Phoenix police officers fired in video, social media cases

11 thoughts on “Phoenix police officers fired in video, social media cases

  1. Justice was done. Phoenix Police are known for being trigger happy, agressive and even racist. Phoenix has more police shootings than any US city. So glad I don't live there anymore.

  2. and that's how you do it even after they fire their corrupt immoral police, SUE THE CITY all they care about is money , thank God for US its by rule of law determines everything not because 89 pct of city is white and police force and doesn't represent you , you can always hold them accountable good job by them it will change stuff for many, insane sick cowardly men, pointing guns at children??? wheres the threat, its a trip gang members and terrorists show more respect its crazy , they need to charge them too just ridiculous

  3. whats the problem with what he did? harsh language and making the suspect obey his commands? This will just teach people its okay to steal stuff because cops will get fired for arresting you. This whole thing is a joke and its a very sad world we live in when criminals are expected to be treated better than law abiding citizens and the victims of the criminals.

  4. A city gets the police force it deserves when it hires a Police Chief based on skin color as opposed to competence. Black suspect, black Chief, white officer. He was always going to get fired.

  5. Not only should they be fired, they should be arrested. This is a ridiculous abuse of power. All of this over a doll from the dollar store? Pulling a gun over a toy? Send them to jail and the the AB sort it out.

  6. Shoplifting dolls today , banks tomorrow , and the parents who condone it Will probably be waiting in the getaway car. Guess crime does pay!

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