably stay on for about another 50 minutes or so I don’t usually say this
for this one but if you guys want to if anybody wants to send it out on Twitter
I will never ask you to hammer your Twitter I’m not gonna ask you guys to go
pull strings your Twitter and everything is for you guys but if anybody wants to
share it go ahead cuz yeah I’ll probably be on because I usually never say that
with this one too because I’m never so long gonna stay on yeah I don’t know about that but I thank
you very much JJ exactly and I are kind of you wanna know exactly and I are
really like our intro video that we did you know what the flashing where you go
and clicks and then our video starts playing that’s why I love that picture
cuz that’s us we’re kind of a mixture if you guys follow any photography channels
here there’s Tony and Chelsea I don’t know if you’ve ever seen them if you see
them and you see Peter McKenna we’re kind of a throw of those too I always
say no like we met years ago on the video game Second Life I mean we’ve gone
ahead of a story behind us since we met the day we met I stopped using the I
recruiter hashtag and not going yeah yeah well you know and like I say it’s
and I want channels to do well I’m not you know I we just trying to do our own
thing and I mean overloaded and I’d also I’ve always said and not picking up on
all of them I am adamant we’re not I don’t want to be a platform for that
yeah there’s channels that do great and I don’t mind somebody saying you know
they steam got some subs there did whatever that’s hey I want to already
grow and it is a place you can meet people and grow but we just don’t have
the time to give it proper and it’s just not what we’re about
there’s enough doing it you know which is beautiful wow thank you
Wow no pressure someday maybe and that could be you tomorrow we could all be
sit there saying why did you see rich Davis got these third million sub
yesterday Oh Thank You Tracy for sharing that’s very
sweet of you and a Joe said I know that intro well yeah he did such a great job
on our intro in his video I loved it I was so honored by that it was it was a
amazing and we ended up in a putz I don’t know Joe if you know that we
ended up in Patsy Houlihan’s last video she put in a tiny bit of our live stream
with with best friend your thread that was pretty cool to some but but I loved
it I loved the way you put you and your wife oh you you nailed it so good I mean
we were really honored we watched it like 20 times I think no I just want to
do our showroom wine I do her own thing I don’t expect anybody to be a platform
for me and vice versa the other day with the coach it got interesting but squash
started the beginning he made a little video talking with him I don’t care like
I say exit you didn’t want me to see it I know because she didn’t want me
getting away angry but it’s all good next one thing I can tell you if anybody
ever says that we sent you and this is a disclaimer said and I mean second of all
what we got like thirteen hundred and seventy subs like it’s like doing a
commercial for McDonald’s and saying this guy in middle of Toronto on the gas
station and he recommends us highly I mean what kind of endorsement would it
be even if we did go along with it I mean seriously Thank You JJ I mean you guys are the
ones that set the tone you know if it’s without you guys in decent guess this is
nothing we’re just basically what you guys make a great show for us actually
all you guys the world so you have a great day Joe you have a fantastic time
enjoy being out my friend and talk to you soon enjoy it
have a great one and balance my friend your right is always key your ending ups
yep Phil thank you so much than for coming as you you’re unbelievable my
friend unbelievable Andrew I wish I can draw you with a nice haircut jitter flex
welcome Oh for coming video no need that’s the pleasure’s all
ours you made something great to watch I owe you Donnie Shaw show good to see you
good to see you good to see you sorry I just got distracted with
something it tarik’s I wanted thinking to do I bought it and guys like I say
you know I don’t know we’re gonna do things to keep drama-free and I wish
everybody else the best as well like I didn’t want to see everybody grow in
this I think it’s India and I are suffering some burnout to be perfectly
honest and I just wanna I want things to get more even keel like now that the
show has been running for a bit and we’re figuring out more as we go we got
to get a few things to make it easier and also now the guests are starting to
want to come on more so we’re not like looking as much we’re trying to
streamline that so I think today like I’m gonna try to do all this evening
because we’re not going to go on tonight unless something drastically changes we
usually try to leave Sunday open once the kids are bed I’m gonna try to make
all the thumbnails for the week you know the promo videos yeah you’re right
tuturro because I mean it’s been a grind for a long time and then I just feel
like some people are using this and coming and playing with it and I don’t
want to wish them bad luck but I mean I also don’t I’m I don’t know I’m going
through a lot with that part right now you guys should run off Thank You JJ
that’s sweet of you you know like like I say it’s weird because like it’s we’re
not using it for our bread and butter I do want to build a decent channel I do
want I don’t want to use Sean and I don’t want to use a bunch of promises I
don’t want to use everybody using it to try and build it up quickly I really
want something to last and I really believe by interviewing people you get
to meet them for an hour and a half that people always watch your videos
differently after that because they have more of a connection with you which
means better engagement better comments and better continuous gate engagement
and even after it’s done like you I believe people will go back a year or
two later and catch your video not that we’ll get millions off it but as people
find you as they find stuff as they find beauty as they find fill up as they find
JJ find jitters and you know once they’re watching couple your videos once
a while ours is gonna come back in that list and they’ll like me wow they did an
interview with them and they’ll go back and learn more about you which will
hopefully build up another round of engagement itself you know we’re all in
this together and and I but I’m not no save it anybody neither you to me it’s
just working together and find it like if ever everybody’s gonna win and be
open and transparent about that of course by doing these channels and
having great guests on we’re getting our watch time up that’s great I’m not
making money off it yet I will monetize probably when I can
because the whole point of monetizing is that people will be able to see us for
our business especially the montreal area because then I can bring in more
Adsense a lot because the whole goal of this is to build our photography and
videography business cuz we had to shut it down for a while well exactly wasn’t
doing so well but now she’s learning to manage her pain better and you know we
have to get that running because we still got to live so everybody’s got to
win I’ll never sit and say it’s just for you guys and I’m saving
years and without them no god no if anything you’re saving us so and I want
everybody to kind of benefit from that there’s no big money none of us here are
gonna get rich for where we are right now what we’re doing but somebody might
take off and when they do I’ll be the first to congratulate you for it
you know many come on this channel and see we’ll just use Google ok yeah well
we are what we are yes a a tgh just keeping up with arrays
too and I guess I get guilt about it a lot and I’m going back sometimes at one
point I went back two weeks and searching for the couples of the couple
of comments is that I just couldn’t do at the time because I really do want to
try I give it everything I possibly can welcome Leah good to have you here TRUCKING studios good to have you so
nice to have you we haven’t connected in a couple of days
plays a game called oh my god on Miami what does the
American Truck Simulator I I played it myself cuz the European and the American
one and I like to watch his videos down then cuz when I install my game it’s one
of the few games where I really get sucked into it and the next thing you
know I don’t do any work for two days and then I have to completely uninstall
it I can’t even just say I’ll not play it slava des données comment with JJ put
James Corden I greet oh by the way I can’t say not a problem Lee it’s always
good to have you here so good of you yeah I’ll be there in a minute okay yeah
I’ll go see Chris actually from it thank you
sorry my daughter just dropped by I would bring her on right now but my wife
will freak if she doesn’t have you know her hair done and everything in this
Sunday morning so everybody’s just kind of had a lazy morning still only 14 guys
this is pretty good it’s a it’s been a fun morning like I said that’s right and
there’s nothing wrong with reaching for the start I love that I mean you gotta
dream big and that’s examined I or a mix of that cuz I’m a realist and exante’s a
dreamer and I think that’s why we kind of balance each other out
in that part where I always believe for the yin-yang effect with each other so
it’s good to shoot all I just meant as some people are like like going into
this and like I see something I see especially some of them really hard to
watch you see some of these family vlogs where you can see they’re like forcing
the kid into it it’s like that you know when you go what’ uh basketball or
hockey and they’re like pushing the kid because they want to get rich you know
you’re our ticket to the top I see that also with YouTube videos it’s like you
can tell the kid is so scripted and looks just like it’s about to crash from
trying to do it over ten times and it’s like you know coming up with a happy
family and then the hands are going and it’s all fake and it’s all put on and
the kid looks miserable but trying to smile
those are people set themselves up for disaster but that’s the part that’s hard
to watch same when I worked in music company
because we did endorsements of course for Marshall and Washburn and all them
we did I was directly involved with working with the signing on of new
endorsement endorses then take them to the uppers for final approval
and it’s hard because I see some people come in and all their dreams and they
have put in years but and I know right away my end within ten seconds after
they got it or not and it’s crushing to some people and a
sad but I mean that’s why when you go into stuff that has a very high success
rate of not doing not getting to the top are not becoming a living to still shoot
for the stars but also make sure you know the old expression don’t quit your
day job which JJ isn’t she’s actually can incorporate a job into her dreams
which is I mean probably the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen no
genderflux exactly and I mean you in no such way I’m actually thinking there’s
three child in my head none of them are even here but yeah you know that’s but I
do see it and that’s exactly that’s fine to have a family to have fun I just I’m
a picky on family I just took that because kids are involved but I mean
anybody I’ve seen some people saying directly they’ve told me since I’ve been
kind of in this circle I’m gonna do what do you want to do I want to be a million
and I’m gonna be a million and I got everything and it’s you’re watching it’s
like god I wish you the best but the chances are really JJ amazing
congratulations well there you’ll be the singing lawyer in it with with your car
you know in the cab I mean you can mix it all together jitters we actually handle other
youtubers and they will tell you what tell you we are just yeah exactly no
more like you know and don’t need to it’s got no bearing on you and I mean I
could sell so I could say the same I’ve seen the makeup channels I’ve seen the
same in card channels I mean in any type of genre they’re gonna have those or not
and so like don’t I just took that one just cuz of kids it just kind of came to
me you’re nowhere in that not even in that realm so you have no reason to
defend yourself in any way he’ll sing in court yeah I’m guilty he’s guilty ray
and JJ yeah that’s true that doesn’t ring to it that really does good I well
we enjoy it it’s always a great show when you’re on JJ like I said my wife
right from the beginning has been such a I mean I love you work to him but like
she just got like hooked on to it just started driving me a little crazy
nothing cuz she’s on the other side the other coach and she’s late or 2 seconds
look look look look are you gonna come see this will you deserve them JJ that’s
a good for you I mean hey it’s the least we can do is say congrats to you for
that I think that’s quite an honor that you’re getting in so and I’m sure you’re
gonna do amazing into it I’m really happy for you oh yeah there we go there
you go coast to coast y’all set you’ve been here for a while
now welcome love ish is the airport exactly are you doing today it is a fun time I mean this is what it
should be it’s not supposed to be regimented and it’s not supposed to be
arguing and it’s not supposed to be big it’s just hanging out there’s enough of
that real life I know you don’t you know don’t need it in here
Patsy Houlihan in Canada right now where I’m in in Quebec it is 12:30 my dear
Donny I like that my dear Donny it’s got a ring to it I think it’s kind of fun yeah it’s exactly jitters I feel bad
like III know I feel so bad now I never meant I hope I didn’t put you on the
spot or anything like that I never even thought of you when I was talking about
it so that’s why I was kind enough when I see you mention you’re all good my
friend it’s and it was a bad then it was a bad example I’ll use let’s go for God
just like I say from kids 1 it I don’t know you ever go to channels and it’s
just like I will say a mechanic’s channel it’s like hi there and were the
Olsen and it’s all like so staged ha ha ha I wonder where we’ll fix that
today I mean didn’t anybody get enough of that crap and seventies commercials
you know that’s what I mean by that you know just the more you’re yourself
the more people gonna connect with you and if they don’t connect with you well
then maybe just YouTube isn’t a thing it might not be our thing you know I don’t
know if it is that’s why we were terrified to even do a live stream
because it was something to wonder about that that people there was a mystique
behind us when we were doing just the cinematix cinema cinema graphic oh my
god old mate am so tongue-tied the non talking movies there and you know there
was kind of a concern about that not that we hide like kiss or anything like
that but like people really do mean us will they even still like what we do
you know we’ll take away some of the mystique from all of it you know as
maybe that’s all we have going first is a bit of the mystique on top of what we
do that they were wondering about us so I don’t know just gonna try new things
and see where it lands and you know I add the live stream has been it’s opened
a lot of things for us and there I think it’s been good normal so far and
if it’s not good tomorrow and it doesn’t work out go back to making the cinema
movies mmm never reasonably I mean I still want to do more of them
welcome artful good to have you like still surprised at how many people that
are artful okay I can’t like I say can’t add anybody right now but if you want
just if you get a chance go to our Channel and if you like what we do and
you subdue us subscribe leave a comment my little chick here uh I’ll check you
out either way you don’t have to subscribe you want to leave a comment
I’ll definitely go check you when it’s done it should say do what you feel like
doing and if you want me to go look at your channel leave a message somewhere
where I can find you know definitely go check you know I was that the mix
software you and we’re back I hope you can see me now
just part of YouTube’s magic it happens it happens like it’s so many windows
open I am over yon close that it’s just easier than trying
to weed through them all to see which ones are any good or chrome still
looking up that’s awfully I’ll keep that open check that out after Costa goes
thanks for sure and all you posted the link okay thank you well I mean I’m not
telling you guys are these don’t know already it’s just sometimes we get so
burnt out and getting told every which way to think and do stuff that you can’t
see the trees for the forest I’m really that just happens to all of us and right
now it’s just kind of my time I’m really a ting everything them what I want to be
associated with what I want to go how I want our channel used I love that I love
that and a deed a tgh travels like we always like we always good morning good
afternoon and good night love you all bye that’s nice I like both you guys
take care right and like I said we might have a couple’s night coming up in a
couple of weeks get some of the couples they’ve been on all together and panel
exactly plants they always be true to yourself you know and I will like I’m
adamantly a cuz I believe in our content and be because it’s a brand and no it’s
not coke but it’s our brand and it might mean a lot to some other people but it
means a lot to us and I want to Paul and I’m actually glad I did that because it
a way to handle what I it’s another reason for me to handle things the way
we do so really it has been I’m happy that we did it that way
yes Donny we can’t wait I love your gentleman you know we’ve been just a
little while since we connected I love your humor and stuff like that I’m more
than excited to have you on so it’s gonna be great
that’s gonna be really cool and thank you for being generous with your time
because I know what the time difference it’s not easy but see to we picked our
times difference not to step on other people’s toes you know to try and be
respectful and we’ve tried everything that seems like some nice to get along
and you still have some that you know I don’t know and I’m happy the way we’re
doing things and people want to do stuff by the way that’s great because I
believe in variety and that no way means that I want to do the way they’re doing
it you know but I’m not knocking them for I don’t want to get into knocking
them hey hey hey do what’s working for you and you feel comfortable with you
can go to the and go to bed at the end of the night and say I’m not sorry that
everybody can see this in a nutshell that’s my way of looking at it yeah I
think so close to goes by I usually I wouldn’t advise it I think every man
will be terrified for what’s gonna what the cameras go off after and you have to
explain why you gave an answer or asking her why she went and said that but it
should be interesting right on we believe thanks stuff oh it’s live in
Israel here oh yeah we uh that’s right I’m so you snuck on you Leah I always
forget your last part of your handle sorry about that yeah that’s right 1137
cuz in Louisiana is the same as what we what we have here for Atlantic time
after Quebec New Brunswick Prince Edward Island Pei and then Newfoundland is an
extra half hour on it that’s right midnight room you gotta be
comfortable on channel me another day it’s your channel and you have to live
with whatever decisions you make that are on it we’ve seen that with channel
before like somebody’s one wrong move unfortunate enough to sink it and one
good move is enough to have a blow off the charts every head is a different world
that’s right jitters 100% chitara i keep putting an S on with my apologies but
you are right exactly Donny that’s that’s the whole part of this thing was
some people get a chance to see look at me people we’ve interviewed in the short
amount of time that people like pot like you know I see it there’s no talk for
five minutes and I’ll check the participants and they’re still all there
that are really just taking in what the person sharing something about them that
they never ever guessed and that’s the same with anything it’s not just
channels with that have a mission it’s also just your own channel it’s we got
to talk about that because it’s important for people to know but it’s so
much more important to cover all the things they don’t get senior videos how
you got to where you are where you grow up what makes you interesting and we
don’t we were like philip said we never push boundaries you guys set the
boundaries I’m not here to grill anybody why the hell would somebody come and sit
through that I wouldn’t you know I like when people just open up with what they
feel like sharing and I always feel that people take away a better understanding
of that person and that will you’ve gone past into the next level with them at
that point and I do believe it makes for good subscribers yeah I keep coming back
and back and back JJ live with no regrets that’s right behind
exactly exactly we understood exactly what you meant so true and I’m glad this
night to hear you embracing that well that’s great Donny you know yeah and I’m
looking forward to it I was one once here right away when I see your channel
I think I watched what one or two videos I was like I’d love to have you on yeah
you really got an Internet I like your style on that so I’m really looking
forward to it you’re a great bunch of people and it shows in the way you treat
each other the way you treat us here in the channel or the respect you know you
know we got asked what we do and what invite that one and want advice but one
you teach them we say it’s too much work so everybody is willing to work and girl
yep what’s my style of music kind of
everything I was always I’ll always be a big eighties guy that’s gonna be me I’ll
always love the eighties rock and metal bands country I listen to because it
always makes me feel connected with my dad but not new country I like Merle
Haggard and stuff like that I still playing guitar now in them everyone so
I’ll have to go through a mama try it or something like that but I also I don’t
know what I’m doing editing and then I also like some dubstep that my music is
completely governed when I edit is by the song that just clicks with me
and then the footage comes second Eric the rented having a cut I haven’t a
coffee in a cig with you love it love it so glad you’re here guys there’s another
channel great content and there’s a guy who kind of put me through my paces cuz
when I asked Matt first he wasn’t in any movements or anything he said you know I
I i have my circle of friends and I had you know don’t not always looking for
new channels and that took a while and I appreciate that when he comes in here is
like a badge of honor then I feel like I went him over overtime that he’s seen my
integrity of what I do and stuff but he’s called me on it and I love that
he’s kept me honest so so it’s always great to see in here thanks for coming
thanks for being here Philip I can’t wait to come on I have to get a better
connection somehow or even if I don’t know if you have a friend or somebody
with a better connection that you can go to their place even to do like you know
if you can work on a time with them that would be great too but or against their
will awesome dude how’s it going this there’s another guy great video just did
one on photography guys and videography if you get a chance go check it out
really did a great job and he was asking the other night if you
know and that’s using your resources he was in with a bunch of creators we’re
not all we’re all at different levels and he wasn’t sure about the video in
the direction so he just asked people to chat I mean that’s so smart you know
already got the panel there it’s definitely from best friend your threads
India’s been asking her to do a vlog and she’s done one but she’s worried to put
it out like exam you told her make it private and then just send it to two or
three friends on here that you really trust and have them tell you what they
think of it don’t send it to your best friends that you know says everything
you do is great you want honest feedback find the three on that you feelin the
most honest to give me the true critique and and you should tap into it this was
this was more of the real music pedro’s yeah yeah even weird time with music
like when I worked for the music company we head out I want to show you guys
something that’s but some of you guys I know I’ve seen it already but some
haven’t every once in a while I bring it out just chat amongst yourselves for a
second I want to show you guys doo doo doo doo and if you haven’t seen
it already I do apologize I do because we talk a lot so there’s a small secret
photos and stuff like that I get to share a bit extra with you somewhere
else because you guys hear us talking and yapping all the time
let’s go down I didn’t really have a net yeah I know Donny that’s I understand
that too I do get that it is hard you know once you get kids in especially
when I was 23 when I had my first son and a lot of my friends still didn’t
have kids yet so they say they’re around it so cool but they you know here’s when
I worked for the music company in Montreal and these are some of the ones
I used to work with that’s Colin Mochrie well of course you don’t slash before
Paul Stanley from kiss some of these were taking up the NAMM show it’s the
big music convention in Anaheim California this is my cousin with Dave
Mustaine from Megadeth we’re backstage at the Bell Center I’d met him once or
twice before and my cousin this was his very first concert he ever went to
and yeah yeah he had a big smile from ear to ear
it was pretty happy kid for his first concert it was the Gigantor so those
liked to fight with her bands I forget their name there’s Kerry King from
Slayer I don’t know along I know it was pretty popular in the States that’s the
Canadian show at Degrassi and there the teachers there from the original series
from when I was younger and that’s my god what’s his name the rapper there oh my god I know every probably screaming
at me now oh my god is one of the biggest in the world I was just looking
see if any posted their name because it’s showing it is okay preg Northey he wrote a song for a
canadian show he’s from BAM the odds and he wrote for a corner gas which was a
big Canadian show and of course Kevin McDonald from the kids in the hall
whereas I was Dave Foley from kids Island that was their first time
together in ten years there were in Montreal to Just for Laughs festival
this is me holding one of the kids in the hall that was out of all the wrong
concerts you think to be wild they’re actually quite tame but the kids in the
hall one was pretty crazy actually by far the best about backstage I was
over at and Michael Anthony from Van Halen he was one of the first people I
ever got to meet and really one of my favorite bands so that was pretty cool this is my son and friends son from we
were backstage at the drum Fest in Montreal and that’s Daniel Adair the
drummer from Nickelback the drummer for Vancouver that took over
for the first one and Dave Martin he’s one of these famous underground guitar
shredders one of my favorite artists of all time you ever get a chance to check
him out his name is Colin James he was discovered by the stones Keith Richards
and he actually opened up for them and stuff like that he was big E’s and now
he does big band stuff but really cool yeah from guitars from Fall Out Boy and
he’s from Black Label Society that’s my sister who was on the stream
last night with the drummer from INXS she was a big fan of them this is the
singer I’d Gary Cherone from the band extreme you probably don’t even remember
the band name or a few but it says song more than words and also he did one
album with Van Halen let’s not mentioned a lot that was the first time together
in years so it was that the Disney Oh some blues and it was like special
access for your distributors in that there was like 500 people there and he
had broke it sprained his foot wasn’t supposed to fly
he flew all the way down and placed in the whole show and when he come out he
almost fainted because his foot was swollen so badly and that’s the
guitarist Nuno Bettencourt one of my favorite guitarists of all time different drummers from around these are
guys I worked with photographer the Mike Mangini he’s wanted at one point I was
with him when he broke the world record for the fastest one and strokes he did
twelve or three strokes in one minute playing on a pod
Jimmy DeGrasso he was the drummer for Alice Cooper and he was in the movie
Wayne’s World 2 with them when their analysis was there and they had drummer
i morgan rose from Sevendust yeah that’s my cousin at that concert that night
that’s the other bands like I said I can’t remember who they all are that but
if anybody knows them you can post it I think one of them is Macedon but I’m not
sure this was really cool this is a Banff need he’s called overkill and this
was the singer boy blitz and his song hello from the gutter was the very first
song I ever taught myself and guitar when I was 12 and my ten-year-old son
was there and this is a Montreal up there heavy metal festival they have
every year this was the first year they had it and we actually got to sit down
and I grabbed one of the guitars had got to play a bit while he was singing on
top of it with my son there so that was amazing Randy Rhoads sister well the
family of them us should say who was killed in a plane crash law you know was
guitars for Ozzy Osbourne and that’s when they did it they brought back the
sanatorium Nicky sticks I didn’t get a picture of money on the side so I just
took it after George Lynch another big guy from the eighties from Dakin and the
lynch mob later armed the band warrant the guitarist Joey Allen drummer Steve
asleep that was on side stage with anthrax when
they were playing at the festival another TV show we work with the same
ones in the SEVIS Degrassi Drake that was the guys name from Degrassi yeah I
met Drake back when he was still in a wheelchair and Degrassi doing his acting
thing I know would come back to me just know that that’s my son with me working
with me it’s a long time ago no he’s 20 years old and living on his
own these were two very very tall security guards we got we had Tommy Lee
from the drummer from Motley Crue dropped by our booth and he didn’t want
no pictures he didn’t want anybody there and these guys just touched hands and
like within 10 seconds everybody was gone they were friendly but there was no
stopping them once they started moving and this is my a son with jim marshall
who created Marshall amplifiers and that was really cool cuz he passed away and I
got to meet him a good bit during the years I worked there cuz we’re the
distributor and he signed my son’s amps and stuff like that he has a minute my
son we bought my son a mini Marshall stack it’s got two one-foot cabinets
with a 6-inch head and he signed all three got to hang out with him for a bit
father allowed there was on stage with warrant more warrant yeah I was free his
name from the scorpions say Rudolph this was a team we brought back a line of
guitars called – guitars there’s one guitar player what’s his name Greeley DD
Greeley you probably see him comment some of your videos in these pictures
the headstock of the guitar was the headstock for the guitar oh we brought
back and I see one of his videos he’s playing in acoustics doing a review and
I said look in the sound hole you’re gonna see a label there and you can see
it in the video and it’s me that created that label I did all the packaging and
labeling for it and that’s it sorry guys I couldn’t see the I couldn’t
see the chat while it was going through my apologies Christi’s thank you and
thanks guys just a little I miss it a lot because I was working in the music
business years after I stopped playing it I used to have hair down to here and
all the tattoos I was a drummer and thrash bands because I was always that
guy that grew up in the country yeah so I could hunt yes I worked on farms but I
always wanted to get to the city as fast as possible there’s a lot of rural areas
if you don’t listen to one type of music you know you’re kind of under the flock
so I could listen to it but I was always wanting to get out more and catch the
shows and then be a part of that you know I seen somebody mentioned Vinnie
Paul I met Vinnie Paul at that NAMM show was his first public appearance after a
dime bag was killed and of course there’s no cameras there there’s some of
them you just couldn’t take pictures there and that was one of those examples
I mean he was still it was maybe two months after and just all he can do is
just give the guy your sympathies and stuff like that you know oh I wasn’t
such a celebrity they were celebrities what I basically did was we’re in the
indoor and the Megadeth will take Dave Mustaine okay they’re playing Toronto
Calgary and Vancouver it was kind of my job to set up dates for clinics for them
and then sometimes I go or another rep would go we go with them meet them in
the day take them to the dealer they come and sign a bunch of stuff maybe
have a giveaway and a lot of times we gave away a couple of backstage passes
for something to go and watch the show and then go backstage and then we would
take them back I was a marketing I did I was a promotions coordinator was my
official title and we created it because of what I’ve encompassed I did all the
marketing advertising for 21 high-profile music lines
oh well thing so much for coming JJ and yeah I’m gonna
have to shut it down guys pretty soon because I’m gonna go and spend some of
the day with the kids and what I didn’t expect so many people to be on this
morning it’s very heartwarming and I really appreciate all of you
Oh x-ray tech welcome I’m sorry uh uh I didn’t if I missed you one when I was
doing all that so so good daddy here I still love your name you see it certain
handles really stick out so I just watched no more videos the thing was
last night or yesterday afternoon you guys are really great people and always
say we’re also honored to have you guys what’d you do what’d you guys do you do
amazing so I feel that by uh surrounding ourselves with people like you it makes
us look in a better light so I really appreciate it you too Eric and he
created my friend like I said I meant what I said you always kind of I felt
kind of kept me from ever sliding to anything less than a decent standard so
I owe you a lot I really appreciate it and you know I want to have you on
sometime I really do I want to talk about everything Oh guys I got a call
coming in sorry so I’m gonna let you go and I’ll talk to you soon thank you so
much for coming by you guys have a great day
cheers and keep creating bye now

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