Police: Garden Grove Crime Spree Suspect, Gang Member Zachary Castaneda Jailed 14 Times Since 2016

100 thoughts on “Police: Garden Grove Crime Spree Suspect, Gang Member Zachary Castaneda Jailed 14 Times Since 2016

  1. Lmao death penalty? Thats too easy they should keep him in a sell stab him and cut him and beat tf outta him everyday and just torture him

  2. What do you expect we have the sheriff chief re hiring ex cops who were crooked, hiring his son at age 34 with DUI on his record, and favouring mexician gang members….there's your problem…..

  3. In california..we do what we want. Our drug dealers..gang members..and homeless people are all thriving here because democrats do not help their own people..instead..they let us do whatever we want.

  4. If you follow the laws here on California…you won't last long at all. Homeless..gangs..amd drug dealers all thrive here. Our politicians are greedy weak minded people. Nothing has changed for over 10 years. California is a free for all state. We do whatever we want without consequence

  5. And people are saying that "it's always been this violent, social media makes it appear worse than it really is".

    Yeah right.

  6. They should move him to live next to the judge who left him out. I've seen some people convicted for prostitution and sent ywars to jail while this violent criminals with 14 convictions walk freely on the street.

  7. It makes you wonder if those victims had a firearm on them a concealed weapon that they might still be alive uphold our Second Amendment bad guys will never obey the law and we'll always have weapons

  8. We need to bring torture back. If you need someone to do it I would love to have the job. Some of these people jail is too good for them they need to be tortured and then killed

  9. Why can't you tie his hands and feet together, then dump out in the middle of the sea?? Wouldn't that be so much better. We could start a sweep stake to see how long it takes for him to down…just saying.

  10. Look at the smirk on this worm's face. He has ZERO respect for humanity, law or our "justice" system. Politicians want us citizens to be defenseless against these criminal gang bangers. 2A is specifically for scumbags like this.

  11. That dude was on a good one !!!! Sad to see that our people just can’t get the guidance that they need ! This dude was out of control – thanks to the brave police officers that crazy fool will never see the day light ! God bless the victims and there families so sad to here about this

  12. This guy will get so much love letters and marriage proposals on death row from women lmfao!!!these women are nuttier than squirrel shit…yea he will be sentenced to death but will never be executed for his crimes in Commiefornia he will just rot away on death row @ the tax payers expense lol


  14. See america these are the type of people you should concentrate on killing or deporting back to Salvador, Honduras etc and not the hard working ones going to work every day doing jobs most americans dont want to do. Just saying

  15. after 14 times jailed he didn't learn nothing keeping him alive for the rest of his days in prison is just a waist of taxpayers money .

  16. Whenever u leave your home pack heat so if some SCUMBAG like this rolls up on u TAKE HIM DOWN & STRETCH HIM OUT!!No questions asked TITS UP & 6’ under!!!!

  17. Suspect had machete style knife this is almost like the mass shooter who carry Assault style rifle we know this are false flags be vigilante people the evil ones are attacking all that’s good

  18. Sanctuary state let's these criminal illegal aliens back out. And then they repeat offend over and over again and Americans have to die because of it

  19. Concealed carry for moments like these. Oh that's right California would prosecute the good guy taking down the bad guy

  20. Out on bail – City Councilmen Bob Blumenfield and Gil Cedillo along
    with City Attorney Mike Feuer were all instrumental in passing AB 109.
    Reallocated revenue filling pockets. Be proud!

  21. Watching this video only further lets me know that the three strikes law only applies to black and brown people. For those of you who don't know what that is it means if you go to jail 3 * you are in a habitual offender and they give you a very very long sentences.

  22. Must never got any hugs when he was a little guy now he's going off to the big house he'll get all the hugs in the world now might not want them all but he's going to get them all SMH 🤔

  23. If he gets same judge it will be 3 years probation 20 hours community service no contact with victims. If I was judge I’d make him drink bleach in the courtroom then let victims punch him in the stomach. After that sink a screwdriver in the top of his head. Then stick a funnel in his ass and dump boiling water in. Then send him to prison for life.

  24. If he had shot 6 and killed 4 the media all over the country would be saying MASS SHOOTING and people would be demanding for stricter gun laws. He would have been shot if more people on the streets of California had guns to defend themselves

  25. California is a Democrat state. Laws don't help citizens..only homeless and illegals. We the people get fucked by our weak government

  26. Damn, if it was a wood caught with a ak n slanging some shit wooda got like 20 years. Gotta love the DA. Really did the job on this one

  27. There are mentality unstable people all over the United States , especially on the west coast & No one gives a shit. We don't have universal health Care like every other country on Earth to treat these sick people from the beginning . They just continue to roam the United States streets.

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