Phobias – specific phobias, agoraphobia, & social phobia

Everybody, whether they like to admit it or
not, has fears and gets anxious about certain things, whether it be a spider crawling on
the ground or getting up in front of large groups of people. In most cases though, people
cope with those fears and confront them. A phobia is the most extreme type of fear, where
it actually causes them to go to great lengths to avoid being exposed to the fear or perceived
danger, even if there’s no actual risk or danger, and people often feel powerless against
it. Phobias are considered the most common psychiatric disorder, affecting almost 10%
of the population. Phobias are extreme, often unreasonable and irrational fears of something,
which could literally be anything, like pyrophobia—fear of fire, alektorophobia—fear of chickens,
triskaidekaphobia—fear of the number 13, phobophobia—fear of developing phobias,
or even pinaciphobia—fear of lists. Unreasonable or irrational fears get in the
way of daily routines, work, and relationships, because patients with phobias might try to
do whatever they can to avoid the anxiety and terrifying feelings associated with the
phobia. For example, most people don’t necessarily enjoy the company of spider, but they also
don’t let it affect their social or daily life, like—even though I know there are
spiders in the woods, I wouldn’t avoid a camping trip on account of the spiders. Even
if they love camping, somebody with arachnophobia—a fear of spiders—might refuse to go because
they know there’s a possibility of seeing a spider in close quarters; the fear’s clearly
interfering with their social life and relationship with friends, meaning it’s a phobia. An
irrational fear of an object or situation like this is called a specific phobia. The
diagnostic and statistical manual for mental disorders, edition five, splits these specific
phobias into five categories—fear of animals, like arachnophobia or alektorophobia, fear
of the natural environment, like darkness or nyctophobia, fear of blood and needles—hemophobia,
situational fears like fear of flying—aviophobia, and then “other” fears, like fear of clowns—coulrophobia. These specific phobias are one of three main
types of phobias. The other two types are agoraphobia and social phobia. Agoraphobia
means fear of public places, but has to do with being fearful in a public space where
it feels like it might be hard to escape quickly and return to a place perceived as “safe”
like the person’s home. Therefore, people with agoraphobia tend not to venture out very
often. Some commonly feared areas might be places like crowded shopping malls, or theaters,
where it might be difficult to escape quickly. Social phobias, on the other hand, are overwhelming
and persistent fears of social situations and interactions. People with social phobias
are fearful of being embarrassed or judged by others. Being embarrassed or feeling “awkward”
in a social interaction from time to time is totally normal, but people with social
phobias often feel anxiety for weeks leading up to events before they happen, and are afraid
of doing common things in front of others. For example, someone with a social phobia
might be afraid to eat in front of someone else. For people with phobias—seeing, being exposed
to, or even thinking about the phobia causes severe anxiety that’s often not proportionate
to the real threat. They’ll catastrophize and jump to the worst-case scenario and think
that it’s more likely to happen than it actually is—these thoughts can lead to physical
symptoms like excessive sweating, trembling, and an increased heart rate. That being said,
it’s important to reiterate the difference between an everyday fear and a phobia. Feeling
queasy while you’re climbing a latter would be an everyday fear, avoiding your favorite
frozen yogurt place because it’s on the second floor of a building would be a phobia.
Feeling weirded out around your best friend’s pet snake is an everyday fear, avoiding your
friend’s house entirely because they have a snake would be a phobia. Unless it’s not
in a terrarium and slithering around the house—then I guess it would be an everyday fear. Basically
it comes down to the idea of what would be an appropriate or reasonable response versus
a disproportionate or exaggerated response. But what causes a phobia? Well we don’t
really know, but we do know you’re more likely to develop one if you have a family
member with a phobia. Sometimes though, phobias might be caused by specific traumatic events,
like being confronted by an aggressive raccoon. Now tailoring treatment for the specific individual’s
fear is super important in effective therapy, because different patients might respond differently
depending on the therapy, especially if other conditions are involved liked depression and
drug abuse. Psychotherapy, particularly cognitive behavior therapy, can be super beneficial
for patients. Cognitive behavior therapy teaches patients to be mindful that their fear is
irrational, and the likelihood of their worst fears coming true like being attacked by a
pack of angry raccoons and getting rabies and dying an unpleasant and untimely death,
is actually very low. Also, systematic desensitization might be used, where a person is gradually
and systematically exposed to the feared objects. Patients first learn to identify the anxiety,
then they learn coping techniques, and last they use their learned coping techniques to
overcome situations. The vast majority of patients can be treated using these tailored

100 thoughts on “Phobias – specific phobias, agoraphobia, & social phobia

  1. I have a teacher who has the fear of rats. One day, my classmates decided to do a prank and put the rat toy inside her bag. I was against it. I knew my teacher has a phobia. To my surprise the prank worked, and she immediately turned red and looked around. She was shaking. Majority of my classmates laughed.

    She walked out of the room. She was fuming mad, now we don’t know what to do. You think she can forgive us of what we did?

  2. Me:
    Misanthropy (Hate for Humans)
    Social anxiety (The name says it all)
    Cynophobia (Fear of dogs)
    Philophobia (Fear of being loved)
    Insomnia (Lack of sleep)
    Pedinphobia (Fear of dolls)

    I'm not even kidding
    yEsh I'm sCrewed

  3. does anyone know how to cure Glossophobia and fear of needles/injections and also Agrizoophobia – fear of wild animals

  4. ok i have social phobia… great and also one time we went to a theatre with school and it was in a basement and it was dark and had no windows and it was full of ppl and the moment i entered the room i wanted to get out of there but i had to watch this theathre play and i felt so uncomfortable all the time also idk but i think i might have claustrophobia or sth the fear of small places .. idk one time i was trapped in a small place and i immediately got panic and my chest felt weird and i couldnt controll what i was doing and i pushed an object away so i could get out of there but idk its just so bad sometimes i feel like im scared of everything and i just wanna hide and never go out again so people wont see and judge me

  5. i have a fear of where the wild things are i absolutely hate the monsters the way theyre drawn make me actually upset i hysterically cried seeing it as a kid i just always hate them it looks actually evil i cant explain it it gives me chills and i block it all out i refuse to look at them

  6. I have arachnophobia
    I saw a tiny spider in my room tried to kill it but then I couldn’t find I searched a little more and found it crawling on my arm I can’t stop itching now and I don’t know where it is

    Hmmmmhhp 😭☹️

  7. I am terrified of spiders but for some reason I didn't think that spiders lives in the country side on camp grounds. When I woke up and saw the spiders I couldn't even leave the tent as they were blocking the exits. after like 45mins I eventually ran outside in which I refused use that tent and I had to sleep with someone else. I only sleep in cars now on camping trips

  8. I have emetophobia. I avoid going to public toilets, avoid going to theme parks and if I am going to a theme parks, I make sure to ride all the rides I can before 12.00 in the afternoon.

  9. Mine is unusual, I hate walking as Im very slow and recovering from overtraining. I get so worn out I get upset. Woman bullied me so I couldn't eat lunch and I could not leave my house for the evening. I've quit classes and everything. The second trigger was no one gave me space and I couldn't handle it. I was weak and frail when overtraining (lost too much weight from teeth being taken out) and had to gain that back but its a long road, people didn't understand. Took a year to get back my muscle but at least I have but I'm amazed at how walking has such a bad effect walked four hours.

  10. Can you make a video about fear of loud noise phonophonia (i think ) beacuse i want to learn more , thank you and i like you video , very eduacational

  11. Well this is helpful….
    But right now… im afraid of myself due to the "sinful" drawings i make…

    I need help… please.
    Im scared right now

  12. I didnt know i have hemotophobia but i feel creepy with blood and needle. Weird cause i like watching murder crime film involved blood,, i think i had alot phobia, i also hate to see snake, worm, mugget etc

  13. I have a bit of Helminthophobia, i wear bags over my hands when im taking the bins to the end of the curve but not before i check the bins and hope to god they arent full of maggots which they sometimes are in hot weather. I have reacurrent nightmares with worms in my mouth.

  14. I have Specific phobia and I hate it but I can’t get over it and I won’t to know how to get over it

  15. I have doxophobia, which is the fear of compliments
    Whenever I get a compliment, I get a REALLY bad headache

  16. When I get anxious I twitch. I was twitching this entire video because that goddamn spider kept jumping outta no where!!!

  17. Lilacsophobia here Seeing the word tornado makes my heart race, and just I feel a little nauseous. And my mouth goes dry and it's terrible.

    I found out because I was playing a game with natural disasters and my avatar was near a tornado and I had a panic attack, couldn't breathe, saw spots, crying. It was terrible. Went to a doctor and they said basically "yep that's a phobia" but I'm still not getting treatment because they want to work through other issues I have first to see if that helps
    It doesn't lmao.

    But I'm so glad there's more awareness on the difference between a phobia and a fear now. Because a lot of people would talk about normal fears when they found out about the lilacsophobia.

    Also I'm not sure how mine would be treated. I'd kill before someone could get me near a tornado lol.

  18. I have horrible nyctophobia. I dont sleep at night and there must be a source of light on when it gets dark. I don't even feel safe then.

  19. I have social phobia (somewhere around moderate to severe social anxiety), trypophobia (not an official phobia), slight germophobia, possible ADHD (but highly unlikely, avoidant personality disorder, recurring insomnia (but a lot better as I only suffer from insomnia around twice a month) and panic attacks (only recently due to my social anxiety)
    Damn that’s a handful

  20. I have automatonaphobia and I'm afraid of some mascots, puppets and I'm definitely afraid of animatronics and I can't walk through a kids toy aisle without being anxious about there being an animatronic in there. I grab onto my mom super hard in Times Square because of the mascots and if a kid is playing with a dancing Mickey in the same room as me I'll start crying. Imagine taking me to Disney world. This rlly ain't it chief

  21. I have a phobia of feeling mucus or any sensation that I normally wouldn’t feel when I swallow. It’s controlling my life now 😔

  22. I have molluscophobia, it means fear of snails and slugs. I dont know why i have it. I didnt like snails-.. Oh! I have it maybe because i was kinda forced to be with snails, like i played with my friends that snails are pets and if i didnt wanna play it, they wouldnt be with me but.. I dunno if that is the reason. I know that i have it because after i played in backyard and grass was wet, sonehow slug got between my toes and then.. I started feeling disgust and i just ran away really fast and i cried. After that i always checked my toes. I have other story too.. I was picking berries from the bush and i saw snail. I immediately went real fast 1-2 meter away from that snail. I hate it a lot.. I stopped picking up berries and went inside of my home. Thats why i hate spring because snow memts and all snails and slugs come and its wet. I hate autumn too because well it gets wet and snails comes again..;-;;;

  23. I have haemophobia I start shaking my heart beats really fast I feel light heated my arms are numb
    And I start pouring with tears

  24. As someone who have mysophobia I could relate to each part of this videos and I would say this phobia is ruining my life my relationship , I can't help it , sometimes even when I'm in home I don't feel safe , it often makes me really angry and sad whenever I run into a situation that have something to do with my phobia .

  25. I never have passed college algebra and physics, therefore, I have no educational attainment.
    Which lead me of having anxiety at facing nor seeing people out in the public, witnessing them progressively minding their lives, families, and businesses as fine as ever, compare to me, a shut in 😞

  26. You have some great content here. CBT, including exposure therapy, is truly the gold standard for treatment.

  27. oh my God holy! My mom! Year scared unlike spider, ✈, dark cave and 🗻 high down! Next my best friend deaf I. Read scared year unlike snake.

  28. What is it called if youre scared of looking at people in the hospital i mean like they have tubes on them or the medicine hole on their body ? Cuhs i cant stop screaming, crying and shaking whenever i see people like that..

  29. As specialist, I believe Atoractove Secrets can be great way to completely eliminated your anxiety. Why not give it a chance? perhaps it will work for you too.

  30. Im Glad someone actaully understands what its like, I watched a video of phobias as drawings and the entire comment section was filled with people going "wow I didnt have any phobias but after watching this video, now I have 25 differnt phobias."

  31. I’m scared of mirrors. It’s not really extreme but I can’t look myself on the mirror for too long. It makes me afraid my own reflection will do something I’m not doing. (Spectrophobia)

  32. i wish when people made videos about phobias they made them friendly to people who have phobias to watch.

    i have arachnophobia and i had to physically cover the screen every time spiders came up because so much as a drawn image sets off paranoia.

  33. I have a phobia called Iophobia. In my personal experience with it, at times I can't drink or eat because I think it could be expired, somehow have some form of poison or something dangerous in it.
    It's normally explained as being an offer, it's that, but also things I have inside my own house. That box of coke? POISONED

    Most of the time, I will only eat something (in the same box/bag) after somebody had already eaten some and hasn't been hospitalized yet.

    I spilt water on my bed once and proceeded to sleep on the couch until it dried because for some fucking reason my brain thought I would get bleach on me DESPITE THE FACT MY MATTRESS HASN'T BEEN CLEANED SINCE I WAS 10 YEARS OLD, aka FIVE YEARS AGO.

    There are more examples of this, but they're basically the same things.

    Here is a copy and pasted explanation of the phobia.
    ''The fear of poisons or of being poisoned is referred to as either iophobia or toxiphobia. As with other phobias, a fear of poison or being poisoned only becomes a phobia when it begins actively interfering with a person’s ability to live a normal life. When the fear becomes irrational and highly distressing enough it is labelled a phobia. In extreme cases of iophobia or toxiphobia, a person may refuse to eat or drink any substance they have not prepared themselves. They may refuse to accept drinks or food prepared even by close friends. The word comes from both the word phobia, a Greek word meaning fear and io, Greek for poison or rust.

    If you have a fear of being exposed to poison or toxic substances, that seems reasonable given the damage they can do to your health. Yet at a certain point, a general wariness about toxic substance and poisons can develop into a full-blown phobia, where it may begin to have serious consequences for a person’s lifestyle."

  34. This is going to sound weird but I have an extremely severe phobia of eyes. I’ll hyperventilate, stop breathing and pass out. It’s bad.

  35. i'm arachnophic and i'm scared of spiders and anything that looks like a spider. my house is currently infested with crane flies, which look like spiders BUT THEY HAVE FUCKING WINGS.

    like seriously what is this bespoke nightmare


  36. I have severe Agoraphobia, it’s severely hindering my life..I can leave my house and go places but I get extreme anxiety and panic walking into public places, I wanna cry and I’m losing hope

  37. Trying to figure out if i have arachnophobia so I clicked on this video, but i can only listen and not watch the video because of the high likelihood the video will include images of spiders. I guess I'll never find out.

  38. i have katsaridaphobia [fear of cockroaches] and entomophobia [fear of insects] even though it's a picture or not real i'm still scared of it…… that's why i'm failing biology class

  39. One time when I was young there was a spider on my wall in my room.
    I SCREAMED and I told my mom while crying and shaking and having a panic attack while she was in my room trying to find the spider.
    I refused to go in my room for the rest of the day lol.

    My phobia is a bit better, but that moment was my worse time with a spider

    ALSO IS THERE A PHOBIA OF COCKROACHES??? Then I do have that. I cried and I had another panic attack again when I was on vacation.

  40. Thank you so much for this channel all of these videos with mental health help me know what’s going on in my head it helps a lot thank you again 😊😖😊

  41. When i said i have phobias for worms they would said "nah im scared of worms too. They r disgusting" no u might be disgusted by worms but if there r worms u still can pass them or still doing ur jobs. While me, if i see just a tiny bit of their body i will run and my eyes got teary, i will have an anxiety attack, my heart races fast and so is my breathing. Not everyone notice bc i control it.. but if u see it clearly yes u will hear my heavy breathing and my glass eyes bc i just wanna cry there and having bad thoughts abt the worms.. yes worms do trigger my anxiety and so does spoil my mood. I need to do gardening yesterday at my school and people just keep yell at me for not doing my work.. its not i dont want to but worms are just too scary.. im not disgusted by it, i know wut disgusted mean. Im disgusted by cokcroach but i still can calmly walk pass it

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