Prudential: Everybody’s Doing It

The gentleman
in the elevator now is a candid star. These folks who are entering,
the man with the white shirt, lady with the trench coat and subsequently,
one other member of our staff, will face the rear and you’ll see how this man in the trench coat
[laughter] Tries to maintain
his individuality, but little by little, [laughter] He looks at his watch,
but he’s really making an excuse for turning
just a little bit more to the wall. Now we’ll try it once again. Here’s the candid subject. Here comes
the candid camera staff, three of them at least. And this man has apparently been
in groups before [laughter]. [More laughter] Now, here’s a fella
with his hat on in the elevator. First, he makes a full turn
to the rear and Charlie closes the door. A moment later,
we’ll open the door everybody has changed positions. [Laughter] Now we’ll see if we can use
group pressure for some good. Now, in a moment,
on Charlie’s signal everybody turns forward. Notice, they take off the hats. And now, do you think
we could reverse the procedure? Watch.

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