Place2Be’s Wellbeing in Schools Awards with Young Presenter Daniel

I'm here was placed to be for a very special event today I'm gonna be talk to some young people who had been nominated for the well being in school award and also can be talked to some famous faces for first it's time for tea so how do you feel when you found out you were nominated it's not proud but also very nervous I did something very new to me I wasn't really sure I'd be nominated for but only recently I might be like always a big oh it was something saying here how will your friends reaction I haven't felt area I'm not told no not all of them if you wanna make sure I won first excited to see their faces when they wake so just think it's going to mean so much to them and they destroying it from the chandelier just like hanging roof after kids I used to do these events buildings where we go up to place to be schools we visit lots of schools around the country helping young people build their confidence a lot so we'd so we try and entertain them as well if you're a child and you remember when these stars came into your school and actually spoke and worked with you and building confidence for children that makes such a difference I've had the privilege of seeing place to be in action and the difference that it makes in school it really brings a piece of Stardust right into the teeny tiny communities is incredible health problems I know now that those things started when I was like really young 50% of adult mental health problems can be recognized before the age of 14 it's only when I got diagnosed we got anxiety when I was like say like 90 if I kind of realized that I have those signs of those mental health problems from really really young but mom even said when I was like a little toddler a little sweaty hands and stuff and now I know that's like an anxiety symptom and if we can get in early and dress those problems and make a difference then that means so much for society for our communities and most especially for children themselves so I just think the place to be if it was in every school and there was some way you could go about those little problems before they become massive problems like everyone would just be so much better off so you've done so well in your acting career like like I knew suffered for mental health issues why do you think it's so important for people to come out and talk to people you can convince yourself of the lie that nobody cares about you when there's there are millions of people who feel like you feel the way you do and millions of people who can give you advice and help you through it I've been talking to you other young people we're recognizing their peers who need help and helping them along their way and I think that's incredible all of us are nominated for our mental so it was actually started by my friend Chantel over there and she wanted to include like the younger years a place for them to go to they can talk to us about anything about stress for home you know without them feeling like oh it's a teacher they might tell ya we have to encourage you and put good stuff into you and love you the way you are so you can go forth and be you know an amazing person so I love charities like this what made you want to apply for the batkid um present a competition I did have anxiety when I was younger and kind of stopped me from doing lots of things what is there there was school chips overnight couldn't do that ever did any school overnight what are some of the best things that you've done what after kids I do you think since you've since you've got like eggs children's Awards because it was such a big event it's really helped my confidence a lot the most important thing about an award is the focus that it gives everyone involved with it the cause and the importance of the good work that charity does that's the excitement [Applause] [Applause] how did you feel when they said your name is the winner I'm still shaking very proud another lie I couldn't believe I was still at home dreaming in bed unreal thank you guys congratulations no you can go celebrate relax no please what an amazing evening I've met some really inspirational young people and heard about how the helping others in their school that's all for me for now but I'm off to see if there's any cake left

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