Police Are Dealing With A 'Culture Of Disrespect' In New York

last night we were the first to bring you this disturbing video that sent shockwaves through the American law enforcement community and beyond disgusting and depressing but this is not an isolated incident this is what everyone has to understand this is just the latest in a long line of examples that demonstrate a growing disrespect for the people and principles that most Americans still hold dear since we showed you that awful video last night another shocking incident surfaced from Harlem as officers there attempted to make an arrest some of the costume characters are a little too aggressive it's just how it is Elmo groped me spider-man punched me so and so pushed out my kid now the reaction to these kinds of attacks was fierce as you heard right here on the Ingraham angle it makes me sick to our friends in New York shame on you absolutely destroying the quality of life in this city though some in the community were still willing to downplay it that's not uncommon unbelievable

33 thoughts on “Police Are Dealing With A 'Culture Of Disrespect' In New York

  1. So what just because this guy doesn't Trust what the big corps say about something like an expertation, he is somehow undermining the system?

  2. I haven't watched the news in years. Is this real or fake!!! Im not joking!!!! If its fake. Its very believable!

  3. I would love to see some of these on FB. Few people link to YT. These are too good either way. Love these!

  4. How's dose a guy eating expired Mayo relate to guys in costumes harassing people in New York 😂😂😂

  5. I literally eat an entire jar of Mayonnaise weekly. I don't understand how that is "disrespectful". Like wtf? I eat it just like the man in the video but I dont gag like a little bitch. He is clearly an amateur.

  6. Hehehemhmhmh oh god I fucking threw up as soon I typed hehemhmhm I was laughing holy shit man

  7. The witches put a glutinous spirit on him like they do with drug addicts, murderers, rapist, pedophiles, hence the nwo merfs this to be the world we live in today

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