Puppy Socialization | What you NEED to know about Puppy Socialization

is Steven s our dog training today I want to talk about puppy socialization everybody hears the term puppy socialization and they think they know what it means and they think they're applying it with their new puppy but what I found is working with hundreds of different dogs and puppy owners is that people don't truly understand the importance of puppy socialization what do I mean by puppy socialization I mean between the ages of eight weeks and 16 weeks old that your puppy is exposed to a large variety of humans other animals including other dogs as well as novel stimuli what do I mean by novel stimuli I mean garbage trucks bicycles baby carriages shopping carts everything that they'll come in contact with on a fairly routine basis as an adult dog why is this so important this is so important because the weeks of eight weeks old and 16 weeks old is the formative period that we can't give back for our puppies so I hear it all the time owners will say I'll take my puppy out and you know when weather gets nicer I'll wait until he's this age we're all wait until this you can't wait because you can't get this period back so whenever I tell this to owners we always get the objection well my dog's not up to date on its vaccinations I'm not a vet so I can't make recommendations on vaccinations and what should be done with that however I do know the importance of proper social aid socialization during this period so whether that be you know you're just having friends come over the house to meet your puppy whether you've taken the other friend's house you take them out in the car car with you for car rides see life from the from the view of the car whether you have another dog in the family or a neighbor down the street that you know it's a healthy fully vaccinated well-behaved dog that you want your dog to me however you choose to set this up is up to you and that's your prerogative into your discretion however I want to stress the importance of puppy socialization between the weeks of eight weeks old typically when people acquire a puppy they're from a breeder possibly a pet store which is a whole nother topic or from a rescuer shelter which I encourage everyone to always choose to adopt so between 8 weeks and 16 weeks old that's the window of opportunity that we must take advantage of obedience training leash walking tricks and all this other stuff you want to do with your dog save that for later on I don't care about that you want to socialize your puppy this is going to prevent or help to prevent a lot of behavior issues later on down the road because the way our dog views light and views things that they view as scary fearful it's going to encourage a fearful response or aggressive response is predicated on what they learn during the weeks of eight weeks old and 16 weeks old okay now to go along with this I have my puppy training checklist article that I want you to take a look at because it's gonna list a whole variety of different aspects of life that you want to expose your dog to in conjunction with that one make sure all the interactions are positive interactions only that means they're happily meeting people other animals they should not get a fearful response from every it's anything you should not get growling barking or anything negative these are positive only interactions that you must have with your dog so that means I'm gonna set these interactions up with dogs that I know play well with other dogs people that I know we're going to handle the puppy correctly children that are well behaved you don't want the dog to associate any of these stimuli with a fearful or nervous reaction okay now the last thing I want to say is I want these to be permission-based interactions what do I mean by that what I mean is one of your dog most people can play my dog just runs up to other dogs to meet them runs up the people pulls me towards this pulls me towards that why is that because they learn to do that so your dog comes across other dogs other people your puppy should not be pulling towards them you should determine whether your puppy goes and meets that person so I'm going to keep my going with me on a short leash at my side maybe I'll have them sit wait and if I want them to go meet that person because I know who they are and I want them to interact I'll release them and tell them okay they can do so you don't want your dope your dogs knee-jerk reaction be just oh I see somebody or some dog and I want to go see them no that's not safe and it's not polite so just as you would with a child you wouldn't let your three-year-old child run up to any stranger they meet on the street in New York City neither should your dog okay so you're going to give permission to your dog to keep them safe to make sure the interactions are appropriate to keep the general public safe you're going to create permission based interactions you're going to do that now with your puppy don't wait til later on so once again this is Steve with SR dog training just talking about puppy socialization and the critical importance of this between weeks of eight weeks old and 16 weeks old so check out my my full article the puppy training socialization checklist down in the description below and good luck with training your puppy

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