PHADA Membership: Protecting and Improving Affordable Housing Options

As we fight at home for the most vulnerable and most marginalized clients we know that PHADA is fighting for us in Washington. It’s really important that PHADA stays at the forefront as champions for housing authorities across the country and ensuring that HUD and political figures on Capitol Hill understand what our challenges are and they’re making the right decisions that help families across the country. One thing I’ve always found beneficial about PHADA is when they see something wrong they call it out, and they’ll fight for the issues that we face in our industry, I think like no other Association does. Position Papers are more in depth. They take a long-drawn-out Federal regulation and they condense it so that we don’t have to read every regulation. PHADA is always there to give us information when we ask for it. The PHADA conferences are a great opportunity to meet with the PHADA staff and hear about current events and current situations that are going on with HUD. The conferences also give you an opportunity to meet with your colleagues about what’s going on in their communities. Networking with PHADA members has helped me as a director find tools and information that I may use in my own housing industry. The important part about being in the housing industry is making sure that we’re providing affordable housing that’s decent, safe, and sanitary for low-income families across the country, and that’s what really matters.

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