Police and the Paranormal. strange sightings from first responders.

Police and emergency responders are the first
onto scenes most of us wouldn’t want to imagine seeing the darkest sides of human
society and being witness to the weird and hilarious to the disturbing acts of depravity
which happen on the streets almost every day. Sometimes these brave men and women come across
something even they aren’t prepared for. From mysterious apparitions and strange beasts
to UFOs. Let’s take a look at some of the strangest
reports from police and other emergency service personal. (Sirens and street scene with blues and twos) Welcome to if…………………………………………….. Most police would (given a long enough time
in the job) tell you that they’ve pretty much seen it all. But what about the stranger sides of this
world, ghosts and paranormal occurrences, UFO’s and even aliens? Let’s begin with the paranormal and a story
of demonic possession and a strange call received by an emergency call service operator one
spooky night. Several years ago, this phone operator received
a 911 call from a family reporting that their teenaged daughter was possessed. They claimed there was no possibility of drugs
or any history of mental health issues This 911 call from the distressed family made
the claim that their teenage daughter was possessed by demon, this operator went through
the check list of possible causes checking them off one by one. Drugs (no, check) and alcohol (no, check)
mental health issues (no, check) etc. As this call went on the sounds of loud screaming
could be heard. This yelling went on making it difficult for
the operator to hear. Asking what was happening and if the two people
could stop shouting and fighting. The frightened caller then said that both
voices were coming from the teenage girl. The operator who had over 25 years’ experience
and had heard many things said “I know of man’s inhumanity and the horrible things
people do to each other, but this – this was a different kind of evil. I was clearly hearing a young girl screaming
at the same time an adult male was yelling back. I couldn’t understand either language but
they were clearly two different voices. The family swore that both voices were emanating
from the girl, both at the same time. It made my skin crawl. Now I know what you’re thinking this was
a phone call anything could have been happen at the other end of line. So we need something with a little more proof
than screams over a telephone. Well this next report may have it, a pair
of police officer received a call over their radio requesting police respond to an alarm. The location of the incident was an old office
building which had been converted to doctor’s offices. These offices had a pharmacy attached making
them a target for drug addicts. The officer’s dispatcher informed them that
a motion signal from an upstairs office had been received. The police waited at the offices and went
looking for signs of broken entry then Key holder arrives on scene and lets them in,
to secure the building. The stairs were locked behind a door that,
the key holder didn’t have keys too, so they took the elevator up to the second floor. The Elevator doors open to reveal a pitch
black hallway… with Exception of one overhead light at the end of the hall. The men began checking doors, which were all
are secured. They reach the last office, and sure enough,
the door is unlocked. Making entry they come upon an unused office. The door opening to a sizable waiting room
and reception area. There were about 10 or 12 exam rooms, which
they cleared with no problems. Leaving the office the two policemen realize
the overhead light at our end of the hallway that had been on was now off, being replaced
by another light near the elevators. One officer turns to his partner noticing
that he is completely white. He asks him what is wrong and he says, “Weren’t
all those doors we just checked closed and locked.” To which the officer replies “yes”
“Well now they’re all standing open.” Sure enough, all the offices down the hallway
that had just been checked were now wide open. So once again they start clearing and securing
offices. As they finished with the last office, and
made their way out, they turned the corner to the waiting area, the main door just slams
shut. Then, the radios they were carrying started
going nuts with static feedback. Again entering the elevator and heading down
to the first floor to meet with the key holder again. This time however, the key holder had disappeared. Contacting dispatch and requesting a call
back number for the missing key holder Dispatch states that the key holder was still enroute
and was advising an eta of 5 minutes. The pair of confused police officer tell dispatch
that they had already been out with the key holder. Dispatch responds with a request to give them
a call. Calling dispatch they are told that there
is no way they had been with a key holder. The alarm company had only just made contact
with one! Eventually, the “real” key holder arrived
on scene and was asked about the man that had let us in the building (the first key
holder). Describing him to the key holder. The pair are told that it sounds like one
of the doctors that used to lease the office on the second floor AT THE END OF THE HALL. Then stating that he had committed suicide
at his summer home several days earlier. It would seem that these men ran into something
clearly paranormal and very spooky but what about the other types of encounter we mentioned. How about a run in with a cryptid? Taiwan’s news organization were whipped
up into a frenzy with the release of a video of a strange creature with the ability to
makes itself translucent. A cloaked creature which may remind many of
the predator of movie fame. Police officer Chen Yung Huang snapped the
image on his i-phone whilst he holidayed in the mountains of the region. He posted the picture to the TUFOS Taiwan’s
ufology society where the tall, half-invisible man-mantis creature caused a big stir. The group subjected the image to a barrage
of testing Chien Jung-ta, one of the photo experts consulted about the image doesn’t
believe it has been edited in any way, pointing out the double exposure lines around the “alien”,
indicating the phone was probably in motion when the photo was taken. This means that something was indeed standing
on the mountain’s ridge. No conclusive explanation for the strange
creature has been offered, guesses range from faulty flash memory to invaders from outer
space. And while on the subject of possible aliens
and ufos we come to one of the best ufo sightings and interactions in recorded history
Dale Spaur was a Sheriff in Portage County in 1966. The war hero was notable in the local community. He jumped at the chance to drive his squad
car quickly around the streets of the small town and was celebrated for his lead foot,
this was until April 17, 1966 when he ended up becoming world famous for an extraordinary
reason. At around 5 a.m. Dale Spaur and his accomplice
deputy Neff were shouted to an abandoned vehicle on State Route 224, close to the residential
community of Atwater. It was a rural stretch of road lined with
trees. Stepping from their cruiser to investigate,
Spaur spotted a strange light descending and moving out of a forested area next to the
road. Hovering at treetop level the bizarre craft
begin to move toward them. This object had the shape of a an ice cream
come tipped on its side, pointed at the front and bulbous at the back it made a sound like
“an over-stacked transformer.” When it approached, they could feel the warmth
radiating from of it. The object began to move east, down highway
224. Returning to their police cruiser the men
radioed dispatch for instruction, their Sargent said that they should engage in pursuit something
Spaur was ready for. The faster the vehicle went trying to catch
the object the quicker the object pulled away. Before long they were speeding east down old
Route 14, the odometer edging past 100 mph. Every so often they’d stop for red lights
or the movement of oncoming traffic. The object would however slow down and speed
up keeping a set distance between the pursuer and pursued. A HIGH SPEED GAME OF CAT AND MOUSE. During this lengthy chase, the two men were
joined by an East Palestine cop, Wayne Huston, who followed in his own cruiser. The police radioed ahead and organized a road
block. When they arrived at the blockade the officers
present were amazed to see the UFO shoot directly upward into the night sky. The case received a lot of press and questions
and reporters from the world media descended on the town quicker than any UFO could. This lead to the officers being chastised
by their senior officer. The stress of all the attention really weighed
on Spaur, who lost twenty pounds from the worry. It’s at this point men from Project Blue
Book – the military’s Cold War UFO-examination division – arrived. They informed everyone involved that what
they had seen was the planet Venus refracted through mist and if anyone asks them that
is what they are to say! This marked a turning point for the police
officer life shortly after the visit he suffered a complete break down his wife left him taking
their child and lost his job. He was later found living in a hotel surviving
on a diet pb and J sandwiches. Being interviewed by a reporter who had tracked
him down he said “I’m Thirty-four years of age and what do I have? Nothing, who knows me? Everybody! I’m Dale Spaur, the nut who pursued a flying
saucer.” A number of years later a young boy sat watching
TV when he saw the tall figure of Dale Spaur being interviewed on TV the boy’s mother
stepped in the room and informed the thirteen year old that the man on the television was
his father. Dale was on TV talking about the incident
on a program about UFOs. Eventually the father son were united and
after getting reacquainted the father told the boy what had occurred all those years
ago. Life began to get back on track and would
Spaur become a minor celebrity often seen at ufo conventions and heard on radio and
TV interviews. He even went onto consult Stephen Spielberg’s,
Close Encounters of the Third Kind Dale Spaur passed away in 1983 and a large
number of people attended his funeral, it would seem the man’s story resonated with
many over the years and he had a camaraderie with those fellow witnesses who were often
also the focus of ridicule. If there was any definitive proof, the military
took it. Spaur and Neff kept a camera in the cruiser. They took dozens of photographs. But when Blue Book came to town, the G-men
confiscated the negatives and they have never been released. Have you had any strange and weird incidents,
do you know police or emergency responders have they told you any creepy stories? If so I would love to hear about them in the
comments below

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  1. Ohmahgawd! Number 1 happened practically in my backyard and I never heard about it. I mean I literally live 10 minutes away from where all of this happened, and never once, well before this video, have I heard about this incident. Thank you for bringing this to light; I guess I have some reading I need to catch up on.

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  3. This was great!! I loved it!! That was sad about the way that police officer was done and his wife should be ashamed taking his son away from him but I am so glad that the officer and his son did get reunited. You did a wonderful job on this video! โ˜บ๏ธโค๏ธ

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