thank Stephanie and I'm 29 years old hi my name is Mallory and I am 29 years old we start with the discussion of marriage and family do you believe in marriage what are your views about marriage yeah I believe it's there definitely changed I will say that it takes time to know someone and who they truly are so when I was married I was 23 and it was just pure infatuation you know I thought I did think I was in love at that time but I've learned over the years that you really have to get to know someone before you you make that huge commitment yes I do believe in marriage my thoughts about marriage are when two people who love each other are together uh no I don't believe probably wait another year two if marriage has changed because when you're young it's more of two in my experience it's a lot of times it's more of a physical type of love and the intimacy of that two people can share it's more physical but I think as you age and you get to know one another and having been married for a number of years I think the commitment you go through different things in your marriage different like maybe as you get older there's illnesses family events you know things that happen with your family members you know aging parents so it becomes more of a I think more compromising with one another because you're not always going to be you know so eager to please one another do you eventually want a family children I do but not it's not so like a fantasy of mine I think you would really unrealistic when I first wanted a family I want to make three kids I wanted to live on a farm and have like this man like this regular man and wife relationship but now I'm okay with just one child if I get yes eventually I want a family in the relationship that I'm in it you can't exactly have kids together so it be through adoption or IVF between two or three kids one daughter I might add want children but I I wasn't okay I just wasn't able to have more children because for whatever reason I don't know I would I just never became pregnant with another child and just not for lack of trying but just it wasn't I guess it wasn't meant to be Sternberg seven forms of love are based upon his argument that love is made up of three different components passion intimacy and commitment what type of love describe your current relationship a current relationship it does have commitment and passion but intimacy in the book is described as the ability to share one's deepest and most secret feelings and thoughts with one another and I can't say that that is there for my relationship so it would be factual of where its commitment of passion but no intimacy I believe that my relationship includes passion and to a certain extent intimacy but you know you never know what your partner might think it could be differently and 100% commitment I relationship probably be fatuous commitment and passion but knowing no it doesn't that's commitment some intimacy that my form of love that I have in my marriage right now is a consummate love meaning that it has commitment intimacy and passion

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