Positive Aspects of Faculty Life [Part 2. Faculty Life Pros and Cons Part 2]

In my last episode I talked about four negative Aspects of academic life. 1. return on investment is not attractive number two There is the possibility of not owning tenure number three, there is no Limit to the amount of working hours. You have to put it number four. There is the possibility of Unemployment even after you get your tenure. However, there are way more Positive aspects it's can make up for the primary downsides of being a professor the first good point as a professor is you have large amount of flexibility regarding your own schedule a Faculty's job is not like a 95 or office type work you have Certain fixed hours when you have to be in the classroom for teaching office Hours to meet your students and meetings for committee work Other than that, the rest of your time is all yours. You can work anywhere And anytime you want to as long as you keep these fixed hours Normally, I teach two classes per week which is six to seven hours for teaching two to three hours for office hours and Another two to three hours for committee work. I Schedule these fixed hours of work during my teaching days Which are normally twice a week either Monday and Wednesday or Tuesdays and Thursdays. I Scheduled the other days as my research days I read and write for my research on those days and usually work in a local coffee shop the second good point is that security if you are fortunate enough to get tenure a Professor with tenure is guaranteed a job for life Ironically the tenure system is also one of the negative aspect because many tenure applications are declined and Obtaining tenure is very daunting and challenging tasks. However, once you have tenure your job is legally protected for life or until You retire the third positive? Aspects about an academic job. Is that Your summer break lasts for three months The summer break is a special perk for most professors administrators Usually have a 12 month contract, but regular faculty members have a nine month contract You may opt to teach during summer break to make extra income but by and large You may be free from teaching and other special responsibilities I almost always use my summer break to catch up on my research and write a book I think summer break is a great gift given to faculty the force aspects are Opportunities to travel the world Professors can combine Conferences or research visits to archives in exotic places with a little slicing Conferences are held in the best places across the world if you join academia You will no doubt see the world opportunities to make international context and collaborate with discoveries all over the world are also Increasing the academic world is not monotonous by any means the last and most Important positive aspects of an academic life is that You are paid for a job that you love to do When you find a job Where the fit is just right you will have the chance to do something that you truly love doing research in your chosen field and Teaching the material to other people who care about it. I always feel that I'm getting paid to Continually not really in writing what I do daily I love reading absorbing and figuring things out and this is what I get to do for large chunks of my day My list of great things about being Faculty can go on and on the five things I have talked about in this video included One Flexibility of the schedule number two the top security after you received You're number three the three months summer break number four the opportunities to travel the world Number five in pay for what you love to do For all of these great reasons, I will choose the same occupation without any hesitation if I had to do it all over again, I Have covered the pros and cons of academi life to help you. Think about whether Jumping the hollers and headaches will be worth it prior to applying for a PhD Program sit down and write up a list of the reasons Why you want to spend the next few years or so? Getting the highest degree in your field Once you have established that you have enough reasons and specific goals and passion to get your PhD don't think twice just keep moving toward achieving the best resort you can I Hope the contents I covered in this video will help you Make an informed decision about getting a PhD if you liked the content, please like this video and subscribe To this channel and share this video with someone who is thinking about pursuing an academic career Please share your opinion and experience with the pros and cons of academy life in the comment section below Thank you so much for watching and see you next time you

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