Presidential office aims to clinch three more FTA deals with ASEAN member nations by next month

South Korea says it is focused on
strengthening its ties with ASEAN member states ahead of their special summit set
to take place at the end of next month as part of those efforts our hopes to
clinch more separate free trade agreements within the regional bloc currently we are working to conclude FTA
talks with the Philippines Indonesia and Malaysia our goal is to sign a deal
before the special summit in November the presidential office says such
individual dos on top of the broader free trade deal with other Han will help
boost the economic ties amid growing trade protectionism worldwide if the
deals are struck it would give South Korea five bilateral FTA partners that
are other members including Vietnam and Singapore

2 thoughts on “Presidential office aims to clinch three more FTA deals with ASEAN member nations by next month

  1. I wonder when Korean are going to reflect on their war crimes in WW2.  Austria admitted they sided with Germany and apologized to the neighbors.  Korean sided with Japan and committed many of the atrocitities but they hided their wrongdoings from its textbook and pretended as if they were Jews.
    ''Korean soldiers were far more cruel than the Japanese.''   American and British POWs.

    Korean didn't learn from their atrocitities in WW2 and repeated more atrocitities during Korean war and Vietnam war, raping and killing million of civilians.
    Korea has never apologized to comfort women and Vietnamese Lai Dai Han victims. What a hypocrite country.

  2. God bless SK❤💙❤ may you stay free of tyranny until the end of time.

    Freedom is more important than the promise of anything else.

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