PGS18 Evan Peer Groups and Supports Forming Your Own Support Group

It’s more of a — it’s just —
well, first and foremost, it is a social group purely
for people on the spectrum. But we do welcome people
who are not on the spectrum. It’s just that they’re not
going to get much use out of it since it’s all stuff
on the spectrum. So we kind of —
but we kind of advise — you can come, but you’re probably
not going to get much out of the group. But it’s been valuable.
It’s formed great friendships. It’s produced — well, we hang out
outside of school, too. And then we have people
talking all the time. They Skype a lot, too, now. One of them actually started
dating another member. And it’s a good place to network.
And I’d say it’s probably one of my greatest accomplishments
in college, starting the group. And I’m trying to groom some
new people to take leadership roles because I want to see them
more active in there. Then I can also do some other things
like get it into the high schools, too.

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