Phoenix body donation company revealed to be body parts ring

we are learning disturbing new details about a Phoenix body donation company accused of disrespecting the dead and lying to family members a warning right off the top some of the details in this story are disturbing and graphic Joe Dana has been learning more today about the body donation scam after going through a recently released FBI report it was a secret shielded by cardboard and silence when the FBI raided the biological Resource Center in East Phoenix five years ago now the secret is out and it's worse than many realized court testimony of a former FBI assistant shows when he visited the 2014 crime scene inside the facility the agent observed body parts piled on top of each other throughout the facility with no apparent identification to indicate what bodies they came from there were many large male torsos with limbs and genitalia removed a cooler filled with male genitalia inside and a large torso with a head removed and replaced with a smaller head sewn together in a Frankenstein manner now 33 plaintiffs are suing the former company's owner in a case that goes to trial in the fall the company collected bodies of people who died under the guise they would be used for disease research but instead body parts were sold for profit around the world a house of horrors that for years was disguised as a place of ethics and sound science there are legitimate facilities out there that preserve and sell cadavers to medical schools and companies back in 2015 Stephon Gore was sentenced to a year of jail and several more years of probation we were unable to reach him for comment about this lawsuit guys thank you

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  1. This is literally the black market selling body parts and the guy only got 1 year? This is so crazy how this story has not been picked up by other media outlets

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