PSYCH-K – Interview with Duccio Locati about Health and Wellbeing

okay hello – Joe how are you today hello beautifully amazing and happy to be here with or with you for the interview and with all the people who will listen to and really grateful for their time thank you where are you today I'm in Switzerland today is it gold over there recall there was a little bit of snow for a few minutes it's around between 5 ds Celsius and zero but it's it's and it's beautiful it's beautiful I love to travel for my job but when when I'm at home I really enjoy to stay at home I'm just surrounded by my nature I think you can understand completely I'm in Colombia nice and sunny out here so really the same Switzerland in Colombia very very similar also dry and humid no no nothing no difference okay so great we already have over 10 people with us and we have mighty staff from Peru so let's have asked who's joining us to tell us where they're coming from we already told them where we are and then we can start to share what things we want to share with them today sure sure say hi to Maurice I remember Marissa from Paris yes yes Oh like a dream the end from Colombia people from everywhere so cool yes yes yes the beauty of Sergei is that it's internationally beautiful absolutely yeah it was one of the beautiful things about it that I love is all the places that I've gotten to go that I hadn't been there before and the beautiful people that we meet everywhere yes different cultures and yeah and something that it's the same in all the people attracted by psyche right exactly the essence yeah so we have people from Italy from Uruguay from Phoenix so anything that he doesn't know you yet but he wants to pretty soon and he sends you greetings so so fun ok d so tell us a little bit about your story with psyche and what brought you to this amazing process okay actually it was me my desperate me who brought me to psyche sorry but long story short I I am an osteopath I really love Osteopathy and all the connection between mind and body and in during my research and Osteopathy I was really interested in the connection between mind and body and in 2007 if I'm not wrong I came in contact with Bruce Lipton's amazing book biology of belief and I was really looking for something simple and effective to help to help people not only working with their body and when I reached the last page and I saw psyche that okay just like a white hole not a black hole white hole attracting me and I said okay this is I need to know everything about that so I checked the first workshop in Europe I attend a basic workshop following with the advance of workshop and I immediately knew this was for me this is this is me actually like every facilitator seconds is not separate from us but it's it's us and I immediately started to work with myself because I was pretty a mess about self-esteem and a lot of stuff so I I was able to see the results weed myself and how people recognize these results outside so I started to use it in my practice too and I sold there two beautiful results and that's why I now or since 2013 I decided to commit 100% to say Kay and I I stopped to do osteopath II I still love it like many other methodologies but my life is really psyche and my passion my two big passion in my life are for sure health and well-being and even beyond that it's spirituality but spirituality in a beautiful way it's looking remembering Who I am so looking for the Enlightenment really so to look for my essence and this is the the most beautiful thing I can think of and I'm so lucky to be able to do that as part of my job if I can call it job because if I die so I'm really blessed yeah and is my path it's enduring I become also for sure I become a basic instructor advanced instructor and in 2012 2011 Rob Williams Sakhi originator asked me if I wanted to take care of the health and well-being program we're facilitators can learn how to work with psyche in a more effective way in order to reach and maintain an optimal health and well-being state so beautiful so some questions about what you've already said you mentioned how you're one of your passions is spirituality and how does that link about finding your essence how's that linked with the psyche proposal I can say that's everything I think it's really really really the the essence was about we are used to talk about health job relationships as different subject and they are different subject for sure at a certain level but once we are really able to see the big picture and to see that everything is connected the end at the moment the more we are connected to our source to our to our divine essence the more everything else relationship have job money and everything else will go in place so I think it's really everything so and it's such a beautiful and easy way to to to have beauty in your life to have success in your life but not the usual usual description of success that just money money money is when it will be there you will have plenty of resources also from the money point of view but not because this is your goal that's the point and for ya now go ahead right sorry for her and for health is it's it's really the same because the title or the interview today was living longer or living an extraordinary life it's it's for surely a bit a provocative title because I believe we already live forever because we we we can say for simplifying everything that we are made of three major components that are body mind and spirit and if if we want to take this three component components in the in our day-to-day life we can talk about our body as a car beautiful car very advanced car our mind subconscious mind unconscious mind as a driver and our super conscious mind or whatever you want to call it as the copilot that's that's really the real pilot but it let us believe let us think we are the real pilot because we have also freewill during this life and what is this about a super conscious mind because we may be very familiar eyes with the term German maybe those who are with us today some of them already know it and some don't the super conscious mind is really our inner wisdom is our essence is the part of us that knows everything about liya our life path what's safe and appropriate for us and why we are here for it is the part of us that is really all the wisdom and all the answers and we can call it in any way any possible way someone calls it spirit soul oneness angels if you don't believe in all any of them we just call it intuition and it's it's one key part we work with in in with psyche because with the psyche will work with conscious mind subconscious minds and what's called super conscious mind but you can you really name it in the way you prefer so that's more familiar for you so and the problem also related to health and about aging is that the majority of people believe that we are the car that we are the body ok and that's why we are so obsessed with it we for sure we have to take care of our body to to to eat good food to exercise to main to to have a regular maintenance of it but if we focus too much or only on the car / body we we are really missing the big picture that we are spiritual being having a human experience and not just flesh bones and organs and the car is in my perception is a precious 3-dimensional vehicle that our multi-dimensional spirit superconscious chose for this part of the evolution that's our our life and this part of our evolution is experienced through our conscious and subconscious mind through our beliefs so this is a kind of connection between our body mind spirit and our body has we think that our body has beautiful self repairing and regenerating mechanisms but it's not like that actually these mechanisms these programs are managed by our mind and made by our sub subconscious mind who manages our autonomous nervous system and a proof of that that is not the body having these programs and of self repairing and regenerating is that this process would keep going also in a dead body if the body would be responsible for that but when when when the mind when the soul is not anymore inside the body there is no regeneration process so it's not the body itself it's not a matter itself that's repairing itself it's the program sent to the matter that allows the body to self repair and to heal and that's why and another I think I've read this in a beautiful book another really tangible and real three-dimensional example that we are not our body we are way beyond that we are our essence spirit whatever we want to call it is is that if you if you think about one man who has his consciousness at a certain point how his life this man has an accident and for example this act because of this accident both of his legs have to be amputated but not because his consciousness is not amputated his consciousness even if he is without legs is still entirely there for sure he is affected by the accident and some things needs to be there but there is not an amputation of consciousness of who we really are who we really are always stay there even if the body is not and mother ok so it's really I'm trying to offer some different perspective in order to help who's also listening to see body health and the aging process in a really different way where all the three levels of of the mind can can collaborate and that's why that's why it's so important and critical to work with our mind and particular with our subconscious mind to to end with our spirit to help and maintain an optimal health and well-being state because it's these two components the subconscious mind and the super conscious mind under the conscious will and desire of taking care of the body mm-hmm so now we have talked about the car the body the mind the driver is very important too because it drives the car so it decides where he/she/it want to go and that's the subconscious mind mainly it controls all the functions of the car and usually it's able to repair the majority of the issues the car can have okay but this according to the beliefs of the mind so the mind can be a very good mechanic car mechanic or a very poor car mechanic according to the beliefs of the driver so if the driver is has very a lot of limiting beliefs like I cannot do that I will never recover I don't have enough energy this is impossible very likely the car will not have a very healthy life because it's a con if the driver is a very trained expert driver the car will very likely have a much healthier life because the driver will know exactly what to do when something happened and I think that this is what we do it's okay we train the driver we we let the driver grow become more and more experts so that we are able to take care of our body the car in the best possible way and also we need to be wise because like Rob William says everything is possible not probable so sometimes even if you are an expert driver you will need someone and it's an external is some someone helping you from the outside in order to help your car to recover like surgery or anything else from medicine okay so you need wisdom okay you need to really recognize where you are you're you're all your powers or your energies or your gift but also your limits so that you don't exaggerate towards the other side okay really it's so so so important to to be able to train our subconscious mind in our mind that's the driver in the best possible way so that the driver automatically takes care of the car that's our body in the best possible way and we do that with psyche in a very effective a simple way how because there is a third one that's the co-driver the co-driver that's the super cautious or the spirit and that has all the wisdom okay and imagine we are in our car that's the body imagine I am the mind and this is my spirit okay this is the co-driver this is my expression of the code right it's my best representation okay so our spirits that's on our right or left depending if you are driving in the UK or somewhere else the world the co-driver who loves us unconditionally is always there to give us the best suggestions if we are willing to listen to to to him and sometimes we are so busy in our life for our jobs relationship and so on that we are not ready willing and able to listen to spirit superconscious messages so sometimes the superconscious says Duccio you need to stop and I don't stop I still go I accelerate to assure you need to stop which you need to stop I don't so the spirit will say okay let's check if there is another more effective way to tell ducha to stop and said okay i will turn on all the hazard warning lights so he will see that and he will stop but like we do very often we just put a piece of paper over all the lights so we don't see the lights but the lights are on okay and this is what we do when we have for example some painting we take a painkiller without working first for what's related to the pain I'm not saying do not take a painkiller sometimes is absolutely unnecessary but also work with with what's behind that and if if I cover with the paper all the hazard warning lights the spirit will say okay let me check if there is even something more effective I can pierce a wheel or damage the transmission so he will be obliged to stop and I'm talking about the body okay so at this point when our body reaches a limit we can have we can have three options for sure more than three but I can offer three option we we stop and we try to repair the car or body but without listening to the superconscious just trying to make a Nikoli repair it and sometimes the superconscious will come back in a hard way to tell you you didn't listen to me I have to find another way to – to help you to listen – yes exactly yeah another option that we do it's like a very very often it's a very beautiful way to proceed is that we listen to our spirit superconscious and we balance for what what the message is for what the superconscious is telling us and then we put these in practice into now into our life there is a third way that I think the most elegant and beautiful way and it's also the simplest exactly but because of one little thing that trust it can be also the most difficult that means just little thing exactly that we can use psyche to balance in order to let our spirit wisdom okay to take care of everything even beyond our consciousness so inside K we we don't need every time to know the reasons and to work with the reasons of something that's happening in order to transform a condition because our system has all the information needed and can take care of everything if we believe that but there there is is an issue a control issue because if the driver mean that I don't know what what's that because I control ladies no no no no no absolutely actual sales completely a control freak and if the mind is there with the wheel doesn't want to to to to to let go the wheel and say okay please please exactly we believe it can crush this yes sir that's a crazy end never leave the wheel if you don't believe 100% that he will take care if not you will crash that's that so once we are able 100% to trust that this part of us because this is us is taking care of everything we will be able to live that to take our hands off the wheel and to let this part of us drive that's that's the most as I said beautiful simple and elegant way and because it requires a lot of trust those are also sometimes difficult because I okay in P deep my super conscious checked really everything or there is something more there maybe I will check if there is something more super cautious I will try I trust you about is just too is just just we need to be 100% sure and we are in this trap sometimes it's a process right it's a process we started with like a at the basic level well we we probably come in because we have some ideas of things that are not going right we think that we because we get to choose a goal which is a very important part to honor our conscious mind and we we go through the process in that way and to reach what you're saying it's it's a path it's a journey to death it's a better idea absolutely absolutely and regarding that I've heard in last year's many people saying oh I have this health and well-being situation condition that I would love to transform I have to come to the health and well-being workshop for sure you will learn how to manage in the best way possible but don't be limited you will be able to work with your health and well-being right after the basic workshop so don't be limited like this belief exactly because during the basic to practice and the second day where we learn how to use okay in a daily life and we start there exactly and actually one of the most healing experience of I think our entire life is the divine integration retreat that apparently has nothing about health but really is dealing with ES disease illusion of separation disease like our brilliance decline it calls it and that's that's really the the disease and that's why the divine integration retreat is really the essence of psyche and and it's the ultimate gift not second beautiful so maybe we could share with people who who are watching that some of them some of them I know their facilitators because I'm seeing them from I've seen them from other workshops and other conversations with that but some are not so how is the path with psyche how do we get to what you teach oh it's first to attend the basic worship use it with yourself and other then advanced worship and that by itself well you you will be the first minute of the first day and you will be really a different human at the end of the fourth day and then after the basic and advanced II you can attend the health and well-being and really you can attend basic and advanced worship all around the world with I have no words to define the beauty and the skills of our instructor community i we are really blessed to to be able such to have such a web that covers all the world of amazing beings that are willing and able to share the this methodology and you really if you look on the on the website you can find worship all around the world and you cannot go wrong so we seek would do the advanced and then why go to the health and well-being program I think there are two two main reasons I've seen people who are in the health and well-being field like medical doctors chiropractors osteopath on your path or physiotherapist holy sticks so they they want to have to know more on how to use okay in a simple and effective way at the same time in the health and well-being field and let's be clear psyche is not a substitute for medicine it's a compliment okay it's something that can really be useful to join to with official medicine for example or other kind of medicines and I've seen also a lot of facilitators who just came for their own health they because it's so important and so precious that they wanted to learn how to manage health and their health conditions in a different way and how to really think differently because once you are able to see something that you are stuck with since a lot of years in a completely different way and to see a solution and to balance for the solution and to put in practice this solution really it's a miracle and that's that's the main reason also it's about really how to learn second a the health field in the best way and there is also marvelous balance that Rob created that the OT health about being balanced where there are 22 pairs of goal statements regarding taken from the psycho narrow and doctrinal immunology and thanks to this balance the person who will experience this balance will be able to integrate the 22 programs 22 beliefs that are common to the health healthier happier more successful people in the world so it's it's really it's really a blessing sorry bastard so here is where we we connect the theme of our invitation today about living better or living longer because many times when people hear about health we do direct correlation with the physical body yes exactly actually we don't use the word illness anymore in psyche in such conditions or situation because it's far beyond the physical body we can have conditions that are affecting us emotionally or mentally and then the manifestation it may may or may not be in the physical body but exactly can you expand a little bit on this yeah it's it's it's really holistic that's the definition of holistic we we tend to I talked about car the driver and the co-driver to really give some different perspectives about the body because health equal body no it's not like that it's not only like that ok yeah I'm sure but is really important yeah it's a part but it's we we have we are healthy when when we are able okay I think the simplest way is that to describe some of the key points that are worked in the optimal health and well-being balance because in order to have an optimal state of health and well-being for example we need to be able to manage and to release anger in a sociable acceptable way to have to be able to speak in a easy way with other people to have a mission a purpose in life to have humor in our life this was my super weak point because of my low self-esteem I was super serious and I really I had zero humor about with with myself and so it was really a mess and when after the ballast started to really make fun of me and it's so beautiful so releasing so I'll oh my god it was life-changing so and for example another key point for having an optimal health and well-being life is to have an exciting life to have interest to to play with life to be able to to ask for help this was another nightmare I was not able to ask for help zero okay nothing so after this balance I started to okay okay someone who will further said yes now it's much much much easier so there are so many components related to health that go go beyond the body the body is critical health is affecting every single part of our life and and also regarding regarding aging that that was one more one the subject also of part of the subject of this interview there are so many like I said there's an obsession about not aging interesting forever young but if if we go back to what I said and the spirit the superconscious chose the specific car that our body to experience this life for example for 85 years and after these 85 years the superconscious the spirit is ready to to move on for even even more extraordinary experience why do we want to to trap our soul and our mind in a car that was supposed to be to stay here for 85 years old for 10 20 30 years more it's right it's a torture it's not respectful so instead of doing this I can propose what why instead of working for for having telomeres the telomeres at the end part of the chromosome that have different functions many of them not yet discovered but it's it's responsible for the replication of the cells so every time a cell cell replicates the telomeres shorten shorter shorter shorten until a certain point where the cell cannot replicate anymore so now there is a huge hype about how can we have endless telomere so we can live forever but according to me this is really not the point because one is not respectful for our journey but instead of spending this time and these energy about telomeres or other stuff like that why don't we use our time to for sure take care like you said during the basic workshop about the most urgent thing in our life like relationship job and so on but then we move on we we balance to be the pure manifestation of our spirit so that the driver and the co-driver become one okay there is no no separation so these no separation so here one and then once we are one it's it's a piece of cake to take care of the car / body in the best possible way because it's our wisdom associated to our beautiful subconscious mind taking care of our body in the most beautiful divine way possible and we will never go outside we will never take dangerous road or unnecessary words when when we we will be one with our our essence and then respect divine timing really it's if you're if we are planned to be here 85 90 let's respect that because why we have babies that come for two hours and then that that was the contract and exactly exams on another beautiful experience exactly so one I was thinking about one question that could could be useful in order to perceive in a different way the aging and it's I think it's kind of easy question but can be really deep and you can ask yourself when when when this interview is done so you can if you know psyche you can work with that if you don't know sigh Kennedy after this question you will be really well and by the way yes ask yourself why do you fear aging maybe the answer will be oh my god judgment I because you judge yourself or you have fear of other people judging you or loneliness or that you are not useful for society or that you will lose your beauty where the leg like when when you were young so a lot of components that can be behind the fear of aging and once you have found your world your fear you can ask yourself what do you want instead and balance for it for example for just for example because each one will have his or her own answer if it's about judgement fear of judgment to accept yourself for who you are if it's about loneliness balance for creating a reality where you are surrounded by beautiful people where you do a lot of activities with them if you have fear of being excluded and not useful for society balance for being useful for society if you have fear of not being you beautiful anymore like we UN when were 30 40 or 50 balance to perceive yourself even more beautiful that the more you age the more beautiful you become it's really a different perception and and also change the perception of aging from moving from it's the end to I'm transforming and evolving in the most beautiful and extraordinary way this this could be a huge shift oh my god absolutely absolutely these are just some food for thoughts and about what you were saying about the telomeres and all these rage there is now in science the interesting thing about what we hear when we see messages on Facebook and we see programs on television about the dangers of this the interesting thing is that it creates stress and it creates fear and that's actually counterintuitive because it's actually going if there's more stress that telomeres can now replicate correct dog bite so I think this is where where we come back again to the point of our conversation today is it's not about creating a solution outside it's not about science creating a solution it's about something that somebody was saying here in the comments the the program is already in place we exactly we have that natural program it's just going back to that yeah we have the most simple elegant and sophisticated program inside as we just need to remember it yeah and to align with that exactly and to align and to really put this into action into our life because this was a mistake that I did at the beginning in psyche because my god and I'm able to transform so many things I was balancing balancing balancing balancing but I was not putting into action what it was balancing so I was doing tons of balancing but it was I was not the 3d manifestation of my of my change it was slower and one thing is to believe to work to be peaceful and to be peaceful when you are at the top of a mountain with no one around another thing is to work to be peaceful and to be able to be peaceful when you go to Walmart that's not the point if you will see that you are really peaceful that you are really connected to your essence when when you will be in peace surrounded by the chaos also – that's a real that's a real thing that's why we are experienced this three-dimensional life with this three-dimensional body those two it's really a beautiful way to see if what we are doing is just an illusion or it really works and Psyche a the one point in psyche is the action plan when when when needed okay right it's again tied also to our theme of this month in in ours and our Facebook pages ought to be in harmony in in harmonious times and they email that you sent us for the end of the year how to be peaceful even when the outside world doesn't seem to be too much in peace yeah the absurd is I don't know it might sorry for me my English is simple it's not elegant so I'm sure I with a simple I'm working for the elegant but it's helping so it's like Rob celery likes to be like the ìiî of the tornado it's to be in the peaceful center even where around you there is pure craziness any you you can check this in in life in real life not not just staying by yourself in a super peaceful place with no noise or this is very important stay in nature yes but then you you need to to to put yourself in the game right to honor your your human experience your baby humans not to just run away from it but to live it fully yes yes and I think like you and like every structor like every other facilitator listening and I hope future facilitators I cannot be grateful enough to rob for having being a willing are ready to receive it and to share it in such a beautiful way and to really be completely outside the Guru energy because the key point is not oh my god let's go to – Rob Williams or – deist the greatest factor so no it's not it's not like that it's really our goal here is to help to teach people how they can help themselves to become their own Google all right if not it's a trap absolutely and I think that's one of the beautiful beautiful things of the many beautiful things of these processes that we honor our humanity that we honor that life happens that life keeps on happening after a basic after the advance after the divine we're still gonna have flights are canceled we're gonna have my moments where money is not enough we're gonna have moments where relationships end its life and we have a beautiful process to keep building that peace within in exactly because if I would have lost the flight ten years ago I would have reacted in a certain way if I will lose a flight now okay let's find a solution peace first of all peace because with peace we can see solutions if you are stressed is more difficult so it's such a such a gift such a really really really gift and I had an intuition I would love to share with all of you I shared with Rob and Rob said yes please if you have time share during the interview I was last week skiing at the mountain and I was balancing for the might to go on with my inner peace regardless and I had very beautiful intuition about a change in perspective about ego okay so I'm just sharing I'm not saying that the truth so if someone resonates please use it if you don't resonate forget about it I've made so many battles against ego and I've tried to put it down in any possible way but last week I I I realized that ego is not at all what I believed it was ego actually is the best way is the tool our super conscious mind is giving us at the moment of our birth to show us the path so the the enemy is not the ego the the the the thing that causes trouble is not the ego the ego is the master is telling us where our limits are the our limit according to my perception is not being aware it's when we are not aware that we are not able to see the gift of the ego that show us shows us all our limits but it's not the ego that's our enemy the ego is really a gift for us for our evolution what we need to what we need to be is to be aware so that we can see our ego see our up-and-downs and work for that yeah it's very beautiful because again it's it's moving towards eliminating the illusion of separation yes I'm going to put my ego on one side because we can't we're not parts we're a whole thing and we can honor all of that as well as one part that all comes from love from the same divinity yes and this is just a very clear example how to shift one simple simple huge perception has really changed a huge part of my life because I moved from ego enemy to ego Ally it's an ally for my evolution then it's huge for me so while you're sharing this honoring our humanity honoring everything that we are and that everything that we are has a purpose and that with psyche what we can do like what you're saying is start to ask ourselves why I do the certain things why I am reacting in a certain way why do I reacted why did I react it with the last flight or why I don't react anymore instead of fighting it's those thing abuse it's kind of more flowing with them and allowing them and then transforming them yes it is so Patricia is wondering what happened when you lose your flight now what happened Oh actually I'm I've not lost any flight in last Oh when it gets canceled Oh when he gets canceled I find another flight yep my name is he or we just sit down and wait and we enjoy it it's fun because something like that happened right before I was talking with Marta right a few minutes before connecting I was not able to to connect with the program so I said okay moment of panic and say I cannot connect to the Facebook interview said no okay there is a solution let's download this download these put this Dan two minutes it was done that was not even a balance he could that's a result of all the balances that I've done so you can and find a solution disappoint well due to anything else how you would like to share because with because we're almost out of time so I know I think that there are some already some things to think think about and also remember to ask you that question I think it can give you very precious information why do you fear aging that's one yeah very nice okay okay so thank you thank you thank you and it's been fun it's been enlightening and I hope that those of almost 60 people had that have been with us today will find this useful and they can apply it yes and thank you for your time and thank you for all the people who will war who will watch it in a different time because of different time zone all around the world yes we're gonna have this it's gonna stay here on the Facebook page and then we're gonna also put it on YouTube for people to watch it there as well so thank you to Joe enjoys the land and I shall see you in Argentina for the health and well-being and in Mexico and for all of the other people who will enjoy your teaching thank you and also really check for basic and advanced all around the world if you want to start these amazing journey beautiful bye bye thank you everybody have a beautiful day wherever you are

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  1. The PSYCH-K Health and Wellbeing 4 day journey is beyond words! Love, love, love "The curriculum" and "The Duccio" delivers it beautifully!

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