Protests in Fort Worth after Atatiana Jefferson killed in her own home

100 thoughts on “Protests in Fort Worth after Atatiana Jefferson killed in her own home

  1. Her nephew needs counsel now and the city needs to give him counseling now. I bet this cop already lawyered up before the state of Texas offer the entired family counseling. They loss a love one by this murderer. Start offering the families of these murders counseling and convictions of these murderers.

  2. I’m sure those devils have been sitting at the round table trying to figure out how to get that demon cop out of this evil mess.

  3. This has nothing to do with training! It has EVERYTHING to do with bigotry and racism…you can’t untrain what’s in the heart

  4. Why was the former black police chief forced to leave his post, things might have her been different with him , how does a none emergency welfare check call by a concerned neighbor turn into another police shooting of another African American citizen, and it happened very similar to what previous police cases where they refused to identify themselves as officers, they didn’t see the front doors of her home open and instead walks around to a backyard window is very strange and we need to know the name of the accused officer and he has be to held accountable, they can’t possibly justify this shooting because there was no shootout with police which is what he was looking for , and maybe having more female officers on the forces might ease some of the problems with our police departments around the country , my condolences, my prayers to the family , here we go again

  5. Another Officer Goodight-involved Shooting something has to be done to ride the Police Department of the dreaded and vile Officer Goodnight (if this applies to you then it fits). Well for now the FBI (our Beloved Brothers and Sisters) and the SBI has to do their tireless work of ridding the local Police Departments of Officer Goodnights and Deputy Dooda's.

  6. 2 people shot dead by police in their homes committing no crimes . The cop walks up to her home and shoots her through her window . Police ambushing another person again .

  7. Russia and China were gonna need those Gus and weapons, feel free to intervene at any time ..You got your first recruit and I’m sure many more to come…”it’s the Hate you gave America”

  8. Oh how convenient…they found a gun…aha…sure we dont believe any of that nonsense. This slow motion news video has just exposed that crooked police officer…The minute this poor sister opened her blind to see what commotion was transpiring on her own property she was MURDERED! This is clear irrefutable evidence against this incompetent officer.The body cam has proved it…NOW LETS SEAL THIS OFFICERS FATE…GUILTY AS CHARGED!

  9. I'm not sure how true this is. I don't trust the gofundme unless it comes directly from the family. Peep this.

  10. Zechariah 11:5
    [5]Whose possessors slay them, and hold themselves not guilty: and they that sell them say, Blessed be the LORD; for I am rich: and their own shepherds pity them not.

  11. This is happening too often! People are not even safe in their own homes! The police department says they still stand behind the officer's idea that he was in danger and there was a threat..they know better than to stand in front of the trigger happy cop! It also seems to be happening to mostly people of color….I now know and agree with these athletes taking a knee in protest..I am sooo very sorry!!! I hope this family walks away with a huge settlement and the murdering officer is sentenced to jail for more than just 10 years like the other lady who shot and killed the man in his own apartment..

  12. In these tough times I would recommend all colored citizen of DFW area to wear a bullet proof vest while eating ice cream and playing video games in your own house. That’s the only way we can stay alive.

  13. This was not a "welfare check" call.People need to stop saying this. The neighbor did not say he hadn't seen Ms Jefferson in a number of days or that she was ill and he was worried about her, this was a typical call for the police to come out and check a potential crime scene based on the audio of the call.

    The neighbor was wrong to call the police on this woman. Yeah, i said it. He is a black man, he should have known better. He is not totally responsible for this tragedy but he did set events in motion. Even if he lived in a cave and knew nothing of the Amber Guyger trial, he knew how frequently incidents between the police and unarmed black people go awry. His behavior post-tragedy is foul. Why is he going to her relatives' house defending himself and his actions? This is not what they need to hear right now and they probably don't want to see his face. He has to accept responsibility on his own for what he did.



  15. Weak Old people get Young people killed.
    If you see something strange in your neighborhood have the courage to check it out yourself OR MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS. @
    It is the old man's fault, through ignorance or cowardice. He's either ignorant of the "gang in blue" or too cowardly and lazy to check out her home himself. @

  16. This need to stop,cops killing us locking us up for years for petty drug chargers these mfers trying to get rid of us for real #sad

  17. These things will never stop until "WE" stop the crimes in our Cities,& States. No More Crime. Gangs and Drugs have to stop and these things will Stop.

  18. Boy y’all should play back the video where they show what the weapon look like 2:35, that looks exactly like a police issued weapon, tactical and all!!! I’ve said it before on other channels, that they need to check the serial number on that weapon and find out if she owned that gun?!?! Regardless she is allowed to own a weapon still but if that is not her gun then they planted that weapon for covering up their crime even though it doesn’t matter because she is in her home but if they tried to cover it up by saying she had a weapon, that makes their crime even worse!!!

  19. Attorney Lee Merritt is always on the scene to get a payday! He’s a straight-up vulture! This woman’s family deserves better than a slick, race-hustling, cash-hungry lawyer.

  20. Black and White are social status pyramids
    That have nothing to do with color it’s colorable in LAW

    The ignorance of the world when no one has black or white skin smh however the ignorant still call themselves black and white peoples my My nephew asked me a while back how come he’s not black because his dad is black and his mom is away and I stated to him as obvious if your fathers black and your mothers white that would make you gray. This is freaking science it’s common sense but the ignorant people will say something like no when it comes to people. Shake my head no wonder they can’t evolve to being humans beings. Without these semantics they would have to grow together and not be ignorant of the spells that they cast one to another. So even though we are all different and not one in the same we will still grow together in unity to create prosperity of peace and love Without the schisms Or the ignorant saying oh this is how I was raised we were all raised to be ignorant but as adults we can see through that we need to stop being children. Americans don’t have black skin Europeans don’t have white skin and I don’t see grays running around here on the planet everyone has melanin. Who am I to judge Psalm 82.

  21. She’s supposed to have a gun she’s the American it’s in her historical organic American constitution for the United States republic union service company, plantation, Corporation, that went rogue and formed Uion against the indigenous American Israelite Indians psalms 83 Selah

  22. The man that called in the wellness check is beating himself up.  You can't even look out for your neighbor anymore.

  23. My next door neighbor's front door was wide open for hours into the night and I became concerned. My husband went over and rang the bell and the young man came to the door. He works a night shift and was sleeping. He thanked my husband for alerting him that his door was wide open. No one was killed. We do NOT NEED COPS. THEY ARE FAR TOO PARANOID AND ARE A PUBLIC DANGER.

  24. You complained when they were shooting you in the street for no reason. Now, they're shooting you in your homes for no reason! What's it going to take?

  25. Why didn't he just go up to the front door like a normal person????? These paranoid cops have very dangerous mindsets. NEVER INVOLVE THE COPS !!!

  26. My black brothers and sisters we are all gathered here as not only a community but as a family that has just about had enough of these senseless murders carried out by the few short fused officers that have put their whole department at risk of civil and social unrest…beyond that we must not and will never take this lying down! First we have not even started to heal from the guyger killing and now this COLD BLOODED EXECUTION! WE ALL KNOW WHAT IS GOING TO HAPPEN AS IT IS THERE IS WIDESPREAD PEACEFUL PROTEST! However,i suspect that if this murderer is not given a stiff sentence…there will be complete chaos in the streets throughout the nation…remeber how many officers were being killed as a result of a few incompetent officers? The people have spoken conviction or else!!!!

  27. This is not the entire video….the 2 officers are heard talking in the beginning….play that…play what the officer whispered

  28. What i have learned from all of this is…..if i want someone murdered ill just call the police to do it …easy Peasy

  29. Wow people can't morn with out being considered a gang. Why would you need the "gang unit". Oh I know we are still considered 3 5ths of a person and if 2 of us are Gathered together in assembly we are gangs. Foolishness this beast will pay in blood.

  30. Atattiana Jefferson, Botham Jean, Dennis Tuttle, Rhogena Nicholas…four innocent people killed in their own homes by Texas police.

  31. Dallas/Fort Worth is about to go up in smoke if this man is not prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Mark my words that hugging and mess is over.

  32. He should not have been walking around at woman's house, hes a police officer, he should have walks to the door.and say " police." Why they hiring All of these incapable police officers. Is various grains to me day he is walking around her house with his flashlight instead of just going to the door knocking on it And saying police It was a where in is check you as officers should not have been walking around like you looking for evidence. He sure have walk Straight to the door, To make sure it is woman was OK. Dam there's just too many shallow officers on the police force.Come they're going to make black people started doing riots.

  33. I believe that after the investigation is completed, this rookie cop will be terminated and charged, mainly because he did not follow proper procedure. They will find that he acted "prematurely" when he decided to use deadly force and that the decision to shoot was unreasonable. If it was not for the body-cam, the official police statement would've said " she disobeyed repeated commands to drop her weapon and when she raised her arm, the officer was forced to shoot".

  34. Then they saying there was a gun in her home and she never had no problems with no one she had a whole life to live but all they can focus on is they found a gun in this young lady home im sorry but something smells fishy & this is so cold hearted didn't give her a chance to say anything just shot her and the whole time this is happening her nephew her 8 year old nephew was in the same room lord bless his heart…

  35. Before they delete this video
    -no glass shattered at that range?
    -the date clearly says 10-12-19 in the right corner but the so called sister at the press conference stated 10-11
    -If someone's door was open you wouldn't be in the backyard or garage.
    -The so called victim never existed I did a people search

  36. Honestly, i see the ones now getting killed are the ones with a degree. You walk across the stage, cap and gown, and they hand you a piece of paper. It reads: You're Next


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