PG&E power shutoffs outrage a lot of people including Governor Gavin Newsom

100 thoughts on “PG&E power shutoffs outrage a lot of people including Governor Gavin Newsom

  1. This isn't a coincidence. The Government is testing you guys to see how prepared you guys are. Martial Law is coming really soon!

  2. Millions and millions and millions of "Undocumented Immigrants" sitting around collecting public assistance and nobody to clear the brush and trim the trees around the powerlines

  3. Don't Miss this, 10-09-2019 and PG&E is turning off the power in California and it is the Day of Atonement… California… and me, all repent. California has enshrined lying… God might be reaching his end. They have said we will turn off the power so that we will not have disaster so we are smart… I do not pronounce curse but a warning may be required… It is the day of Atonement… If I have lied to any lord Forgive me… If I have any part in their judgement lord Forgive ….Tell them… It must be said…

  4. Incompetent Governor. He’s hypocrite! Gavin Newsom same as former Governor Brown same policies same agenda. Gavin Newsom statement when another fire our electric bills double again. Washing his own hands. Liar!

  5. Its the biggest lies!! Everyone needs to video record what’s happening we are not safe this is catastrophic don’t listen to lies people.

  6. I feel so bad for Californian's… As Californian's love to point out "were the 5th largest economy in the world". Yeh? Even third world countries can keep the power on. bahhhhhhhhhhhhahahahahahahah

  7. Gavin Newsom is an opportunist and a Liar. This has nothing to do with wildfires. This is all part of the "Global Warming" agenda…water rationing is coming soon too…watch!!! The world is on fire, give me all your money. Where I live we have ALWAYS had these winds, this is complete BS. However, keep voting in the socialist democrats California, now you eat. Bet his house, Pelosi, Feinstein all won't be effected.

  8. The fires are nothing new. When I was a kid…in the 60's …there was huge fires out there. There was just not as many people in the way. My prediction here….They can shut the power off…There will still be huge fires. I honestly think more than ever. Now you have people using BBQ grills and generators in the backyard. One more thing to consider. I honestly think some of these fires are purposely set. It could be terrorists…He Cali…You wanted open borders!!!

  9. JUST REMEMBER PG&E is a "PRIVATE" utility and Former CEO Geisha Williams, who resigned before PG&E filed for bankruptcy in January 2018 , made $8.6 million in 2017. Did she REALLY EARN HER MONEY ?

  10. Grusome-Newsom is an outrage.  Newsom brought them on himself.  It will serve California right if PG&E goes bankrupt and then they have to figure that one out.

  11. Safety first: why are you cutting off service.

    Someone died because safety was ignored: why didn't you turn it off.

    Can't win with retards

  12. nikola tesla Knew how to harness energy and create light without wires back in the 1890s wanting to give power to everyone, for free…but the first thought for people like Edison was “where do we put the meter?” For charging people. I think it’s totally unacceptable we are even using technology from Edison or PG&E in 2019. Southern California Edison too is implementing this not just pg&e they need to be held accountable for their negligence and be punished directly not punishing the people who pay their salaries.

  13. California to bring in the army reserves and all there equipment to help the firefighters ,such as planes helicopters water trucks and tankers , bottom line California needs to wake up and get the governor to ask for more help .

  14. THEY are not the government! How do they make such a decision? Don't believe any of it, it's ridiculous. Nothing is as it seems. Activation orders have been issued for the marines on our soil, so military ops, maybe.

  15. At least the bullet train will still be going thru all of Califor……… Wait a minute!!! No traffic lights either??? OH MAN !!!!!!!! No Starbucks, Mcdonalds, Gas stations, somebody call my congressman!

  16. Dec 2018, we were warned by a gov dept to be prepared to go 6 months without electricity. Is gas off too in those places PG&E is off?

  17. And people laugh at preppers who put up solar power panels, have generators or wind generators. Not laughing so hard now…are they?

  18. I am happy PG& E shut it down to protect the people. Unlike Gavin who is a completely corput and evil person. He needs to be Recalled.

  19. Why are Californians upset? They elect morons who enact idiotic regulations and then get upset at the consequences they now have to deal with

  20. But California wants the rest of the Country to live like them. No thank you. You environmentally activated your way right into an environment you can't sustainably live in.

  21. so, every time there is a wind gust, the entire state will shut down, really? NO. Something much bigger is going on here. Wake up people.

  22. Think about when everyone starts getting power back on. All million or more. At one time. What does that do? This is moronic and I want to know what's going on here, the real reason for this.

  23. What this is leading up to is they want all homes to be all electric. Solara and PG&E (Rothschilds happens to be the major stockholder) have patents to provide power (in the near future) from power stations that are in the clouds. They already exist. So, people who take pix of clouds that look like ships, they are. They plan to beam the power down so they wont have wires, poles etc (transmission & distribution lines & Towers.)

  24. It's all this too big CA Democrats in government. They have passed so many taxes it's impossible to keep up. Today gasoline in Arizona is $2.68 per gallon.

  25. State won't give PG&E immunity from fire legal liability, this is the response. 30 storms a winter, 1-3 days each plus 2 days inspection. So you are off the grid 1 to 2 months each winter from now on.

  26. I live in Humboldt Co. we got a two-hour notice and we told that the power would go off the next morning at 4 A.M well it went off around 1:45. I recently have brain cancer surgery and am learning to walk again. I had no one to help me. and I had just gone the store 2 days before and spent my monthly grocery money. well it all spoiled and I have to trough it out, it is ruined. How is this even fair Now I have no groceries and to sleep with no heat…this is crazy. PG&E said this will be the new normal. The wind was not even bad here it was maybe about 10 miles an hour. we have worse winds all year long many times they are up to 70 miles an Hour.

  27. PG&E is owned by the Rothschilds. So just follow the money.  Power Generation is Not shut Down for Hurricanes, so what is Really Going on?  No High Winds Either!!  Fake News from the Deep State at its Finest.  No Gasoline, no refrigeration, then No Food!!  This is a Wake Up Call People!!  The Worst is Yet to Come!!

  28. "…It was so dark when the power went out; it's so bright right now!"
    Um, the sun does that sort of thing when it rises.
    Could she be any more stupid?

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