PHANTOM PUPPET PLAYS: Five Nights at Freddy's – Help Wanted (Part 27) || FNAF 3 NIGHT 5 MODE!!!

the following content is a parody of five nights at freddy's as such all of the voices and personalities of the characters are not meant to necessarily reflect those from the games themselves instead they are different interpretations of the characters who play video games and have wacky adventures with that being said please sit back and enjoy the video hello everyone it is I Fanta puppet and welcome back to five nights at Freddy's VR help-wanted today I'm doing the night 5 nightmare mode of Fernet 3 but in this game when I'm so excited with that being said let's do it and would also if you guys are wondering why I play this video is because you guys fidget on Twitter as to what that should play today's video and I want the poll because I'd the past yes I am alright let's do it what the heck hey God why sure read it here hello guy Thank You Fox was already there was bad to be babe I was going to say I can hear the through outside jumps Ted are you serious and this phantom Freddy I see you about the corner of my eye oh look there was fire in the vents that's why it's so gridded here fazbear's fright is on goodness oh my goodness bird guy you stop talking and of care for the face of Freddy fazbear's pizza like you say oh geez your stupid fellow called I'm trying to defend myself against bat-trap yes and now spring-trap your very creepy indeed did you start this fire I would be surprised it is it's bad to be be again that's a fox you still there get back it's a cat tenbu stop or you shall face the phantom rat just kidding down its pre-chopped controls us I hate to do I'd like the rest of the Phantoms please seem to be completely brainwashed by him be nice to have some semblance of sanity okay use the bed now this should be fine even the static is red even the statute was being affected by fire oh my goodness see us I'm quite honored that I was chosen to play this video but I understand that this bath I understand or respect an event again speech that you're stupid it's blocked you can't get in dummy I better make sure the really spring-trap doesn't leave you say that what was I saying before we're top of the tangent I don't know I don't know you distracted me oh my goodness oh yes that's right I was saying I have aware that this is rap double phantom attack but I do fast for you I've got cat-like reflexes and really good reaction time you're not going to get me better phantoms yes haha I'm completely sane just remember that everyone anyway for the third time before you'd expect it again like that I understand this is like my boo so I'm trying to bash it spam reboot all as much as possible but this patch of break again I've heard some rumors that fact is pretty actually had chops get you in this game like he can't what the heck is going on there the case what's the point having a peon that gave at all you now jeez also also to what to say that I disappointed the IRA in this game how creepy would it have been to have my face do it to your face and be are just like the original for that three you know how I appear right in your face how creepy who that have been in VR that would have been after but it's a missed opportunity what the heck steel wool you left out the best out of a trolley fad to puppet goodness oh geez I'm just kidding guys I quite like stoom hahaha they've been an awesome game their respective it again what an idiot what a stupid stupid idiot I like dude this haha get trolled by fat to puppet you fool alright it's 5 p.m. we're almost there looking like guys host expect extreme chat to be way more active on this night finesse three years for the priests force bad tubes and also scream chef yourself who played that one too yes haha that the way bebe yeah okay I think I made it back she paid up screen right there okay well most odd come on just give me my victory yeah babe no cheese those fat to make it he's going back to the vent come on give me a challenge this is too easy oh my goodness yes take that fool oh I did it look even the 6 a.m. and buy ads are in – that's awesome alright guys we did it I'm truly the ultimate phantom I was able to beat nine five all right what's in this gift box oh it's Kate I like cake even though I can't eat it happy cake day everyone hahaha all right there we go at least I can eat these of the game but okay let's go back to the babe bet you down alright guys so that was night five nights memoed of the finesse three boat of food a Fiat help-wanted hope you guys enjoyed this video hahaha so yes now it just completed so really it's just up to you guys to let us know the comments below what note we should play next alright guys so please give this video a thumbs would be liked it please subscribe super this game and I'll see you guys next time good bye everybody

44 thoughts on “PHANTOM PUPPET PLAYS: Five Nights at Freddy's – Help Wanted (Part 27) || FNAF 3 NIGHT 5 MODE!!!

  1. Oh I'm actually early for once and it actually says it was posted today instead of the day before because Australia, sweet.

  2. I think itโ€™s super sad In your universe how the puppet went crazy by doing what he loved and than springtrap took what little he had left and went even more mad as the phantom puppet. Yeesh even though he acts silly he is probably in a lot of pain

  3. Puppet, sane? When has Puppet ever been in any of his forms? Well, maybe Lefty is the sanest version of Puppet. Maybe.

  4. its been a long time since phantom puppet was on ethgoesboom and his 1st apperence was fnaf 3 the fine between golden freddy and springtrap


  6. Wait a sec we never saw any of the withered animatronics them selfs we should ask eth to do them because why not

  7. It has been a long time ago till i watched this channel, i was maybe 8 back in the days, i'm glad you still make this type of content still.I missed watching this channel, i was Always busy with school.I'd love to see more content from you eth.

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