Philip DeFranco Reacts to the 24/7 News Cycle On Social Media, & Talks Desensitization

hey welcome to the rogue rocket podcast my name is philip defranco with me I have a fantastic Amanda morones the James Girardi a is it a downgrade or is it an upgrade because it's like the only or is it yeah he's a person and then we have the the I'm being told one second hung over Danny Rosenberg yeah the 24/7 news cycle does has it caused you to be desensitized I think that I get Wow everyone's like yes we work in it yeah so yesterday James and I went saw black Klansmen Spike Lee's saw it and at the end there's no spoiler in this at the end they show real Charlottesville footage and of the vice documentary specifically like we James and I felt it like we knew because when we covered all of that we James had to watch through it multiple times so did I when I was like fixing the show and I just like like literally like not to get too real but like we were watching it and like like just tears just like started coming down and I was like but I was like we literally cover stories like this every day like and I was like and I know it impacts Ville I know days like that where it's gonna be a hard day and there's a shooting or there's just it's heavy I'm like it's gonna be a lot on him I know it's gonna be a lot on him cuz he has to watch through all the footage and then me and the researchers like they have to comb through all of it and then I watch it like six times you know and so I like at the end of it I looked over at James and I was like man like are we so desensitized as a survival method and so James and I were like talking through it and I was like like are we part of the problem because we have to like turn it off in order to survive but then is that you know an excuse you know like we were just kind of like trying to talk through all these things I just want to open it up to the table because I think we're in a unique situation that you know we both need to keep people informed and need to stay informed ourselves but at what point do we have to you know kind of put a barrier on so to handle it yeah I mean I don't know if I would say that we're part of the the problem I think that we are we are because we're we're so in it that I mean it's one of the reasons why I take the the internet off over the weekends it's usually me tweeting about really stupid f kings or blah blah blah just kind of like lighter sort of fair and it has to take something kind of extraordinary or horrible like the the shooting that happened in in Florida a few weeks ago how that's the problem is it's hard to tell when things happen because I had a very similar I was like I don't know experience sounds like I'm making it such a bigger thing but they do a really effective ending to black clansmen where all of a sudden you're like in it and then you're just like like it pulls your breath away and it's crazy to think of how recent and the grand scheme of things that was it was what you mean last year you asked yeah and it's just you remember that moment and then just because so much has happened that I don't even know if it's we've been desensitized as much as we've kind of been a lot of us I think have been overwhelmed and short-circuited and it's impossible to keep up when we're constantly feeling we're I mean I wake up and I'm just like I don't know if I want to like taking that's that first step onto Twitter is and it sounds so ridiculous it's like two years ago I would have said that's so ridiculous it's like I just I sometimes there's news there's things that are actually happening mm-hmm and then there's people reacting to things and then people are reacting to other people's reactions and that's where I've had to kind of take a different I still go on Twitter I like to be informed we do this all day I listen to NPR on the way home and and I watch documentaries all the time I want to take it in but I can't get caught up in every micro thing that people are mad about right I don't have the bandwidth yeah so I try and be better with myself about like don't get mad at Twitter like people are upset every day about stuff where you're like really people are but I'm said about that I get frustrated because sometimes I feel like at work how often are we like is this actually something that's happening or are we just covering a bunch of people that are like pissed about something that is no small like reactionary right right actual information I also feel like that can be almost like a path a palate cleanser like in the same week where people are debating on whether we're you know with with North Korea there's gonna like the nukes it's happening it's sometimes okay to and people think that this thing matters and let's talk about that for a second it's almost just like a breather but I think that's that's the general gist of the pds I mean that's something that like you have to do too because it's like there was one day James and I were talking and we were trying to figure out order and we he talks through it with me when we're in there and then ice you know kind of send it to you and we talked there but we were going and it was just like heavy heavy heavy because there were so many big stories that day and I was like how do I order this like I was like what takes not precedent or priority but usually I try to put like heavier stuff politics towards the end so it's like a little lighter and then it's like a lot of information you know we have a formula and fills come up with those over the past you know 12 years and it's just like James and I talked through it and there are days where I'm just like or even if pitch meetings or me and Phil or Phil and I don't talk in the morning and he's just like I know we're gonna get hit if we don't talk about this but there's these three other things that I want to get to today and he like literally during upload I know you'll come to me and you'll be like well gotta stay off Twitter for the next hour because it's literally like why aren't you covered you know it's like we're doing all we can man you know it's like that's what like sometimes James and I like I just like that's why I wanted to bring it up to this table because I think we just look at each other and it's not this defeated nasai you know and it's just like and how many other people especially YouTube channels that's why I think we're so prevalent are trying you know that of like represent or is it just another and no no she because we do need that you know levity but is it another taste test or another you know whatever and like we've had that with like you know past things we've done in vlogs and things like that the PDS besides kind of throwing in you know a lighter story or trying to we stick with the hard stuff and that's our everyday and like I don't know it's a lot it's a lot and like I agree with you like reactionary versus like actually informing and like I don't know it's this perfect storm and that's why I was just like it just never stops right like we'll go to bed and we'll be like okay I think I have the show put together for tomorrow boa blah and literally in like six hours if I'm not sleeping or whatever I'm like oh there's three more things it just happened or there was an attack or there you know something like that and it changes it changes our whole job for the day and we just know like today like James will come in and he's like covering the shooting today and I'm like yep cuz he has to sit there and go through and so do you you have to watch through every angle it's the first thing James said after the Charlottesville stuff in in blacks clean it was like I looked at the footage of the head I came out like is it weird my first thought was going I wonder where they got some of those angles from because I didn't see him yeah and I was like oh like it just like who you know like kind of thing and I was just like damn man like that's crazy but I don't know how that with the new cycle being the new cycle do you think my question is because it's such and we're part of it because we're on YouTube and doing news do you think because it's such an information age and digital age that were so like obviously it's pretty obvious we're so much more aware of all of it but that the information is just so readily available that it comes at us at a much faster pace whereas like maybe we wouldn't have heard something ten years ago even five years ago was it was it was like one seven o'clock at night you went to Dan Rather or whatever it was like it was like once a day you got your fan you heard what was going on or you read the newspaper you know at this point also the way that like social media is built out most of em are in chronological so you can't control what you're seeing you can't even control like it took me a while to actively go like I don't want to see other people's likes is a way to do it but it was stop showing you that so it's on the little tweets where they're like so and so like this you have to arrow down on the bad time they'll stop send you them but it does seems like something that is setting right where you're like I can't even control what I'm looking at right and I can't even put it in order which not having a chronological order when there are huge disasters going on he's scary like I can't remember it was a couple weeks ago there was like horror which was the Trader Joe's shoe didn't happy when she was like a mile here a house yeah and it was like you're trying to watch the feed I had the news on but also I was looking on Twitter and it's like something from three hours ago when it just started was at the top it was really disorienting and as far as like the the the story selection of people not talking I think that half of those people are coming from a good place because they're like more people need to know about it and then half of it or just people that want to jump on my throat but it's also it comes from a place of with the story selection that's hard because if we do miss something five other things not necessarily at that same level but just five other things that are current happen and so then we're like okay let's try and get to it Friday and then maybe something will happen where we don't get to it and it's just making the show is the the most successful I've ever felt while at the same time always feeling like I up no I we see you every day yeah and I think that that over the past year is like really like grind grind round me down a little bit but uh I don't know but it's also you guys are very thoughtful with the show it'll bug me when I see people be like they didn't I'm like they're stressed out all day about making sure they hit the right stuff yeah but I mean I get that were you know we're putting out a product at the same time but yeah I don't I don't I don't in a known a normal day complain about it but I think kind of sharing that frustration or that kind of what am I gonna do hopefully it resonates you were gonna say it's the issue if you have to sprint just to keep up just somehow faster to catch up yeah I think the only thing that is unique to us is the amount of scrubbing we have to do and and replaying I feel like that is that's other than the people that are getting to the point where they're having to delete it everyone's being inundated with this like it's it's not a unique situation so I think kind of the the second hand trauma of it all it's just weighing everyone down to a certain degree well I saw a report I actually think I put it in the PDS yesterday or today but it was like this humanity thought of work or something but this report in The New Yorker the New York Times or can't remember who said that comparatively to last year based on polls and things like that we were 10 percent I believe it was 10 percent worst off or sadder more is more sad I can't remember the exact wording I'll have to look but it was essentially like we are more depressed essentially as a society since last year and it was because of the constant news cycle and because of like that's what they were people are listing I'm just like they can't ignore it anymore because maybe that's because they ignored it for so long that we're here you know now and it was this whole like rhetoric I don't necessarily think that things are worse than they used to be though I think that we just have more access to it I think all the time right like I can't believe our parents witnessed a president get shot you know any things like that where I'm like yeah that couldn't even picture that you know or you know MLK getting assassinated or things like that where you're like holy they just didn't have access to that all the time like we do so I do think you know yeah in the sense of like are things better or worse I think in general better right as far as the world and they're gonna be negative aspects but I think that it is so the question is well what's better right because we're in it we're feeling it right which I feel like there's no it's not a bad thing that we're feeling it that's what we're yeah we're being aware because the only the only other option is instead of me taking a breather is me just completely cutting it out and being ignorant to the world or just sticking to your one thing that you're go you go like yeah that's right we're all right everyone else is wrong and then and then that's the end of that situation so I think that it's I think to a certain degree we need to to be able to take in everything that's happening now but with how much cuz it's not like they're obviously there there are video clips of things that have happened throughout history but very rarely has there been a time there hasn't been a time where it happened and we all saw it either as it happened right for half of these situations now or minutes after from multiple different angles and just the true horror of the world at times and even now they're not like you know back in the day they'd be like essentially produced clips right now it's this was someone's viewpoint do you think though because you said you know do you think we're worse off and you know kind of things are better it was something we actually talked about too but do you think because things are better that we have become complacent with not making them best but you know like they're not bad we're trying really hard to make things better but it does feel like feels like being on an escalator trying to go the opposite direction I think people are really really trying but if there's a lot there's a lot going on out there this is something we were we were talking about because the idea of like it's better than it was but it's not as good as it should be yeah feels like that's gonna be a constant I don't think we're gonna hit that utopia that Tomorrowland was supposed to be so either but I think activism definitely has spiked like it did in the sixties and like it did whatever and it does have this cat this you know kind of consumers feel to it where it's like you can get a shirt with your activist logo on it or your hat you know like I try to be careful about buying merch when I'm at a March but is that something like not like again bringing it up but like the the Black Panthers kind of had like a uniform right like the kind of leather jacket or the beret like they had kind of a thing it's like is this just the new-age version of like the what the pink like hat or like things like you know like me and I don't necessarily agree with all of that and the merch and everything but you know is that just a form of like yeah but is it making anything anything better but I agree with you it's like it is it just caught up in this capitalistic consumer I'm definitely aware now more of if somebody there's people that have the same values that I do but they're going away about it in a way that I would never go about it there are plenty people that have this that have my carbon copy of my voting record that I'm like I'm not with them mmm and that's hard too I think there's Dubai it's not just across the aisle there's divides from like I live in East LA it's very liberal and there's definitely times where I'm like man are you for real I think you know and I'm and I feel like all of my values are pretty you know on the the left side but there's definitely plenty of moments where I'm like there's just like 80 shades of every different type of person out there I don't know you know well it's interesting though as far as the the consumerism aspect because after all the the Nike stuff went down there were there several polls out there and there was actually a majority of Americans like the idea of companies taking stands on certain issues but I also would be very interested what percentage also still have that opinion when the company has an opinion that they do not agree with if that immediately changes right because I feel like we're like yeah of course of course you know everyone cares about equality and they're like well actually because then they can choose whether or not to support those people kind of like how people want more but that's also the transparency with like politicians and things like that they're like be true so I know whether like have your beliefs be hardline so that I can decide whether is more to say on politics being more transparent since you know we vote in they're supposed to represent other than Nike yeah is it that like brain saying brain thing of just like as long as you tell me where you stand then I can say okay I don't want to support your company or I do and that's what people want well I think I think it also I don't know if it comes from a stance of kind of I'm sitting at my computer I'm changing the world by hitting like sort of mentality but it's it's why companies like Vans have thrived in the sense of like the the buy pair give a pair program or I feel like every third episode of shark tank one of the one of the Sharks is always like so you have a product and you have a cause which I like because the Millennials they like and it's and it's a big part of a lot of business in the sense of that Millennials but I think it's just it's built into it that's more social good and less scary than taking a stance on someone like Kaepernick who is a very polarizing figure for a lot of different people oh yeah I know that's that's the world guys thank you for watching this rogue rohnke podcast today's episode by the way not connected to that last topic brought to you by better help calm slash Philly D better if you want oh my gosh it's not it's not a threat no but if you if you want access to a counselor or licensed therapist right from your computer your tablet your phone it's fantastic it's a service I personally use I would not feel comfortable otherwise promoting it because it's obviously a different sort of sponsor but yeah thanks to them for sponsoring this this podcast but that said thank you to all of you Schmucks you're so loud you're so welcome bye

42 thoughts on “Philip DeFranco Reacts to the 24/7 News Cycle On Social Media, & Talks Desensitization

  1. You guys should look into vicarious trauma and burnout training. I never realized how my work has affected me, my life, and the way I think. The training I went through this past year has helped my mental health and helps me to recognize that I have been traumatized by my work.

  2. I think that however people in the news industry have to deal with it in order to get the news out, im ok with it. If you have to make jokes so that you dont go crazy, im ok with it. If you have to shut it off and not give it attention, im ok with it. I get it. When you're seeing it all the time, you have to do something. You're human. You have to put up walls. If you continued to feel everything about every single story, you wouldnt last 2 years in the news industry. Thank you for putting out GOOD news. Thank you for seeing the crap. Thank you for being that wall between the crazy of the world andgiving us the news.

  3. I don't think companines have a opinion rather that they express the one that will give them the most customers.

  4. The male voices are definitley louder in this podcast and I think it is a conspiracy that Joe needs to talk about

  5. 14:28 – I'm a non-Trump supporting, GOP-voting Southern Baptist who feels the same way but from the conservative side. Yet, you and I will get lumped in as whatever the other side thinks of us.

  6. When it comes to the overwhelming amount of news I personally think it's part of a much larger problem in our societies. I think our societies have failed miserably at adapting to, learning and educating all of us how to use the tools that have been dropped in our laps. The Internet, social media and social networking has been such a dramatic shift in how we communicate and share information in such a short space of time. Without consciously learning and educating how to best use them and how they actually work it has the potential to be extremely harmful to our societies. In some ways it already has. Just look at the issues with cyber bullying and the increase of people suffering from depression and other mental health issues.

  7. constant negative news stories is one of the main reasons that I pulled cable tv out of my house. with the internet, I can control what information I seek out to take in.

  8. Constant news is good and bad, but people making you feel like shit for not covering something or not knowing every single bit of news that's out there. People are incapable of doing that. It's overwhelming hearing about things we're already able to consume, let alone with the amount of things being forced on us now. My parents think the world is getting worse when in reality, I think it's more that there's just better reporting than there used to be on a lot of things. That being said, awareness of whats going on makes it easier for people to better themselves and improve safety.

  9. I think it's a really good point about "people want companies to be politically active until it's an opinion they don't agree with". I find myself doing this too, cheering on the stuff I agree with and getting pissed when I don't agree. Honestly at this point I'd rather not know, because I don't want to have to choose between giving up my political integrity or a product I otherwise enjoy apolitically. That's hard to say, though, when everything these days is so political that even not sharing an opinion is seen as a controversial opinion.

  10. I enjoy these podcast clips however, I came her for the people and the shenanigans in the vlog. The lightheartedness and distraction of just friends being friends together in a workplace is wonderful to see. The podcasts and the vlog show two different sides of these people we’ve grown to like/love who provide us with these wonderful news shows. I’m really bummed the vlog is not really going to be a thing..

  11. I always appreciate when you hold off a day with some stories until you have all the facts to report on the story properly. Many people are used to getting their news so quickly that they'd would rather have it fast instead of accurate. That's a problem.

  12. Desensitization is very normal when dealing with difficult things. It's a coping mechanism. Even gallows humor. It's something that people in the medical field often face. I feel like it's probably something they covered when Phil was doing pre med.

  13. I enjoy the content. I enjoy the format. I enjoy the people, and I don't like to pick on people for how they speak and have been guilty of this myself, but my goodness the amount of times they said "like" or "you know" drove me crazy.

  14. I'm very sorry to you guys that I, personally, took for granted that you guys have to watch this stuff over and over and over again. That sucks. I already appreciated what you guys do for a realistic news outlet… But, this conversation made me a bigger fan and a stronger supporter. Thanks for all the hard work you guys do. Just remember on the toughest days you are doing an incredible service for people who want clear news without all the garbage attached. Thank you, so much. Be well and be blessed. ✊❤️💯🙏✌️

  15. Love the podcast guys!!! Hot dayuuum!! Amanda!!! My gosh… sooo in love with ya gurrl!!! Are you single??? Lol

  16. Hey Phil,

    I know you probably won’t see this comment, but I want you to know this because it matters.

    You’re a human being and you’re not perfect. I recognized you and Lindsay while you were shopping at a Sports Authority in Marina Del Rey in 2011; I was too nervous to approach you because in that moment I realized that you’re a normal person, just like me, just like anyone.

    I appreciate everything that you and your team do to bring us the news as best you can and as much as you try, you’ll never be perfect. Don’t let the internet trolls get you down, keep doing what you’re doing and know that there’s real people that love and appreciate what you do.

  17. Thank you for covering some retail specific news because I am a retail major and this is the stuff we debate a lot about in class. We are constantly drilled to do business with socially conscious producers and to be aware of sustainability. The social aspects are something that the fashion industry are hitting hard on when it comes to branding and contracting and so seeing how advertising has followed that is something that I find really interesting.

  18. The only story I’ve ever been upset about not seeing covered was the Brazil National Museum fire. The loss of all those specimens was a tragedy for us as a human race.
    But I’m also aware that it’s at its core a Brazilian issue with Brazilian infrastructure at the heart of the cause of the fire, and that would lead to too long to explain. So… Understandable to leave out, but it was such an important and tragic event in history.

  19. Right now is the safest time in our history. When I was a kid, we just didn't hear about all the bad shit everywhere, so it seems like it was a "better time".

  20. I really loved this. It's great to have four awesome, well articulated beautiful bastards at one table! 👏#teamdefranco

  21. Hard to tell from my current creative endeavor, but I feel you guys on how draining it can be. I spent 5 years covering protests/activism/local gov in Northern California from the time Occupy started to a year into the Black Lives Matter movement. When you're spending all of your time laser focused on heavy topics it takes a toll. It's worth acknowledging and discussing, but when I started feeling it weighing on me, I reminded myself that marginalized communities (of which I'm not) don't get a chance to "switch off" as they live with the issues 24/7. Helps refocus and dig in further.

  22. people need to learn how to moderate different things in their life. yes, its important to be informed, but there is a point where it is just too much. being in the news cycle 24/7 is a great way to be overwhelmed and then eventually completely desensitized or so sick of it that you cut it completely out. I do not envy what Phil does for a living, being exposed to every single thing that is happening so he can filter it and let everyone know a simplified version of the important bits. I certainly can imagine that being exposed so much to the news cycle really does wear a person down.

  23. I like the vlogs better. Dont hate me its just my personal opinion. Or maybe Vlogs Mon, Wed & Fri. Then these types of shows on Tue and Thr.

  24. On the topic of people wanting companies to be public about their support on issues, I do want them to be. I personally don't want to give my business to any company that is anti-gun. I'm fairly liberal but at the same time the right to bear arms is a constitutional right and I fully support it. I don't leave my house without my legal carry. Everyone deserves the right to defend themselves and if it came down to it, each other. Yeah these school shootings are horrific but the fix isn't to ban guns… Murder is already illegal. If someone wants to commit a crime, they can easily get a stolen gun, or make one from parts at a hardware store ( there are plans online for fully- automatic submachine guns made only from parts at a general hardware store). Mental health is the issue. Not taking people seriously is the issue. Showing shooters faces and names is the issue. And the fact that there hasn't been a ton more shootings than there was before, news just reports on it because news moves quicker

  25. It would be nice to know how everyone curates their information. I mean after we listen to Mr. Philip D, what do you all do?

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