President Trump Gives Joint Statements with President Moon

The President: Thank you very much Melania and I are are honored to welcome President Moon of South
Korea, and his lovely wife Madam Kim to the White
house Mr. President let me be the first to
congratulate you on your election tremendous
election Victory and also the people of South Korea
for providing Such an incredible example of
democracy for the world to see it was very exciting. I must say and
congratulations this morning president Moon and
vice president pence Laid a wreath at the Korean
War Veterans memorial to commemorate the th
anniversary of the Korean War It’s a beautiful
ceremony we will never forget that Americans and
Koreans bravely fought and Died together for a free
Korea to the Korean and American veterans of that
war great people We are eternally grateful for
your service and fo your sacrifice More than
six decades after our partnership was forged
in the fires of war the Alliance between the
United States and South Korea is a cornerstone of
peace and security in a very very dangerous
part of the World the link between
our countries cemented in Battle is now also tied
Together by culture commerce and common values Together we are facing the
threat of the reckless and brutal regime
in North Korea the Nuclear and ballistic
missile programs of that regime require a
determined response The North Korean
dictatorship has no regard for the safety and
security of its people or its neighbors And has no respect for
human life, and that’s been proven over
and over again millions of North Korea’s
own citizens have suffered and starved to death and the entire world just Witnessed what
the regime did to our wonderful Otto Warmbier I Thanked president Moon for
expressing his condolences On the travesty
of Otto’s death Our thoughts and our
prayers remained with his wonderful family the Era of
strategic patience With the North Korean
regime has failed many years and
it’s failed and Frankly that
patience is over We are working closely
with South Korea, and Japan as well as partners
around the world on a range of diplomatic Security and economic measures To protect our allies and
our own citizens from this menace known
as North Korea the United States calls on
other regional powers and all responsible nations To join us in implementing
sanctions and demanding that the North
Korean regime Choose a better path
and do it quickly and a different future For its
long-suffering people Our goal is peace stability and prosperity
for the region But the United States will
defend itself always will defend itself always and we will always
defend our allies as Part of that commitment. We are working
together to ensure? fair burden-sharing in
support of the United States military presence in South Korea
burden-sharing is a very important factor a Factor that’s becoming
more and more prevalent in this administration We’re also working
to create a fair and reciprocal economic
relationship from when the Us-Korea trade
Deal was signed in To you know who signed it. You know who wanted it our
trade deficit with South Korea has increased by more than Eleven
billion dollars Not exactly a great deal I Was gratified to learn
about the new investment South Korean companies
are making in the United States this month Shanaya is
sending its first shipment of American Liquefied natural gas to South Korea in a deal worth more than twenty
five billion dollars. It’s great We will do more
to remove barriers To reciprocal trade and
market access we talked last night and today about
some tough trade issues like Autos and Steel and I’m encouraged
by president moons assurances that He will work to create a
level playing field, so that American workers and businesses and especially Automakers Can have a fair shake at
dealing with South Korea? South Korean companies
sell cars in America American companies Should have that same
exact privilege on a reciprocal basis, and I’m
sure we’ll be able to work that out In addition I have called
on South Korea to stop enabling the export
of dumped steel These would be important
steps forward in our trading relationship very
important steps they have to be made not fair to the American
worker if they are not and they will be our teams are going to get
to work on these issues and They’re going
to sign a deal That’s great for South
Korea and great for the United States Mr. President I’m
thrilled that you are here today and deeply honored
that you choose to Go to the United
States as your first foreign trip as president I greatly
enjoyed our dinner last night and The many productive
discussions that we’ve already started
having today I look forward to working
with you for many years to come to strengthen our alliance
protect our citizens from common threats and Deepen the Enduring bonds
of Friendship between Americans and the great
people of South Korea. Thank you very much
president moon. President Moon: Let me begin by expressing my deep appreciation to President Trump for inviting me to the White House and extending me such a special welcome. When I was elected
president last month President trump was the
first foreign leader to give me a
congratulatory call after going through
such a tumultuous journey the Korean people
finally achieved victory the words of the president trump
conveyed the warmth of the American people’s
hearts for what we have accomplished in Korea for Tribulations and adversity
we have surmounted for freedom Democracy
peace and prosperity Towards which we
have walked together For all the great alliance
has achieved you gave your consolation and support
once again and lamented this opportunity
to thank you, Mr. President and the American
people in my first phone conversation with
president trump last may he came across as a
man of determination and pragmatism
leaving me a powerful impression and
yesterday and today I had a candid and
lengthy conversation with President Trump, and I
was able to prove myself, right? from developing the
Rock us alliance resolving the dpRk Nuclear
issue to building lasting peace on the
Korean peninsula I affirm the president
trump’s unswerving Commitment and we were
able to build a broad consensus During my visit this time president trump, and
I were able to forge friendship as well as
deep mutual trust as We endeavor to tackle
numerous challenges ahead of us this will give us a
solid foundation to rely on First president trump, and
I agreed that only strong security can bring
about genuine peace Through rock us combined
the defense posture including extended
deterrence we concurred to strengthen our
overwhelming deterrence The threat and
provocations by the North will be met with
a stern response The gravest challenge
confronting our two nations is the nuclear and
missile threat posed by North Korea president trump, and I
decided to place a top priority on addressing
this issue and coordinate closely
on Relevant policies to this end our two
leaders will employ both sanctions and dialogue
in a phased and comprehensive approach
and based on this we both pledged to seek a fundamental resolution of
the North Korean Nuclear problem the North Korea
Nuclear issue Must be resolved without
fail North Korea should by no means underestimate the firm
Commitment of Korea and the U.S. In this regard I also Urge pyongyang to promptly
return to the negotiating table for denuclearization
of the Korean peninsula National Security leaves
no room for either compromise or concession
on this occasion the us and president Trump’s
firm resolve of all the alliances noted with
great appreciation The Republic of Korea for
its part will strive to strengthen ROK U.S. combined defense
capabilities while at the same time by pursuing
defense reform Build up its own capacity
to defend itself as we undertake these endeavors
bilateral cooperation and defense technologies I hope we’ll gather
further traction second economic
partnership between our countries forms an essential pillar
for future oriented development of
the Alliance We both both
agreed on this view economic growth and job
creation will be promoted to Ensure our peoples enjoy
greater mutual benefits through the collective
efforts we committed to make Third as we fight against
terrorism and other global challenges together the
rock us alliance as agreed by ourselves Will be broadened and
developed into global partnership as we move
forward our two nations will work towards
establishing High-level strategic
concentration mechanisms in diverse areas into
areas of interest to make it happen concrete actions will
be formulated in close consultation I Would like to take a
moment to Convey my heartfelt Sympathy and condolences
to the American people and the bereaved family
grieving over the death of Mr. Warmbier the resident atar
of a state is to defend its people I deeply sympathize with
Americans who are saddened that they were not able
to defend their fellow citizen as a former Human rights
attorney myself I am keenly aware of the
significance of human rights as the universal
value of humanity to make sure such Tragedy never repeats
itself our two nations will cooperate with the
community of nations to promote human rights
in North Korea I also invited president
trump to visit Korea this year and He graciously
accepted my offer Mr. and Mrs. Trump’s
visit to Korea will once again Demonstrate not only our
friendship, but also the intimate bond our peoples
have come to foster through thick and thin Your visit will become
yet another milestone in defining our partnership. I will see to
it than myself Once again, Mr. President
I extend my sincerest gratitude to you and the
first lady for such warm hospitality. Thank You.

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    This makes me very happy for my ROK friends, whose security I greatly value, because they are confronted with nuclear annihilation & are in desperate need of a strong leader who understands the vital importance of the ROK-US alliance in the face of China's DPRK. I feel confident that PM Moon is that strong leader.

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