Promotion Tips for Musicians : Finding a Lyrical Message

So, let’s find your message. What is the thing
that you have that you need to be telling people all the time? Once you find it you’re
always going to be telling people the first thing that you say; then they say “What do
you do?” You tell them your message, so, my message as a performing artist, I’m a writer.
My name is Peter Nevland. I have all sorts of things about me that people are interested
in. The first one is hey I kind of look like Shaggy from Scooby Doo. “Why zoinks Scoob,
like, I think we’ve got to get out of here.” Right. Kids love that, lots of people love
that, people laugh then they see that kind of thing, right. So, there’s; there’s a little
tidbit that I have that’s important about me. What’s another thing about me? I used
to be an engineer. I used to work at Motorola. OK. There’s an interesting story there. What
you’re an engineer and now you’re a writer? What, did you study engineering? No, you had
to study acting, something like that. No, I studied engineering. I’ve got a masters
degree, actually, from the University of Texas in Material Science and Engineering. Wow,
that’s an interesting thing. So, that’s a message. Now, what’s another thing is I’m
very animated and I’ve got a very wild and untamed style. When I’m performing I’m going
all over the place like this. I do a lot of dancing. I get really into it. So, there’s
something in that that’s part of my story. The other thing is even though I’m doing that
you’ll rarely hear like curse words come out of my mouth. You hear a lot of hope coming
out. I usually am encouraging and inspiring, especially young people, to do things that
are really good for our society and to really have an impact and to really change the world.
That’s also an amazing message. So, you’ve got somebody who’s relatable, right. He looks
kind of like Shaggy. He’s someone whose got an interesting past. He’s also someone that
can really make an impact in kid’s lives and inspire them to go out and pursue their
dreams. Sounds like a great story. Sounds like I’ve found my message for Spoken Groove.
What’s your message?

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