wait am I like am i actually record okay it's been a minute man it's been a minute yeah welcome back to my channel guys I hope you guys enjoy the video but the coupe's back on the grind man you see all your screen right now we're bout to select our fantasy team captain I think Ryan shazier is the easy choice right here especially because I just play somebody with Ryan shazier and dude was super fast but yo it feels good to be back bro back on bad in 20 what do you mean man what do you mean the game was actually crazy too like I won on a last-second field goal bro and I pulled this Chris Harris broke the Chris Harris is so good but let me tell you what happened I thought I was recording everything bro and I wasn't I wasn't recording I haven't recorded gameplay like the facecam is so long that I forgot I forgot to turn on my my capture device so yeah these are my packs from earlier now I have to open up more packs which I'm sure you guys aren't mad about because I'm getting a better team but I mean I wish I could've showed you guys the pack opening because rank my pack opening 1 through 10 right now I thought I thought I got a pretty good first pack opening I mean this Chris Harris is really good he's a beast bro Xavier Rhodes was ok nobody else really stood out I had a lot of time in the pocket thanks to my offensive line missions for Joe Staley those guys were balling out right now I'm just I'm kind of in disbelief like I can't believe it didn't Russell I it's always the best games that don't record I don't know if any of you guys have ever had like a problem like that before but now we look at the auction house earlier it wasn't this populated starting to starting to populate up a little bit I'm feeling the Odell Beckham right here man I would love to pull him Ezekiel Elliott happy abby's pull man I didn't see these guys earlier I know Michael Thomas is like an 85 I wouldn't mind pulling a Mike Christian McCaffrey will be a good card to feature I just want to pull like a big name earlier my best pull was it was a kicker so I'm sure you guys I mean you're probably not too mad about not seeing that video looky would be a star Aaron don't be so much he's so expensive guys I'm going to get you guys gameplay tomorrow with an amazing squad and if we get this video to 100 likes I'll drop some gameplay today so you guys see the 24 gridiron bundle on the screen but let me know man and it feels good to be back bro especially I imagine I'm going to pull the elite player packs last I just feel like so bad though then I recorded a full video bro Robert Kelly Peyton Barbour I'm excited though one thing I don't like about Madden right now I don't I don't like to dicks about bro packs I don't like the card are either those are probably like two of my biggest gripe for the card art and like what the heck did my pro packs look go I don't care if you guys think these packs are like better values I've just always liked associated like Protex was like I don't know like a good time and mud and I'm not saying like mutts gonna be bad this year or like its declining I mean I'll let you guys decide that in the comments below but like personally bro oh let's go eat one Ben Roethlisberger my first elite pull of the day I actually think my first elite was Joe Staley 26,000 quick sound yes sir I don't even have to use freaking Derrick card more guts that guy was so but yo he's a piece probably nice in real life but our man he was so bad but another facto fat what do you mean I would even gotta use Big Ben anymore Oh Angela 74 speed 80 throw power 86th or accuracy short 82 mid 80 to throw accuracy deep 79 throw under pressure any to throw on the run 79 play-action bold I don't know if I should use Big Ben or Andrew Luck in the gameplay throwback to backing leads bro those are good poles I don't care what anybody says because this is big bin is at least 30 plus K then this luck I mean quarterbacks are so hard to come by early on in mud bro yes okay so I don't I don't feel as bad anymore about the first pack opening not you know like continuing to record but I hope that's not my best ful stille bro I'm trying to find Odell Beckham in these packs I'm trying to find these EQ I want to find a tie really nice bag fo Tyree kills cars they're always so glitchy at the stardome up man who else Oh DeAndre Hopkins would go crazy bro Hawk is right here bro I'm the pack bro these packs are Jews my best pull in my first pack and I spent 200 the first pack opening bro it was illustrating object rosen's I didn't even know you how we know that is bro I'm like a die-hard NFL fan I only know that is bro but now I got Travis treasure it bro my offensive line is going to be peace yes they're hooking it up right now you see this 85 run blah 80 pass blah 83 run block flower row with development cookies about to go crazy bro okay for some reason the silver made me think it was like the ultimate freeze like card or something but I love it man don't play with me right now yes got me in that mood again man that's that's a deadly move Jake but okay alright so I don't want that to be my best ball bro I don't know if you guys remember but like years ago I packed like Odell Beckham like day one bro it was so great I think it was day one it was like my far one of my favorite holes in history of mud but like outside of that I don't think I have much day one luck even though these packs have been like kinda juicy another kicker hotel dream Jack's I'll take April back to back again Robinson oh man these pets are Jews bro that's my second time getting back-to-back elite poles 81 speed 83 spec cat I'm kind of old-fashioned though you know I'll really consider these like full-on elite but I mean a there's the paint red I'm ready fill me a tea acceleration 80 jumps me at 84 play right he's cool he'll probably play for me I was hoping that was gonna be a triple bond I hope so I was hoping I was gonna be a third Alicia all right let's let's get it man we haven't even got to the three top crews honestly though they should have made the stoppers better they should have just gave you 185 or better guaranteed elite card in the software like that's that's fact bro that's what they should have did but you know yeah they'll always do everything we always want Alexander how is he such a low overall goal car you know beast last season's bro my guys you obviously got y'all see that yeah see yeah that's me right there that's me right bro Andrew lucky I'm in I'm in oh I didn't tell you guys this ultimate team what I plan to do this this Madden 20 cycle I want to be mainly gameplay you guys will see pack openings and all that I don't know if you guys like my pack openings before more or I don't know if you like my gameplay more but I really enjoy doing the gameplay videos now what I'm going to do is I'm going to try to be like a gameplay factory I don't want to say one today but there's gonna be a lot of days where I'm turning out gameplay on back-to-back days just because that's how that's how I want to I want to you know I want to be involved it Oh there you all no no no okay good day one fools this might be the most unlucky lucky thing that's ever happened to me in my life cause I don't open these packs in my recording 12 38 36 12 33 okay everything's kind of synced up bro I hope so nervous I was like I'm not recording this like ps4 sharing I don't know I'll go make a video a screenshot bro what in the world bro what bro that's who I wanted that never happens it's like the girl did you like that like like the girl it's attractive sheep are attracted back but that never happened right Oh power uh yes yes hey I thought I thought dude was collection yeah they did him dirty I know you got like pics on Facebook or something they could use they did him dirty with no picture bro I know you got a IG or Twitter letting people know in the leaguer and like training camper so I mean I was you got a flex different but bro hey shut up shut up a little check that bro though check out doing this thing man little check the duck I'm going to fast now no I'm just spoiled what am I even I'm gonna monster I got it I got it like peach my skin I don't even know who I'm gonna come becoming breath oh my gosh bro 81 to be 81 acceleration 76 pursue a four-player bro but become a monster bro twenty-one savage childish gambino it's heavy to a monster in a beetle poster right here snap bro ah now bro how do I even title this video oh snap bro my brain is going crazy right now TK Metcalfe I'm getting I'm getting game play with him can I can I like poor Ricky I'm gonna gameplay with him best believe it Xavier roads Allah he's gonna slow he's getting so but cuz I already have one but I me I don't bro pass rush you need pass rush this year you need pass rush bro pass rushers can dominate a game so hard this year honestly it's over powers but you gotta adapt adapt to be left behind bro DK I'm putting them in the lineup it's not like I have crazy receivers anyway I got to get back into like the ultimate team mindset bro I got to remember like players you guys want to see how they were Brown Hollywood black I might throw him in the lineup too bro oh my gosh bro my lineup Travis or as Rick a CEO Elliott I got to I got an ax left I got I got an elite right tackle an elite left tackle bro you can't even you gotta that's why you put good vibes out into the world bro like the vibes will reward you like you feel me odd we haven't even got to my elite pack but yeah yeah yeah do you better in real life than he is on mud but I like you now we got some cloudy names like we got some names that are fun to watch in a game play oh man this pack opening is like changing not to like like like my life oh man what do you even how do you even I know how do you even know I don't remember how to delete me in this stuff bro I got a I got a look at the most like click MIDI names that I got to be like okay that's that's the name that's just had a lot of music in this game play the most click baby titles on YouTube I just gotta take one throw it on my game play I mean throw it on my on my game play my pack opening I'm too excited man it's been so long bro Damien Harris it's been way too long why does he have that number we still got another gridiron pack left okay in light hindsight I think my past my first pack opening might have been terrible compared to this one I don't think it was close now if we get a hotel at this point or DeAndre Hopkins Wow 76b any acceleration 83 play right but I'm gonna have cards I could use her now – that's the game changer that's a game changer having cards you can use your bro I was like using some some really bad gold linebacker and the last game I play while my opponent was flying around the field but freaking Ryan shazier for rookie or no power of power my bad my bad my bad my busy my busy Rodney Hudson I don't need you I'll need your micel you it's already got Travis maybe I should sell Travis Reggie okay let me know who you guys think I should sell down in the comments below you think after playing mutt for like eight years I would know the cooks this is such a good pool this is such a good pool just for speed alone oh my gosh bro like he's going to be expect I would I would guess he's going to be expensive because he's fast and he's not a terrible car wow I'm no I'm no hater either Brandon cooks man you wanted out of New Orleans bro do you think bro do your thing bro I don't like the Rams though cuz we got robbed we got robbed the elite player pack type in you have music come on man I don't know people still useful backs like that anymore but amen 84 overall Kyle's I've never been able to say his last name the obese a that's actually good for Z that's actually super fired for Z this is bro that's a crazy just another crazy pool 84 I'm so I've been so spoiled this pack opening bro yo cooks though it's not it's not Hill it's not Hill but it's like still this guy's a beast this guy is a beast this guy's like the perfect for 300 lb bro he's 6 foot 3 – Wow power uh oh I don't gonna right tackle you're going on the auction house oh my gosh watch I'm gonna play bad with Z that's just the way the world works subscribe right now if you knew like like the video this is the most this is the best pack opening I've ever had to start my this is Wow Wow Wow Wow Wow Wow opponent let's get it bro month you'll get gameplay right now Robi should have liked the video subscribe who miss me man I'll be coop you should have subscribe bro gameplay coming soon Wow

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