PLEASE HELP ME: I'm being prosecuted for writing a book criticizing the gov't | Sheila Gunn Reid

yeah I mean we have that she's aware people don't cooperate and then they get you know they get obstruction you know maybe the offense for obstruction it can be pretty severe I have some terrible news to share with you today we have been trying to work quietly to get ourselves out of the trouble that we're facing but it's become clear in recent days we can't do this quietly anymore and we cannot do this alone I need your help now NDP appointed holdovers in the Alberta government are coming for me because I wrote a best-selling book that hurt Rachel not least feelings I'm potentially facing tens of thousands of dollars in fines and what the government officer involved calls severe consequences but the biggest threat is to freedom of the press for all of us let me explain this mess we have to go back a few months to the very beginning this video is long but I have to tell you the whole story and I have to show you the proof of what's happening or you just would not believe it back in April we received a letter from Alberta's Elections Commissioner that entire bureaucracy is a recent creation of the NDP and it was weaponized against not least conservative critics they have come after us about billboards critical of the NDP on two separate occasions in the past and they lost this new threat letter in April came from the elections commissioner Lauren Gibson and it was addressed to me but it was sent to our Toronto office so the Albert election was over Jason Kenney was the new premier but not least hand-picked enforcer was still on the job and he still is today he said he was opening an investigation after complaints about lawn signs promoting my best-selling book here's part of his letter we will be seeking your answers to a number of questions including the following what was the basis upon which you determined the selling price of the stock Notley book what was the date you began to make this book available to the public was the availability of this stop Notley book to the public time to occur with the 2019 provincial election campaign or was the book planned to be made available to the public regardless of whether there was an election or not what is the estimated cost of the stop Notley advertising book promotion campaign what is the contact information for the company that published the stop Notley book and the company that designed produced and distributed the stop Notley signs Gibson said he would be contacting me for an interview or to put it another way I'd be interrogated by the government about a book I wrote about the government now his letter didn't even tell me who's under investigation or for what is it me or the publisher of my book who's in trouble here is it for the book or the lawn signs promoting the book and really it doesn't matter anyway or it shouldn't because we have a free press in Canada and here is the elections law that specifically exempts books section 44 D 2 reads elections advertising does not include the distribution of a book or the promotion of the sale of a book for no less than its commercial value if the book was planned to be made available to the public regardless of whether there was to be an election apparently even Alberta's draconian elections censorship law recognizes the importance of a free press and of course we lured my book up and down before we published it in fact legal fees are one of the largest expenses here at the rebel so I first emailed Stephen Kay the investigator noted in the letter and I said this dear mr. K I am a journalist and author in my view your investigation of me is legally inappropriate and contrary to Canada's constitutional freedoms especially freedom of expression your decision to keep these complaints against me a secret is inappropriate if they really do exist by keeping them secret you stop me from knowing the details of the case against me and from making a proper response you still haven't been clear about why I'm being investigated perhaps the complaints would also shed light on that your email says the complaints are about the signs which marketed my book but most of the questions in your letter asked about the stop Notley book itself are you investigating me for the book or the signs which brought it to the attention of the public am I personally being investigated for not registering as a third party you still haven't actually told me what I've allegedly done and that's when another investigator casts with the file a former city cop named Ken brand er emailed me saying he would answer my questions in a phone call so I called Brander and recorded the call because not only am ia journalist but I need to protect myself in case I am actually the target of this investigation because they wouldn't tell me here I'd like to play some excerpts from that conversation for you right away this investigator said he wasn't interested in my book just the lawn signs which I had nothing to do it that was my publishers idea which I loved but I'm just the book's author okay I'll tell you what the gist of the complaints are is there any I just have to do with with advertising people see that people see the lawn signs and they go oh that looks just like the political lawn fine so this person must be doing protocol advertising so so if the book was fine then why was he calling me the author and he repeated that again he claimed he wasn't investigating me am I personally being investigated for not registering as a third party okay no okay but then after telling me he wasn't investigating my book he started investigating my book why did I write it when I wrote it pretty dumb question it's a political book in an election year but why was he grilling me an author and journalist there's something about the timing of the book so you know I'd be looking for just a little bit of background information on like when when was the book written when was it was it going to be published over like a last minute saying like you know at the end of the call he said he was 90% sure the book was fine but he still had a lot of questions for me I guess to be clear what is it that I have alleged to have done for me if it's not election advertising then its case closed if it is election advertising then the investigation has to continue to see you know who's putting it out are they registered a third-party advertiser or are they not but the first hurdle is the first element to determine is whether it's election advertising or not at this point I'm 90% sure that it's not election advertising I ended that call by telling him the name of the media freedom lawyer I have Fred Kozak who helped me fight back when Rachel Notley illegally banned me from the legislature a few years ago oh yes it's Fred Kozak yes from Reynolds mirth Richardson farmer I was still unclear though his Brander investigating me as an author or my publisher especially since Brander has never contacted my publisher for any of the details he was asking me about and why does he keep asking me about the book if he's not investigating the book so I called him a second time the reason I'm calling you is I understand that you're the author of the book so the questions that I have asked with you you know those final elements that I have to address and the exemption I believe you probably have the answers to those questions so at this point it's did the whole there's no particular person under investigation and like no suspects you know to use the police term is it normal in a free country for the government to hi investigators to interrogate authors of books that criticize the government it is not so I asked Brander what would happen if I refuse to answer I'm going to play a two-minute clip of his answer it's absolutely terrifying listen to what he says he'll do to me if I don't answer all of his questions about why I wrote my Rachel Notley look you've asked me to come by and answer your questions out if I don't do that can you order me to answer with a summons or something like that like a subpoena no I'm just asking you like if I if I don't come by and answer your questions about my book what happens then like it will you issue me a summons I met that's not that wasn't really my it's not that I don't want to clear this up at all I'm just I'm just curious what happens if I don't come by you know not compel that there are there are yeah consequences for people that you know that don't provide any information and that type of thing so I mean if you carry it to the logical conclusion yeah I mean there's production orders there's all kinds of things that there's all kind of tools that can be done but they're all fairly extreme and you know we do those you know we can do those types of things but it's you know in this case I really think that we can just kind of clear this up pretty quickly just with you know this was the conversation and neither Dawkins you can show me about you know this is when there's a book you know this is one of the sign this is one of those planty you know this is kind of when we think it might hit the market would be available to the public just windows first plans started to be made that's I think just a little bit so hang on again and again he's told me he's not investigating the book but he's demanding that I as the author agreed to be interrogated and he wants editorial information about the books plans any briefing notes and even editorial emails just listen the area that I can't stick off yet is just the particle the planning with wanting to be made available and I'm gonna do that through things like you know either in contract like greasy nose or you know a schedule or you know emails or something like that saying yeah starting before even a statement from you this is like when I started writing the book in just in case he was and clear he tells me that if I don't hand over my editorial notes the consequences will be severe yeah I mean we have that people don't operate and then they get you know they get instructions you know the offense for obstruction and can be pretty severe he says it one more time I'm an author and he needs my email records the statement would be good like a written statement but if you have any types of email records or anything like that that would be I think that would probably be good get me where I need to be the government of Alberta has hired an ex-cop to actually to investigate a journalist for writing a book in Canada in 2019 not 1984 we've been quietly fighting against this for three months at great expense and we thought we had scared them off but then last week got a call from Brander the investigator I'll play it for you it's a threat either I give him all of my editorial records now or he prosecutes me here just call you about this outstanding matter that we have on investigation I'm just kind of you know still kind of waiting confirmation from you that you're gonna participate in this investigation there are some documents that we require there's a lot more requests for those documents we expect that you'll comply like I said I think we're pretty close to being able to conclude the matter but those documents that's where we're waiting for and I can't conclude the matter until until we review those documents so yeah I'll send I'll send you a follow-up email but we're trying to get to the point now where we've asked many many times we've sent emails requesting conversations about it I'm satisfied that you know what it is that I'm asking for so I'm hoping that you'll participate we think if you participate in provide the documents requesting I think we can wrap this up I can't conclude it until you until you participate you called me reduce Chancery Shuba thanks very much and in case that wasn't threatening enough he immediately sent a letter demanding the same thing he knows I have a lawyer and he knows my lawyers name but he's contacting me directly here's the latest email we have shared a number of phone calls together and we have discussed this investigation I have been expecting to hear from you and for you to provide the documentation I requested I would like to conclude this matter however I cannot without your participation and the documents I require and now here's the threat there is a provision section 45 in the elections finance and contribution Disclosure Act which creates an offense for withholding documents please have a look at that provision cheela it is a serious offense our office has been asking for these documents and records for several months now you have not provided them and have not provided a reason why this is becoming a concern I'm a journalist who criticized the government and now the government is demanding my private notes saying I'll be prosecuted for a serious offense if I don't hand them over and it gets worse in the kangaroo court of the election Commissioner I don't have a right not to testify against myself like any other Canadian in legal jeopardy I don't even have the same rights as a murderer to remain silent in this investigation I can be compelled to offer evidence against myself and force to hand over my notes I want you to know that I've spoken to my family a lot about the possibility of being prosecuted and of course I've spoken to Ezra and like with everything that troubles me I've prayed on this and we all agree that if that's what it comes down to prosecutions and serious fines or bending a knee to the state on the issue of free speech then I won't be complying with any demand from the state to produce documents about why and when I wrote a book that is critical of the government of the day I'll do what I have to do but I won't back down and I'm not giving in they are not getting a single thing out of me this is a free country with a constitution that protects me and unfortunately for the elections commish Albertans have a long tradition of civil disobedience against bad laws from those who refuse to register their grandpa's guns when the Liberals told them to to Western farmers who were jailed by the Liberals for selling their own meat I also want to assure you that I have the full support of the entire rebel team behind me I want to be completely transparent now with you we have already spent 32 thousand dollars in legal fees fighting this up till now and we just received another bill for sixteen thousand so all told were forty eight thousand dollars deep in legal fees to fight from my free speech and my right to give you information about the government that the government doesn't want you to have that's a huge legal bill but we have the best free speech lawyer in Alberta and we will win if we can see this through till the end the trouble is unlike the Elections Commissioner we don't have bottomless pockets constantly refilled by the taxpayer to go around bullying people we're crowd funded by people like you we fight on I fight on because people like you want me to I'm going public with this today after a three-month fight because they're coming for me now I need your help now more than ever I need your support I need your help to offset our ballooning legal bills can you help me you can do that at save Sheila calm and please share this video so the whole world knows what Rachel Notley Swamp is still trying to do to freedom of the press in Alberta but I'm also calling on my friends my colleagues my frenemy –zz and even my enemies in the rest of the media now's your time to stand up and be counted do you stand for free speech do you stand for a free press or do you stand aside and say nothing because you don't like me or my boss more than you like being able to say what you want to say when you want to say it without Big Brother weighing in is the Edmonton Journal the same one that won a Pulitzer Prize for their fight for the Free Press against the Aberhart government or are they just government pets here in 2019 I promised everyone today we are going to resist every single attempt to bully interrogate and intimidate me every step of the way and when we are done with these people and when we do win it's my hope that Rachel not least terrible law will be struck down and the office of the Elections Commissioner as we know it will be no more if you can help me with this very important fight please go to save Sheila calm the government of Alberta wants to interrogate me about a book I wrote that is critical of the government an investigator wants me to turn over my private editorial emails about my book they're now threatening to prosecute me and levy fines against me for not complying but I'm not backing down to help me in my fight for the Free Press go to save Sheila calm

49 thoughts on “PLEASE HELP ME: I'm being prosecuted for writing a book criticizing the gov't | Sheila Gunn Reid

  1. You DO know it's LEGAL for cops to LIE to you DURING an investigation right?! WHY WHY WHY are you speaking to an investigator WITHOUT A LAWYER PRESENT!?!?!? Why on earth would you do that? ALL of us viewers NEED to start tweeting this to W5, and other investigative journalists!! Asap OMFG, I'm so friggin mad I could spit!

  2. As an American, I'm impressed that this kind of harassment exists now in Canada. You better lower yourself and pray for mercy. AMAZING

  3. This is horrific. Why the hell hasn't Jason Kenney stepped in and stopped this fricken nonsense. This is a freedom of speech and as a journalist and privacy of source issue…….

  4. Apparently you're not allowed to publish a book criticizing the government if it might harm the government. Who knew? lol

  5. You talk to much lady. This guy is fishing for anything to take you in. KEEP YOU MOUTH SHUT AND HAVE A LAWYER WITH YOU AT ALL TIMES!! That's why we in America have the 5th Amendment.

  6. I wonder if "deliberately writing a book to influence an election" is an actual crime?
    Because every speech made by politicians in politics is deliberately designed to influence election outcomes!

  7. Re: "Well, is there a reason that you don't want to, clear this up?" Wow – so you have to prove a negative or go to jail!
    And he hadn't made it clear exactly what it is that he wants "cleared up" – he hasn't accused you of any crime/s yet.

  8. This is bullshit. How about turn it around and investigate these morons. Keep writing sister this government is going to fall.William Vipond

  9. THIS IS SO WRONG! Study history and this is how Communism and Fascism gets a foot hold in any country! Freedoms and Rights are gradually eroded away until the Country realizes too late they are in a dictatorship. On a second note, I don't understand why Reid plays along with these questions. Lawyer up and refer all questions to her legal team. No one has to put up with questions. This "cop" is full of idle threats…he knows he has to get this information freely from her and she's playing into it fully. Block his phone calls, emails, etc. He has no right to ask. Put a restraining order against him. Block him completely. Don't play along.

  10. …..and if it was a lawful request that wouldn't be asking they would be just demanding. Tell them to kick rocks and you'll see them in court.

  11. Generally speaking does the investigator not need to prove guilt as opposed to proving exoneration? I ask because the investigator seems to be operating under the premise Sheila Reid needs to prove her innocence, and that simply is not how I understand any Canadian law to operate.
    Seems like a certain side of the political spectrum want to regress our legal system back to the era of Monarchy where the crown can simply make a claim, and you are guilty until proven innocent. That should terrify absolutely everyone.

  12. Hey Sheila. More than likely Montag and his goonies from Fahrenheit 451 have orders to track down all your books anyways. It will be like it never happened. Unbelievable.

  13. Maybe constitutional lawyer Rocco Galati can help you defeat this and sue them!?

  14. It wasn't her book that stripped the NDP of their power, it was the people who all suffered under their government. The left will also never realise that the more they do things like this the more people hate them. But being void of common sense is a requirement to be a leftist.

  15. Cut the head of the snake off. Just decide if it's worth your life to win. Sometimes doing the right thing is worth dying for. Isnt that what every soldier died for ?

  16. Claim you are transgender and demand the government provide you with a government appointed lawyer to defend your case.

  17. If I were you I would stop talking to these people. If they are not investigating the book, dont answer questions about the book. If they are no investigating you personally tell them to not call you anymore. What is your lawyer's advice?

  18. Just went to and donated $25 anonymously. I will follow and give more as I can if this continues. I pray for you Sheila. I am in US, but the same is happening here. And I watch what is happening in Canada with a keen eye as I know it is only a matter of time. I am saying prayers every night just for you. The fact that you are willing to be prosecuted for us brings tears to my eyes! Thank you, and may God guide you through this!!

  19. This is AMERICA as soon as the Dems get control. You watch. The next Dem US Government will do exactly this. We will be JUST LIKE Canada within 8 years.

  20. The cost IS THE punishment. They make you go through the process, and be forced to continue paying services. Make their target (you and the Rebel Media) to go bankrupt, and be forced to comply. Or the case dropped but still costed their target alot of finances.

  21. Hmmmm. I wonder if he is a registered private investigator, and if he is following the law under the Private Investigator Act.

  22. Comrad Notley was crushed back in April but some of her Apparatchiks are still active; Threats and fear are their stock and trade; Stifling free thought is their stock and trade;
    Typical oppressive tactics, Stalin would be proud;-(

  23. I would look up the private investigator act and see if he is registered. If he is not, then it is a serious offence to impersonate an officer of law.

  24. Last bit, might wanna look at the "Modernization Act" 😉
    Tho knowing who you work for & with, that'd be well known of hey.

  25. These people are obviously trying to intimidate. And the advertising for your book, in the form of an "election" sign, is PARODY. God, these people are so stupid.

  26. Ok Canadia…
    Y'all gotta learn when you're hearing/in the presence of a Socio/Psycho-Path…

    At 10:32 – into the "long" call clip.
    Frankly, any journalist with smarts ought know. For many reasons besides "mere survival…"

    "If you are served with a productionorder you are not part of the investigation."
    Or is my 2seconds on a non g00g search engine inefficient?

    It's good to keep a Phone and seperate Data Device btw

    Might wanna not vote for any, ever, if such has even historically ever likely happened at all cough cough, siff Dats True Doe?

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