Polygamy and cruel dolphins: BIOSEMIOTICS

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My name is Daria and you are watching UN PO DARIA show! I study semiotics and today we will talk about BIOSEMIOTICS I will explain what it is and why you need it in your daily life To be honest I am not really sure where to start, but despite the fact that I was always considering myself as cultural semiotician Biosemiotics is probably the most progressive part of Semitoics today. No kidding! So what is Biosemiotics and how can we explain it simple and the same time interesting way? We already know that semiotics studies communication in human world So what does Biosemiotics? It studies communication and meaning-making processes in all the nature Explaining how animals choose their partner or how they communicate the signal of danger How trees decide when to grow roots and when to grow leaves And what is love for your god, for your cat ANd of course the most important question: can dolphins be cruel? But probably for you, as well as for me the most interesting part of biosemiotics is what we can learn about ourself by studying animals and nature in general Well, I know, it is very anthropocentric point of view but what to do, we are still animals, thought, very egoistic ones. And to answer some of these questions we will ask help from the professor of Stanford University Mr. Robert Sapolsky Who wrote several books about street as the phenomenon in the nature and stress for the human being Officially Robert Sapolsky doesn’t call himself a biosemiotician but I have right to call him this way and I will explain you why If you never heard about TRIMATES then I should tell you In 2017 I had an honour to be part of World Congress of Semiotics World Congress of Semiotics in Kaunas, where Birutė Marija Filomena Galdikas, one of the Trimates, gave her lecture on orangoutans Trimates basically a short version from tre-women who changed our world towards the understanding of the great apes Thanks for these women we look at the King-Kong different way thanks for them we are trying to save the world and thanks for them we know ourself much better And also in the books of Sapolsky you can read about these famous women as well Jane Goodall was studying chimpanzees she was one of the first women in 60s going to live in Africa in the wild nature and finding out that humans are not the only ones who use the tools Imagine, before her discovery, people were considering definition of a human as an animal who produce the tools. Her discovery basically changed our world upside down Dian Fossey was an American woman who decided to go and live with the mountain gorillas Sha was studying them, bonding with them and dying for them Her fight is very honourable, and she died protecting mountain gorilla as a specie Now remain only about 1000 individuals Imagine if it would be only 1000 individuals of humans remaining on this planet? Sapolsky writes that once he did want to join Fossey expedition to Africa but unfortunately she was not really group collaborating person Birutė Galdikas is studying orangutans which used to live in the forests of Indonesia and which are now indangered because of the mass production of the palm oil (any time you eat anything with palm oil, you kill one “forest person”) And Sapolsky himself used to study baboons And you can read yourself about his studies in the book “Primate’s memoir” So not to prevent you to read this amazing book, I would just point out several questions which this book helps to answer If you are my friend on Instagram as well, you probably see all these hints in my posts But two very important questions which books of Saplosky helps us to see First, Can woman and a man be just friends? And second, in polygamy or monogamy is the best for human? And – the most important – can the dolphins be cruel and can spiders come for the revenge if you kick them out from your balcony? And of course, lets start with the most important – question about dolphins and spiders Actually yes, dolphins can be cruel! And you know why? simply because they, alike humans, alike great apes and some other species have very important part of the body which not really present for many other animals Prefrontal cortex Exactly this big forehead which make us very different from any other animal (DA!) animal (DA!) What Prefrontal cortex does? It makes us do – very interesting things! for example, operations related to abstract thinking Funny part, that your dog or can, not really able until now proven scientifically make plans for tomorrow or for a year ahead And spiders cannot do it either So kick your spiders, and even if they come back they cannot plan that in the couple days they should attack you When dolphins can be very cruel, and they can carefully plan their revenge Exactly as humans! The other very important and disturbing question Can man and woman be friends? Example of Great Apes widely shown that male and female communication can be even just platonic, based on the mutual support and care about each other So yes, its possible and guys not only think about it So girls, stop blaming the guys. Its scientifically prooved. And the last but not least: is monogamy of polygamy is better for humans? To answer this question is would refer to the book of Jasper Hoffmeyer (2008) where he describe also the idea of using symbolic meaning in human’s life so as in life of animals We can see that the major part of animals, having prefrontal cortex, are keen to decide one partner This question is quite easy, because having a Prefrontal cortex allowed you to plan ahead and foresee situations, sometimes even prevent some events of your life Human, choosing a partner, can see in perspective. And still the main task for any male or female creature on this planet is leaving their genes And taking into account that mainly human cub takes around 10-15 years to grown up and become adult, voluntarily or by purpose, your Prefrontal cortex analyse is the potential partner is good enough to spend together next 10-15 years Obviously nowadays we have many different factors which influence the possibility of male and female staying together But theoretically, human beings are more keen to monogamy No hard judgements, we live in the modern society and there are so many factors which cannot be explain just with BIOSEMIOTICS because here comes Cultural Semiotics Thats it for today! Thank you for resisting, if you read this

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