Picking up the FA5 Mugen Honda Civic Si from Paint! *Paint Reveal*

[Applause] you guys know today is the day that we have all been waiting for we are back at s West customs today the fa5 is finally complete I'm about to reveal the color to you guys it looks absolutely amazing s wes is currently behind me just putting on the finishing touches of the car today it's gonna be an amazing video so sit back relax and enjoy today's video oh my god there's only one thing to do in this situation so he is the fa5 that is finally complete and we went back with the BG blue a lot of you guys were asking me if I was gonna go with a different color absolutely not the Fiji blue is one of my favorite colors right now and especially seeing it completely finished like this with all of like the flake and everything SOS did an amazing job Oscar what all of that you do on the collar well obviously you know we did all the bodywork I don't take every single being indent you know fix all your cracks on the plastic body worked on bumpers everything that when we're putting it back together you know the paint looking amazing phenomenal but I decided notice like a lot of the you know haunt this is just typical with almost every car but definitely on Honda's I saw all the moldings here we went and we finished into the cow as well we went ahead I don't know what supposed to be great or what but it was just super faded and you know those who painted that as well also I know I talked to you about it and I I just went ahead and got you the best price I could I changed the windshield too we had a huge crack in the windshield and as so us was kind of defined somebody and actually I knew pretty much does everything for disassemble reassemble your headlight went ahead and clear coating them as well because they were like peel you know I'm gonna sound like peeling so I resented them wet sanding them and then put a nice coat of clear coat you know because when you're starting to send with a car everything looks so good and you'd like there's like little piece so like the car is literally like brand-new right now yeah the exterior wise at least I mean it looks absolutely perfect from the headlights of the moldings to the paint it looks ten thousand times better than what I actually picked up the cars it was it was pretty gnarly with all the cracks and the paint fade and everything that was definitely showing its age man but now did it look like you could go pick this up on an off the showroom floor the dealership exactly it's literally perfect and this is what SOS gives you guys when you come here this is like literally nothing more than I can ask for this is absolutely perfect [Applause] [Applause] the flake is absolutely insane on this color look I don't know if it couldn't catch it on camera but in person this is the sparkliest pain I've ever seen it definitely SOS absolutely killed the Civic so the idea for this right now is to make it as clean as close to new as possible and they completely executed that so now that this is done we have all of the mods that I've just been racking up over the weeks because you guys know I've been traveling SOS has had the car so we have a few packages from hybrid racing we have a package from airflow dynamics Fortunato we have a ton of stuff coming for the car they're gonna go ahead and finish up playing on the window visors some of the clips in the engine bay and then we're gonna go to a special spot that we haven't been to in a very very long time oh yeah thank you so much bro it came out absolutely amazing also if you guys want to see like the process of this car getting done this does have a youtube channel as well so I'll put that in the description yes and yeah go check out the video if you let see at the process of them actually completing the car and finishing and everything cuz it looks amazing the cars complete we are driving it off let's go for the first drive after the repaint absolutely I'm so pumped I forgot about the shifter yes I missed this car Oh Fred how nice the shifter feels on let's head out to the shooting location we have finally made it to my shooting location we haven't been here in a very very long time but I thought since we just picked up fa5 it would be a perfect time especially because the Sun is out and it's super bright right now so you guys can see how awesome listen this paint is before I get to shootings I do want to take some awesome pictures of the car I wanted to go just like walk around the car so you guys can see the entire thing and see all the work that s was put into it starting off with the front if you guys remember this front lip was absolutely destroyed I mean Rock chips everywhere the bottom of it was peeling off and flapping they have completely fixed all of that even with the mouldings of the front lip – they came out perfect and moving on to the side of the car you guys remember how bad the paint fate was all on the side of the car that it's completely eliminated now and is so mint the car looks incredible so siding right here and then the rear we had a huge crack in the rear back here on the rear diffuser back here that has now been fixed there's the back this side with the paint fade also all fixed up now you guys have seen the entire car let's go ahead start shooting I'm sure you guys exactly what I'm gonna be shooting these photos with so for this shoot I'm actually since it's super sunny outside I'm gonna pull out my thirty five mil I have a polarizer for this lens which will make it look really good in the sunlight especially with the blue so the Sigma 35 1.4 is what we're gonna be using for this pictures are done awesome video shots are done let's actually head home and see some of the packages that we got for this car cuz there is a ton of stuff coming for this bill that I am so excited but we also have a super super busy like next couple of months let's also talk about plans for all the upcoming bills as well so see you guys when we get home dammit we may have missed one package which is actually a really big bummer because I know exactly what this is and I was so stoked to get it in today it's for the Civic it's from Fortunato so sure you guys can guess what it is but guess I'll have to wait until tomorrow hopefully deliver it tomorrow but we do have two special packages here and what is better than car parts car parts and protein bars so we're not gonna unbox this yet I'm gonna save this for a whole video but this is from arrow flow dynamics look what we got in the mail so one protein reached out and they saw that me and tiana we're enjoying the bars so much in that now that a lot of you guys are enjoying the bars they wanted to send us out so we could try every single flavor and give you guys a little comprehensive review on you know I even got a shirt I will definitely be wearing this but we will give you guys a few on how every single one of these bonds are so we have literally every flavor we have the peanut butter pie we actually here's there's this every single flavor in the one bars and we're gonna try all of them and let you guys know what our favorite is but if you haven't tried the one bars I highly suggest you do so cuz it has me Anna's favorite protein bar to eat let's go ahead sit down and talk about the future plans for the Civic and the rest of the cars because I do have a crazy month No as you guys have seen we have a ton of stuff left it this is actually pretty crooked here we have a lot of things to do to the Civic but we also a lot of things to do to other cars as well so I've been traveling a crazy amount which is why I haven't really been at the garage you guys haven't seen the cars too much I just want to like throw that out there so like it's not that I don't want to work on the cars it's I'm physically not even here to be able to work on anything right now so I leave again on Friday which is in two days – got a Philly Fortuner Evo which I am so stoked about I cannot like to see everybody can use my coat Dustin to save some money off your tickets if you still want to come the plan for this week is to number one pick up the Civic which we have done I guess if you stayed this long in the video you guys get a sneak peek at what's to come we are starting the WX air suspension tomorrow so I can't really do any of the mods that I have coming in for the Civic until the air suspension is complete we've been sitting on that for a really long time and now that me and throttle have a few days of free time we can actually go ahead and knock that completely out and awx will officially be bagged I cannot wait for that it's gonna be such an awesome car to be able to finally drive around now that does not have to worry about like destroying my front bumper scraping all the time or anything like that and the fitment is gonna be spot-on so I'm very excited about that so the Accu air suspension is going on the WRX once I go to Philly I get back I'm here for a day and then I fly out to Utah because I have a new business venture that I haven't really spoken about at all on it is Fitness related I'm very excited to actually announce what I'm gonna be bringing to the table coming up very very soon I think a lot of people be excited about it but after that you talk to have a little business meeting and do some business stuff for my new business venture that I'm gonna be taking on after Utah my plans are pretty spotty but I think I'm home long enough to actually start doing a bunch of the mods and like even ripping out the motor of the 280z and taking that to SOS like we have so much to do but it's very very hard to do it when you're so busy so hope you guys understand that I really do want to like get caught up on all of the cars but hope you understand but I just wanted to get that out there and talk about it cuz it's been driving me crazy but I hope you guys have been enjoying like the fitness videos and the food videos and stuff like that I still do want to make an updated like healthy bulk what I'm doing right now to gain weight but still maintain like a lean physique a little bit so I still wanna make a bunch of those videos but my main focus right now is definitely on the cars and everything so I'm excited to be back and I'm excited to start modding the cars again that's gonna be pretty much everything for this video huge thank you to SOS customs I'm so stoked to finally have the Civic back and actually like nice and I can actually feel good about the car now and take pictures of it because the paint's not fitting and it doesn't look like a junker but I'm stoked thank you guys so much for watching I hope you're excited for what's to come I'll see you in the next video peace out

21 thoughts on “Picking up the FA5 Mugen Honda Civic Si from Paint! *Paint Reveal*

  1. Let me go home and rell you about up coming plans for future builds… gets home…. "I have plans for upcoming builds" ….

  2. Always been a fan of these. Young me couldn’t get one but older me now has a 10th gen Si.
    I know what you feel about the blue haha definitely an eye catcher even if you’re not a car enthusiast

  3. Dude when you get to Utah if you need a car HMU. I have a 450whp SpecB you can rip around in for a couple days if you need.Send me a message on IG @poorfinancialhabits

  4. pair of spg bucket
    brembo and oversize rotor
    proRacer or Vision tech exhaust
    windscreen sticker
    carbon fiber hood
    that should bring that exterior to a whole new look 😂

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