President Trump Confirms Death Of ISIS Leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi | Sunday TODAY

100 thoughts on “President Trump Confirms Death Of ISIS Leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi | Sunday TODAY

  1. Good job trump ignore these negative self hating i individuals who live in doubt and negativity. They will always be unhappy losers

  2. Wow Donald Trump is the best president ever!!! Making the world a better place!!! Thank God for all those helpers!!! #MAGA2024 God is Good!

  3. 🇺🇸⭐️⭐️🇺🇸 American patriots doing this today.
    "Greatest Ric Flair strut of all time"
    President Trump supporters are not uneducated. On YouTube.

  4. Twit something like that to try worry whole United states, makes us lose our sleep? within an hour after his Twitter msg, we see news coming up saying "IS leader might be dead"….there were nothing surprise about his announcement. Top of that, The Boy Who Cried Wolf…even if Trump says IS reader is dead? How do we know he killed someone else and says "I killed the leader"? Trust is broken already. His show is a crap.

  5. Funny all this happened when his approval rating is low. Look at all the crap he tried to do this week to get Americans minds off his impeachment stuff

  6. What I'm sad about is that Baghdadi's Rolex might have been broken in the process. I hope not but for the ISIS fool sorry for him.

  7. Didnt take long for the never Trumpets to downplay their achievement. Pelosi didn't get briefed…probably because they would have called Bagdadi to run…Fox News Leland and his host are talking as if they wish it hadn't happened. Totally downplaying the achievement of our Military and Intelligence agencies.

  8. "Died like a dog, died like a coward" 😲 Unpresidential to the highest level. Though this is a victory for the world this sort of talk isn't necessary. To keep Nancy and other Democrats out of the loop is disrespectful and an insult. Even though Bill Clinton was being impeached he still ran this country and was always open with the Republicans on matters that affected the country. That's a real president.

  9. LOL! The coward tries to get some kudos for what our brave military personnel have done. It's a shame their Commander In Chief cannot even come close to matching the bravery, honor and character of the personnel in our armed forces.

  10. Il est fort ce trump tous ces journaleurs et ces intellectuels de mes couilles qui depuis le début de son election lui casse les couilles ils les a tous niqués… et il sera réélu les doitgs dans le nez… il a fait du bon boulot en 3 ans alors qu'Obama n'a rien fait en 8 ans.

  11. Congratulations to President Trump and the military servicemen who put Al Baghdadi to the end once and for all. great Victory for the USA and the free world.The DNA test confirmed it. So forget about abt Osama and lets move forward with Trump's achievements. Some people are requesting for the video of the whole raid done on Saturday night. I believe thats classified information only for the eyes of those involved and the President. WE dont want it leaked all over the world especially to the swamp creatures who might distort the video in their favour and cause a WW3, esp Schiff who is an expert at twisting the presidents speeches in the Ukraine issue. Matters pertaining to national security should remain classified and TOP SECRET for domestic and world security and peace. We dont want to give our plans away .
    And for those idiots who ask proof of Baghdadi's dead body, tell me how can you find any proof wen the man detonated himself, there will only be minute pieces of his body except for skin or clothes in tatters dispersed here and there. Where are you going to start searching in all that debris? Still with watever they had left, they cant bring those horrific parts back and why would they want to?
    The DNA AND BIOMETRIC tests already confirmed Baghdadi's death. Pity he had to take his 3 kids along with him. So cruel of him. GOD BLESS PRESIDENT TRUMP AND ALL THOSE WHO RISKED THEIR LIVES IN THE PLANNING, NEGOTIATIONS AND FINALLY ACHIEVING VICTORY. TRUMP 2020 FOR ME.

  12. President Donald Trump is One of the Best of Best the Greatest ,Amazing and faithful the Son of the God! I always respect him. America is great because of him.

  13. Remember ALL the praises Obama got from the media after Bin Laden was killed?? It was like a massive holiday. For an ENTIRE month the media praised Obama. I remember it like it was yesterday. There were people in front of the white house with signs saying "thank you Obama" it was a huge deal. BUT since this is Trump, the media is acting like its no big deal. No ones celebrating in front of the white house like they did for Obama. I'm so sick of the fake media ALWAYS trying to downplay trumps great work smh.

  14. God loves orange this time of year!
    Thank you to President Trump and our brave men and woman in the US Military…keep winning!

  15. Trump victory Again while Dems do nothing but want to mpeach A President who keeps his word An does the job he was elected to do what do u do Dems

  16. Poor thing i feel for the dog must be hard dieing like a dog, i might as well give my dog away because i cant bear it dying.

  17. Ahahaha😁ahahaha😄ahaha😂ahahah🤣ahahaha
    He is walking around in…
    Tel Aviv.
    Oil again🇺🇸and again🇺🇸

  18. President Trump is the Solution for America. Obama was part of the problem for America, he paid Iran over a billion dollars to keep Terrorists going in the Middle East. Obama and the Democrats approved of these payments to Iran and the Terrorists.

  19. Trump announced troop withdrawal around same time he knew were baghdadi was, probably to make it easier for our troops to get him

  20. Man they think he dead….dude prolly had a fake vest…activated the real bomb and hit a trap door in the tunnel…i mean im not a leader of a cult but it seems he would think smarter then me

  21. Well he was a coward and a dog so I have no issue with him being called one but it’s redundant because we all know he was a coward…

  22. No body, no evidence. This guy has been killed 6 times. Maybe Trump needs some good publicity. Interview some Kurds. I want to hear their side of the story.

  23. why does it sound like all of mainstream media is feeling sorry the terrorists, it's almost as if they are sad that she got killed..
    Are they going to try to impeach Trump now because he is a terrorist killer ????

  24. It's time for trump to "show off his conceit" and macho alpha bully insecure behavior and immaturity, describing in detail the "crying and whining' and taking those children with them? I listened to trump's whole press conference…and I must say he sounded like a 10 year old in the way he described everything. It was embarrassing to listen to the way he talked. Like a complete child…

  25. The language Trump uses describing Abu as a dog does not befit one who is president of the USA. Also, dogs are nice animals. Thumbs up if you agree.

  26. The death of al-Baghdadi should never be an opportunity for any supposed world leader to gloat with vivid gorey detail of his death. Any knowledgeable leader would not be so naive to believe ISIS has been defeated. Al-Baghdadi was only ONE Head of a Thousand Headed Snake. This " Ever Talking" man should use as few words as humanly possible.

  27. Am glad for our amazing troops completing a difficult and dangerous mission and coming home safe. Trump shouldn't take credit for this because he stated in 2012 that the previous president shouldn't get credit because the military did it and that the president was stupid for saying he did it. That's what Trump said. Look if up on YouTube. Just saying.

  28. Trump said he didn’t tell Pelosi. Did he confide in Congresswoman Omar ahead of time? After all she is a US Congresswoman

  29. Already several contradictory accounts, and observations that don’t add up.. Don’t know why, but this is all BS!
    PS.. Mr. President, no technology exists that can verify a DNA profile “immediately”.

  30. Ironically the left would rather have Donald Trump assassinated. So there is some confusion among the left, about whether this is a good thing or not.

  31. NIce, but for his presidency, too little too late. Of course since he gave ISIS free rein since pulling the troops, it's just a step. Seems like 2 years ago he swore ISIS was dead. Nope! Since he blew himself up, Trump can't really take credit for killing him, just cornering him. What happened to the dog?

  32. I guess the canine told bonespurs about the screaming and crying in the tunnel —or—bonespurs was having reflections of his own screaming and crying when he thought he was going to be drafted. That's why daddy had to pay for a phony doctor's excuse just to shut him up.


  34. Yeah, right. I really don't believe any of it. If you believe this is true, then you all are in trouble with what's true and what is a false narrative.
    Even if true, one leader falls and another will take their place. Nothing will change. Wars out there and here will continue.

  35. Good Morning .. !! Thank you so much to Mr. President Donald J Trump .. !!! ( Good Order C.I.A. ) 👍👍😁😆💙💜

  36. ⁣‪Another victory in the global war on terror.‬⠀

    ‪President @realdonaldtrump has just confirmed ISIS leader Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi has been killed during a military operation in Syria.‬⠀

  37. What a coincidence, he's underfire for backstabbing the Kurds then all of a sudden "we've killed the ISIS leader". You had the guy in prison for years then he suddenly popped up as the leader of this big terrorist organisation. I'm not normally a "conspiracy theorist" but come on.

  38. Who gives a toss!!!! Charge up my phone quick smart than listen to rubbish from this TV show who makes a living off smearing your president Trump to the ground without the negative reviews and reports of impreacment the same President for over the last 2years!!! Your full of 💩kaka mate and those idiots in the democrat 😮Party and media😳 What a waste of tax payers money!! You're all fired!!!💩 😁😠😯😳🙏

  39. Baghdadi given a secret burial at sea at an undisclosed location – sound familiar? deja vu anyone.

    no proof whatsoever, and any evidence mysteriously disposed of in the briny deep. They take us for fools.

  40. This is RIDICULOUS!

    1. The only proof of this statement is

    Exactly. None whatsoever!

    Washington has also stated that Al Baghdadi’s body has been buried at sea and that his identity was confirmed through dna analysis; all the necessary documentation and photographs have been filed and classified.

    Just some food for thought:

    Bin Laden was also buried at sea, with all the necessary photos and documentation of proof deemed classified.

    Saddam Hussein was NOT buried at sea. He was allegedly buried in his hometown 95 miles out of Baghdad.

    Hussein, Bin Laden and Al Baghdadi had lots is common.

    They all claimed the Islamic faith. All were dubbed “ terrorist enemies of Washington and the world.” Last and certainly not least, they were all brought into power and financed by the USA, whether directly or indirectly.

    Out of three that claim to be Muslim, how come only two were buried at sea as Islamic rites dictate?

    The lingering malodor coming from Washington is not a swamp. It is the fetid stench of an abattoir.

  41. Stop congratulating Trump for killing Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. The American forces killed Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.

    Trump deserves much less credit for the killing of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.

    The praise goes to our brave military and intelligence officers.

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