Hey, guys! We are B2! Today we’re here we the girls from High School! We are High School! We’ll be playing Pictionary with them They’ll get some words and we’ll have to guess just by looking at their drawings Now let’s see who can draw better, who’s bad at drawing For example, I’m not skillful at drawing Neither is Lucas Olly! He’s the worst We’ll split you in two teams here in the middle Who goes first? Rock, paper, scissors Rock, paper, scissors 3, 2, 1 Ramen Perfect, this girl! Perfect! Don’t forget the score! Ok, Lucas, we’ll keep track of the score My gosh, I don’t… Oh, um, dumbells Seashell The crossfit thingy Seashell I think I know what it is! COW! MEAT! Bullfighter I don’t know what this is, I’m sorry! Cow meat? Yeah! Bull! Bullfighter! COW! Here! This here! Cape! I know what it is! Care? PIG! Kill the pig! -What is it?
-Farm? Stable Stable! I don’t know, my gosh Kill the cow! Meat? Bacon Game over! What was that? Barbecue That meant ‘to cut’ Yeah! Cut here in the cow! SKEWER! I drew good! There’s a plate and it’s stuck here! I didn’t understand this part! Look closer! Didn’t know about that word! Sorry! Is that correct? What is this? Porcupine! -Porcupine!
-What? Porcupine! Spot on! Way to go! I did a good job, right? I thought it was a pig Lion? Lion King? Lion? What is that? Lion? Jungle? Lion’s..tail? Lion! Lion King, couple of lions Fur coat? Lion turning into a human? NOT A LION! WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU GET ANGRY? TIGER! And turn into a human! Lion King? Transform into human! Werewolf! Werewolf! What? Cut off the last part! WOLF! What was it? I didn’t hear WEREWOLF? I explained perfectly! I drew a wolf! This will be easy! Watermelon? Pumpkin! Pumpkin! Television? Ice cream? Puzzle! Docko if our words are difficult, you’re doomed! Pork belly Bacon Smells good Tofu! Tofu stew! Garlic Salad? Bread? Meal? Breakfast? Draw faster! Sandwich! Sushi! Moon snail Bowl of cereal Curly hair Popcorn Rice! WHAT??? Ours was harder! Ours was way harder to guess Fish Infinite Fish Shark? Whale? Piranha? PIRANHA! What? You gave us a tough one! Oh my god! Ostrich What? Ostrich! They’re good! Single, army Marriage Ballet C’mon, Kevin -Mom, dad, children, parents
-After that -Just draw!
-You can’t communicate! No numbers! No numbers allowed! Date of birth? Teacher’s day! -What?
-Father’s day! -Pregnant?
-Not that Mom? The mother? Mother’s day What was that? Parent’s day Dates are troublesome! Ours is too difficult Bear Dog Stuffed animal? Character What? Rabbit? Cartoon character? Rabbit? Cursed rabbit? Cute Stuffed animal, gift Is it different here and there? Puppet? (in th bg) I know, I know~ Try to guess with ths one! Doll? Doll! That’s cursed! So that’s it, guys! Hope you enjoyed it! As you saw, Lucas Olly don’t know how to dance, neither does Dango High School girls are the only one who truly know, everything went wrong And follow us in our social medias, subscribe to our YT channel, like, share Follow us on Facebook and on Instagram And now the girls have a special way of sharing their social medias We have many social medias to meet you! Which are… Come interact with us! Thank you so much! Don’t forget to support the girls! Kisses!


  1. Idk who decided to let my BIAS😍 introduce HIGH SCHOOL GIRLS but OBRIGADO! Fun fact, Haebin was such a BOSS When she said "This Is Not A Lion!", I felt that in my soul😁 Now, I'm going to go watch Baby You're Mine MV

  2. Thank you for the English subtitles. So much fun and a nice break from just choreos in the channel. You should do more fun challenges like the blindfolded dance or the 2x speed ones. Also, a video with a time-lapse of your rehearsals would be fun to watch.

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