Pink Floyd – The Last Concert (Gilmour, Waters, Mason ,Wright )


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  1. As my boys, my wife and I grow older and lives follow different courses as they should… 2things remain the same… The love of each other and love of great music. We all agree Pink Floyd is the best. A family that Pink Floyd's together, stays together

  2. The band was always over looked by the “smart people”. They only put out the two most sold albums ever (Dark Side of the Moon & The Wall). Not only commercially successful but never lost their musical souls.

  3. I was at the pub with my friends. My father called me, announcing me who was on the screen.
    "Sorry guys, I gotta run home! See you later maybe…"

  4. 1978 was the year that I was lucky enough to hear Pink Floyd for the first time; seeing them at this concert together again makes me go back to those years and feel like a teenager when I was barely 11 years old … They are all cracks and I follow each one of them regardless of where and with whom they play their music. I think the true fans of Pink Floyd's music don't criticize, they just listen to them … we'll never have musicians of this quality again.

  5. David Gilmour, его голос, его музыка- мое спасение!!! Он всегда со мной! Моя душа!

  6. This vid is so weird: You've got Floyd together again (yay!) and they sound great, and there's, like, a million people there, but then the rockstars are all dressed like middle-aged BBQ attendees (button shirts tucked in – Gilmour's black T is excepted because we know that's his uniform – and good on him for it: he's about the music, not the look – even the sax player with the nasty-good solo, wearing khakis and a nice belt!) I'm paused in the middle – I love Gilmour's voice, but I hope Waters has something to sing coming up.

  7. Talvez eu não tenha coragem de dizer mas, infelizmente nesta vida não poderei assistir um show com estes caras, infelizmente mais novo tive complicações com ansiedade, síndrome do pânico e claustrofobia e me afastou além de ser músico, de um dia poder ver meus ídolos prediletos. Hoje me sinto melhor, porém nunca quis me medicar, mas as crises se eu fosse para um show desses aumentaria. Digo parabéns a essa banda maravilhosa e ao YouTube por poder estreitar os laços que tenho de poder através de uma tela ver essa obra de arte! Parabéns!

  8. цифры (количество пипл) на бэкграунде, значительно превосходят "рейтинг Путина". почму??

  9. I can understand having commercials at the beginning, but to interrupt in the middle of a song is piggish capitalism at its worse.

  10. And then the 7/7 "London Terrorist Subway Bombings" went off a day or two later,
    taking ALL the mass-media attention off this final eradication of impossible-to fulfill and wholly unjust 3rd world debt….

    Heck of a timing coincidence, no?

  11. Outstanding video. I am so fortunate that I had a chance to see them on the Animals tour at the Philadelphia Spectrum in 1978. That’s the show where the giant inflatable pig rode on a wire from the rear of the stadium down to the stage while it was pissing on the crowd out of its little curly cue dick. Fucking amazing.

  12. A special place in heaven reserved for them all. 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

  13. La musica justa para un momento especial de unos genios. Gracias por aberme permitido ser parte en tiempo y espacio

  14. The ending to Comfortably numb is just so dam awsome.. im mid 40's now and listening 31 years gotta love the Floyd.. thanks for your upload

  15. It's been 30 years listening to this haunting music. Never got tired of the riffs and rolls and soulful voice of Gilmore. The best!

  16. David Gilmour and Roger Waters are to songwriting as William Shakespeare was to poetry and contribution to English Literature. Both unique lyrical geniuses that captivate the listener leaving them totally mesmerised as the lyrics deeply embed themselves into the soul that arouses the emotions with the same impact every time the song is heard. Past and present Pink Floyd will forever remain in an unequalled realm of their own.

  17. Pink Floyd are by far the best musicians off all time, Led Zep would be 2nd

    Some many others could be third but these 2 are a clear 1st and 2nd

  18. Syd Barrett was still alive in 2005. Wish he was there. Every song the Pink Floyd created was touched by the genius and shadow of Syd.

  19. Feeling missing the song of Pink Floyd's uncle the most, to the point of listening to it still has goosebumps. Because of the reason in the song

  20. Oh God! I was so lucky to be yo Rogers Waters on 2017 in The American Airlines Arena (Miami Heat). A living legend is this group

  21. Un documento visual HISTÓRICO. Una JOYA de la historia de la música popular de los siglos XX-XXI. Maravilloso!!! Grandioso!!!

    Save you money on the next Rodger Waters concert it is a complete Auntie Trump political event he sucks!

  23. David Gilmour / Roger Waters / Nick Mason / Richard Wright

    Em 2 de julho de 2005, o Pink Floyd se apresentou no London Live 8, com Roger Waters se juntando a David Gilmour, Nick Mason e Richard Wright. Foi a primeira apresentação do quarteto juntos em mais de 24 anos – o último show da banda com Waters foi em Earls Court, em Londres, em 17 de junho de 1981. " QUE SAUDADE DESSES VELHOS TEMPOS!", TEMPOS QUE NÃO VOLTAM MAIS… JÁ ESTOU COM 61, E CURTO MUITO ESSE TREMENDO CONJUNTO, DESDE A MINHA ADOLESCÊNCIA.

  24. What a great and final moment to remember.. but am I the only one who still felt the tension/awkwardness between gilmor & waters?

  25. MeToo !–the original me too movement are Pink Floyd listeners & fans and I will be until the day I die -been listening for 50 Years , long may it continue, wont even let a little thing like cancer get in the way ! "….the child has grown, the dream is gone" .. but the music lives on and on …………………………DJEJ

  26. I saw them in 1994 , I did treveled from Chihuahua Mexico to El Paso Tx… It was like adream……..the best !!!!!! I was so Young….I still feeling that feeling in that concert

  27. I'm 74 yrs old saw them on brick in the wall tour they were 1,000 percent better than great and still were at their last concert . After 24 years apart they still are the greatest.

  28. They changed my life, they changed many lives, they changed the music world, they changed history!! and there will never be another Pink Floyd… thank you for PF for bringing so much beauty into this world through your music!!!! and may your timeless music continues throughout eternity.

  29. Mirando esto, y viendo estilos nuevos que son francamente lanzan por semana una basura tras otra…con millones de vistas, me da pena como se va degradando la calidad musical

  30. smoked a lot of weed rocking out to this band back in the 70ies , saw them live at the Oakland coliseium back in 74 maybe. they had a big screen hideing the band . I guess it had cool video on it. Would have rather seen the band.

  31. I will always favor the PULSE version of Comfortably Numb, but to see the four of them performing together is truly a poignant experience after 24 years. Make no mistake, ANY live version of Pink Floyd regardless of personnel is soul expanding. I feel very lucky indeed (at 70) for having grown up in a time where music reached the progressive heights it did in the late '60s till the early '80s.

  32. Группа ,которая не входит не в одну классификацию стилей,,,,,Пинк Флойд
    ……большего не надо…сам стиль….сама эпоха….сама вечность…

  33. That black strat is so beautiful , and watching David play it ,…like it's a woman in his arms .
    This concert is special is so many way . Rest Peacefully Richard Wright . Peace from The Canadian Maritimes
    P.S. When I was a little girl , I thought the guitar was called a Fender Flabbergaster

  34. I noticed quite a few kids, teens, and 20 somethings in the crowd. The mark of truly great music is acquiring several generations of fans.

  35. Envidia de la buena a las personas que pudieron verlos juntos por última vez, que gran espectáculo ya sea por un corto tiempo, Pink Floyd por siempre. 🌠

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