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  1. Question, why do some cultures not pronounce the letter T as in the word ' BETTER ' ? Here in Hawaii, the letter T is pronounced very hard, even in a name such as MARTIN, appreciate the feedback, tanks, oops, thanks😂

  2. dear teacher you did it again .. wonderful lesson you are the best teacher in the whole universe and i accept your challenge im gonna try to practice with your tongue twisters

  3. Hello dear Emma, i watch your videos and all are very perfect but i have tiny suggestion that, " when you are explaining please stand aside, not in front of what you have written on the whiteboard".

    Thanks from your patience.

  4. Hello I have been using you video to my pronunciation classes, hope it is ok. I would like to know if you have one of the du sound as in Education, individual, graduate

  5. Emma implied that the "ch" words are pronounced differently in British English. Actually, all of her "ch" words are "ch" words in British English. Where British English differs from North American English is that we have the "ch" sound at the beginning of words as well. For example, "tuna" and "Tuesday". There may be others but I can't think of any off the top of my head.

  6. Your teaching is good.
    I want more lesson pronunciation like  TU, DU ….etc.
    This pronunciation is more useful to learn for me.
    THANKS …./

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