Planet Fitness: Black Card Membership

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  1. Dean Planet Fitness.

    I am a black card member at Planet Fitness. I want to express my frustration regarding the treatment I am receiving by your stuff. She works in the front desk and she is about 5 ft. tall. As a black card member, I know the hydro massage and massage chairs are unlimited. However, sometimes she limits my access by giving me 5 minutes on the hyro message and if I ask for the token of the massage chairs, she tells me to come back for the token, even though there's no one using the chairs. I see that she gives others more than one token when they ask for it. She's just letting me in the black spa because of compulsion. I'm very dissapointed because I have many friends and relatives that are black spa members telling me that they can get the hydro massage and the tokens at the same time. And they can ask for more than one token because it was unlimited. I'm not happy how she treats me because she is always rude to me. As a member of the black spa, I want to be treated fair like the others. Please consider my letter because I know that planet fitness has a good reputation and your trying your best to be nice in your customers. Like your saying in your wall that NO CRITICS and FREE JUDGMENT ZONE. But when I'm dealing in her I always felt criticized. I really want to use black spa to be relax but because of her attitude, I feel not comfortable to use it oftenly. That is the reason why I'm using the black spa for only once a month cause I thought she will change. Hopefully you understand my feelings right now and getting your feed back soon.

    Your customer that still trusting your great service.

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