PIZZA CHALLENGE w Tabasco Hot Sauce Jelly Beans (FUNnel V Family Fun)

[Laughter] [Applause] you expect on a pizza in some stuff that you don't expect on a pizza and we posted this on Instagram told we were gonna do the pizza challenge everything we chose was a comment left by you guys so thanks so much for the support on Instagram we just have so many things we're gonna go through doing the sauces person that shout out to kittiesmama cuz you watch we saw their videos about this first so what now we want to do it and here we are you guys ready to pick out of the cup yeah all right you guys ready don't look do not look put your hand in grab a sauce and we'll open it on the count of three there's four sauces mashed potatoes marinara peanut butter jelly and apple sauce one of them how about this I tell you which one you guys didn't pick okay and I'm gonna open it up with the camera you guys did not pick mashed potatoes goodbye mashed potatoes there you go alright guys on the count of three tell me what you get jelly Oh grab your spoons now Mike doesn't like peanut butter but he does like jelly can you help Mike look at that chase put yours on you got put more come on so far you haven't yet a normal pizza even though for cheese we actually have cheese only three choices this time we've got shredded coconut mozzarella cheese and broccoli slaw shredded broccoli go ahead pick your little sauces I mean your little cheese's you get a cheese roughly or coke it on the count of three tell me what you got why'd you get coconut it's so hard it's not bad take that cheese and apple sauce and Mike that might require your did your best yeah they're both sweet high axes a mess go for it started to make your pizzas Jack what you cheese cheese on it takes for you to cheese whoo look at that that looks good cheese now we actually are gonna make two regular pizzas as well maybe I'll make those while you guys are doing that cuz chase there have some leftover cheese huh this is for me and mommy actually mommy get a real one we get the good ones we've got a lot of toppings – they're not all in the camera view but don't worry they're all here and let's make a chase pick one go guys chocolate chip chocolate Mike got Reese's peanut butter and Mike got Reese's that's good chase got canned white bear against there we go chase with it that's vice no Lex go ahead put on your gypped shock the lid all right you guys ready to do the next one as soon as Lex he's done yeah Mike and chase if you want to go ahead and draw for now and we'll wait for Lexie you ready don't open it not yet let's wait for Lex open it all right not yet okay Lex you ready Oh like in Lexi's whoa yeah you can look at it see what you got Oh would you get mushrooms okay is that turkey bacon turkey oh it's a turkey bacon you got chicken there you go lexan cheese I'll leave that there for you guys I mean Mike those are all your my shoes yeah you gotta get all that cheese do more turkey bacon my best so far turkey vegans good oh nice chase go for it hey that's pretty good yeah go ahead tease get all those blues I mean whoa okay get a pack dude yeah take it off and you know what look at look at hey lucky not for nothing but you have a pretty good pizza because people actually put broccoli on pizza oh that's right I forgot that was chocolate huh I just I was discolored liquid pepperoni so there's chases pizza so far there's Lexi's pizza and there's Mike's pizza two three okay Oh am I gonna finish with his gummies okay you're done tell them what you got what did you draw marshmallows here you go Mike some lemon slices Daniel look at my PJs is eating Oh Mike you got some nice looking colors colors going on bro all right got you ready to get another topping boom snack mix yeah no joke chase got your best good legs got Kiwi all right there's a look at Mike's Park Mike's got a party pizza right dude make sure your party leg Lex is trying to strip strategically place her gross toppings on and now chase you got to do the the tabasco's go where you gonna put them where you gonna put them all in the same area all right Lex and Mike why don't we leave it surprise for Chase you try this right now the condoms we go eat it right you all right is that good I gave me a wah wah all right so on a scale of one to ten how spicy was it a ten maybe want to melt in the oven it won't be his bed drop and on the count of three one two okay what can someone help chase cuz he's looking like he's dreamed up pickles oh you got Pocky dude yeah oh jeez it looks good that's a rice krispies treat Oh taste you getting juice everywhere Michael you got your Pacquiao over yeah oh my gosh you look so great Black's gonna use all of the rice krispies treats she saved some for this subscrive eelis take a bite take a bite all right guys right for a next ingredient tell me what you got oh okay Jase you like olives Mike what do you think about your pizza so far dude do you think it's good oh that's a good chases OJ's at Camp years actually looks kind of good man I thought the marshmallows were onions in Lexi what do you got ooh naughty select there are five ingredients left in the Hat we've got mac and cheese some sour octopus gummies onions sauerkraut and garlic are you guys ready to see what you get I just realized that's an uneven number so we're gonna have to come up with another ingredient say what check out what you get you know what it says what does it say it says Annie's mac and cheese cheese oh what'd you get all right let's do some sauerkraut okay is that good guys we've got three ingredients left onions gummy worms and you guys ready for the third ingredient stinky socks come on someone on instagram said do stinky socks since we ran out of bean boozled we'll do some raisins all right here you go there are some raisins on a plate Jase are you eating you're not supposed to eat hey everyone close your eyes what yeah oh sit down and what'd you get gummy worms Mike got his onions Michael X got her raisins tastes got some onions it might knock them dead all righty now I'm coming over to see what they look like what is your least favorite ingredient on your pizza sauerkraut what is your most favorite ingredient on this pizza oh yes Oreos okay chase let's take a look at yours now chase yours looks like a burrito dude all right chase tell me what is your favorite ingredient on your pizza um please so everything yeah okay and then what Spears young what's your what's your what's your least favorite what's wrong with food what's your least favorite I okay alright let's go over here – Mike Mike six like a work of art tell everybody what is your most favorite ingredient on this actually I'm sure they know oh no way they did not guess the gummy acted was now what's your least favorite ingredient the chocolate if this was a year ago he wouldn't been able to do it how much cuz he saw he's slowly getting over his chocolate phobia chocolate and tomatoes taken by to your pizza this is the last time you'll see it wrong okay you ready let's go let's put this in the oven careful that I'll help you out here boom let's push Lexie's there now Mike you ready dude alright chase is gonna do but Mike mommy's gonna put a chaser there we go Chase's goes right in front now here we go mommy's doing Mike's we spent $100 on all this stuff oh man there they go guys the oven city to 425 and goodbye that piece of cooking yeah cook that one linked up hey you clean we're gonna let you see the reveal of your pizza hey you close right close your eyes on a count of three open your eyes and see your masterpiece one two three what do you guys think green stuff toasting over yes you be on top of a cheese doodle it melted all right we're cutting Lexi's first here's your slice what is that Mike there's your new oak to puss I mean your octopus ah all right chase man you ready there's your pizza Mike might tap yours all righty Mike man there's George so who wants to go first with the taste test go ahead let's grab that slice oh nice buy one two three go what what do you think I'm not as good as I thought was no you thought it'd be better just like a rotten oreo Hirai norio bowling oil droplets all last night would do you want to try a bite of one of these awesome ones and meanwhile be made ok pick one out you could try it chase are you ready to grab a slice are you going oh no where's he going where is he going underneath the wires but like how's that pizza that one's good all right chase and said no you know anymore yeah takes you about one of these ones these are good okay get one go let's go me taste that mine now is Mike going to try it how is it bite it chew it chew it and I got you what do you taste like tell me what you taste tell me some of the flavors you taste the peanut butter you taste chocolate what striking hey you cuz I'm chewing still not eating this good pizza so do you take do taste gummies no dude chase 'em Pocky it takes any car like pretzel like a snack mix yeah so well let's see if you can do it try it try to chew a couple more times maybe it gets better it gets worse I sure tried choo choo to get and see if it gets worse okay you want a napkin all right Mike alright so we are gonna try to eat this Lexie's first-tier mommy I think I'm gonna cut you a nice slice let's get some sauerkraut some Kiwi cooking Li I'm never right on a count of three one two let's see we can keep it in the longest it's not gonna be me that's just right one two three go I [Laughter] told you it's not bad that's I swallowed a different we live a weak stomach I can't eat this stuff and then the drop on the trisystem good go you guys are disgusting I got swallow that it's actually good nice beardo here's a piece of chicken hmm I have a weak stomach you like come on mommy did you try it spicy jelly bean yeah yeah wow this is good let me try one two three go go go go go go come on this is good Mike is back with rugged Michael Mike actually can't eat a tomato okay all right legs come smell Mike's that keep me straight feet let's do a staring contest when the other person blinks that's when you can spit out your food no no you're like nice to have allergy so it's gonna be blinking like crazy or anyone but I have something in my eye yeah see we're both good we're both not gonna ready one two three go Wow [Laughter] like you you had a war on it you got it you actually won dude you're not gonna this one's not that bad crack Jason tried a little bit you don't love it right there right there do I promise you're not valid it come on here guys want a slice mom have a good slice gotta watch minions I got a job here I gotcha there you go first television Oh crying in this job don't want dressing or like your hair all day again

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