Polls Show Education Is A ‘Major Concern’ For 2020 Voters | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC

100 thoughts on “Polls Show Education Is A ‘Major Concern’ For 2020 Voters | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC

  1. MSNBC are rightly getting called out for pretending he doesn’t exist.” https://www.forbes.com/sites/christopherrim/2019/10/04/do-the-math-2020-is-a-six-person-race/

  2. So the 🍊🤡 is removing ~1k troops from Syria to save money and adding ~3k troops to the Saudis and tripling the wars expenses??? 😅 i can totally see the G.bush admin all over again, republicans once again using the military to fill their pockets right, center, left, up and down. Only maga-terrorists are pretending not to see what's going on, unfortunately.

  3. I don't want a charter school option for my kids. I want their schools to be funded. I periodically ask my elected officials in the House and Senate how parents in a poor, rural town like mine would even get their children to a charter school in a "better" area, and I've never gotten an answer.

  4. It has confounded me , in this techno – information age , how we can be so ill informed. the education of people has gone off the tracks . it can be just one answer . that I do know !!! if not fixed USA. ,as world leader is over !!!

  5. Education needs to be sharply IMPROVED in this country!! In the last presidential election, a con artist shouted, "Vote for me, and if I win, another country will pay for you to have a brand new wall!", and millions upon millions of people believed this con artist — sad!!

  6. "Only 43% say education is a major concern."

    Regarding a report from PBS News (06/12/19) 36 mio. adults in the US lack the basic literacy skills for work.
    According to a NAEP assessment in 2017 64% of 8th. graders cannot read above proficient level.
    Utterly underfunded public education expecially in impoverished regions to a degree that classes where shortend from 5 to 4 days attendance.

    Are you kidding me?

  7. I am glad that education is still a priority for the people, because Trump doesn't as evidenced by his secretary, Devos de-loser.

  8. School choice is the way to go. The Democrats like to claim systematic racism but it's an economical thing. Republicans want school choice so that no matter your zip code, your children can go to better schools. Democrats want to keep people dependent and in positions that they can keep them voting Democrat but without offering real solutions .

  9. We all have heard you get what you pay for. The pay teachers have in this country is horrible and its a joke. Teachers should be paid well and given assistance with anything thry need for their class rooms. Each state has an issue with teacher pay so until we begin to value our educators and pay thrm well we shoupd not espect anything different.

  10. The dumbing down of America is partly why trump is in office. Nobody knows how anything works. They're just as CLUELESS as TRUMP. We need to bring back CIVICS.

  11. I quit watching the debates. The moderators never had ask the right questions and only want to set up "gotcha" moments so they can generate controversial responses for later reporting. I prefer the debates being handled by the League of Women Voters who did a much better job running the debates and gave the voters more insight to each candidate's mission.

  12. Yes!!! Is clearly needed! Please make Ethics and LAW a major !Also stop brainwashing children, with sick nationalism

  13. Charter schools just hoover tax dollars out the public schools, and are just another way of privatizing. This dude Steele sounds like a Betsy DeVos acolyte. Let's provide better choices. Pay teachers a living and have decent standards, like the DOE here in NYC has. Not perfect, but a good starting point.

  14. WOW BREAKING NEWS ….CNN JUST EXPOSED …A MUST WATCH AND SHARE. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ioglTg6I9QU&t=507s

  15. how about we take all that money that were forking over for "charter schools" and put it BACK into public schools so they can properly work. and then we wouldnt NEED charter schools! the ONLY reason charter schools started was so that gov and sen could siphon money away from public schools in an effort to cripple them and make the public system look bad. it was a deliberate political move. thats ALL that programme was designed to do. dosnt anyone remember anything in the past anymore?!?!?!

  16. I'm a baby boomer and I still think education is one of the most important issues. If we don't get it together for all children soon, China will do it all for us and we can just sit and watch. That is not the only reason of course. Knowledge is Power!

  17. "This issue transcends partisanship" … except the GOP put a traitor in charge who puts corrupt billionaires at the top of US Dept of Education who want to destroy the system

  18. The dumbing down of America has been going on for decades. The powers that be – – both governmental and corporate — have a vested interest in keeping the masses ignorant. Ignorant people are easier to manipulate.

  19. A key missing ingredient in the Education discussion is: The Parents. If they do not perform THEIR job in raising a child to distinguish right from wrong, to impress on their child that education is a key to their success, that education is life long, that a child needs to think clearly. logically but also creatively & independently, then you cannot blame the teachers or the schools. There isn't enough education money in the world to match a caring, knowledgeable Parent.

  20. College affordability for advanced degrees, bachelor degrees, particularly if you are planning on serving in government. You have to be enrolled already in order to obtain an internship to even have the slightest chance to sign a contract that they will finance your education if you agree to work for them. If you can't afford tuition to obtain a degree there is no way into government–period. They pretend like they have diversity recruitment–they still lack drawing recruits from people less privileged who need the opportunity more so than others (in socio economic terms).

  21. Free college is a crucial way to help remedy the dumbing down of America. A high school diploma fifty years ago represented a better education than today's undergraduate degree.

  22. Anecdotally, I knew a college sophomore (at NYU no less) who could not place World War II in the 20th Century (he thought — vaguely — it was in the 1800s). When he saw the incredulous look on my face he said, "Oh wait, was that the one with the Nazis?". True story… I knew we were in trouble when I heard about remedial reading classes at a local college.

  23. Those polls are about right. 40-odd percent of Americans are Republican. 40-odd percent aren't educated and don't want anyone else to be.

  24. Here's a novel idea fix the public schools.
    The guy promoting the charter schools, is promoting an unfair system. The charter schools cause more harm by divert money away from public schools and focus it into private/for-proffit schools. It damages the majority of students by focusing on a few. An analysis of charter schools shows the majority of them are failing to provide better education. Most are for profit systems and the one thing they are succeeding at is making money.

  25. Education in America is a concept. In Scotland, university is free for Scottish citizens. Almost every Scots
    person has a Master Degree. In Japan, universities invest your money and give it back to you after you graduate.
    Just like American medicare, you catch a bill for education or injury and you're paying for the rest of your life.

  26. Less and less people will become teachers and more and more qualified teachers will quit. This is coming from a former teacher.

  27. Finally! Even among the democratic candidates we don’t hear this enough! Education equity is a huge issue. City, rural have impoverished schools. We need more civics and good citizenship emphasis.

    We hear about free college and Medicare for All is talked about endlessly. While important it shouldn’t be at the expense of really focusing on pre-K through grade 12.

    I would love if the debates covered this. I’m so tired of the squabbling about how to best get universal healthcare.

    Republicans don’t care about public education. The more ignorant the better for them.

  28. Do away with Charter and Private schools. When rich people realize that their kids can only benefit from Public education that is when our education system will be properly funded.
    The one talking-head suggesting that Charter Schools were the solution has his head up his …..tailpipe. Access to Charter Schools isn't going to help poorer Americans access better education. It only exacerbates the divide between the privileged and regular folk. 🙁

  29. This is what happens when you put someone in charge that has never stepped foot into a public school. Betsy DeVos !

  30. Yang's Good Schools and Freedom Dividend recognize the importance of reviewing the total educational system much better than mere free College tuition policy of Warren. Need to improve education from pre K up.including vocational and apprenticeship.

  31. The headline should be the percentage of voters who DON'T think Education is important. Also, why not just give the percentage of VOTERS who think Education is important? Why separate them into black and Gen f#cking Zed? Is it because if you did, it would be a really weak story?

  32. LOL trump are uneducated anyways, they don't care about this. They want donald to be their racist hero, as long as brown people are put in cages they are happy

  33. OMG! The ignorance of some people. Charter schools need to be abolished! We can have public schools, but they should not be for profit. They also should not be funded by district, all school funds should go into a central pool and equally divided, as every student should have equal opportunity and equal value! Private is private, it can be for profit, and MUST receive private funding. Public funds should go to public, not profit schools, period, full stop!

  34. An educated population is the greatest threat to authoritarianism that exists. Study after study shows that the more educated a person is, the more likely they are to vote for progressive and democratic candidates.

  35. Public education has outlived it's usefulness and needs to be shut down. Public education is a huge waste of tax dollars. Online interactive classrooms costs less than 1/10 of brick and mortar public schools and it works. Unions stop this from happening because shutting down the unsustainably wasteful public school system also shuts down the unions where most everyone employed by the public school systems taxpayer funded waste would be out of a job. From the unsustainably wasteful public school system our kids receive a mediocre education for top dollar. Teachers in my school district top out at nearly $90,000 for the 9 month school year and that's equivalent to nearly $10,000 a month or $120,000 annually and that doesn't include the buildings, new computers for everyone every year, lock down prison type security, surveillance camera systems, and on and on and on…… Waste waste waste.

  36. Republicans don't want education.
    They want votes from dumb people.
    Who's lives won't get any better by voting for Republicans, ever.

  37. Trump loves Americans 'whose minds remain uncluttered by any learning beyond junior high school.’ That's why he never blathers about education.

  38. Homeowners should not have too foot the bill for Public Schools. I live in Lucas County in Ohio and anytime a School Levy is put on the Ballot if passed the Property taxes go up so in this case your average Voter should not be allowed to vote on such a levy

  39. If you improve education enough you run the risk of a government administration being unable to run as a criminal operation. I don't think the Republikkkans want to risk this.

  40. Education of the children will save money later on. A stupid society will limit America's future. It will also keep us from a dictator.

  41. But education is not an industry. The Harvard guy compared education to defense, healthcare, and other industries. That is very telling. When public education is denied proper funding and attention, it’s no wonder that schools are faring so poorly. Some things should not be about profit. Public schools benefit the public good. We must make education a priority!

  42. What school in Memphis is he talking about? I understand there's issues here but the picture dude paints is extremely dire, she has one book and she makes copies every day for class? More metal detectors than books? What school in Memphis is he talking about?

  43. The only concern with voters should be to get that crook, sick, immoral, stupid, racist out of the white house in handcuffs….

  44. Try asking anyone worldwide what they think of the education level of USians…  That is probably the metric you want to look at.Hint:  It isn't good.

  45. What do you think will happen to crime rates after we launch education, healthcare, a UBI and internet for all, raising the starting point of capitalism from zero, we'll let you die with no money, to a level of life with dignity, reducing societal daily fears on a massive scale?

    Walls defend and empower inequality. Bridges reduce inequality. If you want to reduce crime and make life better in general, simply reduce the inequalities.

    #FearIsTheProblem #EqualityIsTheAnswer #StillSanders

    #BuildBridgesNotWalls #EqualityMovement

  46. Democrats have destroyed the educationally system with all of thier pc crap. Kids are not even taught economics they are brain washed with socialist.

  47. Republicans see the poor as being poor because they are lesser human beings and deserve poverty. Republicans also see themselves as entitled to a better life than anyone else because they are white. The time has come to teach Republicans about the equality of all people. Vote at every election.

  48. Why doesn't Canada have these issues of poor funding or equality of funding for our schools? Is it some kind of socialist mentality?

  49. There is a cult of ignorance in the United States, and there always has been. The strain of anti-intellectualism has been a constant thread winding its way through our political and cultural life, nurtured by the false notion that democracy means that “my ignorance is just as good as your knowledge". – Isaac Asimov, 1980.

  50. When Jimmy Carter created the Department of Education; America was number one in the world. Now we're number seventeen. We need to end the Federal Department of Education. The States did a much better job.

  51. When one party-Republicans- and numerous 'think' tanks deliberately sabotage public education,this is what you get.

  52. The education system in the United States needs improvement. If you look at other countries around the world with fantastic educational systems (e.g. Norway, Finland, Singapore), we could learn from them and follow their model. Just because the educational system in the U.S. is suffering under tremendous problems doesn't mean that people should abandon it — they should reform in, improve it, and use what works in other countries. I worked as a high school math teacher for a couple of years and one of the biggest problems with the educational system in the United States is that it handles ALL of the social problems of the students. The school system is the last social safety net left in the country — so it is overburdened. I teach English at a German university right now, and the educational system here is very different from the U.S. There are a lot more vocational programs — not every student is expected to go to college. The blue collar workers and skilled craftsman have strong unions, complete health insurance, and get paid a fair wage.

  53. Education & the environment — the issues that are important for my kids' future are the issues that are important for me!! Republican'ts only care about lower taxes — leaving the future with nothing but debt & pollution — shameful, short-term thinking.

  54. Stop teaching socialism and communism. Our kids aren’t getting educated, just pass the ones on through that fall behind. And college what a joke, it’s a rip off, and basically a popularity contest. The majority that graduated college have a useless degree and covered up in debt. That’s exactly what a communist wants. I make apparent liberals life miserable by screaming nazi socialist and physical confrontations.

  55. 70% of Americans want Medicare for ALL. Corporate news great at talking around issues and a bias toward candidates with clear solutions to issues important to Americans. Bernie Sanders, the only solution for the 99%.

  56. My concern with public education is the poor job they do educating children. We used to have every academic subject nailed, where American children were number one in the world. Then, in 1977, the Dept. of Education was established, and the performance of American students began a long (still in play) slide, down to performance that puts them 24th, to 31st in the world (still with the highest cost of education per student in the world). It seems pretty clear that the children haven't gotten That much stupider, than 45 years ago, and the DoE has done a lot of damage, to the whole Public education system. Of course parents of children are concerned about public education. They SHOULD be. Public education is now a very expensive losing proposition. It's likely that the parents of current children attended public school After the DoE was established, and never remember a time when American students were at the top of the pile (we spent the most per student in the world back before the DoE, too, but it was money well spent then).

  57. College education is meaningless for most.
    Find a trade and make a career.
    When you waste $40k per year on studies like liberal arts, you won't have much of a career when you leave college.
    Also, rid ourselves of illegal aliens and American kids will do better in k-12. Fact.
    When we ae paying union teachers over $100k per year to teach 16 year old illegal aliens the abc's , how does that benefit Americans?

  58. But Democrats are only talking impeachment!!! They won't even approve the Mexico/Canada trade deal in the House even though the vast majority of Americans want it approved!!!

  59. Welcome to science USA, we're going to learn how coal can become clean energy, how to prevent forest fires and get rid of hurricanes with nukes. If you think the Earth is round get out now!

  60. thay should be polling us out here in the real world
    the ones that have to try to educate Donnie dementia's minions on youtube
    'murika? you have huge problems when it comes to education

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