Public Speaking Tips from the Pacific Speech & Debate Society

hi my name is Jocelyn Howard I’m on the
Pacific Speech and Debate team and here are five quick tips to improve your
public speaking the first is don’t sway because when you
sway you look nervous plant your feet directly on the ground
and stay still the second one is oh I’m doing it because I forgot what I was
going to say don’t look up when you’re trying to think of what you’re going to
say because then it looks like you don’t know what you’re going to say the third
one is keep your hands above your waist when you give tips and tricks don’t keep
them by your lower half because you don’t want people looking down there you
want people looking up here the fourth one is probably my favorite if you mess
up in the middle of a speech don’t say sorry ignore it and move forward and
pretend like nothing happened because maybe they won’t notice and last but
definitely not least the more you practice the easier it gets public
speaking can be a lot of fun but you just have to put in the work
I love public speaking and I want other people to love it just as much as I do
you just have to put yourself out there you

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