[Pops in Seoul] Boom Boom Crunch! D-CRUNCH(디크런치) Members’ Self-Introduction

100 thoughts on “[Pops in Seoul] Boom Boom Crunch! D-CRUNCH(디크런치) Members’ Self-Introduction

  1. I am your fan now D-Crunch…
    So adorable boys…
    Im confuse now with the names
    Hyun woo
    Hyun wook
    Hyun Oh
    Hyun Ho but i will get to memorize your faces soon…

  2. I watched their debut MV and their recent comeback, now I want to get into them more. My bias so far is Hyunoh and lowkey Chanyoung 😊. And go listen to their new comeback "Stealer", it's amazing 💕.

  3. I saw a video of them in tick tock maybe like a month ago and since them I really want to know more of them!
    Honestly I think they are going to go far, knowing that they got the hearts of a lot of people with just this video!!
    I am staying with them and officially joining the fandom!
    12-11-2018 i join the D-crunch fandom!! ❤️

  4. Just saw these quys and that feeling u get when you are an ARMY but you stan D CRUNCH so u feel like ur cheating on BTS lmao !! idk i think imma stan 2 boybands now lol Still Bts is my absolute fav tho and allways will be!!!!…

  5. 죄송한데 노래가사 수정해주시고…. 해명부탁드립니다.아니면 왜 그런식으로 해명도 안하고 계신지궁금합니다
    자체제작돌,컨셉 안따라하고 본인들이 한게 뭐에요? 아니 진짜 궁금해서 물어보는거에요..
    저희도 싸우기 싫은데 이러시면 싸울수밖에없네요…반지는 세븐틴이 엄청 고생하고 검증까지 거쳐서 받은거에요.
    저희도 많이기다렸고 더 참기는 어려울것같네요. 디크런치 뮤비,구호 피드백 부탁드립니다.
    디크런치 현욱님 인가요? 그분 기사 나왔던데 세븐틴 버논 닮을꼴로;;닮을수있어요 그래요
    근데 기사 제목과는 다른 디크런치 홍보하는 문구들이보이고 세븐틴 버논님에 대해는 아무 언급도 없더라고요..
    이건 그냥 버논님이 유명하시니까 이름올리고 디크런치 홍보하신건가요…?
    제발 피드백 주세요.

  6. Me tryin' to choose my bias

    But wait
    0:01 that guy on besides O.V with a white hair omg i thought its suga wtf!😶

  7. Jin sees his face in the mirror
    Min hyuk See's his face in the mirror

  8. Am I the only one who was surprised when chanyoung spoke? He has such a dark voice when he raps tf…😂💕 I Love them gonna stan 👀

  9. Dcrunch can became a famous gruop too one day they will famous like BTS too…I know they like BTS too………Im ARMY too so I support them so much
    사랑해 디크런치

  10. That’s smart guy with glass (he can hear the pen sounds) is cute. Hyun Woo
    But my favourite is guy who put all food in mouth lolz 😂 & guy with tall legs 😂
    Jung Seung & Hyun Ho
    GOD, these guy have crazy confused name. Many of them start with HYUN 😯 😲
    Dylan is cute too, his bunny teeth though 🐰 🐰

  11. Never get bored with this 9 persons 😂 I hope they will get more attention because they have potential and talent ❤ DIANA will always love D-Crunch forever ❤

  12. hyunwoo seems like the d.o. he looks so out of it and has a serious face throughout most of the video and her sounds like an amazing vocalist as well

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