Prayer for your health and well-being.

hi there friends it's an it is Sunday and I just wanted to say god bless you and I want to say a short prayer with you so that if you're having any health issues if you're sick having any family problems any any anything that needs prayer let's let's take it to the Lord now father in the name of Jesus I just lived up I lift up your people Lord you're hurting people father god I just I just loose peace and joy onto each person father God I bind up the heartache the heartbreak father I bind up wounds I bind up sickness and disease father God I bind up all failure Lord Jesus I just loose prosperity on our soul I loose prosperity on our mind I lose prosperity on our hearts and in our family father God that you sent your only Son to come into this world to purchase for us what we could not purchase for ourselves that's freedom that's blessing that's health that's prosperity maybe not being rich but having our needs met and being healthy and being well and being at peace so father God I just pray for the people listening I pray for them today to be just blessed by You Father God if they're hurting we bind up those wounds in Jesus name father I bring them to you I bring you these people and we come an agreement father that their need will be met father if there's infirmities or sickness father that you would reach out your hand and heal well if there's poverty that you would provide because you are a provider you are our husband father God we ask that you heal all wounds all hurts father God stretch forth your hand and heal your people today god bless you I hope you are having a blessed day in the Lord and that you are living free and delivered and prosperous until next time nothing

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