Premier, Ethical Tobacco Floor on 2019 marketing season

well I am to power swear that that I will give is the truth nothing else I told you may say that the evidence that'll give is the truth nothing else at work thank you ethic on left to power is a wholly owned subsidiary ethical all these ethical business companies are passionate about refuse to do sustainable action we are inspired by changing wives or 12,000 communal plumbers series as well as the positive impacts of business is in the Bhagavata Cheney it is inception in 2016 the company launched the equal skill which became an instant hit so far this game is run from three hospitals 2062 de parent 12,000 7,000 recover values inputs with six million it was an agent resonated season it is mobilized thirty million dollars for input supports during the 2018 2020 filing system okay thank you so I'll say it on the input skin from his keepers run for 3000 watch 2016 current posters and Thomas the couple hundred equals with six million in the 2018 2019 season and is modernized dating you know dollars for input support 1924 exist the capability is position its input skill and the scheme of choice for Thomas as evidenced by the chapel increase in volume from six point five million cages in the questionnaire to tell me on Katie's body in 2018 until 1930 LG is the top indigenous to a contractor the camera was making operation involves contracting roars providing attorney services in the core population for which is very off taker in the terrorists and say this labor agreements Oslo the combat is composed of an experienced dynamic divest in highly talented board the board is a key to a continual skills profiling assessments and instructional program ahead of fish selling system in conclusion is Shannon the cover six suggests is deleting investor because in service excellence conducting business in an ethical sustainable manner telling lies or economically marginalized communities but it yeah you you you admission about your body is not very clear who with Attica what put members you can also clarify your relationship so way you are how suppose we know to process flow it's also one of the visor to accompany my house oh gee 100 years that's perfect for bad boys okay I wasn't gonna question yo t is a tentative agreement no we didn't bring our invitation live in this gentleman educated that's know he had a quite returns politics the most issues okay so we'll be service level interns in service level agreement yeah I'm and just went through to here and give me a real reason why they selected we selected episodes for premises because what Excel facilities for HCC of tobacco and also excel facilities for growers in terms of gene extenders we accompany its general specific process you know endeavor to give our policy sales to God that is why we selected the body is considered by a shared by mr. Pickett and on this channel was a report with Jono with counties we also put the tags we got the general midget there's also mr. McAmis for masterpiece of channel and then we have thank you wannabe share I think there's no maybe we'll show that omission by the what's that a service level you know our climate chess if that's all the payments you know people say that okay negative this chairman is the service level agreements that we have we are kissing provided services and then you pay the Commission for your services number one number two is a tenant's agreement we are against sin absolutely yes okay thank you I feel rather weighty who the model is we are retinol premises premises this is no more narrow talent relationship another parameter for the premise that we inform yes the number two for the services or processing our payments and helping others we pay them a fee for that so I'll say Thank You this channel – okay it's a quite chilly partner to keep us off taker for Katie I've taken is gelatinous premium reefs Maui I'm good quite quickly miss chairman – yeah yeah yeah yeah what whatever says premium is International International which is yeah no I'm sorry I'll say yes so pretty you tell us in our it is clearly state that thank you a sales flow flow is not food so if a farmer was identified you know in future where that is product was sold is able to pass a law so we just live in the space where tobacco and then in terms of the person only shortchanging wall from us this channel let me make it very clear that 57 sorry I'm not quite as privy to induces while if anything I was like I said okay Oh sorry I don't Thank You mr. Chen I just wanted to thank you wonderful chair a year I'd like to take the company for giving us a name from the information about how they operate and but we've also requested challenging dupa dupa soccer tournament now on power which he so commenting given volatility 50% munis a necesitar would be wonderful Thank You mr. Chanin I at least to note that there's been an improvement of inputs mobilized from 6 million during the 2018 2019 season 230 million for the 2019 to 20 season now I know they also you know yes yes tails but would you also indicates to us in terms of quantities how much improvement okay thank you we get medical I'm saying we gave the money for the eggs you know yes it is this mouse okay I become je suis lovely everything what I will give is the truth nothing else for the working I'm sorry I'm an executive director in ESL the warning thank you my relationship with my husband it's tears if I am an employee of T yourself so it becomes a professional business I think we still need we hate about them the applause presentation your magician with ethical can you also tell us and what is there I think as was mentioned by ethical we provide a service to Ithaca as far as the top option is for trendabl let's see tell you what we do for them is that we actually sit there to buckle we use our stuff consider to buffer when we actually check the weights of their tobacco related to back of the truck on the floor and the auctioning them done ata attack TSM and the payments that they have connected there for months actually processed on our system on our platform and then it's best the funds to their farmers contractor to them the respective banks that the former Swiss I just want you to clarify to this community there are so many families can you tell me the identity of this ethical how do you know these farmers are a for ethical or oh you are pushy any family comes to the floor to ethical is that practice out ready thank you for that question I think at this hours elevated to baba season any contractor wishes to contract farmers to do that what about for you is that least register that we can be the regulator authority what we do is that we then get the list of farmers who are contracted to guilty or whatever other companies is contracting from the charity and it is a lot better than that we then allocate all those formats those are contracted to them self funded those that are independent with them so no industry is a technical industry I wish I think you really need to clarify to these members what do you mean by a free fan what do you mean by a contracted famil where is this farm are contracted when is the subtle process for this family to be redeemed to be significant artifact can you please explain to me okay as I said I think at the beginning of a season a contractor is given a license by the charity to operate is it about a contract mentioning and what they do is that they give a list of the farmers that actually growing tobacco on their way up to whom they will provide inputs fertilizers cash and whatever else so the team is aware of what farmers are contracted to any individual mentioned there are formulas Rowton can find themselves who don't have to sell that were not obligated to sell that much one in particular the authorizing are independent ones that the TSL the independently caters for so that's the distinction all this and actually is pair records at the t inv if the food is contracted who is not with the contractor and I think just at that also all these contract laws are actually licensed to do that by the regulator Authority is this free famine allowed to sell it ethically if I'm not mistaken I think a farmer is free to sell tobacco to whatever he feels estou or wherever thinks the conditions I think currently with 8 9 where they every day to bid for the trabajo and a bit of mystery about yourself yourself 62 years into auctioning October its subsidiary of limited and represent on my chest so limited and the flow we are operating at right now was opened in 1986 so we are 33 at the correct location our ocean floor facilities comprised of ablutions in four different locations we cater for farmers through showers mansions but a clinic the police post in the waiting area the florist work capacity of every twenty four thousand barrels a day and currently we are renting about a two thousand pounds a week the day and we attempt to in average of 1000 blasphemous every day and three thousand class for mosque at peak this year we upgraded the ocean floor we'll put up a palisade fence and the front to create accessibility into the flow we upgraded our Fantini facilities we'll also put in excess controls into the selling flow to limit the number of people getting to the flow will also increase our security personnel to make sure that the farmers and their tobacco they are secure right now the volume work pulls through the flow is 35 million cages and currently our market share when the audience ID is about 66% and national to top row we are on 15% and the volume is almost the same with what we handled last year I don't know in terms of challenges as an ocean floor there's been a decline on the ocean volumes coming through to the okay flow currency is on option volume is 15% versus 85% contract and this will show some us need funding so that they go to work on their own and they should be availability of inputs at affordable prices the second one is low average prices we set it off the season with very low average prices excusive because we are marketing we suspect that this may be due to the quality issues due to the drought just for comparison last year to yourself with an average price of 279 this year it has been known to lay into five another challenge ahead is on payment system this year there was an introduction of a new cable system through our opposite whereby farmers get their foreign currency later on into the accounts it created some challenges for us is farmers didn't fully appreciate the more process and on top of that then when we need the termination of famous through pain it happened it created serious challenges or delay loan payment because we are now doing my no payments so rather than Commerce getting their payment same kill some wage to wait for some days before getting their payments another challenge is illegal – perpetrators those continue to be a challenge for us with excessive for putting measures to control access into the auction flow with it in a Chen style Gateway there is a security guard and we require identification in order for someone to enter the option flow we also put in Sept eutychus now inside the floor and CCTV coverage when we suspect anyone of being an illegal tubercle traitor will forward their paws numbers to tell MV would then verify and block such number so that they do not come back ETS the other trailer in between the vendor we put in the palisade fence in order to limit congestion at the front it has assisted a lot this year but we still have a challenge in terms of the other sides of the premises where trucks which are which will be used when leaving our premises that one still remains a challenge at renowned continuously individual Ferrari in this cetera P to assist on that and hopefully by next year we'll come up with a solution to the problem the person the question does yield you have shares in in ESL or TSM the other blood is a category not it doesn't apply TSR is a public company and then the second thing is that does tlg bind tobacco and sell to care center at a profit the transactions between the two we don't have any any trading Peter Parker between ELT there's a trade of the bamboo tlg and TSM basically as I said we just provided service of processing this telling of the battle by ELT from its farmers to tlg and there is no crisscross of tobacco being sold TSM or TLT as a matter of fact TS f itself doesn't actually buy tobacco ESL is not a business bank to borrow it was depicted to borrow from farmers on behalf of mentions and makes payments to farmers from there for matrix that's all that we do the politic of Kiev are just living up to that request it's not in the business of buying tobacco based on our own it helps we bite on here does not bite about food self buys tobacco on behalf of mentions we provide a sales and auctioning service of that the agreement we have is a service agreement I think is my mic on Xavier from ERT we we have got a set of procedures or excesses that under check on the affair he okay and as I explained earlier it's actually receiving the tobacco on behalf of LG weighing the tobacco to make sure that the weights are all correct laying that to back on the floor for optionally then they actually a purse itself then also make the payments to farmers were contract guilty on behalf of energy to be for myself that's where our service ends with them yes we were a solution we hadn't brought that was we're not sure schedule that was that but yes we're a copy of the agreement bought a contract in fealty and also it serves agreement which stipulates what sort of the standards were supposed to maintain exactly what both copies and you can make that was available the copy it's just a matter of telling the office making a copy and then sending it back to you yeah very there is by cocktails into honorable and Patel steer sir we're not are we all such and then is in a commission based on cells that go through our floats that is the only source I think thank you on the auctioneers is the ocean floor is tsf we provide the auctioneers who beat out prizes Thank You mr. chair there was this one seduction and chiesa is the warren company several subsidiaries tsf papers one of the subsidiaries of heso which is the one we're talking about now but logistics is also a subsidy of TSM so those are within the same group of company back sorry sir but logistics and TSM ELT as I said is not shared with any other tiers of case of or even part logistics itself all the about anything we as ESL then we provide that service of we're functioning and whatever it is but the grading of the bar things are pretty well arranged by the dollar prominent by the TMB which stipulates white get a piece of amethyst and those who speak to the quality the color in everything also all that is actually in the books and the bidding process is based on that quality so whatever quality mentioned perceives to be the part of the tobacco you will then be the price for that and the pharma is free to accept that based on the quality the price that is being offered rejected all that is provided for we are not experts in actually activating the quality of all that is left now to imagine and the care he actually provide from several services in terms of classification and naturally the grades are correct how come these attacks this SIL tobacco that was thank you I wanted to find out on the issue of you know but Dave you said David I think I'm never easy the the same check runs shall be exchanged to see what whistling this is the same prison economy I can explain I think the gentleman you're talking to is yes Peck is an employee of the TSO is the CEO of at ESO and by virtue of TSL being a warden company back he is actually the chairman of but I think is on the board of bad logistics and he happens to live on the part of a TS FF 9 virtue of it being is a senior of TSL with his employer he was recently appointed to the board of the chain be this it's not like he's been there for I think there's only been there for three months yes he's the chairman of the chamber but we sinking under tonight that is the Chaldees and I just explained one just to add one to what my friend explained about challenges in terms of payment modalities if you allow me I think we had a problem especially most of this year in terms of flip flop of policy is in God's payment to the farmers I think as my previous colleagues from the ELT we mentioned we had a Polish that came up from the survey which I thought was promising if you recall it's adopted and I came in to farmers and we are geared our assistance to do that I think almost like three weeks after that the system changed again and it became it went to tell it my century two percent in order and even the formula for our you complicated person kept on changing it's something that blew up I think as a country we can actually iron out so that at the beginning of every season farmers are very clear as to what they're going to do and how they're going to carry it causes problems I think year in year out when policies change midway through the season and that's why what is their problem the first three weeks of the season I always cumbersome because of that that's what I wanted I don't know well it's coming what we do is cotton and tobacco companies we have making sure to carry chips with other little Parliament in terms of developments know that leadership that later only 24 the 22nd in fact before me with chairman when our lives in us our god man when I was in the museum I saw in I will not mention the fundamental solution a new company and area we want to see how we can assist you people so yes the afternoon I police would do hereby swear that the evidence that our give is the truth nothing else but the or truth so and the mental mr. Mahina is not with us what is not part of management is a shareholder guess what happen I I besides and as we said by Lydia mr. Mahina sued in his personal capacity that was never discussed mr. Marino's 20% is heard by mr. moon enhance yes it's clear we will this management also be required oh right whatever

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