Psychosocial Bass Tutorial (Part 2)

one on the E string 5 on any string go some 306 on the E string I don't need to teach how to do the rhythm listen to the song go to the guitars you'll get the rhythm yourself oh and then it goes back to the verse after that no but it's I it's it's it's actually like the guitars do it like it's something like it's a slide from 12 I don't do that I just do this yeah I did that I just start from the 5th fret then I go from six and five six and five and like I did before again if you don't know how to do the verse and you forgot it already go back in the video you'll see me after that wait what I want to after that there's a solo there's two parts to the solo until it gets to the open notes arm Jim and Mick very eight now it will this shift in between that now that is none of your concern as a bass player you just need to be doing two things you start with doing the verse riff twice you know um that tap might be wrong though I'm gonna tell you right there i'ma tell you right on another disclaimer for the verse the tab via the guitar tab ends at two i end at one that's just how it sounds right to me again like I said this is not the right way to play this is my way to play and people are still asking me um and then listen to the rhythm guitar rhythm guitar if you don't know is the one that's not doing the solo and it's going to be doing the verse earth and it's going to go to the course um at the end what before I go to the open notes it it's just stopped 25 and just stay there five and then I get all pick just lets the open a string and then you know I'm forgetting the rhythm but you'll get it if you if you just do what I did even that's slide you a little better than I did you know watch watch the video and see if you can do that and then it goes into this 320 320 after that you should be golden there's just a little more that I have to teach you for that on I'm assuming that you're doing the full version of the song so that's the parts way screams limit of the Dead I limits on the dead arm then it goes into the verse and then it goes to the course um and then there's this really fast rift that Mick does and I think it Jim does it to it or you don't like it's really sucked in and there's like a pinch you just do all open notes on the a that's what I do I don't know what the base really does I can check the tab I can check the guitar pro tab and then I can do that sup or if you just play like you see it in the video and it's just open B it's actually a string see I even mixed that up it's the a string open and then 6th fret on the high a string as the pinch so it's just and then again like I said you do not have to do the pinches that's just for me to add a little flavor spice again what the hell you want to call that to the riff do not have to do that actually that was on the i was on the pork that i meant this 6th fret like i said i'm not teaching you professional I'm just saying for those two people that ask me this is a video for you um and then at the end is just just follow the song in case you didn't notice the last two notes or 32 okay obviously a really crappy amp you know it's like a really small practice amp which is like why the sound flaws occurring um you could probably if you can hear the home that's where that's coming from 0 again I'm not I'm not teaching you the rhythm I'm not teaching you any theory or dynamics of them I'm just telling you what brought you up to it where you have to hit them in high a phantom just go with the song um you'll be fine just uh you know go with this on listen to song over and over though with that the main problem is actually the beginning to deferred people do that that people have a major problem that one practice it time it you know what I mean um actually the first three iya don't even get that um it takes a lot of practice a lot of time on I'm gonna say this again so I know I'm gonna get the stupidest comments dole this is not a professional teaching and this is not i'm not saying this is the right way to play i'm saying this is the closest way i can get to the song by ear i'm not doing the temp actually the tab for this i put up myself so I mean actually that needs to get data to to what I'm actually do here um but again I did about your teenage bass down to drop a not drop p or speed standard at all tune into a plate like that you'll be great all the other thing up the gauges on your string if you have to this is this is a 135 render this is 135 if you're using a four-string you you better up up your gauge a little bit because you're not going to be able to not going to be able to get that tension that you want on a really small gauge you know what I mean like if you didn't 90 base you know god help me to do that um thanks for watching if you got this far again and like I said if you found this that is completely easy completely pointless is not for you thanks for watching that is psychosocial on base you

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