Professor Ian Williamson on How Business and Society Can Thrive Together – HCLI Trailblazers #22

I think organisations need to appreciate that they operate in a community. And that community represents the constraint
or the opportunity for them. So if a community is dealing with difficult
social issues, whether that be access to healthcare, whether that be access to education, or that
be civil unrest, ultimately that is the constraint for the organisation. Some organisations run from that; they would
go that’s a community I don’t want to do business in. Other organisations are wise enough to understand
that social issues tend to be market failure issues. Innovative entrepreneurs, innovative leaders,
who can think of ways to develop new products, new services, new ways to access the market;
these are organisations that not only can thrive, but they can be quite successful in
a wider variety of settings, primarily because they can do more things for more people.

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