Preach a Sermon, Not a Self-Help Talk

I don't think it's unreasonable to expect a Christian preacher to preach the gospel in every sermon and I think it's something that we should expect from the pastors I was just think fundamentally we would assume that that pastors are preaching the Bible so they're in a text and Jesus has taught us that all of the scripture points to him like Luke chapter 24 would would tell us so there's a way to get to Christ and a way to get to the gospel in every single sermon so pastors if they're going to be faithful to God and in serve God in the Ministry of the word need to preach the gospel because the Bible points to Christ if we're preaching the Scriptures I think also we should be preaching Christ in every sermon because there could be unbelievers there and let very likely are going to be unbelievers there so if we're going to best serve them in their context what's the number one thing they need to know they don't need to know fundamentally how a Christian should live they need to know what makes somebody a Christian what do I have to believe in order to be a Christian so preaching the gospel would best serve the unbelievers that were there but then also the believers that are there like Paul begins as a letter to the Romans that he is eager to go and bring the gospel to them right he wants to he's in bondage to preach the gospel to those who are in Rome he was encouraged the Christians that are there so both Christians and non-christians we need to hear the gospel we forget the gospel we need to be reminded of that truth so if we leave off the gospel and we just preached the moral imperatives of the New Testament or the Old Testament then we're going to reduce the message of our sermons down to moralism and they're just gonna be kind of self-help talks that leave off the supernatural power we leave off the motivation for all Christian living we'd leave off the means for the power for Christian living and we'd leave off the model Christ Himself for Christian living so all those things have bound up and what we're trying to do with the sermon or glorify God by preaching the word faithfully we want to see the loss called to him he needs we need the gospel to be preached and what do people have got to be built up in the gospel of God so they can live in light of it so I think if you got a preach a sermon aiming at those things then you want to glorify God and serve God's people you need to preach the gospel in every sermon

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  1. I first heard Erik preach when I was visiting at OBC many years ago. I just found out he went back home to the New England area, good for you. May the Lord continue to bless you, your family and ministry.

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